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How to survive through the crater (v.0.1)

Note: All copyrights of Metroid, Metroid prime and so on belong to Nintendo of 
America, Inc. I do not own nintendo...yet...o.O

If you want to use this walkthru on your site, you may, provided you DO NOT CHANGE A 
WORD OF THIS WALKTHRU and email me to ask. Otherwise, I'll be forced to sick my pet 
metroid on you. Have a nice day ^_^.

If your having trouble making it through the impact crater after you beat Ridley, 
wondering how the red phazon is different than the blue, or are having trouble 
beating that stuck up Metroid Prime, here's how you do it.

Now, before you go into this region, the following are HIGHLY recommended...
- At LEAST 200 missles (the more, the better)
- All 4 power bomb expansions

- As many energy tanks as you can find

- Every power-up, arm cannon, missle cannon combo and power suit you can get

- Balls of steel


Now, when you finally beat Ridley, the chozo artifact site will make a transport to 
the core of the impact crater. While you dont really have a choice the first time 
you go there, dont worry. Just step into the portal at the bottom to go back to the 
top and continue your trek around Talon IV.

When you get in the impact crater, to the left of the portal is a save station. It 
is highly recomended that you save NOW, because this is the last chance to save your 
game before the end. Once you are done saving, use the plasma beam to open the red 
door. On the other end of the door, you will see a redish phazon-type kind of muck 
on the floor and something scurrying on the ledge ahead of you. 

First thing is first...although you DO have the phazon suit, DO NOT TOUCH THE RED 
PHAZON!!! If you care to scan it, you will see that it is 85% more toxic than blue 
phazon and will rip through your energy like a kitty cat on catnip.

Now, turning your attention to the scurrying, if your the kind who want every entery 
in your log book, scan the critters scurrying around the ledge. It might be tough, 
considering they move very quickly, but eventually, you will scan a Lumigek. These 
guys may look harmless, but they are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Take them out at a 
distance with the weapon of your choice and then double jump to the platform. You'll 
see a red door ahead of you and another puddle of red phazon. Like before, double 
jump and open the door with the plasma beam.

Now, heres where it begins to get hard. As soon as you open the door, go ahead a bit 
until your in a big dome-like cavern with platforms in the air and a pillar in the 
middle. Wait there for a second until you see something come out from behind the 
pillar. As soon as you see that, run back for the red door and open it, but dont go 
completely through it. Instead, stand in it and sorta between the two rooms. When 
the moving thing finally catches up with you, scan it. You will discover a new breed 
of metroid. While these things are very difficult to take down, it isnt too tough if 
your in the doorway (If you are here, the metroids will still charge you and try to 
latch on, but they wont be able to make it through the doorway. If they begin to 
run, your too far in the other room, in which case, walk back in the room a bit and 
try to go in the door way again when it comes near you). The new Fission Metroids 
are very adept and tricky to beat. Once you hit one enough, it will split into 2 NEW 
metroids. Still sounds easy? HELL NO. These fission metroids have to be hit by a 
certain kinda beam. The original that spawns the clone usually has a white inside, 
witch means that it will be vulnerable to the ice cannon. Dont think that just 
because its vulnerable to ice that its gonna freeze. Nothing short of the ice 
spreader will kill it in one hit. Anything less will just agrivate it. Once it 
splits, it will split into 2 random color metroids. Kill them both with charged 
weapon shots corresponding to their inard colors. Yellow = arm cannon, purple = wave 
beam, blue/white = ice cannon, red = plasma beam. If you wanna kill them quick, use 
your missle/beam combos. If one lands on you (if your using the door trick, this 
shouldnt happen. They will come very close, but they should stop at the doorway), 
shake it off with a power bomb.

There will be no limit to how many metroids come after you (they will only spawn one 
by one, but it is continuous), but my recomendation is that after you beat one at 
the doorway (if you used the door trick), make a run for the platforms and start 
double jumping upwards. Eventually, you will come to some platforms that look eerily 
like teeth. Jump on those and keep jumping up until you see more platforms. Keep 
double jumping, hopefully outrunning the fission metroids, until you get to a 
pathway on the central pillar. When your here, you should see something resembling a 
twisted tree trunk form a bridge across to a red door and a pathway along the side 
of the cavern. The red door leads to a missle recharge station. Use it wisely, since 
your gonna need every last missle you got for the last boss. If your paranoid about 
the metroids after getting out of the recharge station, use the door trick again. 
When they come, blast them. As soon as theyre both dead, run along side the pathway 
on the side of the cavern (youll know its the pathway when you can see fish behind 
some cracked glass on the left side of your visor). There will be another fission 
metroid waiting for you at the end of the path and at the beginning of MORE 
platforms upwards. To take him out quickly, wait until he's close to you and kill 
him with a power bomb. Then jump on the platforms and go upwards more until you come 
to another platform on the central pillar that leads to another red door.

When you open up this door, you will finally be rid of the fission metroids...for 
now. You will see some spider ball tracks along the room. Begin with the track to 
the left and roll, bomb and drop your way to the other side. If you ever fall in the 
red phazon below, get out as soon as possible or you will take damage. When you get 
to the other side, blast open the red door and get ready for the final showdown.


Metroid Prime: Stage 1
I know, I know, it looks nothing like a Metroid, but it is still very powerful. Now, 
I will not lie to you. You are gonna take damage in this battle. LOTS OF DAMAGE. So 
make sure you have as much energy as possible. As soon as you encounter metroid 
prime, he'll turn tail and run, digging deeper into the catacombs. There is no red 
phazon here, so dont worry about your footing. Run after prime and the real battle 
will begin.

