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Super Smash Bros Melee
Item FAQ
By Nate Tackett-?Unsteady Dood?

[email protected]
AIM ?Unsteady Dood

Table Of Contents
3-Item Descriptions

Hello, and welcome to my Item FAQ ^_^ My name is Unsteady Dood, 
and I'm an avid gamer. I'm writing this guide to help out new guys, with
understanding how the items work, and helping out everyone in general, with cool
strategies for using the items to your advantage. Enjoy! ^_^

Analog Stick-The round appendage protruding from the left side of your controller.
You can't miss it-Moves your character. If you hold left or right, they will move in
that direction. If you tap it left or right and hold it, they will dash in that
direction. If you hold down, they will duck. If you press up, they will jump. You can
do one jump off the ground, and one in mid-air.

D-Pad-The four directional arrows right below the Analog Stick-Pressing up on the
D-Pad will make your character do his/her/it's taunt.

Start-The small circular button in the middle of your controller-Pauses the game.
When the game is paused, this unpauses it.

A-Large green button-Attacks. Depending on what directions you combine this with, you
can do many different attacks.

B-Small red button-Uses special attacks. You have 4 special attacks; B, Forward+B,
Up+b, and Down+B.

X and Y-Gray buttons above and beside A-Jump. If you hold the button, you'll jump
high. If you tap the button very lightly, you'll do a tiny jump. You can jump once on
the ground, and once in mid-air.

C Stick-Yellow analog stick below B-Used for smash attacks. If you tilt it left or
right, your character will do their forward smash in that direction. If you tilt it
up or down, they'll do either their up smash or their down smash.

L and R-Grey analog buttons on the shoulders of the controller- Holding down L or R
will put up your shield. Since these are analog buttons, the strength of the shield
can vary, depending on how far you hold the button in.

Z-Purple button in front of R-Grabs the opponent. Once you've grabbed them, you can
throw them in any direction or hit them.

L and R+Air-Mid-air dodge. You'll need to do one of these to catch an item thrown at you.

Z+Air-Air catch. By pressing Z in mid-air, you can grab items. Combine this with a
mid-air dodge, and you can grab an item thrown at you.

3-Item Descriptions
Here, I'll give you a list of the items, with descriptions beside each.

Food-Restores a small amount of damage.

Maxim Tomato-Restores 50 damage. Cannot take damage while this is in effect.

Heart Container-Restores 100 damage. Cannot take damage while this is in effect.

Warp Star-Sends you up off the screen, and then blasts you back down, ramming into
the level, creating a deadly explosion.

Ray Gun-Shoots green energy shots. Has 16 ammunition.

Super Scope-Shoots balls of energy that can be charged. Has enough ammunition for 48
small shots, or 3 fully charged shots.

Fire Flower-Shoots a constant stream of fire. Enough ammunition to fire for 6 seconds

Lip's Stick-When you hit someone with it, they sprout a flower on their head. Damage
is done periodically, like a poison effect in an RPG. Rotate analog stick to get rid
of the flower.

Star Rod-A weapon that fires a projectile star when you use a smash attack. Has 16
ammo. Sheik and Captain Falcon fire 3 and 4 stars, respectively.

Beam Sword-A sword weapon...not much else to say @[email protected]

Home-Run Bat-A weapon that delivers a MASSIVE blow when you use the smash attack with it.

Fan-A weapon that breaks shields very quickly. If you throw it at the enemy, it will
pop them up into the air.

Hammer-A barbaric weapon with cool music! Your character will swing this around
wildly. Anything he hits won't be long to live, as it delivers a huge blow, and does
22 damage a hit! The head randomly falls off, rendering it useless.

Green Shell-A throwing weapon that slides along the ground, and off the edge.

Red Shell-A throwing weapon that will go back and forth, hitting the nearest player.
Disappears after 20 seconds.

Flipper-A throwing weapon that stays in the air when thrown. When it is hit, it
spins, and if you touch it, you're bounced off of it.

Freezie-A throwing weapon that freezes the enemy when thrown. It also pops them very
high into the air.

Mr. Saturn-A throwing weapon, that doesn't move the enemy at all, until they're at
high damage.

