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By Sabermaster
Version 1.0
This FAQ belongs to me. If you wish to use it on your webpage, you may do so, as 
long as it's credited to me Sabermaster. I may come back to this at a later date 
as of right now. This is the final version until I've beating the game once or 
Please don't e-mail me.

Sabermaster's guide to getting the most out of your Jedi Consular.
First off we'll want to Start with Statistic's as a Jedi Consular you'll rely on 
your Force 
Abilities more then your Combat abilities, with this being side your Force 
Abilities are 
directly effected by your Wisdom, and Charisma. The reason for this is simple 
enough honestly. Wisdom show's is used to show how wise, and knowledgeable you 
are in the ways of the Force, your Charisma how strong of a personality you have 
the Stronger a Personality you have the easier it is for you get to know people, 
get them to see your way, so these should be your highest Stats, But you don't 
to neglect your Intelligence either as it effect's your SP, you want to at least 
have an 
Intelligence modifier as it'll increase your Skill Points and as Jedi Consular 
this end 
up being kind of low. From their go to Constitution as this effect's you're HP. 
So that 
said at Creation your stats should probably look something like this: Strength: 
Dexterity: 10, Constitution: 13, Intelligence: 14, Wisdom: 15, and Charisma: 15. 
Also you gain a Stat increase at Fourth Level. In my personal view you should 
these into Wisdom and Charisma, starting with Wisdom, then Charisma, then repeat. 

Next we'll move to Class:

Per Level: 6hp, 8sp + Intelligence Modifier  
Feat Progression: 1, 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 
Class Skills: 
Starting Feats: 
Armor Proficiency (Light) 
Weapon Proficiency (Blaster, Blaster Rifle, Melee) 
Critical Strike 1  
Sniper Shot 1 
Sneak Attack 1 
Scoundrel's Luck

Class Description: Running the gamut from lovable rogue, diabolical murderer, 
fingered cutpurse and lone wolf, Scoundrels come in all shapes, sizes and 
motivations. Their exploits are often legendary or infamous across several star 
systems and rare is the Scoundrel without at least one bounty on his head. 
In Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, the Scoundrel is the classic jack of 
trades but master of none, depending upon his intentions, a Scoundrel is one part 
soldier, one part diplomat and one part thief. Their skills lend themselves 
equally to 
talking their way into a restricted area, sneaking in through a window or 
blasting their way in. The Scoundrel is likely to be an early choice of character 
on the number of skills and feats they acquire early, the tradeoff for all these 
skills is 
that the Scoundrel gets the smallest vitality increase per level. Whilst being 
considered the weakest in combat, the Scoundrel can perform devastating sneak 
attacks from close range aimed at the vitals of an unfortunate target. When the 
opportunity arises to walk down the path of the Force, the Scoundrel's choice is 
varied as his motivations, many of the combat inclined choose the path of the 
Guardian, others more diplomatic choose the role of consular whereas the more 
stealth and guile kind choose the Sentinel to best make use of their talents. 
The classic Scoundrel weapon is the blaster pistol, quick to draw and just as 
quick to 
hide when the authorities arrive. Many find it necessary to carry heavier 
and often take a blaster rifle or 2 heavy blaster pistols for that added punch. 
the tendency for deals and schemes to go sour at exactly the wrong time, it is a 
or foolish Scoundrel indeed who remains unarmed.
An Example of a Scoundrel: Han Solo, or Lando Calrissian 
Now with that out of the way, you'll want to start off as a Scoundrel.  The main 
reason for this is due to the skill points it provides, but also the skill's 
and Persuade this will be very useful to you as you progress through the game as 
Jedi Consular prefers to solve a problem through reason. So you'll want to put as 
many Skill points into those two skill's as needed, but don't overlook your other 
skill's as well, especially Stealth and Security, and it's definitely worth it to 
put as 
many skill points as possible in treat injury. Anyways as a Scoundrel your more 
focused on skills then Feat's so you usually gain fewer Feats then the other two 
classes. A Scoundrel gains a Feat at every Second level. A chart of this 
can be seen here: Feat Progression: 1, 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20

