How to get Special Intermissions - Guide for WWF SmackDown: Just Bring It!

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To get special intermission sequences in story mode, just choose one of the 
following wrestlers and follow the path to the WWF Title: 
The Undertaker: Michael Cole will interview him after Vince announces at 
WrestleMania that he is the special referee. The Undertaker will simply say that 
somebody is going to be injured tonight.

The Rock: Michael Cole will interview him after Vince announces at WrestleMania that 
he is the special referee. The Rock will talk about winning the match, then finish 
it off with "If you smelllll... what the Rock... is cookin'."

Kurt Angle: After defeating whomever Vince put you in a match against at RAW, 
another individual will call you out, talking about how people are talking about you 
being closest to the WWF title. Instead of being given the choice of coming out or 
staying backstage, Kurt Angle will ride down to the ring in a milk truck. He will 
stop just short of the ring, fling two cartons of milk at the person in the ring, 
then proceed to climb atop his milk truck and drink milk.

Steve Austin: After Vince announces at WrestleMania that he will be the special 
referee, Stone Cold is shown backstage talking to Vince. Kurt Angle is nearby, 
wearing the small cowboy hat he once wore on WWF TV. Austin will talk about how 
Vince and he will always be friends and proceeds to hug Vince.

Hardy Boyz: Play as the Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy). Just before your tag 
team title match, it will show Team Extreme (Hardy Boyz and Lita) talking about how 
excited they are for the match and put their fists together, as they have done on 

Edge and Christian: Choose either Edge or Christian to start a career. Accept to 
form a tag team, then find the other member (if you are Edge, find Christian and 
vice versa) and form a tag team. Once Edge and Christian make it to the PPV to fight 
the tag champions, a special sequence will play before the match. Edge and Christian 
will find the current tag team champions in the backstage area and proceed to tease 
them, calling them "reek-a-zoids", etc. Then the two will deliver a Con-Chair-To to 
the unfortunate champions and leave them laying.

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