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How to Beat Sephiroth

First off, make sure you have counter, strike raid, sonic rade, SECOND CHANCE-(if 
you dont have this then dont even try to beat him), mp rage, dodge roll, aeroga 
(see the pink shirted fairy in the library of hollow bastion if you don’t), cure, 
second chance, Super Glide, and anything else you feel necessary for battle.  He is 
immune to magic, so don’t worry about those little spells, just use combos. Take 
off Blitz. 60 is the recommended level, if not make sure you have a ton of HP. He 
has an invisible bar at the beginning, one that you cannot see, so dont worry if 
the bar you see isnt moving. Have all elixers in your quick list.

On his first bar, he will basically walk around and get in range to 
either swing, jump back, or swing and stay. Use guard, then immediately use 
counter. This will have him knocked out for a split second, and you have time to 
land 3 additional hits. Make sure you don’t blitz him; he will morph from behind 
and beat the crap out of you. (Dodge roll?).  Keep doing this for about 2 bars, and 
then it gets tricky. 

He will start to run now, and once he gets close he will do one of three things for 
another bar or 2. 
                1.-plain hit you.

		2. - run towards you, morph and appear behind you and land a pretty 
solid blow.
		3.-morph into a corner and say “Sin Harvest”

	        4.-says “PREPARE YOURSELF” and does this deadly combo of about 20 
hits and a deadly electric finish.

On attack 1, use guard, but you don’t know when he does what. 

On attack 2 dodge roll, but he hits you about 99 percent of the time.

On attack 3: Sin harvest is an attack this guy uses all the time. He uses this 
magic spell, and forms a “Halo of Death” around your head. It will deplete all your 
mp and your hp to 1. Get your butt over there (super glide) and beat the crap out 
of him. (You can’t though because he morphs and hits your back after two strikes, 
so just hit him twice and dodge roll)

On attack 4 use strike raid or sonic blade. (It might not hurt him, but you become 
invincible while you are doing it)

After that, it will get even trickier.

He summons these asteroids; they come down and send a shockwave across the floor 
(glide). After that they start spinning around (use aero) and then they stop, each 
of them blow up, and then he summons this humungous asteroid of light and it 
down (it is really hard to dodge) if you have aero and second chance you will be 
alive. If you beat his bar away past a certain area, he won’t do this again. 
But here it gets even trickier.

He uses a combination of all his previous attacks, (yes, even sin harvest) and adds 
a few of his own. The new attacks are;
1. - he summons energy balls to close in on you every 5 seconds
2. - he spins in this deadly attack where he says “DODGE THIS!” every second 
4. Morphing (which he does a lot now)

You will be lucky if you hit him once with your basic attacks. 
That is why you don’t have to. I used strike raid 2 times, elixir, strike raid 2 
times, and that sucker is dead.(The more MP bars you have the more you can do 
Strike raid or Sonic blade) Not only are you invincible during sonic balde and 
strike raid, but it does a lot of damage too. 

If you dont want to do Strike raid or Sonic Blade, or if you are out of MP and 
Elixers, dodge roll when he summons energy balls, guard then counter on “DODGE 
THIS” and dodge roll when he morphs, and super glide to him when he says sin 
harvest. Always use strike raid unless you dont have enough MP. You level up every 
time you beat him. Although the ending isnt really that cool, at least you can say 
you finally beat him.

For any questions about this or anyother kingdom hearts levels than email me at 
[email protected] I might not remember any of the earlier level (i beat 
this game 9 months ago) so sorry if i cannot help you.

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