From Scoundrel we move hopefully to Jedi Consular
Jedi Consular 
Per Level: 6hp, 2sp + Int Mod 
Feat Progression: 1, 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 
Force Abilities Progression, 1:2, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:2, 6:1, 7:1, 8:1, 9:1, 10:1, 
12:1, 13:2, 14:1, 15:1, 16:1, 17:1, 18:1, 19:1, 20:1
Class Description: As a trained diplomat, the Jedi Consular is often the quiet 
voice of 
reason amid the turmoil of argument. Though of scholarly persuasion, a Jedi 
Consular is far from inept with a lightsaber. Ever seeking to extend their 
a few have been corrupted to the dark side by manipulating the greed for 
In Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, the Jedi Consular is a force for 
and diplomacy, seeking to defuse any situation and only resorting to violence 
all other options have been exhausted. The Jedi Consular begins play as a member 
of a different class and embraces their Force abilities later in the story. The 
embraces a wider sphere of experience than the combat intensive classes such as 
the Soldier or Jedi Guardian and as such gains more skill points per level. The 
of the Dark Side can influence the decisions of the Jedi Consular, the little 
white lie 
that turns nasty or the lure of forbidden knowledge being the most common. 
The primary weapon of the Jedi Consular is persuasive language but they also 
a lightsaber should violence be the only remaining option. Being diplomats, the 
majority of Jedi Consular's specialize in relatively basic single bladed combat 
techniques more for defense than offence. Despite this, many Consular's find that 
aggressive dual saber or double blade style is necessary to survive should 
negotiations fail. Example of a Jedi Consular: Yoda.

A Jedi Consular gain's a new feat at ever other level, you can see a chart of 
progression here: Jedi Consular - 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18. Now then a Jedi 
gain's little in the way of Feats. Which isn't a bad thing by any mean's as he 
then makes up for them by the sheer number of Force Abilities it gains a chart of 
which can be seen here Force Abilities Progression, 1:2, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:2, 6:1, 
8:1, 9:1, 10:1, 11:1, 12:1, 13:2, 14:1, 15:1, 16:1, 17:1, 18:1, 19:1, 20:1. The 
most interesting thing about this is that a Jedi consular gets an additional 
power at level 5, 9, 13, 17.
So in conclusion while a Scoundrel and Jedi Consular gain fewer feats, they gain 
them at about the same rate. While this may seem like a huge disadvantage at 
they make up for it by the sure number of force abilities you'll gain.

For there let's move onto Feats important to the Jedi Consular: 

Empathy (Regular, Improved, Master)
Description: This feat is only useful for the player character and should not be 
to anyone else. It increases the bonus when attempting persuasion, awareness, or 
treat injury. Only access this feat if your player character is focusing on these 
It is not worth taking to full progression.
Reason Why: Probably the most useful Feat Tree for a Jedi Consular. This will 
you to make the most out of your Dialog with NPC's due to the bonus it allows to 
skill's listed above. Max it out as soon as possible, hopefully before you gain 
Jedi levels and even if you think it might not be useful just trust me on this. ;-
Jedi sense +1, +2, +3 (Jedi only) 
Description: This enhances a Jedi's defense bonus by 2, 4, or 6 points. It is 
extremely useful for unarmored Jedi
Reason Why: It's self explanatory in my eyes, and almost exactly the same as 
Jedi Defense but let's go over it again. Your Force Abilities are restricted by 
the fact 
most of them don't work in anything but light armor, so by taking Jedi Sense you 
negate that because of the fact it increase's your Defense. Max this out.

Jedi Defense +1, +2, +3 (Jedi only) 
Description: This impressive feat allows you to deflect incoming blaster bolts; 
encountering enemies with this weapon type, its useful for Jedi only. A great 
feat to 
utilize if you are without armor.  
Reason Why: Due to the fact all but the lightest armor restricts Force abilities 
going to want to Grab this as soon as possible do to the Defense bonus it 
against enemies using blaster's trying to take pot shot at you from a distance. 
this out if you can.