Poke Ball-When you throw this, and it hits the ground, a random Pokemon will emerge,
to do various things.

Bob-omb- A bomb, that can be thrown at an opponent for massive damage. If you leave
it for too long, it will walk around on it's own, and if anyone touches it, it explodes.

Motion-Sensor Bomb-A proximity mine. Whatever you throw it at, it sticks to. When
someone gets too close, it explodes.

Super Mushroom-Moves along the ground, and when someone touches it, they grow to a
very large size.

Poison Mushroom-Moves along the ground, and when someone touches it, they shrink to a
very small size.

Starman- Bounces around the level, and when someone touches it, they become
invincible. Lasts for 8 seconds.

Parasol-A weapon that slows your decent when you're falling

Screw Attack-When you're carrying this, your first two jumps will mimic Samus' up+B
attack, screw attack. When thrown at someone, they will do a screw attack. A great
strategy is to throw this at someone, when they're off the stage, trying to return.
This will send them up in the air, and straight down...they're essentially

Metal Box-Turns you into metal, thus making you very heavy. You aren't hit as far,
but you fall much faster.

Bunny Hood-Gives you cute little bunny ears! ^-^; You'll jump MUCH higher, and run
MUCH faster, and fall MUCH quicker. Be careful with these.

Cloaking Device-Makes you invisible. You cannot take damage while invisible. Lasts
for 10 seconds.

Barrel Cannon-Very heavy item, that when thrown will roll along the ground. If
someone touches it, they're trapped in it, and must shoot themselves out. They'll go
in whatever direction the arrow points.

Party Ball-Very heavy item that contains items. You can throw this at someone for
some decent damage. After it has been thrown (or sufficient damage has been done to
it) it will float up into the air, and then release some items. Sometimes it will let
out a ton of food, and sometimes it will just let out random items.

Hey hey...I've decided to make a separate section, just for the Poke Ball, to
describe the attacks of each of the 29 different Pokemon that can emerge from it in a
battle. Here is a list of them:

Venusaur # 003
???????? Grass/Poison
This Pokemon does the Earthquake attack when it comes out of the Poke Ball. This will
send any foe flying, if they're even close to Venusaur. This is very very useful,
especially if you're fighting multiple enemies. Venusaur can be used as a source of
relief for a few seconds, as no one will be able 
to get near you if you stand in the Earthquake field.

Trophy Entry: Evolving from Ivysaur, the deceptively toxic Pokemon has a huge flower
on its back that emits a cloying fragrance: the scent lulls its enemies into a state
of calmness. Venusaur's flower synthesizes sunshine into pure energy for its
Solarbeam move. Think of Grass- and Poison- type Pokemon, and Venusaur comes first.

Charizard # 006
????????? Fire/Flying
This Pokemon uses the Flamethrower attack when released from a Poke Ball. He shoots
it left, right, left, right, etc. This has the same effect as a Fire Flower. However,
if a foe touches Charizard himself, they will sustain a massive blow, and take much
damage. Charizard is another good Pokemon to 
use as a "shield" of sorts.

Trophy Entry: It's hard to believe, but this massive flame Pokemon evolves from the
tiny Charmander. Not only can it fly at heights of over 4,500 feet, but also its
flaming breath is hot enough to reduce almost anything to ashes in seconds. The
flames at the end of a Charizard's tail are said to be a fairly accurate barometer of
its power.

Blastoise # 009
????????? Water
This Pokemon uses the Hydro Pump attack when it comes out of a Poke Ball. He shoots
timed bursts of water that will blast any foes backwards. This is an extremely
excellent edge guard, as they have literally no chance of returning to the stage. As
is with Charizard, if the opponent touches Blastoise, they will be blasted back, and
take substantial damage.

Trophy Entry: Blastoise is the next evolutionary step after Wartortle. The thick jets
of water they shoot from the cannons on their backs are strong enough to cut through
steel plating. When in danger, they hide inside their 
armored shells. Blastoise is so popular among trainers that it's considered the
definitive Water- type.

