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This is Game Trickster here, for all of you people who are having a hard time like 
on PoKe'MoN Crystal, I know how you can have a better advanced team who don't know 
how to make a advanced team, I will show you what PoKe'MoN and attacks you need.

  Team #1 (if you chose Cyndaquil)    Team #2 (if you chose Totodile)       
      1.Typhlosion                         1. Feraligatr
        Attacks                                Attacks
       Flamethrower Fire 
       Thunderpunch Elec
       Fire Blast Fire
       Earthquake Grou

      2. Bellossom

       Sludge Bomb Pois
       Solarbeam Gras
       Sunny Day Fire
       Synthesis Gras
     Combo: Use Sunny Day
     as your first attack
     and then use Solarbeam
     and Synthesis for 5
     turns to have a combo
     pokemon, this also power up
     Fire type attacks.

      3. Mewtwo

    Ice Punch Ice
   Thunderpunch Elec
     Shadow Ball Ghos
     Psychic Psyc

      4. Tyranitar

    Crunch Dark
    Fire Punch Fire
     Surf Wate
    Thunderbolt Elec

     5. Blastoise
    Hydro Pump Wate
     Mirror Coat Psyc
     Blizzard Ice
     Iron Tail Stee
     6. Zapdos

    Thunder Elec
    Mud-Slap Grou
      Fly Flyi
    Rain Dance Wate

   Combo: Use Rain Dance
   as your main attack
   for 5 turns to have a
   wallop shock on a
   multipalyer's face with Thunder!

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