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                           Guide Time!
    Hi and welcome!It`s me Doodle!Yup!I`m writing ANOTHER guide!Lol.Well here 
we go!Ok so you arrive at the Isle of Gust finally!!!!WOO!but what`s this?Man 
it`s windy here!I eman gusty.Well there has to be a reason they named it Isle 
of Gust.Well anyway there should be stairs right in front of you.Climb the 
stairs and defeat all the monsters.Then climb down the next set of stairs.Then 
deafeat the next monster and go up the little flight of stairs.Wait for the 
wind to stop blowing and then jump to the next platform.Once you`re there 
defeat the 2 monsters.Once again wait for the wind to stop blowing and jump to 
the next platform.This platform is infested with monsters!Once you defeat them 
wait for the wind to stop blowing and jump to the next platform.Thankfully on 
this platform there is only 1 monster.After you defeat it ONCE AGAIN wait for 
the wind to stop and jump to the next platform.Thankfully after this platform 
there`s no more jumping.(FINALLY!!!!)

                        Defeat the 2 monsters and walk down the stairs.There 
are 4 monsters wich you can get rid of easily.Once they`re gone pick up a bomb 
from the bomb plant and blow up the tunnel entrance.When you walk in there 
should be a treasure chest with some ruppees in it.after that read the journal 
on the desk.(It might give you some good info)The last thing in the room is a 
map that has secret island spots on it.(Write that spot down on your seachart)
Then step back out of the tunnel into the clearing.Go back up the stairs you 
came from.Now this time instead of waiting for the wind to stop wait for it to 
start!Once the wind starts jump to the next platform.Walk down the steps and 
defeat the monsters.While you`re there look at the ground and you`ll notice 
that there are spots you can dig up with your shovel.They should contain 20 
ruppees each.

          Whatever you do DON`T go up the stairs.Instead go through the 
tunnel.When you appear in the tunnel 2 monsters will attack you.You can take 
them out easily.Once they`re gone walk up the stairs.Jump off the platform to 
the ground below.Now there are alot of monsters down there.....but i know you 
can defeat them!lol.Well once all the monsters are gone a treasure chest should 
appear making now 2 treasure chests in the room.After you open the chests go 
through the next entrance.Walk down and defeat the monsters.Then go and stand 
on the air vents until you float up to the next level.Go down until you see a 
clup of grass.Cut the grass and you will discover a spot to dig up with your 
shovel.(It contains a giant Ruppee wich is worth 100)

                             Then go back the opposite direction and wait for 
the wind to blow.When it does jump to the next platform.Attack the 2 monsters 
and walk down the steps.A few monsters will appear but you can defeat 
them.Before you go to the air vent go up and read the map.It has an important 
spot marked on the map.(write it down on your map)After you`re done with that 
go back downt to the air vent.After you float to the next level go up.Ignore 
that stone door for now and defeat the monsters.Then go down.Jump off the 
platform and defeat the monsters.Ignore all the air vents.You only need to dig 
up 2.The one buy the platform with the treasure chest and the one buy the big 
platform.First get the treasure chest and then go to the big platform.Once you 
float up defeat the monsters and move on ahead.Now instead of floating on the 
air vent that`s already open get your shovel and open the air vent that`s 
closed.Once you open that one float up to the next platform.

  Walk down the steps and go to the air vent.Instead of floating up the air 
vent you have to close it.Then once it`s closed walk over it to the next air 
vent.Float up it and walk down the steps.You should see a thing to dig up on 
the ground.Once you dig that up float up the first air vent.You should appear 
on a platform with a map and a stone.Read the stone and it says something about 
blowing three certain windmills....Hmm.Then read the map and it will have the 
location of the 3 sacred windmills.(AH HA!)Make sure you write this down on 
your map.It`s very important!Then jump off the platform and cover up all the 
air vents.Throw the 2 rocks out of the way and climb the stairs to the platform 
with the statue.Hit the statue and it basicaly tells you to walk on the sand 
very quietly.LISTEN TO THIS STATUE!!!!!!!!!There are monsters in the sand and 
if you make noise they will eat you!Sorry....but it`s true.If they do catch you 
it`ll look like a ball of dust chasing you.If they chase you RUN RUN RUN to a 
platform!Ok so anyway you have to sneek to the 3 sacred windmills.(I hope you 
wrote it down)When you get to the windmills you have to blow on them.

                            Once you have blown on all the windmills two doors 
should open.It doesn`t matter which one you go through.It`ll lead you to a 
tunnel.Go inside and you`re now in the Temple of Wind.OOOOOOO!Magical!They are 
these things ahead that blow air.These things are called fans.Wait for the fans 
to stop blowing and run across.Next you will see an empty space and on the 
other side tow globe and some bombs.Get your boomerang out.This is realy hard 
to do and may take a while.....but dont get frustrated.You have to set off the 
two bomb rows at the same time.Try making your boomerang hit the edges of the 
bombs.After you get that to work 2 bridges appear.Run across one of them. 
Deafeat the 2 monsters and push the block in front of one of the fans.Then hit 
the globe to make the other one stop.Run up the stairs and go across the 
bridge.Go down the stairs at the end of the bridge.Defeat the monsters and tap 
on the door with circle on it.Go through and defeat the bat.Then step on the 
switch so the door will open.(You don`t  need to go through this door)

     Go up the stairs and walk carefully across the thin bridge.Be careful 
because there are fans and bats trying to knock you down!Once you`re across go 
into the small room.The door will close behind you but will open when you 
defeat all the monsters.Go into the next room.Wow!It`s filled with ruppees!!!
After you collect all the ruppees push the block out of the way and go into the 
next room.Defeat the snakes ang go to the left until you see a fan on the 
ground.(ignore the boss door for now.You need bombs to get up there.)You need 
to push this fan just like you push those big blocks.There is a path that tells 
you where to push it.Once it`s on the block with the explosion like thing on it 
get in front of the fan and it will blow you to the next platform.Stand on the 
switch and it will open a door.You do not need to go through this door.Instead 
go down the stairs.