Clefairy # 035
???????? Normal
This Pokemon uses a random attack when it is released from a Poke Ball. It can use
either Earthquake, Explosion, or Aeroblast(?). If it uses Earthquake, it has the
exact same affect as Venusaur, but with a smaller Earthquake area. This is a good
shield. If it uses explosion, it simply sits there for a few seconds, then lets out a
massive explosion that will almost certainly KO any foe. If it uses Aeroblast, it
will let out massive winds, that will damage anyone in the area (same as the
Earthquake area). I suggest that if you release a Clefairy, just stand "in it" (on
top of it, whatever) and hold up your shield. Whoever comes after you will get
severely damages, if not KO'ed when Clefairy begins its attack.

Trophy Entry: Clefairy are very cute Pokemon, which makes them popular pets. However,
as they're only found in a few areas, it takes a lot of work to find one. Strangely
enough, legend has it that Clefairy are more active during the full moon. These
Pokemon are known to use Metronome, a move that unleashes a randomly selected attack.

Electrode # 101
????????? Electric
This Pokemon will explode a few seconds after being released. The Explosion of this
Pokemon is far greater than that of a Bob-omb, or a Motion-Sensor Bomb. This one will
KO anyone with damage above 30% or so. When Electrode turns black, and it about to
explode, you can pick it up and throw it, but I wouldn't recommend it. You have a
fraction of a second to throw it, and will likely be caught in the blast. Electrode
is one of 2 Pokemon that WILL damage the person who released it.

Trophy Entry: Electrode, an electric ball Pokemon, is the evolved form of Voltorb. It
has the tendency to explode with even the slightest provocation, which has earned it
the nickname "Wrecking Ball". Electrode is the quickest Pokemon found to date, and
its distance white-over-red coloring is the opposite of Voltorb's.

Weezing # 110
??????? Poison
Weezing does the Smokescreen attack when released. It spews out a lot of smoke, in a
limited area around it. The smoke does little damage, but it does hold the enemy
somewhat, so they might rack up a lot of damage. Weezing's best point, is that like
other Pokemon such as Charizard, if any foe touches it, they will take a huge blow.

Trophy Entry: The evolved form of Koffing, Weezing is basically a pair of Koffing
fused together. They tend to float in the air and emit gas or noxious smoke from the
outgrowths that cover their bodies. As strange as it may seem, diluting Weezing
emissions as much as possible creates one of the most exquisite perfumes known to man.

Chansey # 113
??????? Normal
When released from a Poke Ball, Chansey tosses out eggs. The eggs are randomly either
a food (healing item) or a containing item (like a capsule). This Pokemon is
generally a disappointment, as one would always want an attacking 
Pokemon from a Poke Ball. If you hit Chansey with any decent attack, it will fly off
the screen. Not very useful at all.

Trophy Entry: Renowned for its kind temperament, Chansey has been known to offer
injured creatures a highly nutritious egg to aid their recovery. Legend has it that
this charitable creature brings happiness to anyone who captures 
it. All Chansey are female, and every now and then one is found in possession of a
Lucky Egg.

Goldeen # 118
??????? Water
When Goldeen is released from a Poke Ball, it does the Splash attack, more commonly
associated with Magikarp. Splash does absolutely nothing. This Pokemon is nothing
more than a waste of polygons. NOTE: Some people say that it can do a one hit KO,
because they read the trophy entry and make dumb 
assumptions. In the trophy entry, it's talking about in the actual games, it can
learn Horn Drill, a one hit KO move. In SSBM, it -does not-. Okay?

Trophy Entry: These Water-types are often referred to as "water dancers", as their
elegant fins make them incredibly agile underwater. They can even travel upstream in
rapids at a speed of five knots; of course they're not quite as nimble on dry land.
Goldeen's Horn Drill is so strong that it can 
KO an enemy with one strike if it connects.

Staryu # 120
?????? Water
Staryu uses the Swift attack when it is released from a Poke Ball. It follows the
closest enemy around for a few seconds, then starts to fire stars rapidly. If an
enemy gets caught in this, it's hard to get out. This Pokemon is only mildly useful,
but certainly better than some others. Sometimes it can actually save an enemy, by
keeping them up, and allowing them to re-use their third jump.

Trophy Entry: These star-shaped Pokemon that evolve into Starmie are found in large
numbers at the seashore. At night, Staryu's red center glows and blinks on and off.
It's said that as long as its red center remains, it can regenerate 
its limbs. Whether it's related to Cleffa, another Pokemon with a vaguely star-shaped
appearance, is unknown.

