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                           The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
                                How to beat phantom linebeck

When you go to the Ghost Ship for the final time, you'll see a cut scene where 
Oshus =( and your ship get crushed by Bellum.Then Bellum takes you and Tetra up 
to him, but you drop your sword on the way up, and it falls next to none other 
than(you probably already guessed this) Linebeck!Then Linebeck stabs one of 
Bellum's tentacles and then Bellum drops you and you black out.When you wake up 
you see Linebeck fighting off Bellum, then Bellum starts to posses Linebeck, 
then he tosses you your sword. Now Linebeck looks like a giant phantom!

Now onto the battle.

First, you'd better have the spirit of wisdom upgraded or else you're dead!You 
start by just attacking him like crazy, eventually Celia will give you a 
phantom sphere!Now stop time, and go behind Linebeck and slash Bellum's closed 
eye a few times and let time run out.Then Celia will go behind Linebeck and get 
captured by Bellum.Then attack Linebeck like he's a pinata, and when he jumps 
to the side IMMEDEATLY attack him or you'll lose about THREE HEARTS!!!!Then 
you'll lock swords like with Jolene.Then attack him while he's down to get a 
phantom sphere.Youcan still see Linebeck's back so WAIT until Bellum's eye 
OPENS to freze time!Now start to attack Bellum's eye like crazy.Repeat this 
process a few times and you've won!

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