Dueling (Regular, Improved, Master) 
Description: Don't ignore this feat; It grants you a +1 bonus to attack and 
defense in 
combat (+2 and 3 at higher levels).  
Reason Why: Try to get at least one of two levels in Dueling while it might not 
that impressive compared to the Two weapon fighting Feat tree, the Bonus it 
provides to your Attack and Defense is hard to over look, as you'll be wearing 
more then light armor, and with lower HP then the Guardian and Sentinel ever 
bit helps. Take at least one level, or two. But don't max it out unless you want 

Conditioning +1, +2, +3 
Description: This gives a +1, 2, and 3 to all saving throws. Increases changes of 
avoiding damage and other negative effects. Give this to everyone.
Reason Why: This is pretty useful as it increases your Saving throws. But I have 
hard time justifying maxing it out. Though it's up to you. Personally, I would 
spend one feat on this. Max it out only if you want to.

Toughness (regular, improved, master) 
Description: This feat grants you an extra point of +1 vitality. At improved 
you'll also receive -2 to damage taken. At master level, you'll receive another 
vitality. There are more impressive feats to allocate points to than this.
Reason Why: As a Jedi Consular you have fewer HP then the Guardian and Sentinel, 
so every little bit helps but I've always found the Toughness points a waste of a 
so considered taking it at least once, but don't max it out.

As an aside it's my personal view that Feat's such as Flurry, Critical Strike, 
and Two 
Weapon Fighting while useful are hard to justify while playing as a Jedi 
Consular. As 
you'll be focusing more on your Force abilities then your combat one's your going 
find increasing your Defense to be much more useful. And while Empathy may seem 
like a waste of three feats as a Jedi Consular you'll find it to be incredible 
useful. Also 
since your going to become a Jedi regardless spending any Feats on Rapid Shot, 
Sniper shot is great waste of them as your Lightsaber is just more useful. Now 
Force Abilities.

Force Abilities: As a Jedi Consular you have great access to Force abilities and 
if you 
wanted to could probably dabble in them all. I'm going to go over the one's I 
that will be most useful to you in my view. I'll start with Force Abilities most 
useful to 
the Light Side, then Force Abilities most useful to the Dark Side.  

Cure, Heal - Light side 
Every Jedi should have at least Cure, and possible Heal because it also cures 
However, if your player character is moving to the dark side, ignore this power 
be more concerned with smiting everything in your path. This is a fine ability to 
if you are stranded away from other party members. When you have characters with 
this power, sell those med-packs. 
Reason Why: As a Consular it'd be a good idea to grab Cure, then Heal as soon as 
possible as your Wisdom and Charisma are probably going to become very high as 
you level this will become more and more effective allowing you to Cure, or Heal 
more damage as your Progress. Max this out as soon as possible. 

Force Aura, Shield, Armor - Light Side 
a good power for Jedi who can't wear armor. Jedi should ascend to the force armor 
power, except Juhani. Bastila and Jolee should try this power. This is useful 
going into combat, although it isn't worth the expenditure if you're dark side--
the hit. Excellent to cast before combat or during a long drawn-out fight. 
Reason Why: As a Consular your more reliant on your Force Abilities then your 
Physical one's, and since armor heavier the light affect your Force Abilities 
it's best 
to max this out as soon as possible. Max it out.    
Burst of Speed, Knight Speed, Master speed - Universal 
YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAA-Jedi Master Yoda. This is a great power for any Jedi 
type, as it isn't restricted by type. However, you cannot cast this in armor. 
power allows you to run quickly (thus covering previously explored areas with 
and also adds to defense and attacks at higher levels (knight +1. Master +2) at 
master level, your two extra attacks are akin to having an extra character! Any 
(except those wearing armor) should utilize it. Excellent to cast before combat 
during a long drawn-out fight. 
Reason Why: Useful to even non Combat oriented Jedi, you'll want to at least Grab 
Burst of Speed at an early level. Though grabbing Knight Speed, and Master Speed 
won't be as important right away. You should max this out at a later level as 
Force Valor, Knight, Master - Light Side 
Less useful to those of the dark side but still gives a major benefit, increasing 
attributes and saving throws. To the light side Jedi, the benefits are incredible 
the effects are felt through the party. Knight and Master levels give the party 
immunity, while Master adds +5 to main attributes. This is the key power for any 
light side Jedi. Excellent to cast b4 combat or during a long drawn out-fight  
Reason Why: Do I need to explain this? Max it out as soon as you possible can.  

