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hey this is me! =)
This might contain spoilers!!!!!!!
i bought this game and beat it within a week.
My review says that the game is fun, challenging and decently long.
Graphics are great but let's get down to buisness.
Ok so you should have the phantom sword.
After You are at the very bottom of the temple, you fight the Large, Last boss
BELLUM!He is somewhat easy to kill as long as you have full health and at least 
one potion of any kind.It will take somewhat long to beat this boss.

Bellum part 1
Attacks are:purple blobs, tentacle smash

It starts with bellum appearing and being colored with purple fuzz or goo.
Take your clawshot and snatch it off of him thus leaving him clean.
He should rise to the next floor and have all of his tentacles hiding.
Take your bow and arrow and shoot them from the opposite side.
After shooting them all he should drop back down and once again don the 
clawshot and remove fuzz. He'll go back up to the second, then shoot the eyes 
and he will rise up again.On the third floor he will start pounding the ground 
with the tentacles.hide close behind a collum and dodge. Shoot eyes and he will 
drop down AGAIN to the first floor.He will then start spining around the arena 
and ciela will give you a phantom ball. hit the button on the bottom of the 
screen when he is circleing around!!! ONLY THEN DRAW A FIGURE 8!!! He will be 
frozen for about 120 seconds. Attack him repeatedly.

After destroying him you will be teleported out of the temple before the celing 
crushes you flat.

Part 2 Possesed GHOST SHIP!

Here you are shooting while linbeck is steering.
there will be lots of purple blobs on the ship and it will shoot back.
Shoot until they all dissapear.
Once the ship is halfway sunk you will board it and have to fight.....


Yes a shock but linebeck is possesed.(if you dont like him at least you won't 
feel guilty beating him)

ok he will be in a phantom suit so get ready for the final fight.
He is latched onto linebeck's back
After Dodging his mighty sword ciela will give you another phantom ball.
First time just repeat the figure 8 process and he will not get hurt.
The reason is that the eyeball is closed.
After ciela will try to stay behind the boss and will get captured.
Start swinging at him and you will have to cross blades like you do with jolene.
once he is down swing at him and his tentacle holding ciela will loosen, thus 
giving you another phantom ball. IMPORTANT! USE ONLY WHEN THE EYE IS OPEN!YOU 
 chop at the eyeball multiple times then repeat the process with the energy 


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