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Level 1: Fortuna
First, Oikonny. Shoot his palms when they're exposed but roll out of the way when 
he strikes. If he's going to hit with both plams, shoot the one that is more red 
because it's closer to being destroyed.

Surprise! Oikonny isn't the only boss here. After Oikonny is destroyed, a huge 
aparoid moth will fly down. First clip off all 8 of his wings. After that, he will 
cause falling meteors to head for you. Dodge them and blast his pink orb when you 
have the chance after the meteor shower subsides. Note: You can shoot the orb 
during meteor showers too. Once you blast his orb enough he falls. End of Level 1.

Level 2: Katina
After eliminating all the aparoid hatchers, a huge spiderlike aparoid comes down to 
crash the party. Beign by shooting his orb sticking out of his belly. Roll to dodge 
his attacks. After he falls, hover on top of him and blast the orb on his head. 
After a few shots, he will close the orb and glow green beneath you. Roll or hover 
to dodge its attack and then continue your assault. If you fall off, shoot his 
belly orb again. After the orb on his head is gone you win. End of Level 2.

Level 3: Sargasso Space Hideout
All you have to do here is destroy all the transfer devices in the hideout to make 
the boss appear. Star Wolf.
Wolf comes in to stop your mission after all the transfer devices are destroyed. He 
also brings Leon and Panther with hime. Guess what? You must shoot down all 3 of 
them. Get back to your Arwing fast. You'll notice that Wolf brought a battleship 
with him as well. Take it out first or suffer the consequences. Now for Wolf and 
his team. Begin by charging your laser and locking onto them. If you have a clear 
shot you should hit them with your charged up blast. They will try to get behind 
you, so don't let them. 2 or 3 charged shots will eliminate a single wolfen. Note: 
Falco or Krystal may come under attack at this time so be on the lookout. After you 
shoot down Wolf, Leon, and Panther the hideout is yours. End of Level 3.

Level 4: Fichina
After taikng Falco's aireal/ blasting tour, Pigma comes along and brings a part of 
the machinery to life thanks to the aparoids. This boss fight is different from the 
others because you have a time limit depending on your difficulty. You will have 7 
minutes on Bronze, 5 minutes on Silver, and only 3 minutes on Gold. Get in your 
Arwing. Take flight and grab the laser powerup in front of you. Then find the laser 
powerup to the right under an arch. Now start shooting the enemies the machine 
spits out and you'll notice that some of them drop bombs. Pick up the bombs and get 
ready for the hard part. The machines only weakness is inside it and the only time 
you can hit it is when it's getting ready to attack with a devastating beam.  
Position yourself in front where the beam will fire and shoot a bomb inside or 
fire your laser at the orb. With enough damage the machine will rear back and 
close. continue you assault (but be quick depending on your time) until its life 
force is gone. It will collapse and Fichina will be saved. End of Level 4.

Level 5: Asteroid Field
After you navigate the asteroid field its time to confront Pigma. Although you'll 
notice he's gotten a little too close to the aparoids. He has become one. Pigma 
will start by alternating between machine guns and rockets on his arms. He will 
also throw asteroids at you. The brown ones can be destroyed but the grey ones 
can't, so dodge them. Start shooting Pigmas arms when they are about to attack and 
keep firing till the arm falls off. After all of his arme have been totaled, Pigma 
will begin his second wave of attack. He will fire missiles at you so dodge them 
and shoot his face. After some time, Pigma will hide his face and then expel a huge 
blast of fire at you dodge until he stops then finish him. After his health is gone 
your mission is complete. End of Level 5.

Level 6: Sauria
There's no boss on Sauria, just a lot of bugs. Destroy all the hatchers to save 
Sauria. The number of hatchers differ depending on difficulty. Thera are 5 on 
Bronze, 8 on Silver, and 12 on Gold. After the planet is saved, Krystal and Fox 
reunite with Tricky. End of Level 6.

Level 7: Corneria
After Wolf carries you through most of the flight, another enemy ship will appear.  
But, hold on. It's General Peppers ship! I hate to tell you this but, you must 
shoot down his ship. Begin by non-stop shooting his ship. He will sometimes come up 
close to attack. Shoot the orb on the ship to have it reel back. If you don't he'll 
slam your ride. Peppers ship will occasionally cast out 6 Y-shaped lasers. Take 
them all out. If you don't the remaining lasers will fire, and they hurt! Peppers 
ship also fires out homing missiles, so shoot them down. After a long, 
heartbreaking battle, Peppers ship will fall. The general may be a goner. But then 
Peppy flies in to save him, and he does. End of Level 7.

Level 8: Orbital Gate
Once again, there's no boss here. All you need to do is destroy all the missiles 
that are gunning for the gate. The first ones are easy to destroy, the second ones 
take more damage. After you take out 2 of the big ones, here comes the BIG MOMMA. 
This missile is composed of 3 parts. First shoot the orb on its rear end. After 
enough damage that part of the missile will be destroyed but it will accelerate.
Destroy the next part by shooting the center. That part will fall but the missile 
gets even faster. Destroy it for good by shooting the nose of it. If the missile is 
about to explode, hold your brakes and shoot that missile like crazy. After all the 
missiles have been destroyed, the gate will be safe, the Queens present will be 
ready, and it's time to head for the Apaoird Homeworld. End of Level 8.

Level 9: Aparoid Homeworld
No boss. Just destroy all the hatchers on the base and then destroy the hatchers 
under the base  with the Arwing. The hatchers increase depending on difficulty. 4 
in Bronze, 6 in Silver, and 8 in Gold. End of Level 9.

Final Level: Aparoid Homeworld Core
The time has finally come to face the Aparoid Queen. As the team enters the Queen 
will speak. Hey, I thought Pigma was dead. When did she get General Pepper? She has 
Peppy too? It can't be. James McCloud too. No, just kidding. The Queen is just 
using information from everything shes absorbed. So lets kick her butt!
The queen is protected by armor so blast it off. Throughout the battle the Queen 
will keep trying to deceive you by using your friends and foes voices. Don't fall 
for them and just attack. Her weak point is the pink orb underneath her armor. Once 
you see it, FIRE!!!! When the Queen raises her wings, get away from her front or 
you'll be blasted by hundreds of lasers. OUCH! You'll also notice those disgusting 
balls flying around the room. Those will become more aparoids if you don't destroy 
them. As you destroy them, they will become smaller and mor ewill appear. continue 
to blast them until they completly dissappear. If you don't they will hatch and 
then you'll have more then just the Queen to worry about. After the Queen's health 
is gone, Fox will fire the anti-weapon into the queen. The End right? Wrong! The 
queen will be suppressing the anti-weapon and then she will retreat. Th Star Fox 
team won't let her get away. So the fight continues!
This time the Queen will appear with a body like a combination of a satellite with 
a dragon's head. Start by shooting all four pink orbs until they close. The Queen 
will then thrust her head out with a blast of energy. Dodge it then shoot. Your 
friends will try to help too, but they won't do much. If the Queen retreat's her 
head just shoot the 4 orbs again. After her health is depleted, the Queen will 
transform into one final form. a little flying thing the has 2 attacks. A stream of 
fire and an energy wave. Continue shooting her but dodge the fire. When she 
unleashes her energy wave, try to stay in front of her and the wave won't hurt you. 
When the Queen loses all her health she will finally give in to the might of the 
Star Fox Team and you will have beaten the game!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps all of you out there 
that like this game.

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