Item List - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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Here is the list of items that are in this game:
        ITEM                              USE OF ITEM
       ------                            -------------
     Sword(L-1 L-2)          =            Used to Attack
     Shield(L-1 L-2)         =            Used to Defend
     Roc's Feather           =            Used to Jump
     Power Bracelet(L-1 L-2) =            Used to Lift Objects
     Pegasus Boots           =            Used to Run
     Zora Flippers           =            Used to Swim
     Hook Shot               =            Used to Pull Objects close
     Magic Rod               =            Used to make Fire
     Bombs                   =            Used to explode objects
     Magic Powder            =            Used to sprinkle on objects
     Potion                  =            Used after loosing all hearts
     Hearts                  =            Used to fill up yuor life
     Rupees                  =            Used to buy objects
     Heart Piece             =            1/4 of a Heart Container
     Heart Container         =            Get it when beating a boss
     The 8 Instruments       =            Get it when beating a boss
     Ocarina                 =            Play 3 different songs
     Marin's Song            =            Learn it from Marin
     Fish's Song             =            Learn from Fish
     Frog's Song             =            Learn from Frog
     5 Golden Leaves         =            Get them at Konalet Castle

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