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How to Catch Rare Pokemon
By: Pokemon #1 Fan


Hi everyone! In this FAQ, I'm going to tell you how to catch all of the rare 
Pokemon. I'll do it in whatever order I feel like cuz I just wrote down the 
Pokemon I saw in my PC. I'll just start out with the Pokemon on the covers of 
Diamond and Pearl version: Palkia and Dialga!

Palkia/Dialga - Atop Mt. Coronet, after battling Team Galactic Grunts, Command-
                ers, and the Boss, Cyrus, Dialga or Palkia (depending on your 
                version: Diamond or Pearl) will have been awakened. After Uxie,
                Mesprit, and Azelf appear and stop it from helping Cyrus, its
                powers will stop and (after battling Cyrus) it will be waiting 
                for you. Professer Rowan doesn't allow you to exit Mt. Coronet
                so stock up on Pokeballs. This is the fourth to worst time to 
                use the Master ball. It is level 47. Be sure to save.

Uxie/Mesprit/ - After defeating (or catching) Palkia or Dialga, the three will
Azelf           go back to their homes at each lake across Sinnoh. To catch 
                Uxie, battle him in Lake Acuity. To catch Azelf, battle him in
                Lake Valor. To catch Mesprit, meet it in its home at Lake 
                Verity, then find it wildly in grass. They're all level 50.
                Be sure to save before each of the battles.

      Heatran - Once you obtain the National Pokedex, go to Stark Mountain.
                First, sail to the island Northeast of Veilstone City. Then 
                travel north to the survival area. Then go halfway to the area
                that's calm and go up. Once you're in Stark Mountain, maneuver
                your way to the top with the mohawked person. They will take 
                the stone and go away. Leave Stark Mountain and go back to the 
                Survival Area and look for him in one of the houses. Then go 
                back to the cave where Buck (the mohawked person) retreived the
                stone. It is level 70. Be sure to save before the battle.

    Regigigas - Once you get the National Pokedex and have the data for all the
                Regis (Regice, Regirock, Registeel), he will be awaken. To get
                to him, go to Snowpoint Temple in Snowpoint City and go up. He 
                will be north. He is level 70. Be sure to save before you 
                battle him.

     Giratina - Once you have the National Pokedex, you will be able to travel 
                to go to Turnback Cave. It's positioned just east of Route 214.
                Maneuver your way through the cave until you see a gigantic,
                millapede, scorpion looking thing. It is level 70. Be sure to
                save before you battle it.

    Cresselia - Once you get the National Pokedex, go to Canalave City. Go and 
                examine the boy in the bed in the house next to the sailor who
                sails you to Iron Island. Then talk to that sailor and ask if 
                you can go to Full Moon Island. Once you see Cresselia, it will
                disappear and appear randomly like Mesprit. Pick up the item it
                leaves behind and leave. When you spot it, she is level 50. The
                gender is always a girl. You don't need to save unless you want
                to be safe.

   Phione and - Manaphy (aka: Prince of the Sea) is obtained from a special 
   Manaphy      event from Pokemon Ranger. Obtain the Manaphy and you will
                receive an egg. After a while, it will hatch into a baby level
                1 Manaphy. Manaphy is able to breed and when you get the other 
                egg, it will hatch into a Psuedo-Manaphy (baby of it), aka:
                Phione, the weaker version of Manaphy.


      Darkrai - Once you obtain the MEMBERSHIP PASS at the event, you will get
                access to a hotel you couldnt previously go to. Sleep there 
                during the night and you will have a dream of Darkrai. Once you
                wake up, you will find a diary telling you of the location of
                Darkrai. Talk to the sailor and he'll take you to his location.
                He is level 40. Be sure to save before the battle. He is the
                third to worst Pokemon to use the Master Ball on.

      Shaymin - Once you receive OAK'S LETTER from the live event, go to the 
                white rock in Route 224. You will notice the extended path and
                should follow the path upwards and enter the new way, named the
                Flower Paradise. Go all the way to the top right and you will
                find Shaymin waiting for you. It is level 30. This is the mere
                second to worst Pokemon to use the Master Ball on.

       Arceus - Once you obtain HEAVEN'S PIPE from the special event, go to the
                place where you had battled Dialga or Palkia. Go to the symbol
                between the pillars and use it. Stairs will appear and you will
                go up and find yourself in the Beginning Dimension. This is the
                best Pokemon to use the Master Ball on for it is level 80. Be 
                sure to save before you battle it.

And finally, this is one Pokemon even my friends haven't caught yet. And I bet
you haven't either. It doesn't require and event and all you need to have is 
the HM Cut. It's name is Roton:

        Roton - To go to Roton, go to the Old Chateau located in Eterna Forest.
                Go upstairs, foward, and to the room where the T.V. is. Save 
                and turn off the Game until it's nightime on your Pokemon game.
                Once it is, Turn it back on and Examine the T.V. screen. It 
                should say something like,"It looks like there's a Pokemon in 
                the screen....Thump the T.V. screen?" After the sentence close
                to that, say yes and you should hear this spooky sound. You 
                will see this plasma looking thing. Roton is level 15. This is 
                far by the worst Pokemon to use the Master Ball on. I caught it
                with a Great Ball.

And that's all the rare Pokemon I could think of. I'll catcha later...


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