Snorlax # 143
??????? Normal
This Pokemon uses the Body Slam attack when released from a Poke Ball. When it comes
out, it flies up off the screen. If any enemy touches it, they will be blasted back.
Then, a few seconds later, it will come flying down, much larger, and much faster.
Any enemy hit by this will sustain a MASSIVE blow. It's a good strategy to grab an
enemy, and hold them in the spot where Snorlax will land.

Trophy Entry: Snorlax love to sleep and love to eat: these portly Pokemon get grumpy
if they don't get 880 pounds of food per day. After snacking out, they always nap.
The have cast-iron stomachs and can eat moldy, and even rotten foods with no
digestion problems. They are the heaviest Pokemon on record, weighing in at over
1,000 pounds.

Articuno # 144
???????? Ice/Flying
This Pokemon uses the Blizzard attack. Anything that is in the attack range when
Articuno unleashes the attack will be encased in a block of ice for a few seconds.
Take this opportunity to deal some damage to them.

Trophy Entry: Clouds gather, the barometer plunges, and fresh snow falls from the
frigid air when this legendary Pokemon takes wing. Graceful and elegant, it boasts
long tail feathers that flap in the wind and are lovely to behold. As would be
expected, its combat moves are based on its cold nature; they include Ice Beam and

Zapdos # 145
?????? Electric/Flying
This Pokemon uses the Thundershock attack. Anything in the attack range will be hit
by many surges of electricity, and sustain quite a bit of damage. This is a good time
to be hitting them, as the electricity will hold them in place.

Trophy Entry: Zapdos flaps its wings, and summer storms appear, throwing lightning
every which way. It's said that you can hear this legendary Pokemon coming, as its
wings make a very distinctive popping sound as it flies. In 
addition to electrical moves like the dreaded Thunder, it also wields a vicious move
called Drill Peck.

Moltres # 146
??????? Fire/Flying
This Pokemon, unlike most others, does not use any attack. It simply sits on the
screen for a moment, and anything that touches it will be blasted away from it, often
resulting in death. When Moltres is done, it simply flies off the top of the screen,
and could potentially take someone with it, if they're above it.

Trophy Entry: As tradition has it, the onset of spring heralds the return of this
legendary Pokemon from its southern home. Its bright orange color and fiery aspect
lends to its overwhelming appearance. Sky Attack, the strongest of flying moves, is a
perfect fit for this burning phenom, but it obviously also excels at powerful
Fire-type moves.

Mew # 151
??? Psychic
Mew, unlike most other Pokemon, does not attack. It simply let's out a "Mew", and
leaves. The only purpose of this Pokemon, is to get you points in Bonus Matches.

Trophy Entry: Mew is an extremely rare Pokemon that has been seen by only a few
people. Information on every Pokemon in the world is contained in Mew's cell
structure, so it has the ability to use any and all TMs and HMs. Some Pokemon
scholars believe Mew to be the ancestor of all existing Pokemon, but the idea is

Chikorita # 152
????????? Grass
When released, this Pokemon uses the Razor Leaf attack. It shoots out a set of razor
sharp leaves in one direction, then leaves. Overall, not all too useful...It can
sometimes trap an opponent, at which point you should deal some damage to them.

Trophy Entry: Chikorita was one of the first three Pokemon available in Pokemon Gold,
Silver, and Crystal. A Grass-type Pokemon, it emits a delightful fragrance from the
leaves on its head and loves to spend its time leisurely sunbathing. When called into
battle, it uses its Razor Leaf move to 
strike at opponents' weak points.

Cyndaquil # 155
????????? Fire
When released, this Pokemon uses the flamethrower attack. It jumps up a bit, and
sprays the flames downwards at an angle. This Pokemon doesn't stay for long, and
won't do a whole lot of damage to your opponents. Also, if anyone, even you, attacks
this Pokemon, it will fly out of the arena. Not very useful at all.

Trophy Entry: Cyndaquil frighten easily, so they're often found curled up in balls.
When threatened, they flare the flames on their backs to drive off enemies. Cyndaquil
was one of the three Pokemon that trainers could choose from at the beginning of
Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal. No one knows if his or her eyes are open.

