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1)Guests/Rides and stands
2)What Guests like to see in a park
1)Guests/Rides and stands

  When you are creating a park you want to make sure your guest gets full enjoyment 
and happiness out of your park.Guest like a varity of rides. They dont want all of 
they same kind. Some like really intense and exciting ones others like more calmer 
ones. So what you want to do is put some roller coasters some thrill and some 
gentile. Also they want food places to eat.Make sure you put a varity of food they 
can try to, because think about it when you are walking around and riding rides you 
get hungry and thristy. When you put places to eat make sure you put trash cans and 
benches because they want some where to sit. If there are no trash cans then the 
people will throw their trash on the ground. When guests get tired and/or sick they 
want some where to sit and relax for a minute so they then can contiue so make sure 
you put benches all over the park.

2) What guests like to see in a park!!!
  Guest look for a lot of things in parks. They want a fair price to get into the 
park(if you are charging them to get in). If you have 2 rides and one shop you dont 
want to charge $50.00 to get in more like $5.00-$10.00.Also if you are charging them 
to get in you might not want to charge them to ride the rides but thats all up to 
you. If you charge them for rides you also want to make sure that it is fair and 
reasonible, some wheres between .50-$1.50 pending on the ride. If your ride gets 
more popular then of corse you can always raise it or if you get people to say its 
to exsenpive then lower it. Speaking of rides guest want your rides to be safe. When 
you have safe fun rides your guest will get really happy.If you have a ride that 
crashes make sure that people watch it run on test when they watch it and see that 
it is safe again they will once again ride the ride. Price of stuff and how safe 
everything is isnt all that the people are worried about. Guest want a clean park. I 
mean do you want to walk all over puke and trash, I know I dont. When your park is 
vandalized or trashed they get upset or mad.

3) Staff
   You have many staff works to choose from. They are all there to help you make 
your guests happy.
   HANDYMAN-These guys clean the park. They empty the trash cans, clean you the puke 
and trash, Mow the lawn, and water the flowers.you should put as many handyman as 
you can.What always works for me is put a handy man then set its patrol area, make 
sure that the whole park has one. You can check that by when you go to the section 
to buy the staff zoom out and click the little feet the same ones you do to set one 
patrol area. Make sure the hole park has blue squares around. There is no way your 
park will become dirty. O yeah dont forget dont make their patrol routes to big 
because then it takes them to long to walk around.
   Mechanical works- These guys make sure you rides are riding smoothly. When one of 
your rides breaks down they will fix it so that more people can ride it. Also every 
cetain amount of mintues they inspect the ride and if the ride id goin to break down 
they will fix it before it happens.Same thing like the heandyman set patrol routes, 
but instead of patroling the whole park just make them go in front of the rides.
   Security- They patrol the park and make sure no vandlizem is going on. When 
people psee security people they wont do it. you dont really have to set a patrol 
route, but if you fell like it be my guest.
   Characters- they can cheer people up. There is not much to say about them just to 
put them if you want.
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