When you encounter metroid prime, scan it! NOW! It will give you a wealth of 
information about its weapons and weaknesses. I recomend keeping a lock on it at all 
times. Now, throughout the course of the battle, prime will have parts of his body 
change colors, corresponding with different beams. When he...

Turns Yellow: Charge up your power beam and dodge his attacks. When he flinches for 
a while after exhaling his breath (or whichever attack he does), hit prime's head 
with super missles. This will take a while to do, so if your more of the impatient 
type, keep a lock on prime, dodging left and right, and shoot him with rapid fire 
shots. It will take a long time, but it will wear him down eventually.

Turns Purple: Charge up your wave beam, get in as close as you can without taking 
damage, and hit him with the wave buster. It will drain your missles pretty quick, 
but its the fastest way to beat him in this form.

Turns Blue: Take out your ice beam and hit him with the ice spreader. If your aim is 
true, you will hit his head, freezing him temporarily. If you hit him with about 2 
or 3 more NORMAL shots from the ice beam, this form will succumb easily

Turns Red: You know what that means...whip out the plasma beam and start hitting him 
with rapid fire shots. The flamethrower is next to useless, so save your missles for 
when he turns purple. Keep straffing left and right to avoid his attacks as best as 
you could and keep pummeling him with rapid fire plasma beam shots, hitting him with 
a charged shot here and there. Keep this up until he changes color again.

Throughout the battle, he will change colors randomly. After enough punishment, 
he'll run again and dig deeper. You will automatically run after him. After the 
second and third levels, youll see ruts in the ground. Metroid Prime will begin 
charging you sometimes, so use these ruts in morph ball form to get away from him. 
When you unravel from morph ball form, youll automatically face him, so dont worry 
about turning. After a while, in addition to shooting you with missles and beams, 
he'll send out 2 energy balls of the color he currently is. A charged shot from the 
corresponding beam should be enough to destroy them. While it does take the focus 
off prime for a while, its worth it. Sometimes, the energy spheres will drop energy 
and missiles. GET THESE ASAP!!! Even a little bit will help. After you kick his ass 
enough, he will keel over and break a wall to the side. If you see any powerups in 
the room, get them and then continue. Time for the last phase of the battle.


Metroid Prime: Stage 2

For this phase, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that 
most of prime's attacks are easily dodgeable in this phase. The bad news is that its 
still really hard.

When the mini-cinema scene ends, youll be faced with an ugly, octopus-looking 
Metroid Prime. Scan it again, because there is some new info on him this time.

This time, he is invulnerable to ALL your weaponry, so dont bother trying to shoot 
him. While you may be thinking "if he's invincible, HOW THE HELL DO I KILL HIM???", 
don't despair. It's still possible to kill him, but it is tricky. Follow these steps 
to survive and get out alive.

Step 1: Luckily, Metroid Prime only has 2 attacks in his octopi form. When you see 
his tentacles begin to charge up, he is about to unleash a shockwave. While 
maintaining your lock on him, double jump over the shockwave or you'll lose half an 
energy tank. If possible, move forward a bit when your jumping, but not too close to 
prime, otherwise, he'll use his second attack, a crude ram to the helmet. As soon as 
you move ahead a bit, move back when you hit the ground or he'll give you a headbutt 
you wont soon recover from.

Step 2: After attempting a shockwave several times and moving across the room, prime 
will form his tentacles in a way that generate a blue phazon pool right below him, 
then he will dissapear and continue making his shockwaves. Now, this may not be the 
case for everyone, but I have found a pattern of visibility for prime when he 
dissapears. When he generates a phazon pool the first time, switch to your x-ray 
visor. For his second time, switch to the thermal visor. On his third time, he 
should be in plain sight. He will repeat the cycle, so when he disapears, remember 
which visor to use. *NOTE he will ONLY show up on one visor at a time*

Now, as for attacking him, walk into his newly created phazon pool to charge up your 
phazon suit to hyper mode. In this mode, your arm cannon will emit pure streams of 
phazon, no matter what cannon you have equipped. Lock onto prime and let the phazon 
fly. If you hold the fire button and keep the stream, he wont be able to attack. 
Once you drain the pool of phazon, keep dodging primes attacks until he generates 
another, then repeat the process. Remember to switch visors, or else you wont be 
able to see him at all.

Step 3: Now heres where it takes a turn for the worse. As if fighting prime werent 
enough, once you reduce his life below approximately half, he'll start spawning 
every sort of metroid when he creates a new phazon pool. He only generates 2 at a 
time, but they are very annoying, especially if you have low health and one attached 
to your head! To prevent this from becoming a problem, as soon as prime spawns 
metroids, roll into morph ball form and roll towards the phazon pool and the 
metroids. When your RIGHT NEXT to the metroids, drop a power bomb. If you dropped it 
close enough, the metroids will disintegrate and you can get back to your prime time 
phazon blasting.

Repeat all the above steps well and Metroid Prime should be a piece of cake. When 
you finally bring his health down to 0, just sit back and watch phazon take its 

Now, depending on how much of your adventure you have done, you can get one of 
several endings. If you get up to 75% done, you get the lamest ending. It's still 
enough to send your pulse through the roof, but if you get 76%-99% done, Samus takes 
a breather and takes off her helmet. If you get every missle upgrade, all energy 
tanks, all log book records, all power bomb upgrades and 100% of the game 
done...well, wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise, now would I?

I hope this guide has helped you in your gaming experiences. If you have any 
questions, email me at [email protected] and i'll do my best to answer them. 
just do me one favor and put something in the subject bar that lets me KNOW its a 
question, because spam seems to know no bounds for annoyance. Something 
like "question about your walkthru" or something like that should be sufficient.

Congratulations! You just finished Metroid Prime! 

"Where the sun meets the sky, where the day meets the night, where alpha meets 
omega...that is where I'll be waiting" -

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