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                               DRAGONBALL Z
                             BOSS WALKTHROUGH

Table of Contents
Version History 


      Hi.  I am gamemaster725, and welcome to my first DBZ FAQ!  This is an awesome 
game, check out revews at gamespot.com.  Even people who dont like DBZ love this 
game for its fun, adventure, and difficulty.  Thats right, difficulty.  This game 
is a lot harder than the first Legacy of Goku, and also harder than most games for 
the GBA.  Probably one of the only games that is harder, is Metroid: Zero Mission.  
Anyway, on with the show!!!

                               Version History

     Now the version history that no one cares about:

Version .25 - Started FAQ
Version .50 - Continued Work
Version 1.0 - Finished FAQ


   YES!  This is it.  The biggest part of the FAQ! 99.9% of people will look at 
this FAQ just for this section.  (Of course, there is the occassional idiot that 
just goes from FAQ to FAQ just for the pleasure is bestows uppon his retarded mind.)
Just a word of warning, this game IS hard.  You WILL die at least 30 times 
throughout the game. Dont think you can beat it easily, cause you cant.  No one 
can.  Not even people who have beaten it 100 times will tell you its easy.  So here 
is the walkthrough.

IMPORTANT!  I have played every single DBZ game that has been relesed.  I know many 
tactics to help you beat this game.  Just read my tactics, and I promise, you will 
beat the game easeir.
The FAQ is set up like this: Boss name, difficulty, ant the level you should be at 
to beat it. Also, the character you should or will be playing as.  If it has a * 
next to it, that means you WILL be playing as that character.  All others you 
should use the character I reccomend. WARNING!  THIS FAQ CONTAINS SPOILERS!

BOSS NO. 1 : Freiza
Difficulty: 3/10
Level: 1  *(Gohan)*
This is an easy boss battle, so dont sweat it just yet.  Start off by fireing about 
5 energy blasts (B Button).  Wait until he gets close, and pummel him with melee 
attacks (A button).  If he fires an energy blast at you, use your own blast to 
counter it before it hits you, then move toward him and pound him.  If you get him 
near a wall, he will atomaticlly appear on the other side of you, so watch for 
that.  Pretty much, this fight rewards button mashing, but dont count on other 
bosses to be this easy cause their not.  At the end of this fight, Gohan will get 
to level 2, which is stupid, because he is fighting a dream.

Strategy: Watch for his Punches and energy blasts.

BOSS NO. 2 : Wolf
Difficulty: 1/10
Level: 6  *(Gohan)*

This is as easy as it gets in this game, so dont get too cocky i you beat him 
easily.  If you cant beat him with ease, or you cant beat him at all, all I can say 
is that you suck.  Even someone who just got the game can beat him. Start off by 
fireing a few blasts, then just melle attack him untill he dies.  A first timer 
might leave with half health.  From this point on, every time you enter the woods, 
you will fight many wolves that are exactly the same, so if you think its hard, you 
might want to choose an easier game.

Stategy: Nothing.  Just attack him.

MINI BOSS 1 : Yamcha
Difficulty: 5/10
Level: 9  (Anyone)
 Your first kinda hard fight, and its only a mini boss!  Start by emptying your Kai 
bar with energy blasts. (NOTE: Dont waste blasts by trying to hit him when he's off 
the screen cause it wont hit him.  Also, if he is in another direction, aim first.  
You dont know how many complaints i get because people can hit him with energy 
blasts cause he moves too fast.)  When you deplete your Kai bar, melee attack him 
until he dies.  

Strategy: Watch out for his speed and agility.  He can be quick, so be prepared.

MINI BOSS 2 : Krillin
Difficulty: 5/10
Level: 9  (Anyone)

Once again, watch for his speed.  Deplete your kai bar, then pummel him with melee 
attacks.  Once more, button mashing is rewarded in this fight.  The midget should 
fall pretty quick, but the fight is nevertheless chalenging.

Strategy: Wstch out for his combo's.  

BOSS NO. 3 : Triceratops King
Difficulty: 3/10
Level: 11 (Piccolo) or (Gohan), but (Piccolo) is suggested.

He can be hard if you dont use my strategy, first timers will 100% definitely die 
if you dont use my strategy.    
Anyway, my stategy is this: stay in the bottom left corner.  He will charge, but 
wont hit you.  Nothing he can do can hurt you while you are here.  So let out all 
you have against him with energy blasts.  YAY!  Do NOT shoot at him when he gets 
pushed off screen.  Wait till he gets close again untill you commence with your 
cruelty.  When you run out of kai, approach him and melee attack him untill he gets 
to 20% hp.  (Sometimes you will get him down to 20% before you run out of kai 
depending on what level you are on.)  Anyway, when you get him down to 20%, he'll 
turn into a cry baby and plead you to stop hurting him.  Then the battle ends.

