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Date Edited 24/2/2008

Chocobo Quality: 
Different Chocobo ranks can be found in various areas of the game

Chocobo Ranch area: Poor/Weak
Junon area: Fair/Poor
Gold Saucer area: Good/Average
Rocket Town area: Mediocre
Wutai area: Average/Fair
Icicle Inn area: Wonderful/Weak
Midell area: Great/Fair

1) First, you will need two good(walking) or two great(running) or a good and a 
great chocobos. (one male and a female, of couse) :-) 

2) Now you will need four chocobo stalls(I recommend six stalls would be great. 
10 000 gil per stall)

3) Now you will need them to be A or S rank(your choice). To get the Chocobo to 
A or S rank is by racing them at the Gold Saucer. Now you will need three Carob 
Nuts. To get it, you can get it at the Gold Saucer for 500 GP each or go to the 
North Continent, near Bone Site(you know what I mean), there's a glass area 
walk around until you will meet a Vlakorados(it look like red dinosaur) steal 
it, if it dosen't work steal it couple time until you get it.

4) Now save your game and breed the two Chocobos with Carob Nut, you will 
probably get a green or blue choccbo(dosen't matter). Now get your blue or 
green chocobo to A or S rank. 

5) After that, your two chocobos should be finish resting after their breed. 
Now  save your game and breed them again with Carob Nut. Restart your game if 
you don't get a right colour Chocobo (hold select and start then press R1, R2, 
L1, L2 twice, If you want to). Got the right colour Chocobo then get up to A or 
S rank. 

6) Now Save your game, breed the Blue and Green chocobo with Carob Nut you 
should get a Black chocobo(if not restart your game and breed again). 
Get your Black chocobo to A or S rank. Now you will need a Wonderful chocobo 
get up to A or S rank.

7) Now you will have to release your first two chocobos(expect the 
Wonderful one) to make more room for Gold Chocobo. Now you will need a Zeio Nut 
(only one). 

8)To get Zeio Nut, you need to go to Northeast side of the map you will see two 
little islands, go there wander around the forest and you'll fight the little 
Goblin (with boxing gloves) steal it to get a Zeio Nut. Save your game, breed 
the Wonderful and a Black chocobo you should get a GOLD CHOCOBO (If not restart 
your game). 

Cant tell the difference on the Gold Chocobo? 

Take it for a run and run toward the water or mountain, if can't then its not a 
Gold Chocobo.

Thank You for reading.

If you have any problems or something's wrong with my walkthrought, please e-
mail me ( [email protected] ) 

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