Togepi # 175
?????? Normal
This Pokemon uses a random attack when released. Firstly, we have Night Shade. This
is an extremely annoying attack to everyone, because it makes the screen completely
black, leaving you fighting blindly for a few seconds. As logic would dictate, this
doesn?t affect the computer in the slightest, so just pray that this doesn't come up
in any important matches. Next is Synthesis. Any enemy in the attack range will have
a flower planted on their head, that works just as if they'd been hit with Lip's
Stick. Lastly we 
have Blizzard. This works just like Articuno's Blizzard, in that anyone in the attack
range will be encased in a block of ice. However, for Togepi's Blizzard, the attack
range is much smaller, and the enemy stays frozen for a shorter period of time.

Trophy Entry: These adorable spike-shelled Pokemon hatch from eggs given out by
Professor Elm's assistant. Common superstition holds that their shells are chock-full
of happiness and that they become good-luck charms when handled 
with kindness. It's impossible to predict which ability a Togepi will call upon when
it uses its Metronome move, so you'd better be ready.

Bellossom # 182
????????? Grass
This Pokemon uses Sleep Powder when released. Anyone that comes close to it will fall
asleep. This Pokemon stays out for quite a long time, and thus this is an extremely
useful attack. While the enemy is asleep, charge up your best 
attack and annihilate them, because they aren't going anywhere.

Trophy Entry: From time to time, these beautiful flower Pokemon will gather in
numbers and perform an odd sort of dance to call out the sun. While in the midst of
this strange exhibition, their petals brush together to create a 
peaceful and soothing melody. A Gloom will only evolve into a Bellossom if it's
exposed to a Sun Stone.

Marill # 183
?????? Water
This Pokemon is another one that doesn't use any attack...well, I suppose you could
say it uses tackle, but that would be quite the overstatement.....this little piece
of crap simply runs in one direction until it dies. Anything 
that it touches will take a pathetic amount of damage, and barely move at all. 

Trophy Entry: This water-mouse Pokemon evolves into Azumarill. The round ball on the
end of its tail acts like a flotation device, so it can float safely in the roughest
of water conditions. It resides on Mt. Mortar in seclusion; few of the creatures are
ever seen. Marill's cuteness has earned it a large and loyal fan base.

Unknown # 201
????? Psychic
This is another Pokemon that doesn't do any attack. However, that's not to say that
it isn't very useful. Unknown represent the letters of the alphabet, and when one
comes out of a Poke Ball, it will be representing one of these letters (randomly). It
will fly off the screen, presumably to gather other Unknown, then fly back with a
whole flock of them at a high speed. They will be in a different pattern for each
letter. This is quite useful, as it will often juggle your opponents right off the
top of the screen, if not just tie 
them up, so that you can lay the beat down upon them.

Trophy Entry: These Psychic-type symbol Pokemon resemble ancient hieroglyphics found
on rocks, a resemblance that's said to be more than superficial. Quite a few
different shapes of Unknown have been confirmed, and it's believed that each type has
unique abilities. These enigmatic Pokemon can be found in the Ruins of Alph.

Wobbuffet # 202
????????? Psychic
This Pokemon will use the Counter attack when released. If anything hits it, it will
bounce around wildly, hitting anything that comes close, including the person that
released it. These are more of an annoyance than anything. 

Trophy Entry: A patient Pokemon, Wobbuffet lives in darkness to hide its mismatched
black tail. Even for a stoic Pokemon, this creature is a testament to self-control;
it will not actively attack an opponent. Its Counter and Mirror Coat moves are solely
used for reflecting attacks directly back at its antagonist.

Scizor # 212
?????? Bug/Steel
This Pokemon uses the Tackle attack (I suppose) when it is released. It acts exactly
like Marill does, except Scizor is taller, and does MUCH more damage to the opponent.
After Scizor falls off the stage, it turns around and jumps back, for one last blow.
Very strong, and quite useful.

Trophy Entry: This evolved form of Scyther has arms ending in large pincers with
distinctive eyespot markings. Its evolution also includes the addition of a tough
Metal Coat. It's unable to fly very far with its wings, but it can affect its body
temperature by flapping them at high speeds. Its sleek look has made Scizor quite
popular among collectors.

