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                ---Tmfiore Guides & FAQ's---

Super Mario 64 DS--
--Characters FAQ

Table of Contents--
|                                   |
| 1A: Intro                         |
| 2B: Copyright/Credit              |
| 3C: Notes                         |
| 4D: The Guide                     |
|  4D.1: Yoshi                      |
|  4D.2: Mario                      |
|  4D.3: Luigi                      |
|  4D.4: Wario                      |
| 5E: Frequently Asked Questions    |
| 6F: Outro                         |
| 7G: Contact                       |


 1A: Intro

Hello gamers and Mario addicts like I am myself.
This is a little guide on how to unlock all the characters in 
Super Mario 64 DS. It takes a little bit of work and getting
used to the game to do get these. Be sure to check out other
faq's and all if you need help with any part of the game.

And as a tip, to look for a specific area in this FAQ,
on your internet browser, you can search the page or "find"
a certian part of this page by pressing "CTRL F" (for windows users) 
if your browser uses that shortcut. For Mac users and for other 
browsers, check the help section of your internet and try to figure it out.

Search for the number and symbol of what your looking for, 
such as "-1" or "-4.1"*

 2B: Copyright/Credit

Nobody is permitted to copy this FAQ onto any other site besides the following.

You are permitted to use information from my guide in your own form,
but you are not allowed to copy the guide itself word for word. It 
violates the rules of the site you are viewing this from and also 
the law itself. For your own and the worlds sake, don't copy this guide.

I would like to give my credit to Crazyreyn and Kratos_42 for thier FAQ which
I made reference to in this guide, and also to CAHowell for his very useful
 map guide which i also made a reference to.*

 3C: Notes

This is a guide on how to unlock every character in the game Super Mario 64 DS 
for the Nintendo DS handheld console. I will explain in-depth procedures on how
to unlock Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario in Super Mario 64 DS, step-by-step,
specifically, and easy to understand.

You Might notice in my guides I put a star after the period in each section.
thats just my way of making it a little less bland.

I once again repeat that I would like to give credit to Crazyreyn, 
Kratos_42, and CAHowell.*

 4D: The Guide

Now I will get to the guide. Stay in your chairs people.

  4D.1: Yoshi

Location: Castle Grounds
Stars Required: None
Level Name: None

You don't really unlock Yoshi at all. When you start a new game you always 
start off as Yoshi. The thing is im making this guide specific, so I guess 
I'll include Yoshi. Ha ha. Open up your Nintendo DS and start the game. 
Go on the touch screen and touch "adventure". Start a new file. 
Wait through the mini-movie and then you unlocked Yoshi. Ha ha. You start
off with Yoshi so you get a free character. How else would you supposed to 
play the game anyway?

  4D.2: Mario

Location: Second Floor, Door on the right in the room with the Beach Painting 
and a toad. Theres a painting of Mario. 
Stars Required: 8
Level Name: Goomboss Battle

Of course, you'll need to be Yoshi for this (hes your only man currently.) 
Run forward down the slope. You'll reach a corner with a Goomba on your left 
(kill it or ignore it.)  Go around the bend and keep running upward. Jump on 
and run across the metal balance thing with the diamond on it and kill or 
ignore the next goomba. Now you have a choice of going forward across the
stumps or anywhere to the right and forward. I suggest the stumps. There 
are many other ways to get there from the right, too many to explain and 
also the stumps are faster. So basically, use the stumps. The stump will
go down and under the poison air, so don't jump on it yet. when it starts
to rise up, quickly jump on it. Stay on the stump until you almost reach
the low point, then jump to the next one. Repeat this pattern until you
reach the platform at the end. Kill the goomba, go right, and then up.
Avoid the pirahnna plant or jump over it onto the stationary stump with
the vine on it. Quickly reach the vine and climb it while the lakitu 
circles around you. When you get all the way up,the lakitu will go away, 
don't worry about it. When you reach the top carefully jump off the vine.
Look around and you'll see a big wooden bridge. Run up it while avoiding 
the goombas. When you reach the end, avoid the pirahnna plant, jump up
onto the stump platform with a heart on it (restore your health just in 
case), and up onto the next platform. Jump in the hole. You'll have to
fight a giant goomba with regular goombas trailing behind it. To beat him,
either run around the stump till you reach the back of the goomboss or try 
to jump over the side of him and try to land behind. Swallow a few Goombas
as Eggs, until you reach the last one. For the last little bugger keep him
in your mouth and then spit it out on the Goomboss. Repeat that 3 times and 
you win but be aware that after the first hits, the Goomboss gets bigger and
faster, and more and more goombas come. Congratulations, now you receive a 
key with a red hat on it. Go to the room with the locked doors and 
now you can open Mario's door (the one with the "M" above it.)

  4D.3: Luigi

Location: Second Floor of Big Boo's Haunt, Door on far right, up on ledge 
and in the door.
Stars Required: 16
Level Name: Big Boo's Haunt (in the fountian area, punch the big boo thats
near the right 
and jump in the cage he leaves behind)   

You need to be Mario for this one. Make sure you have the red ? blocks unlocked,
which you can find out at the following location.