Force Resistance, Immunity - Universal 
Don't use this until you start fighting dark Jedi later in your adventure. For 
without armor, this is another useful way of defending themselves. Because you 
can't cast this with armor, give this to Bastila and Jolee. This power has its 
against Jedi foes only. 
Reason Why: Max this out, but don't do it until as least level ten or so. This 
won't be 
as useful to you at the beginning but when you do start Facing other Jedi, it 
become incredibly useful and should be taking advantage of.
Affect, Dominate Mind - Universal 
These aren't the Droid's your looking for. Only available to the player 
character, this 
allows you to disrupt the thought patterns of those you are conversing with and 
allows for new dialog options. Don't use this if you are fighting your way 
through the 
game instead of employing diplomacy. However, this power provides shortcuts and 
opportunities to increase rewards for some quests. More essential for a dark side 
player, as you can be more menacing without resorting to violence. 
Reason Why: Useful if someone's not being forth coming with information, but as 
your Persuade level should be very high, don't take it beyond Affect Mind. 

Stun, Stasis, Stasis Field - Light Side 
these powers render one or more enemies helpless and can change the tide of 
by allowing your party to take on one opponent without fear of attack by his 
comrades. Stasis field affects enemies standing near your target, allowing you to 
incapacitate several foes in one round; but cannot be cast while wearing armor. 
side character can achieve the same effect at a lower force point cost with fear, 
horror, and insanity. None of this power affects droids. 
Reason Why: This will become more useful as you start encounter groups, as 
stunning your enemies will give your party an edge in battle as they won't be 
able to 
fight back. Max it out, but not at the cost of other abilities.
Stun Droid, Disable, Destroy - Light Side 
At least one of the Jedi in your party should be able to cast power from this 
They not only render droids temporarily immobile, they also (once disable and 
destroy have been obtained) inflict damage. These powers are also available while 
wearing armor. 
Reason Why: This'll be useful, but I don't really see a need to take it beyond 
So max it out only if you feel the need, but it'd probably be better to have one 
your other Jedi do so instead.

Force Push, Whirlwind, and Wave- Universal 
Make like Qui-gon while saving the Queen. A very effective set of powers; any 
alignment can use it and it can be cast with armor on. The great advantage of 
attack is that it inflicts damage, incapacitates briefly, and hits multiple 
enemies. 1 or 
more Jedi should employ this. For those that follow the light side this is a 
However even dark side Jedi should employ this.
Reason Why: This is very useful used in conjunction with Stun, Stasis, Stasis 
use Stun, Stasis, or Stasis Field, on a group of Enemies then follow it up with 
Push, Whirlwind, or Wave. Max it out.

Force suppression, Breach-Universal 
Not essential powers, but useful if you're up against difficult dark Jedi. These 
you force based bonuses. Only 1 character can perfect them, and the armor 
restriction is a bind because it merely removes an enemies force valor or master 
speed powers. Possible give this to Bastila!
Reason Why: Only take this if you don't give it to another Jedi.

