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I. Guests
   Guests are the main objects in this game that continue to keep your park running. 
So for this reason you should give them what they want or treat them normal. One of 
the main reasons people come to the park are because of the...

   Rides are made to satisfy the guests and to make a reasonable profit for yourself.
Over the long run, rides earn enough money to pay you as much or more than you paid 
for them. Of course the ride must be safe, exciting, not to intense but fair, and 
last but not least, money-making. If the ride is unsuccesful to be safe or to be 
popular, you may want to change the design or delete it. Though prices for rides 
differ, the average cost for...say...a steel roller coaster is about $.50-1.50 when 
you first build it. As it gets more popular it's best to raise the prices and when 
it get less popular or too expensive, its best to lower the price.

   Parks need to be clean. No exceptions. Hire staff to help improve your park, park 
rating,and cleanliness of the park. First of all, if you see litter all over the 
ground its best to put up trash bins. If you see puke all over the ground its best 
to put up benches or build bathrooms. For both of these reasons you should hire afew 
handymen. Its okay if you park has afew pieces of litter on the paths. If there 
aren't very many pieces then it won't affect the guests' thoughts. But it is still 
best to clean it because it may multiply and spread quickly.

   You already know that guests like rides. So try to move the rides around a 
little. Don't just fill the whole park with one type of ride. Say for example, if 
you fill the whole park with gentle rides(slides, carousels, haunted houses, 
e.t.c.), if you do, some people may like roller coasters much better and they won't 
ride only gentle rides. Try to make more food stands or drink stalls around the park 
so they don't get hungry and mad.

II. Problems
   There are bad things that can happen in your park that you should be aware of.

A. Crashes
   Its never a good thing when you hear a large explosion in your park. There's very 
little that we can try to do to prevent these crashes. When they are unsuccesful, 
all you can do is hope that guests will still ride it. Some ways of preventing this 
are 1= set the inspection time to 10 mins, this should tell a mechanic to check the 
ride for problems every ten minutes.2= to reduce the amount of people killed in the 
rides you can the cars and trains to having only one car per each and then having 
alot of trains.3=check a ride every time it breaks down. If a mechanic fixes it, it 
still may continue to speed fast. For example, station brakes failure is the most 
fatal one. After a mechanic fixes it, it may still lose control and the station 
brakes might not work so directly after he fixes it, double click the red light.
Then click the green one.4=If the ride is far away and you know your mechanic will 
never reach it in time, use the pinchers to move him to that ride.5=Hire alot of 
mechanics and make them patrol one area near the exit of the ride. 
  It's horrible if a ride crashes, its alot worse when people are on the ride so try 
to use these methods if you are stuck.

B.Litter and Puke
if you want to know about this go to cleanness


   If you find vandalized scenery its time to hire security guards. When guests see 
this it makes them unhappy. Make the security guards patrol the scene of the crime 
for a while.


I won't talk about security guards and mechanics because I already talked about 

A. Handymen

   Who do you want when you find puke or trash on the ground? HANDYMEN! You should 
have a good amount of these in your park. If people think your paths are disgusting, 
clean em' up! Watch out for paths after big roller coasters. Also to prevent puking 
place benches on paths, to prevent litter, put thash cans on the path.


   When there is a long line of people or a crowded area its best to put an 
entertainer there. Entertainers really aren't vital for a good park but its fun 
to see a big ol' tiger dancin' in the streets.(hahaha)This can sometimes make angry  
guests happier. 

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