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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry for the inconvienience.  Come back later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              Created By: Jacob Gosche  
                                 Table of Contents 
                              {1} About Me 
                              {2} Basics 
                               a. Controls 
                               b. Types of Gameplay 
                              {3} Best of the Best 
                               a. Best QB's 
                               b. Best RB's 
                               c. Best WR's 
                               d. Best TE's 
                               e. Best defensive lineman 
                               f. Best offensive lineman 
                               g. Best OLB's 
                               h. Best safties 
                               I. Best MLB's 
                               J. Best CB's 
                               K. Best teams 
                              {4} Worst of the Worst 
                               a. Worst Offensive Players 
                               b. Worst Defensive Players 
                               c. Worst Teams 
                              {5} Franchise Mode 
                              {6} Playbooks 
                              {7} Madden Cards 
                              {8} Mini-Camp 
                              {9} Top My High Scores 
                               a. Single Game Records 
                               b. Two Minute drill records 
                             {10} Hints and Tips 
                             {11} FAQ's 
                             {12} E-mail Me/Goodbye  

                                  1.About Me 
   I don't want to make you print out 1 million pages so I'll keep things simple.  
Hello!  My name is Jacob Gosche and I'm 12 years old.  This is only my second 
walkthrough so I strongly encourage you to e-mail me telling me what you thought of 
it.  Tell me positives, suggestions, comments, questions for my FAQ board, etc.  You 
can even tell me how much you hate my work.  Ok, lets get started! 
   Here are the basic PS2 controls for Madden 2003.  {Taken mostly from the 
instruction manual.} 
                                Basic Controls
   General Gameplay:             
   Pause Game                                                      Start Button 
   Call timeout                                                   Select button  

   Play selection:              
   Cycle sets + formations                    LAS (Left analog stick), D-button  
   Select sets and formation                                                  X 
   Start kick meter/ kick the ball                               X (Three Times}

   Snap the ball                                                              X 
   Bring up passing icons                                                     X 
   Throw the ball                                          X, square, O, L1, R1 
   Move player                                                    LAS, D-Button 

   Swich Player                                                               X 
   Move Player                                                    LAS, D-Button 
   Dive                                                                  square 

                             Complete Control Summary  
   Offense (Prior to snap): 
   Audibile                                   square + square, X, O, L1, L2, R1  
   Cancel audibile                                                     triangle 
   Run original play                                                 square, L2 
   Flip play (Run the same play but backwards)                       square, R2 
   Quiet crowd                                                               L3 
   Coach's cam (W/ passing routes)                                           R2 
   Coach's cam (W/O passing routes)                                          L2  
   Fake snap                                                                  O 
   Timeout                                                               select 
   Snap                                                                       X



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