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Hello there. My name is Camon Valdez and I am an Armored Core 2 Fan to say the 
least. The purpose of this little guide is to help you soar through the rankings in 
the arena, and accomplish the many missions throughout the game as easily and 
efficiantly as possible. Enjoy.

Table of Contents

Section 1......................... Introduction
Section 2......................... Building your robot
Section 3......................... Maximizing your performance
Section 4......................... Prepping for Missions
Section 5......................... Legal Stuff


Alright, so something called "The Great Destruction" has occurred on Earth in the 
future. People still live there but heck, why not go to Mars instead. Mercenaries 
called Ravens, pilot Huge combat perfromance enhancing "Battle Bots" Called Armored 
Cores.... AC for short. Anyway, now that people wanna be moving to Mars and all, 
they gotta have huge businesses handle things like altering the atmosphere and 
employing people right? Well that means that some businisses are gonna have some 
aggressive business with other businesses who are minding their own business right? 
In other words This game is about you being hired to fight for certain corporations 
in order for them to gain power on a planet that is new to Mankind. Got that? Good. 
Let's get started then.


Now, the fun part. What more could you ask for than a chance to build your own robot 
and then use it to wreak havoc upon the weak and helpless? Well duh... money. If you 
don't have money on this game, you can't do shizzle. So go to the arena and win 
enough money to buy the double back weapon that "Launches verticle missles with 
multiple warheads". It is blue and it doesn't look all that great, but trust me, it 
does more damage than Godzilla in Tokyo. Now, you have three robots to build, but i 
suggest sticking with one for now until you become very wealthy. Custimize your AC 
for nothing but speed. Sell every part that you are not using and use the money to 
buy a pair of fast legs and very small arms. Buy a light Torso and ditch your right 
and left arm weapons, you won't be needing them. 


In order to maximize your performance, get some Viagra. In order to master handling 
your AC, read this. Your booster is your lifeline. You can get way better results if 
you just quickly tap the X button instead of holding it down. So, in order 
to "Maximize your performance", you're gonna need some cheese, money ,green, dead 
presidents. In order to get money, you need to win all the arena matches. No 
problem. Using the AC I described earlier, challenge somebody and go to "Etal Base" 
to fight them. As soon as the match starts, fly yourself up to one of the platforms 
way up in the air. Then lock on to the sitting duck with your back weapon that I 
also described earlier and empty it on the poor sucker. Actually, they will be dead 
within 3-4 hits depending on your rate of fire. Repeat this process until you are at 
number 1 in the arena. Then, Save your game and cut the system off, run outside and 
scream "WHO'S YOUR DADDY!!!" Trust me this technique works on every single 
challenger in the arena.


Well, Now that you are the number 1 ranked Raven in the arena, you are also the 
richest dude on Mars and you can afford any weapon you want, except you could buy 50 
of them if you wanted. So now you can build your 3 AC's with no problems. Now i 
suggest starting a mission after reading the breifing to see if it requires speed, 
endurance, or both. You should build 3 AC's, each with one of those characteristics. 
Build one big daddy, massive, bulky, butt kicking AC. Build a speedy little Micheal 
Johnson AC with formidable fire power. Then, build an AC that is just right like 
Goldy lox's pouridge. A balance between speed and power is what you always need to 
have with at least one of your AC's. So now you are ready for anything right? No, 
sit your cocky butt down. You are still gonna have to make some changes in order to 
beat this game. Just add a little more firepower, speed or durability to any of the 
AC's whenever a mission calls for it and your set.

Section 5 

Ok, this document is the work of Camon Valdez and nobody else. Nobody helped me make 
this document so nobody is listed as a contributer. So i would like to thank me for 
all the work here. You guys at , which is a really great site I might 
add, can do whatever you want to with this document as long as I am listed as the 
contributer and the person to contact for info. If anybody has any questions here, 
just email me at [email protected] or Dr [email protected] Well I hope I've managed 
to help some of you people out there and thanks for taking the time to endulge 
yourself in my little page of info. Are you still reading this? What are you doing!? 
Go beat this game already! Gosh some poeple have alot of nerve.

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