Porygon2 # 233
???????? Normal
This Pokemon uses Tackle when released, but this is a true Tackle attack, unlike
Marill and Scizor. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful attacks in the game.
As soon as the Poke Ball opens, Porygon2 rockets forward at an astounding speed, and
anything that he touches can kiss them goodbye. Seriously.

Trophy Entry: Representing the next step in technological progress, this virtual
Pokemon is a higher- powered version of the man-made Pokemon, Porygon. Compared to
the sharp edges of its relative, Porygon2's body is extremely smooth and rounded. In
battle, it utilizes a special move called 
Conversion 2 to alter its type.

Raikou # 243
?????? Electric
Raikou uses the Spark attack when released. The attack range is massive, first off,
and anything caught in it will be zapped with electricity over and over and over,
unable to escape usually. This is a very very useful Pokemon.

Trophy Entry: These violent lightning Pokemon travel near and far, blasting out
electrified whirlwinds. They carry storm clouds on their backs so they can produce
lightning regardless of the local weather; it's even said that they descended to the
earth via lightning bolts. Their extreme quickness lends itself to flight, so they're
very hard to capture.

Entei # 244
????? Fire
Entei uses Fire Spin when released. A tornado of fire appears all around him, and
stretches far upwards. Anyone caught in it will be trapped, unable to get out. This
attack can do insane amount of damage. I've seen upwards of 150% 
being done. This Pokemon is extremely useful, be thankful when you get him.

Trophy Entry: A volcanic Fire-type, Entei is hotter than liquid magma and as tough as
nails. This powerful creature was one of the three Pokemon running around the Burned
Tower of Ecruteak City. Entei is extremely difficult to capture, as it tends to
wander all over the landscape, sprouting intense flames from its body. 

Suicune # 245
??????? Water
This Pokemon, when released, uses Icy Wind. Gusts of cold wind will appear all around
it, and anything in the attack range will take a bunch of damage, and not be able to
escape, much like Entei's attack. This is another very very useful Pokemon.

Trophy Entry: This mystical aurora Pokemon constantly journeys in search of places
with pure flowing water. Suicune wields the power to instantly purify any
contaminated water it finds. Some say Suicune is the north wind reborn. Its strange
and dramatic story is told over the course of the Crystal version of the Pokemon game.

Lugia # 249
????? Psychic/Flying
This very rare Pokemon uses Aeroblast when released. It will fly up off the screen,
then nothing will happen for a few seconds. After the pause, it appears in the
background, and lets loose with massive gale winds, which will make short work of
anyone that comes near them. Very useful indeed.

Trophy Entry: The waters of the Whirl Islands are home to this legendary Pokemon,
whom few have seen. Lugia lives quietly in the deepest ocean trenches for one very
good reason: its combined aerial and psychic powers are so strong as to be extremely
dangerous. The special moves of this gargantuan creature include the destructive wind
assault known as Aeroblast.

Ho-oh # 250
????? Fire/Flying
When released, this Pokemon uses Sacred Fire. It sits on the screen for a few
seconds, then lets loose with a massive column of fire. Anyone caught in this will be
stuck, and take huge amounts of damage. Take this opportunity to beat 
on them, as they aren't going anywhere until it stops. After this, you can knock them
out of the arena easily. Extremely useful, perhaps THE most useful Pokemon in this game.

Trophy Entry: As it soars around the skies of the world, this multicolored flying
Pokemon leaves a trail of rainbows and myths in its wake. Its signature move is
called Sacred Fire, and it is believed to appear only before trainers who are pure of
heart. If you see a trainer with Ho-oh, you can assume that catching it took a lot of

Celebi # 251
?????? Psychic/Grass
This Pokemon is just like doesn't do anything when released, except make a
little noise, then fly off the screen. The only purpose of this Pokemon is to give
you points in Bonus Matches.

Trophy Entry: Celebi has the power to travel through time, and thus wanders from one
age to the next. It is considered a deity by the forests: plants and trees are said
to grow in unimaginable abundance wherever Celebi visits. Like Mew, Celebi is a
Pokemon shrouded in mystery. Its special techniques blend grass and psychic powers.

