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Game:  James Bond 007: NightFire
Platform: Sony Play Station 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube  
Developer(s): Unknown
ESRB Rating: T for “Teens”
Genre: First Person Shooter
Author: DarkSunGamer
Email: [email protected]
FAQ Version: 2.5

I.	Intro              |
II.	Levels             |
III.	Weapons            | 
IV.	Gadgets            |
V.	Multiplayer        |
VI.	CheatCodes         |
VII.	Copyright Info.    |
VIII.	Notes From Author  |


James Bond 007: NightFire is another first person shooter in the collection of 
James Bond games. You once again take the identity of James Bond, the secret agent 
working for MI6 to save the world from destruction. In NightFire you must stop a 
terrorist from setting off nuclear missiles in space, and of course the target is 


This is a list of all the levels you will play in and a brief summary of what you 
must do in each level.

1.	Paris Prelude- use the sniper to save the French Intelligent agent and then 
drive your Aston Martin to recover the stolen guidance chip.
2.	The Exchange- enter Drake’s castle in Austria, find the deep cover agent, 
and retrieve the briefcase.
3.	Alpine Escape- as Zoe drives the snowmobile you shoot the gun, you must 
keep yourself alive throughout the level.
4.	Enemies Vanquished- Drive your Aston Martin and use your car weapons to 
destroy your enemies. 
5.	Double Cross- defend Mayhew at his Japanese estate.
6.	Night Shift- Infiltrate the Phoenix building and access the computer 
mainframe to retrieve information from the company.
7.	Chain Reaction- infiltrate Drake’s power plant and retrieve information and 
photos of the prototype weapon and space suit.
8.	Phoenix Fire- Escape the Phoenix building without being killed.
9.	Deep Descent- drive your Aston Martin under water to infiltrate Drake’s 
10.	Island infiltrate- drive a Phoenix SUV and reach the runway. Then shoot the 
guns on the flyer as Alura pilots, and last control the fixed shooting machine to 
destroy enemy, tanks, flyers, and submarines.
11.	Countdown- sabotage the computer system, and make your way to a space ship 
to launch yourself in to space.
12.	Equinox- damage the missiles on Drake’s personal space station so that they 
cannot hit their target. 


Wolfram PP7- traditional James Bond handgun
Golden gun- the best gun ever, on hit kill no matter where u hit guarantied
Kowloon Type 40- Phoenix handgun
Raptor Magnum- powerful handgun that shoots slow
Deutsche M9K- sub machine gun
Storm M32- Mac11 type machine gun
SSG Commando- Military machine gun
AIMS 20- prototype machine gun
Frinesi Automatic 12- auto/pump shotgun
Covert Sniper Rifle- silenced sniper rifle
Tactical Sniper Rifle- very loud sniper rifle 
Millitek Mark 6 MGL- grenade launcher 
AT 420 Sentinel- rocket launcher 
AT 600 Scorpion- heat seeker rocket launcher
Phoenix Samurai- laser prototype weapon
Frag Grenade- explodes and kills all in its radius
Smoke Grenade- Blows up leaving smoke 
Stun Grenade- stuns all in its radius 
Satchel Charge- timed explosive 
Remote Mine- explosive detonated when ready
Laser Trip Bomb- bomb with laser, if laser is broke there will be an explosion


Stunner-stuns victims.
Laser- laser used to melt things and damage other things.
Grapple- Used to get from place to place with grapple hooks.
Micro Camera- camera disguised ad a lighter
Descriptor- used to decrypt lock pads 
Shaver- flash bang grenade
Phoenix Ronin- machine gun in briefcase 
VE glasses- glasses that are night vision


 Multiplayer in James Bond 007: NightFire allows a total of four people to go head 
to head in a number of different types of multiplayer games. The multiplayer games 

Quick Game- Three other enemies await you in the arena
Arena- Death match, free for all combat
Team Arena- Same thing as arena just players are grouped in to teams
Capture The Flag- Steal the enemy flag and return to base
Uplink- Activate satellites around the arena with your team
Top Agent- Be the last person alive 
Demolition- MI6 attacks while Phoenix defends
Protection- Phoenix attacks while MI6 defends
Industrial Espionage- Retrieve the blueprints and return to base
Golden Eye Strike- Collect the golden eye controls to eliminate the other team
Assassination- Simply kill your opponent
King of The Hill- stay in the circle to earn more points 
Team King of The Hill- Team members fight for the circle; team with the most points 

Type the following cheatcodes in to unlock something. 

Golden P2K: AU P2K (Thanks to Patsie)
All multiplayer people: party (thanks to GtAIII dude man)
All Levels: passport (thanks to GameCube)
Drive Cobra on Enemies Vanquish: pause game; hold L press B (2) X (2) Y (thanks to 

Copyright Info.|

This FAQ is to be used only for personal or resource use. This FAQ has been put 
here to deliver information about the game James Bond 007: NightFire for Sony Play 
Station 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube. Under no circumstance may anyone 
copy this work and call it their own. The CheatCodes Staff does not approve of 
stealing work and neither do I.   

Notes From Author|

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