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SORA- Sora, the keyblade master, he is on his journey to stop the
heartless, reunite with Riku and Kiari, and return to his home, the
destiny islands.  In KH previously, he stopped Anseem and the 
organization.  Will he destroy some one new?

RIKU- Riku should have been the keyblade master, but when the darkness
took over his heart, he was taken aback of this privelige.  His body
was consumed by Ansem after following Malificent.  He was rewarded with
a dark keyblade, the soul eater.  In KH CoM, if you unlocked reverse/rebirth
mode, you may know a little bit about him reuniting with the king.
Also, in the kingdom Hearts 2 preview after KH, I think that the blind-folded
unknown is Riku.

KIARI- Kiari awaits the return of her two best friends, Sora and Riku.  She
has matured and grown, and so have the islands.  Houses have been built, and
she lives in a better civilization.  She also added onto the drawing of her
and Sora in the Secret Place.

BHK- I don't know much about him yet.  He is said to be another version of
Sora.  He seems to protect Sora, and wield two of Sora's keyblades.  His
name has not been revealed yet.

DiZ- He is thought to be an unknown.  He wears red clothing, which covers
his face.  He is thought to be Ansem in disguise, or at least the evil

AXEL- He is in KH CoM.  He uses fire power, also a member of the
organization.  He fights Sora a few times and after Sora defeats him,
Axel says something about having saved Sora.

NAMINE- a girl introduced in KH CoM, she replaced herself with Kiari
in Sora's memory upon orders of the organization.  She enjoys
drawing, and she replaced Sora's memory after the defeat of the

KING MICKEY- He joins Riku, and helps him overcome the darkness
within him.  He left the kingdom in KH to find the missing pages
of Ansem's report.

DONALD AND GOOFY- From King Mickeys Kingdom, they set out to find
the king and ended up with Sora, but you probably already knew all
about them.

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