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                                                                  ~Harvest Moon~


1. Getting Started
2. About the Girls
3. Gwen's Affection
4. Getting Married


                                                                 Getting Started

Ok you've justed started the game.... here is a little tip if you want to raise animals then have your 
property down by the sea, if you want to grow crops then have your property by the river the village 
property is to small to do anything. Anyway the first morning you start playing you should probably 
meet all the village people. One person should you should definetly meet Gwen. The only thing is you 
can only meet Gwen if you go to the spring horserace. After the horserace you'll have a sceen where 
Doug, Gwen ,and two other guys. Then a couple days later the Perch Inn will open. The Perch Inn is 
where Gwen lives and an awsome place to buy yummy food the will build stamina.


                                                                  About the Girls

Well of course you'll have to pick a girl in the end to marry. They all have hardness levels, some are 
easy to get hearts others are really tough. Here is a list of girls you can marry easy to hard:

Ellen: Works at Blue Sky Ranch, likes flowers

Nina: Works at Seed Store, likes flowers and harvested crops

Ann: Works at Tool Shop, ores and other interesting item

Katie: Works at Cafe' , likes homemade food (must meet Carol)

Eve: Works at Moonlight Cafe' , likes wine and flowers

Gwen: Works at Perch Inn, APSOULUTELY LOVES VERY BERRY JAM!!!!, likes yarn too (meet Lyla at Flower 
Festival to get Hearty Lyla where they sell jam and yarn)

Jamie: Works at Jamie's Ranch obviously, likes things from animals (I would not consider marring her)

All of these girls are elibgel to marry. 


                                                                 Gwen's Affection

Gwen is a very pleasant girl. She loves horses and all other farm animals. She's also a great cook 
multiple times she will come to your house and give you great food. Once a month you should get a 
heart from her that is if you talk to her every day and give her a gift every other day its not exactly what 
you call easy or inexpensive. Make sure if you marry her you have a big property because you'll need a 
big house and if you have animals you'll need a pasture. Gwen enjoys looking at your animals during 
the evenings on special occasions. 


                                                                  Getting Married

To get married you'll need a lot of money and a lot of lumber. One thing you need to get married and a 
level 3 house that cost $11,000 and 80 pieces of lumber. Also you will need a big bed you also get 
those at the Lumber Shop. You will need 8 hearts from Gwen or any other girl you want to marry. Not to 
mention the blue feather in this town the blue feather is a symbol thta you're proposing. After get 
house level 3 and a big bed the next day the major will come and ask you about getting married then 
you will arrive at the bottom of the mountain where you'll have to climb the mountain and when you get 
to the top you will see the blue feather.  Then you will earn the the Bluebird note then you put the blue 
feather in your rucksack and then go and give the feather to the girl you want to marry (Gwen)  and 
then if they accept the next day you will get married and you'll have a wedding sceen and the major ask 
you if you want to marry them and you'll either say yes or no. (say yes)

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