How to beat Seymour 1 - Guide for Final Fantasy X

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Seymour, Guado Guardians x2, Anima

HP: Seymour - 6,000        AP: 2000
HP:Guado Guardian - 2,000  AP: 290
HP:Anima - 18,000          AP: 2500

Weakness: None

Start off with Yuna, Lulu and Tidus in your party.
Cast Haste on Yuna and Lulu.
Get Yuna to cast Reflect on herself and Lulu.
Switch Tidus for Auron. 
Cast Reflect on Auron too.

Tip: If you don't have Reflect, Use Nulblaze, etc as these will block one elemental 
attack. You have to get Yuna to keep casting them, so be careful.

Get Lulu to cast Fira, Thundara and Blizzara on the Guado Guardians. By speeding up 
Lulu and Yuna with Haste, Lulu should be able to kill them off. Switch Auron with 
Rikku. Cast Reflect on Rikku and get Rikku to steal off the Guado Guardians. By 
stealing their Hi-Potions, they can't heal themselves, meaning that you can finish 
them off with Lulu. After the Guado Guardians are dead, switch Rikku with Auron. 
Cast Reflect on Auron again and Get him to attack Seymour. After you lower Seymour's 
health down to 0, he will summon Anima. Summon one of your Aeons (go from top to 
bottom, e.g Valefor first) and keep attacking it with Fire/Fira or 
Blizzard/Blizzara). Try to keep your Aeon alive as long as you can, (get Ifrit to 
cast fire on itself, it will heal itself, Same with Blizzara and Shiva). Once Anima 
has killed your Aeon with its overdrive, you can finish it off with your characters. 
After you've killed Anima, finish off Seymour (who has 6000 Hp again) with Fira and 
Pull off Auron's overdrive to do around 3500 damage!

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