Strategy: If you diddnt follow my strategy, then watch out for his ramming attack. 

BOSS NO. 4 : Android 19
Difficulty: 7/10
Level: 25 but if you want to beat him without dieing, be at Lvl. 30. *(Vegeta)*

You finnaly encounter your first hard boss battle.  You play as Vegeta, cool.  
Anyway, you hear all these walkthroughs tell you to go into battle, then turn Super 
Sayain behind a rock.  Well screw off.  They'll just use an energy blast at you 
when they see what you are doing.  You start off in a staight path, if you take one 
more step, u enter the battle.  Turn SS. Here, then take a step so start.  You'll 
see Goku almost die from the heart virus, then you come in, and fight.  When the 
fight starts, just begin by pounding him to the dust with melee attacks.  DO NOT 
USE ENERGY BLASTS!!!!!!  He can suck them up through his hands to GIVE HIMSELF 
HEALTH!  Just melee attack him with no mercy.  Towards the middle to the end of the 
fight, you will run out of kai, and go back to normal.  You will be slower, and 
punches will not hurt him as much, likewise his punches will hurt you more.  Dont 
get upset, just continue to destroy the tin can untill you send him to the trash 

Strategy: Dont let him hit you to much, because if he does, he never stops.

BOSS NO. 5 : Android 20/Dr. Gero
Difficulty: 7/10
Level: 30 (Vegeta)

Yes, he is harder than 19 for only one reason: he has more health and he punches 
more.  Thats two reasons, but, whatever.    I highly suggest you use Vegeta for 
him.  Once again do not fire any energy blasts, turn Super Sayain, and melee attack 
him.  After he losses some health he will run away like the gezzer he is.  You will 
soon encounter him after the first generator is destroyed.  So beat him in a like 
fashon, and he will run away again.  After the last generator is destroyed, (or 
before it, I dont remember), he will fight you one last time.  Beat the old fart 
like always, this time, he will retreat, not to the woods, but to his lab.  Once 
all three generators are destroyed, go to the lab, and watch a cut-scene of him 
activating the Androids.  Watch ast they betray him and kill him( YAY!  LOL!),
and get ready to go after them.

Strategy: Watch out for his speed and melee attacks.  If you are far away from him, 
be carefull, his blasts are powerfull.  

BOSS NO. 6 : Android 18
Difficulty: 3/10
Level: 30 (Vegeta)

She is consiterably easy keeping in mind that she is supposed to be stronger than 
19 and 20.  You can use energy blasts for this fight, so i suggest you use them 
instead of turning Super Sayain, cause you wont need it, but if you really want to 
punish her, you can use it.  She doesnt really attack you, so just use energy 
blasts, and for the most part, re-acquaint yourself with button mashing.  At the 
end of the fight, it turns out you diddnt hurt her at all, and she then takes you 
down in one blow.

Strategy: Nothing.  Just continue button mashing.

BOSS NO. 7 : Imperfect Cell
Difficulty: 6/10
LEVEL: 32 to 35 *(Piccolo)*

Now, you would think that because it is Cell, he is very hard.  Thats not the 
case.  He's all HP and virtually no attack.  Turn into Super Namek before the 
fight, then pound him to shreds.  He has one attack that will do real damage, and 
that is his absorbtion technique.  He will stick his tail in you, and suck out your 
health, in turn, giving it to him.  When you run out of kai, and get close to 
dieing, (you probably will) use a senzu bean.  Then use combos of Special Beam 
Cannon and energy blasts to finish him off.  If he is still alive, use melee 
attacks to beat him.

BOSS NO. 8 : Android 17
Difficulty: 9/10 if not, 10/10
Level: 35 or 40 *(Piccolo)*
17 is EXTREMELY hard.  Its as simple as that.  When you are on the flight pad, turn 
Super Namek and press a to fy to the fight.  For the first part, get him down to 
75% health, and it will end...momentarily.  90% of people will run out of kai 
before you get him down to 75%.  Anyway, when you become govenor of the flight pad, 
do not press A.  Wait untill your kai bar fully recovers, until you fly off.  This 
could take up to ten minutes if you are empty.  Now, you are probably 
saying, "SCREW YOU, WHY WOULD I WAIT?!?!?!"  Just listen to me.  It will DEFINITELY 
help.  After you get him down to 50% health in the second part of the fight, he 
will cry about how you are too strong.  He will start attacking you without 
warning, so be carefull.  When you get him down to 20%, the battle ends.  Watch the 
movie, its really interesting, and it will fill you in on a lot of information.

