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   | Game title-Kingdom Hearts2/KH2                             |
   | Game Platform-PS2                                          |
   | Date this faq was written-6/3/05                           |
   | Game release date-Sep.16,2005-or some other time this fall.|
   | Company made by-Square Enix,and Disney                     |
   |                                                            |

   I made the other faq about 2 months ago.But I have some new info on this 
game.This will probably be my last faq until the game comes out.Just like last 
time,will name off the characters but this time I will be nameing every character I 
know about but first I am going to name some rumors that I heard about.I will 
answer every one.

  Sora will turn evil-I don't think so,but there is a possibility.Because i read 
something where someone was talking to that Nomura guy.There was a question 
asked.Will there be a third KH.He said there might be but it would be hard to 
continue with the same character.

  You can play as Riku-maybe.But I dont think so.
  Pirates Of The Caribian will be a world.-yes.i have seen some screenshots of 
it.And I saw Jack Sparrow(he was a pirate on POTC)and Sora,Donald,and Goofy where 
on a pirate ship with Elizabeth(she was a person on POTC).

  Sora will you ever seen a person die on a disney game.KH2 is 
half Disney,if you did not know.

   Now here are some characters
 Main             Kairi
 Characters       BHK
                  Pink haired girl
                  Organazation(here are some,Blind,Enigma,sitting,glowing eyes.

Heartless        Normal
                 Floating with candles (kinda look like ghost)

world           Mulan
characters      Chang
                tea cup
                Jack Sparrow
                Will Turner
                Peter Pan
                Jack Skelington
                The King
                Robin Hood
Bosses         Oogie Boogie
               White Giant Creature
               Shung Yu
               Magic Dragon
               Giant Armor
               Giant Black Creature

 Alright if you did not know this,KH2 id twice as long as KH.It may even be 2 
disc.On KH2 there is called something DRIVE.Drive lets you fuse with Donald or 
Goofy,or you can do a special move like jump in the air and start swinging at every 
thing you see,or turn a heartless or the new enemies "nobodies" against the other 

 Kingdom Hearts 2 takes place 1 year after KH.And Kairi is still waiting for Sora 
to come home.....Until she doesnt have to wait no more.It is said that a member of 
the organazation comes to the island and takes Kairi into a place where she can 
contact with Sora.As I told later in the characters,There is a Pink Haired Girl.She 
is a lot shorter than Kairi but looks just like her.So I think this is Kairis 
little sister,and some how she gets all caught up in this.And BHK,Blond Haired 
Kid.Do you remember Ansem Report 13.It said that when someone dies or sometime in 
there life another them is made,not exactly them but looks like them in some 
ways.But this body is only a shell.Blond Haired Kid,if you change his hair 
coler,and his clothes he looks the exact same as Sora.So is BHK a shell of Sora.

                Here are some worlds in KH2.

              Hallow Bastion-Kingdom Hearts
              Camalot-Pirates Of The Caribean
              England Dark Ages-Sword In The Stone
              Country Side-Beuty And The Beast
              NottingHamshire-Robin Hood
              Christmas Town/Halloween Town-Nightmare Before Christmas
              Pride Rock-Lion King
              Traverse Town-Kingdom Hearts
              Never Land-Peter Pan
              Under world-this is said where you go in the game sometimes when you 
              Heaven-This is another place you go sometimes when you die in the 
              Twighlight Town
              Olympis Colliseum

 If you played Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories.You know about Axel he was supposed 
to be the last member of the organazation,guess not,but he plays a role like Ansem 
in the game.Exept he is not as evil as Ansem.In KHCoM,Axel told Sora,"You are lucky 
I just saved your hide." "What are you talking about?" Sora asked."sorry i would 
hate to kill the suspense."  So I think some how Axel saved Sora.I cant remember if 
it was in KH CoM or not.
              So there it is i have to go right now.But I got every thing in.
Remember to play Kingdom Hearts 2 as fast as you can.

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