Don't bother with Throw Lightsaber, Advanced Throw Lightsaber as you'll want to 
keep your Saber on you at all times.
Most useful to a Dark Sider

Wound, Choke, Kill - Dark side 
Apology accepted Captain Needa. Dark side Jedi should ignore stun power and go 
wound, choke or kill. These are useful because this offensive attack stuns and 
damages the opponent. It can only affect one person at a time when you master the 
kill path you will defeat any opponents you succeed in attacking if their health 
is at 
1/2 level or less, allowing you (for example) to strike down a foe to 1/2 health 
regular combat, then allow your Jedi to finish them. Make sure Jolee and your 
character has this. You can cast this with armor, making it the most useful 
Reason Why: Make like Darth Vader. This'll be useful for taking out enemies 
then yourself at later levels. But the ability to Stun them is extremely useful 
as well. 
Max it out. 
Drain Life, Death field - Dark Side 
this is a preferred power: it damages your foes and heals you. This is popular 
dark Jedi. A good alternative to force lightning, use this when you're low on 
and confronted by enemies. Death field turns the tables on a weakened character 
and a healthy foe. Give this to a dark side player character, and possibly Jolee.
Reason Why: Weaken your enemies while making yourself Stronger. Useful for 
healing yourself as well, at the cost of your enemies life. Max it out. 

Fear, Horror, Insanity - Dark Side 
this is yet another way of weakening, but not damaging a foe. When enemies cower 
in fear, they act as if they are stunned. This isn't essential, and only one Jedi 
in your 
party (ideally the player character) should use this. Employ this to slow an 
and have your non-Jedi party finish them. Similar to stun but for dark side Jedi 
Reason Why: This is useful for Stunning groups of enemies especially used in 
Conjunction with Force Shock, Lightning, Storm. 

Shock, Force Lightning, Force Storm - Dark Side 
So be it Jedi - The Emperor. This is a favorite among Jedi masters. It is 
straightforward and dispatches enemies without laying a finger on them. At second 
and 3rd levels, it damages group of creatures at once, regardless of type. Use 
this as 
a sure fire tactic to success. Jolee and your dark side character should try 
this. You 
cannot cast it in armor, so employ it with Jedi who stand at the rear with ranged 
power attacks. Force storm is the most power Jedi attacking in the game. 
Reason Why: Make like the Emperor or Count Dooku. Fry enemies from afar, make 
Luke Skywalker cry like a Bitch. Incredibly useful due to the sheer damage 
abilities it 
offer's. A very deadly combination is to use this in Conjunction with Fear, 
Horror, and 
Insanity, then hit them with Drain Life, or Death Field, then follow it up with 
Shock, Stun, or Storm. Max it out.

Affect, Dominate Mind - Universal 
These aren't the Droid's your looking for. Only available to the player 
character, this 
allows you to disrupt the thought patterns of those you are conversing with and 
allows for new dialog options. Don't use this if you are fighting your way 
through the 
game instead of employing diplomacy. However, this power provides shortcuts and 
opportunities to increase rewards for some quests. More essential for a dark side 
player, as you can be more menacing without resorting to violence. 
Reason Why: Useful if someone's not being forth coming with information, but as 
your Persuade level should be very high, don't take it beyond Affect Mind.

Slow, Affliction, Plague - Dark Side 
This is a useful power for a single Jedi to use in your party (but not the Jedi 
who is 
utilizing stun). Used to create a less dangerous enemy, it drops your foe's 
and poisons them at higher levels. The enemy is weakened but still fighting at 
greatly reduced effectiveness. Don't give this to light side Jedi; plague is not, 
don't advance the power to third level if you're planning on wearing more than 
Reason Why: Honestly I would avoid this until later levels, and not bother maxing 
out until I had everything else I wanted first. 

What to take at First level: 
Light Sider
As a First level Scoundrel take Empathy as your first feat, and try to finesh 
upgrading it by the time your reach Jedi Consular. As a Jedi Consular grab Jedi 
Sense, for Force Abilities grab Force Cure, and Force Armor, then at Second level 
grab Burst of Speed then go from there.

Dark Sider: Grab Flurry, and try to max it out before you reach Consular, then 
reaching Consular grab Jedi Sense, and Force wound, and Force Shock.

May the Force be with you. 

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