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Hey, you all! It's me! Here's how to get the hidden characters:

First play the first level in adventure mode and finish with the seconds ending
in 2,(i.e., 5:32:83). You will fight Luigi instead of Mario along side Peach
(Luigi and Peach). Finish adventure mode, skip the credits if you want, then
defeat luigi to unlock him. Luigi differs from Mario in a lot of ways.
They are:
1)His up+b move sends him straight up.
2)side+b is now similar to Pikachu's Skull bash.
3)His fireballs don't bounce and they are green.
4)He jumps higher than Mario.

Dr. Mario:

Easy. Just finish classic mode with Mario without continuing.
Dr. Mario shoots pills instead of fireballs.


Finish 100-man melee with any character. Harder than it looks.
Falco is identical to fox, just slower.


Finish 1-player mode with any character with out continuing.


To unlock Pichu, finish event 39 with any character.


Yeah, that's right Ganon is joining the Melee! To unlock him, Finish Event 29,
Triforce Gathering, then defeat him again (Man, this guy just doesn't get it!!)
and you will be able to play as Ganon.

Young Link:

To unlock Young Link, finish 1-player mode with 10 different characters.

Young link is essentially a carbon copy of adult link. Two major differences are
that his attack range is much shorter and He shoots fire arrows.


To unlock Mewtwo, rack up 20 hours of non-CPU gameplay(20 hours with 1 human
player, 15 with 2, etc.), then defeat him. 
Beware, the character you use when you log the 20th hour is the character you
use to fight Mewtwo, so make sure you use a character you are good with!

Mr. Game and Watch:

Game and Watch will be the final character you ever unlock in this game, so
listen up!  To unlock him, finish 1player mode with all of the other characters,
then defeat him.

All his moves are named after the old game and watch games.


If you don't recognize this guy, he's from the Japan-exclusive Fire Emblem
series.  To unlock him, get a full house by clearing 1player mode with all 14
initially available (not unlockable!) characters.


Once again, he's from the Fire Emblem series.  To unlock him, beat 1-player mode
with Marth. Roy is a carbon copy of Marth, just more powerful!

That's it! Thats all the Characters!  If you liked this FAQ you should check out
my other FAQs! 3 of them, including this one are for this very game. 1 is for
the original Super Smash Bros.  And 1 is for the DS game Super Mario 64 DS.

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