                                  You walk up and the door closes behind you.Go 
up to the rocks and it will reveal an can easily blow these up with 
the bomb plants.After these things are defeated go through the door and go up 
the stairs.Defeat the monsters and go down the steps.Run around the room and 
defeat all the monsters.As you walk around you will see a switch.Step on the 
switch and it will open a door.Go up the stairs and stand on the air vents.They 
will take you uo to a platform with a chest.Open the chest and jump down.Go 
back up the stairs.Push the block on the third vent and stand on the air vents 
again.Jump off the blocks to the groun below.Follow the path and go down the 
steps.You`ll appear in a room with bomb plants.Take one of the bombs and blow 
up the wall.The monsters who live on the sand are in this room to.If you stay 
on the Stone path they can`t get you.But you will have to get off the path.Walk 
very carefuly.Go to the middle of the room to a platform with a map.Look at the 
map and it will have 4 spots marked down.Write these spots on your map.Then get 
your shovel out and go to these spots.When you go to these spots there will be 
closed air vents.Dig all four up and 2 doors will open.First go up the stairs 
and go throught the first door.

   Defeat the monster and go up the stairs.Go across the bridge and pull the 
fan onto the tile with the explosion mark.Go back across the bridge and through 
the door you came from.Once you`re back in the room with the sand monsters go 
to the other door that opened.Take a bomb from the bomb plant and blow up the 
blocks.Then go up the steps.Walk across the bridge and push the other fan to 
the tile with the explosion mark on it.Jump down to the ground below and get 
the key.Go back up the stairs and stand on the air vents again.Jump of the 
blcoks and go down the steps.Wow back in this room again. *sigh* Go the door 
with the lock on it.You can open it now since you have a key.Once you`re in the 
room open the chest and DADADADADA!You`ve got bombs!!!!HURRAY!Now go over to 
the wall that has a crack on it.Now that you have bombs you can blow it up!
AWSOME!Go inside the tunnel.Take out one of your bombs and put it on the air 
vent.Watch it float up and blow up the blocks.Once the blocks are gone you get 
on the air vent and fly up to the platform.Go up the stairs.Put a bomb on the 
air vent and while it`s about to explode run down the hall to the stone door.By 
the time You`re at the end of the hall it should explode and cause a CHAIN 

                 Awsome right?By causing this chain reaction it will turn on 
the globe and open the stone door.Run through the door before time runs out.Run 
down the hall until you see a stone tablet surrounded by rocks.Enemies will 
come out of the rocks but you can easily defeat them by throwing bombs at 
them.After they are gone read the stone tablet.So it tells you to study the 
walls carefully.If you look closely there will be a weird tile on the ground a 
little farther down the hall.Set a bomb on the tile and the wall will blow 
up.Cool!Go through the hole and down the hall.Defeat the monsters as you go 
down.Soo you`ll come up to a door.Tap on the door and it will open.Once you go 
through the door you will see some stairs.Go up the stairs.You`ll appear in a 
room with tons of rocks.Two enemies will come out of the rocks.Deafeat them 
with your bombs.When they are gone you`ll notice that there is another romm on 
the other side if the wall.But how do you get there?The wall`s in the way!If 
you look cosely there is another weird tile on the other side if the wall.Put a 
bomb where the tile is and the wall will KABOOM!I mean blow up.

       Go through the hole and into the next room.Climb up the stairs and run 
down the hall.This looks strange.There`s a whole bunch of bombs and two 
globes.What you do is put two bombs on the weird looking tiles.When they blow 
up it will cause another chain reaction and the door will open.Go through the 
door.You pop up in a room with a chest.Open the chest and you now have the boss 
key!Jump off the ledge to the ground below.Go to the spot where there is 2 air 
vents.Drop the key on the ground for a minute and put 2 bombs on the air 
vents.The bombs will blow up the rocks so you can float to the boss door.Grab 
the key and float up.Tap the boss dorr and it will open.Next go through the 
tunnel door.Man it`s windy in here!Ok run up the hall to the air vents and 
float uo to them.Tap on the door and it will open.Go through the door and read 
the stone tablet and a blue light will appear.Only go through it if you have 
to.Now`s a good time to make sure your life and Bombs are fully restored.Once 
you`re ready go through the door.

                    You go in and an Octopus floating on a Tornado pops up.this 
is the boss:Cyclops stirrer of winds.HeHe!He looks like jelly!Anyway he`s not 
that hard to beat.He`s flying in the air and you don`t know how to hit him.You 
should see mini Tornados on the ground.Pou a bomb on one of the mini Tornados 
and it will fly up and hit him.He`ll fall to the ground and that`s your time to 
shine!Run up and hit him as many times as you can!!After a while he`ll fly back 
up.Repeat theis process until he is defeated. (Hint:Sometimes he`ll fly down 
and try to knock you down.Just dodge these attacks.)Once he`s gone you will 
collect the sand and get the Spirit of Wisdom Neri!WOO!You did it!Grab that 
Heart Container and Go up the blue light!

 Well i`m glad I could help!This is a great game and I will soon have more 
temple Guides out.Thanks for reading and please Do not send me E-mails 
regarding my game guide!BYE!!!!!!!!

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