Copy and paste the URL in your address bar and press enter the page. Anyway, 
make sure you have beaten Big Boo one time already so you have the stairs 
available. Just look it up in the faq that I gave you the link to. Okay then. 
Go through the doorstraight ahead of you into the mansion. Head up the stairs
ahead of you and go to the door on the far right wall. Enter it, and then go 
downward onto a wooden ledge sticking out of the ground. Jump up onto it and
hit the ? Block. Because your mario, your power flower makes you float. so 
anyway float upward and you'll see a ledge. Float to it and when you get on 
there land by pressing the R button. Open the door and proceed. You will
find yourself in a room with a Luigi painting to your right, and jump into it.
You'll find yourself in a merry-go-round room.

Here is a very great map made by the user CAHowell. Follow his map or use my 

From where you start. Go to the door on your right. Now you will be in a room 
with stone paths. Run to the middle and don't fall off. From the middle, run 
across the next path to the door on your left. You will be in a wooden room now.
Run and jump or long jump across the gap in the middle. Go to the door on your 
right. When you get in, walk onto the checkerboard platform. you will be carried
to the right. when you reach the next peice of land, ride on the checkerboard 
platform on your left, onto the peice of land, and then go on the last one, 
which is on your left. Enter the door. Run across the stone pathway, grab the
1-up mushroom, and then when you get to land, jump onto the checked' platform 
on your left. You will be carried upward next to another platform. Walk forward
onto it. You will be carried to the right next to another platform, and like I
said walk onto it. You'll be lifted to land, run onto it. On your left and up
the carpet, you will find a hole. Jump in it. Now it's time for another big boo
fight. You need to sneak up on him from behind and punch him, or like any other 
boo turn in an opposite direction that it's facing and then punch from the side.
Do that three times, but he will get smaller and faster every time, so be 
careful. Now pat yourself on the back and go to Luigi's door and open up that 
green machine.

  4D.4: Wario

Location: Third floor of Castle, Mirror Room and Through mirror
Stars Required: 30
Level Name: Chief Chilly Challenge

You need to be Luigi for this. Okay. Start by entering the Mirror Room on the 
third floor. There will be power flowers on the pillars. Grab one and run 
through the mirror. Go to your right and jump into Wario's Painting. You will 
see an ice slide. Go forward and continue down the ice slide. You will end in
what appears to be a big gap, which the wind will blow you over, thank heavens.
Avoid the bullies and go to your left. Jump from gray platform to platform, and
try not to tilt and fall off. Go onto the big patch of land and turn to your 
right. There will be a cage platform moving back and forth. Wait for it to come
to you and ride to the other side. Try not to get whacked down by the bully 
(like i just did trying to beat the level while  explaining this to you guys.) 
Back to the level now. Turn right and jump off. The wind will pick you all the
way up and you will land in the water. Give yourself a little health restoration
and jump to the next platform over the fence. Avoid the bullies and jump over 
the fence ahead of you. You'll find moving ice platforms. Go onto the first one 
and wait for the platform to move right in front of the next one, and then run
or jump to it. You will move downward, but then back up. Jump to the next 
platform when its in front of you. Wait for it to go down, back up, and then 
down more so you can jump down to the next one. Wait for it to move to the next
one and then run across it to land. Go right and then double jump up the ledge. 
Jump onto the platform on your right, up the next one, and then up again to the
top ledge. Repeat the platform proceed with the next set and then finally jump
into the hole. You will fall onto an iceburg with a giant ice bully, which of
course is Chief Chilly. To beat him, just jump kick and lunge at him
(lunging sends him flying.) Be aware that the iceburg tilts while your on it,
so be careful not to fall into the icy water. Knock him into the water 3 times,
and you get the Wario Key. Go unlock his door.*

 5E: Frequently Asked Questions

Any of your questions can go here. I will update this list whenever I get
questions, so start sending! 

-Q: I can't find Big Boo's Haunt!
--A: Okay then. First, unlock Mario. Go into the main hall, and on the side of 
the staircase theres some rustic doors. Enter one of them and to your left or 
right you'll see a large boo floating down the pathway. Follow it to the door 
which leads to the gardens. You'll see TONS of boos. On your left in the patch
of grass, the oversized boo will be floating in one spot. Turn to the side and
then punch it so a cage comes out. Go up to it and jump, and you'll get sucked 
in. Theres Big Boo's Haunt for you. 

-Q: How do I beat Bullies?
--A: Well, you can punch them (that only works from behind), you can jump and 
land on them (doesnt work the best), or you can jump-kick them (works well.) 
But basically, any attack method works. Wario can pound the living daylights 
out of those things.

-Q: How do I kill Boo's?
--A: You can kill Boo's by sneaking up behind them and punching them, or you 
can go in front of one and then turn to the side so your not looking at it. 
It will float towards you, and then when it gets near enough, whack it with 
your punching hand. Sadly, Yoshi can't punch Boo's, so you can try ground 
pounding at the right time.

-Q: Are you making these up?
--A: Maybe.*

 6F: Outro

This Guide was made to help people to try and unlock the Characters in the game 
Super Mario 64 DS. I covered as much as I can about the characters and I am glad
that I helped you out with your Game Help Needs. Kudos, happy gaming. -tmfiore*

 7G: Contact

If you have any questions on how to get the Characters, Mistakes to point out, 
anything to contribute, or any concerns, please email my Web-stuff account.

[email protected]

be aware that any spam, "hot webcam girls" links, or any comments like 
"Hi! Wut up!" will be deleted by my notice. Don't even bother, 
and find something to do.
               /                                                 \
 -------------- (C) TMFiore Media & Articles, All Rights Reserved --------------


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