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                             Super Mario Galaxly
Item Guide
Table of Contents
3.Special Items
4.Power Stars
#1 Objects

Launch Star/Sling Star: Shaking the Wii Remote near a launch star or sling star 
will sned you flying to a different planet in a galaxly. Launch stars send you  
a farther distance and sling stars send you a shorter distance. Sometimes Star 
Chips will have to be collected. Collecting five will create a launch star or 
sling star.

Pull Stars: When the wii remote star icon turns into a hand with a star on it 
means that a pull star is nearby. Press A to pull Mario into the star. Press A 
again to stop pulling. Press Z or spin to escape the pull star. Sometimes star 
chips will have to be collected. Collecting five will create a pull star.

Pipe: Entering a pipe will teleport you to different location. Some pipes lead 
to secret areas.

? Block: Hit it from below to get coins or star bits.

Brick Block: Jump or spin to break this block. Sometimes a coin might be inside 

Block: A normal block. It cannot be broken.

Flipswitch Panel: Touching this will turn it yellow or blue. Turn them all 
yellow in a certain area to make something happen.

Lever: Spin near this to activate something.

Ground Pound Switch: Ground this to make something happen.

Screw: Spin on top of this to make something happen.

Hose Handle (I don't know the real name for this object): Spin on top of this 
to make something happen.

Sproutle Vine: Spin near it to spin up it. Once your on it you must keep 
shakeing the Wii Remote to keep going.

Cannon: Jump in this and aim yourself to launch yourself to that spot.

Bubble: Jump into it and point the star icon by the bubble and press A to blow 
the bubble into a certain direction.

Rolling Ball: Hold the Wii Remote up to start then tilt the remote to move. 
Press A to jump. Make it to the end of the course to get a power star.

Manta Ray:Hold the Wii Remote forward to start. Hold A to accelerate. Tilt left 
or right to turn. Shake the remote to jump.

Sling Pod: Touch it to get in it. Then grab it with the hand icon and pull and 
launch yourself.
#2 Items

? Coin: Grab it to make coins, star bits, or other things appear.

Coin: Grab one to get one health back. Get 50 to get an extra life.

Green Shell: Throw one to open chests or destroy enemies. Hold one while 
swimming for a speed boost. Spin to throw it.

Red Shell: Same as green shell except that you get a faster swim boost and it 
homes in on enemies.

Gold Shell: A rare item. It is used to complete certain missions.

Purple Coin: Collect 100 to make a power star appear.

1-up Mushroom: Get one for an extra life.

Life Mushroom: Get one to restore all health and get three more health. If your 
health goes under 4, you will lose the effect.

Star Bits: Use the star icon to grab these. Press B to fire them. Collect 50 
for an extra life.
#3 Special Items

Bee Mushroom: Hold A to fly, but watch for flying meter. Collect coins or land 
to fill it back up. Touch water or an enemy to get rid of it.

Rainbow Star: Grab one to become invincible. Keep moving to increase your 
speed. Wait for it to wear off to get rid of it.

Boo Mushroom: Spin to turn invisible temporarily. Press A to float. Touch an 
enemy or light to get rid of it.

Ice Flower: Freeze water by walking over it. Wait until it wears off to get rid 
of it.

Fire Flower: Spin to throw fireballs. Wait until it wears off to get rid of it.

Spring Mushroom: Bounce around and press A at the right time to bounce super 
high. Touch an enemy, water, a launch star or sling star to get rid of it.

Red Star: Spin in midair to start flying. Hold A and move the control stick to 
change direction. Wait until it wears off to get rid of it.
#4 Power Stars

Power Star: A basic power Star. 110 total.

Grand Star: A bigger and more powerful power star. 7 total.

Green Star: A green power star. Get all three to unlock the trial galaxies. 3 

Red Star: A red power star. 1 total.

Grand Total: 121 power stars. Good luck finding them all.
Thanks for reading this guide. I hope you like it. E-mail me at 
[email protected]

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