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 Hello! Thanks for reading my FAQ, Walkthrough, or whatever you might want to call 
it. I'm here to help you beat Mario Superstar Baseball. Read this and you'll learn a 
new thing or two.

--Table of Contents--
1. Characters
2. Ball Parks
3. Unlockables
4. Player Chemistry
5. Challenge Mode
6. Star Mission Help
7. Special Talents

1. Characters
 Here's all of the playable characters you can use on Mario Superstar Baseball.

Balance: Balanced Players are the players who's abilities are... well... balanced.
Shy Guy
Koopa Troopa

Technique: Technique Players normally have one thing in particular they're good at.
Dixie Kong
Dry Bones

Speed: Speed Players are the fast players in the game.
Diddy Kong
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Monty Mole

Power: Power Players are the strong batters and pitchers in the game.
Donkey Kong
King Boo
Bowser Jr.
Petey Pirahna
Hammer Bro

Did I miss anybody? I don't think I did...

2. Ball Parks
 You can't have a baseball game without ball parks! here's a list of them.

Mario Stadium: A simple baseball stadium with no gimmicks or quirks. Play here when 
you want to play pure baseball.

Peach Garden: A ball park outside Peach's Castle. Floating blocks can misplay balls 
or contain a Team Star.

Wario Palace: A ball park in the middle of the desert. Chain Chomps will mess with 
you when you're near and sandstorm generators throw the ball somewhere else. Hit the 
stars in the sand to get a Team Star.

Yoshi Park: A ball park on Yoshi's Island. Pirahna Plants will bite you or eat the 
ball then spit it out somewhere else. Hit the Yellow Prahna plant to get a Team Star.

Donkey Kong Jungle: A ball park in Donkey Kong's Jungle. Barrels roll around in the 
outfield and will knock you down if you get hit. Klaptraps also bie you and slow you 
down. Hit them for a Team Star.

Bowser Stadium: A dangerous stadium in Bowser's Castle. Fireballs shoot out from 
lava below the stadium and will burn you if you touch them. Hit the star panels with 
the ball to get a Team Star.

3. Unlockables
 Now that I got the boring part out of the way, here are the things you can unlock 
and how to unlock them.

Monty Mole: Beat Challenge Mode with Mario.

Toadette: Beat Challenge Mode with Peach

Petey Pirahna: Beat Challenge Mode with Wario.

Baby Luigi: Beat Challenge Mode with Yoshi.

Dixie Kong: Beat Challenge Mode with Donkey Kong.

Hammer Bro: Beat Challenge Mode with Bowser.

Flower Level: Beat Mushroom Level.

Star Level: Beat Flower Level.

Special Level: Beat Star Level.

Bowser's Team in Challenge Mode: Beat the Special Level.

Bowser Stadium and Star Dash: Beat Challenge Mode.

Toy Field in Challenge Mode: Clear all of the mini-games in Challenge Mode at least 
once. After that, go to the shop and buy the Secret Map. A warp pipe will apear that 
will take you to the Toy Field.

Mini-Game Grand Prix: Go to mini-game mode and unlock Special Level on all 
minigames. You must also have all characters unlocked too.

Hidden Field: My friend told me this so it may not be true but... Unlock everything 
else and clear all of the star missions for every character and the hidden Field 
will be next to Bowser Stadium when you choose a ball park. he said that the Hidden 
Field was the corn field they play on in the small movie you see after you beat 
Special Level in Challenge Mode. I'm still not sure if it's true but I'm still 
working on it.

4. Player Chemistry
 Having trouble trying to make the perfect team of good chemistry? Here's a few tips 
on what chemistry is and who has good chemistry with who.

Good Chemistry: Good Chemistry is something you should have on your team. When a 
musical note appears above your players head, he/she has good chemistry with the 
person they're throwng the ball to or a runner on base. When fielding, good 
chemistry makes the ball fly faster and go farther. When batting, good chemistry 
helps you get a better chance of a "Nice!" or a "Perfect!" show up when you hit the 

Bad Chemistry: You shouldn't have this on your team. When a swirly tornado thing 
appears above your players head, bad chemistry is in effect. Bad chemistry makes 
incompatible players play worse with each other. When fielding, bad chemistry causes 
the ball to fly slower and not go as far as usual and the player wll throw it a 
little to the left or right away from the other player. When batting, (which most 
people say it dosen't happen) if the batter has bad chemistry with a runner, the 
swirly thing won't show up, but you may hit more foul balls or bad hits than you 
usually do. Bad chemistry dosen't always happen but be careful when it does.