BOSS No. 9 : "Nonperfect" Cell 
Difficulty: 4/10
Level: 35 *(Vegeta)*

This is a joke, right?  Wrong.  For Cell, he is WAY too easy.  First, get OUT of 
Super Sayain form.  It makes you too slow.  Other than that, just melee attack him, 
or, if you like, add some energy blasts in with it.  Pretty much just go up to him 
and button mash.  Thats it.  Like I said, WAY too easy.  But he will make up for 
that soon...

BOSS NO. 10 : Perfect Cell
Difficulty: 9/10
Level: 35 *(Trunks)*
Remember I said he would make up for being easy?  He just did.  I HIGHLY reccomend 
you have a senzu bean or two handy for this.  Once again, get OUT of Super Sayain 
form.  Melee attack him with the occasional energy blast.  Once you get him to 50%, 
the first part of the fight will end.  You will have to fight him again after a few 
seconds, except this time, he has full health.  X_X !  Deplete your kai bar in 
energy blasts, then melle attack him untill you have virtually no health left.  Use 
a senzu bean to heal, then continue blasting him.  Once more, melle attack him.  If 
he is still alive, use another senzu bean (assuming you have two).  Once you get 
him to 30%, the battle ends.  This is the hardest BOSS fight.

Boss No. 11: Perfect Cell
Difficulty: 6/10
Level: 40-50 *(Goku)* 
He is easy compared to when you last faught him.  2 reasons for that: one is you 
SHOULD be at level 50.  Two is that he just is easyer!
So, start ot punching the level 45 Goku gate and immediately turn Super Sayian.  Go 
Forward and wach Hercule get beat to shbla, then you fight Cell.  For the first 
part of the fight, just button mash on him.  You wont fall out of the ring, so just 
keep melee attacking him.  Then he will blow up the ring.  NOW you must use 
strategy.  If he gets too fat away he will Kamehameha you, and you WILL get hit, 
and thats enough to kill you.  So stay a fair distance away so he wont energy 
attack you, but he will come after you.  Charge up, then release A to get him!  
After that, punish him non-stop!  He should die before you loose kai and losse SS 
form.  But if you become normal Sayian before the end, keep attacking him.  

Boss No 12:  Perfect Cell
Difficulty: 7/10
Level: 50 *(Gohan)*

melee attacking him until you can transform.  Then run away in a zig-zag until you 
get away from him, then transform.  Then get close to him REAL fast otherwise he'll 
Kamehameha you, and 90% of the time you will get hit DIRECTLY! When he is close to 
you, melee attack him until the fight ends!

Mini Bosses:  Cell Children
Difficulty: 8/10
Level: 40-50 *(Piccolo)*, *(Trunks)*, and *(Vegeta).

Just attack the little suckers with melee attacks.  With Piccolo, turn into Super 
Namek form.  With Trunks and Vegeta, do not because you will be too slow and they 
will massacre you.  Just Energy blast and melee attack them until...

Dificulty: 8/10 with any level but 50 Gohan.  With Lvl. 50 Gohan, 2/10
Level: 40-50 *Gohan Super Sayian RAGE)*

GOHAN TO LEVEL 50 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Man, this is fun!  You never run out of kai, 
or get hurt!  Just MURDER Cell! After you deplete his health, watch a really long 
but nevertheless AWESOME cut-scene.  Then get everybody to level 50 and get their 
trophys!  (You get Goku's by beating Cell).  Then unlock Hercule and get him to 
level 50 and get the secret ending!  

                               VERY HELPFUL HINTS

1. Go to Mrs. Briefs and get 99 cookies.  During a fight, if you pause the game,and 
eat a few, you will regain health!

2. Always have 3 Senzu Beans and three fish on you just in case!

3. Use my strategies to beat the game with ease!


This is my sole FAQ, any duplications without me getting credit will be punished by 
sueing.  If you want my FAQ on your cheat site (no private sites) i will allow that 
because my e-mail is screwed, so, if u want to, just do it.  I MUST GET CREDIT!  I 
have an internet upgrade that shows me all the sites that have codes and FAQ's.  If 
I see a site that my FAQ is on, and I dont get credit, I WILL  find you and sue you.
Thank you.



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