How and Where to catch the Event Pokemon - Guide for Pokemon Pearl

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First, You need to get the event items from the WI-FI events, this guide is 
just how to find them.

Arceus: For Arceus, get the Azure Flute from the event, got to where you meet 
Palkia/Dialga/Giratina at the Spear Pillar, and it will ask you to play the 
flute. Click yes and a stair case will appear. Arceus will be on the top! Have 

Darkrai: Darkrai is on New Moon island. First go to the hotel in canalave city, 
and something happens so you will appear on the island. Go in the Forest, and 
Darkrai will be there. Catch him and battle...

Shaymin: Go to the route out of the side of victory road, and go to the big 
rock. Proffesor Oak will ask you a Question and answer; POKEMON. You will than 
appear in Flower paradise where you will chase shaymin. Enjoy...

Manaphy: This one is easy, get the manaphy egg from the ranger in pokemarts, 
reset the step counter, and the egg will hatch at about 3000 steps into a level 
1 Manaphy. Train the Manaphy and Enjoy the Pokemon...

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