Here are some good and bad chemistry examples for the players.
Good: Luigi, Peach, Yoshi
Bad: Wario, Bowser

Good: Mario, Peach, Daisy
Bad: Bowser, Waluigi, King Boo, Boo

Good: Luigi, Peach
Bad: Waluigi, Petey Pirahna

Good: Yoshi, Shy Guy, Petey Pirahna
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Peach, Toadsworth, Toadette
Bad: Bowser

Shy Guy:
Good: Birdo, Monty Mole
Bad: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi

Good: Diddy Kong, Paragoomba, Monty Mole
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Koopa Troopa:
Good: Parakoopa, Dry Bones, Bowser
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Toad, Toadsworth, Toadette
Bad: Bowser, Wario

Good: Wario, Magikoopa
Bad: Luigi, Daisy

Dixie Kong:
Good: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Wario, King Boo, Magikoopa
Bad: Luigi

Good: Peach, Toad, Toadette
Bad: Bowser

Good: Koopa Troopa, Paragoomba, Bowser
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Waluigi, Bowser Jr., Boo
Bad: Donkey Kong

Dry Bones:
Good: Bowser, Koopa Troopa
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Mario, Birdo, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Diddy Kong:
Good: Donkey Kong, Dixie Kong, Goomba
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Baby Mario:
Good: Yoshi, Baby Luigi
Bad: Bowser, Shy Guy, Wario

Baby Luigi:
Good: Yoshi, Baby Mario
Bad: Bowser, Shy Guy, Waluigi

Good: Peach, Toad, Toadsworth
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Monty Mole:
Good: Goomba, Paragoomba, Shy Guy
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Goomba, Monty Mole, Parakoopa
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Pianta
Bad: Petey Pirahna

Donkey Kong:
Good: Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Petey Pirahna
Bad: Magikoopa

Good: Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, Koopa Troopa, Parakoopa, Hammer Bro
Bad: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Toad, Toadsworth

King Boo:
Good: Boo, Petey Pirahna
Bad: Luigi

Good: Waluigi, Boo
Bad: Mario, Peach, Baby Mario

Bowser Jr.:
Good: Bowser, Magikoopa, Hammer Bro
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Good: Noki
Bad: Petey Pirahna

Petey Pirahna:
Good: Birdo, Donkey Kong, King Boo
Bad: Daisy, Noki, Pianta

Hammer Bro:
Good: Bowser, Bowser Jr.
Bad: (Don't Know Yet)

Whew... Alot of typing so far... Thes chemistry match-ups are just from what I've 
seen and I know every character has bad chemistry with someone so I'll come back and 
change it if I learn somethng new.

5. Challenge Mode
 Challenge Mode is where you play against all of the other teams and round up 
players to make the best team of nine to defeat Bowser's team.

Scout Missions: Scout Missions are missions that help you impress the opposing team 
and coax the members to join you. Scout Missions such as "Get a Hit!" or "Get the 
player out!" are what you need to do to obtain a scout flag for that character.

Scout Flags: Scout Flags represent how many times you have impressed that team 
member. You get a Scout Flag ehen you complete a Scout Mission. Get all of the Scout 
flags for that player and he/she will join you if you win the game.

Star Missions: Star Missions are missions that you must complete in order to make 
that character a star player. Team captains have 10 missions, Sub-captains (that's 
what I call them) have 8 missions, and sub-characters have 6 or 4 missions. Some are 
easy and some are hard, but try your best to clear them all.

Bowser Jr.'s Team: Bowser Jr. roams around the map waiting to play a half-inning 
game with your team. When you get a team captain to join your team, but don't get 
the other players, they will join Bowser Jr.'s team where you can get the rest of 
their scout flags by playing his team.

6. Star Mission Help
 I'd like to share a bit of my baseball knowledge with you people. I'm sure some of 
you might not know some of the harder star missions such as "Win with a shutout!" 
or "Pitch a Perfect game and win!" so here are what those terms mean.

Shutout: When the winning team beats the other team when the losing team has a score 
of zero.

Perfect game: A game where the losing team gets no runs and no hits.

Sacrifice bunt: A bunt where the batter gets himself out inorder to let the other 
runner advance to another base.

Squeeze bunt: a bunt where the runner on third steals home and the batter who bunted 
bunts a fair ball. (The best way I can explain it...)

Grand Slam: When the batter hits a home run with the bases loaded.

Big Play: A play where someone gets an out by diving and catching the ball or 
jumping and catching the ball. (Sort of...)

Some of these should help you in clearing star missions such as Mario's dreaded 
Perfect game mission avd Luigi's win with a shutout mission which can be a real pain 
in the butt to complete.

7. Special Talents:
 All characters have a special talent and some have two. Here's what each of them do.

Super Jump: Allows you to jump really high. Good for catching a ball that's about to 
go out of the park.

Sliding Catch: Allows you to slide further than others. Good for balls that are 
almost out of your reach.

Super Catch: Allows you to catch the ball without dropping it. Good if you're clumsy 

Quick Throw: Allows you to throw te ball without winding up to throw it far. Good if 
a runner is close to a base.

Wall Jump: Allows you to jump off of a wall to catch a high ball. (Hey, that rhymes!)
Another good way to stop home run balls.

Laser Beam: Allows you to throw the ball at incredibly high speed. This only works 
when you try to get a runner out at home. This one's my favorite too.

Body Check: Allows you to knock down a base man when it's a close call. Good when 
you're low on runs. Dosen't always work either.

Clamber: Allows you to climb up a wall and catch the ball. Good for... I actually 
don't really know what it's good for.

Ball Dash: Allows you to run really fast when you have the ball. This one's pretty 
cool too.

Tounge Catch (Yoshi Only): Allows you to catch the ball with your tounge. Imagine 
what the ball would Taste like...

Suction (Birdo Only): Allows you to suck up the ball when you're fielding.

Magical Catch (Magikoopa Only): Allows you to catch the ball with magic.

So now you know more about Maio Superstar Baseball. Good Luck with finishing the 
E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions or to tell me if I missed 

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