Phew! That was long... hopefully this will help you somehow ^_^;

Here's where I give you (what I believe to be ^_^;) good strategies with items. Pay
attention kiddies!

-This might be obvious, but when you have a fire flower, it's always a good thing to
get the enemy backed up against a wall with it. An edge works too, but it's not going
to kill them or anything. When your spidey sense tingles, and you feel that the
flower is almost done, throw it at them. It's 
never good to be sitting there blowing smoke at them, as 
they can easily hit you in no time.

-ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go for a Poke Ball if you see one. You can't ever go wrong with
one of these things. More often than not, it will pay off. And also, always throw the
ball at your enemy, with one exception. If they're standing right beside the edge,
just throw it down. You don't want them to 
sidestep, and waste a precious Poke Ball. Also, if you're playing someone good, don't
ever throw one up. They'll meet it in mid-air, and catch it, then turn your own
bloody Pokemon against you. Don't say I didn't warn you!

-If you're fighting against any CPU player level 7 or over, don't bother with
shooting them with the Ray Gun. They'll just reflect the shots back with their
shield. Just throw the bloody thing at them, or better yet, off the edge! =D

-The Star Rod is an excellent edge-guarding tool. If you keep firing stars at them,
they can't very well get back. This is -especially- useful with Captain Falcon and
Sheik, because you have virtually no chance of missing them. Throw 
it at them to finish them off, once you run out of ammo, or if you just feel like it :p

-Always throw the Beam's much more useful when the enemy is flying far
away, because if it's great throwing power, rather than doing little crappy 7-12%
hits. Chances are, your character's forward+A smash is better than the Beam Sword
smash anyhow.

-The Homerun Bat is easily the best item in the game...always get this one when you
see it. The smash attack is always a one hit KO, unless they're at very low damage,
and they bounce off a wall or two. Position yourself 
a little ways away from them, and when they're almost there, smash. Hopefully they
won't have enough time to react, and buhbye! This is really good to have when a
Bellossom puts them to sleep >8D

-If you're fighting a shield-happy opponent, grab a fan if you see it. The regular
swipe will take a good chunk out of a shield, and the smash will take it out in one blow.

-If your character has a good upwards attack, then throwing a fan at the enemy is a
good thing. It will pop them up into the air, and you can use your upwards attack to
start a juggle. Throwing a Screw Attack can also start juggles quite nicely.

-The Hammer is very overrated....I don't generally grab them, unless I'm getting the
crap pummeled out of me, and it's my last resort. Chances are, the head is going to
fall off, and you're screwed. Let someone else grab it. If it's not a dud, just avoid
them, or try to lure them off the edge.

-If you happen to be using Fox or Falco, you can make good 
use of a Red Shell. Jump twice, and throw it down. Now put up your shield (down+B)
and hold your shield up, so that it keeps hitting you. After it hits you 5 times,
avoid it, but stay near the opponent. Whomever it hits will take 72(!!) damage! That
can build up VERY quickly, and you can KO the enemy very quickly.

-The Flipper is a very good edge guard...throw it down, where the person would grab
onto the edge, so that they can't. If you lie in waiting, they have virtually no
chance of recovering.

-If your opponent is up high in the level, throwing the Freezie at them will
generally kill if you get a Freezie, travel to higher ground, if possible,
to attract the enemy.

-If you're fighting a CPU opponent, and a Bob-omb comes, just let it start walking
around. Stand on the other side of it, in reference to the CPU player, and just wait
for them to walk into it! If you're playing a human player, grab it up, and toss it
at them when they least expect it....

-The Screw Attack can set up some good combos. If you can get the enemy caught in
your first jump, jump again to get them even higher, and hit them hard with a good
attack! They're suck with you, so they don't have much choice but to get hit.
Jigglypuff's rest is a great attack to use with 
this. Roy's Blazer, and any meteor attacks also work quite well ^_^

-Always grab a Cloaking Device when you see it. It's not very hard to see yourself,
and if nothing else, it prevents you from taking damage.

Well, that's all for now...if anyone has more strategies for the items, feel free to
send them in to [email protected]! 

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