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    Okay,the first one I wrote wasn't that good.I know because,everyone told me!!
But this one is better,way better.I'm takeing my time on this one.Alright,as you
know(Maybe you want to play KH Chain Of Memories if you want to know all the stuff
I'll be talking about.)Okay if you played KH COM you know about the organazation.
The membors of the organazation are Axel,Vexen,and Merluxia,well they're the only
membores of the organazation that matter.But,if you played ALL of KH COM you know
Axel is the only one that survives.(Oh,yeah Axel is the the one that can make fire
and has the red spiked hair.)Axel is one of the mane bosses on KH2.He's the one
that you have to fight a thousand times in the game but is playing with you until
the last time you fight them.And there is a rumor going around that the man dressed
in red sheets is Ansem.Well it could be him pretending,but so far,He is a guy named
Diz that helps Riku for little while on KH COM.But if that's not Ansem,there's a strong
chance he will be on KH2.Here's some worlds, bosses and the best Key Blade in the game.
(It may be the best Key Blade in the game.) Alright the worlds you may be going to are,
                         .Twighlight Town
                         .Ahgrahbah (Alladin)
                         .Beauty And The Beast
                         .Hollow Bastion
                         .Atlantica (The Little Mermaide)
                         .Never Land (Peter Pan)
      That's some places that may be on KH2,but the ones I know will be on KH2,is
Twighlight Town,Colliseum,Ahgrahbah,Beauty And The Beast,and Mulan.Some Bosses that
may be on KH2 is
                  .Giant White Creature (Twighlight Town,he is very similar to the
giant black creature on KH1 and KH COM)
                  .Hades and Cerberus (Colliseum)
                  .Jafar (Ahgrahbah)
                  .Trickmaster and Fote and Gaston (Beauty And The Beast)
                  .Shan Yu (Mulan)
                  .Pete ( Hollow Bastion,we will get to him later)
                  .Ursala's sister (Atlantica)
                  .Captin Hook (Never land)
                  .Axel (different places)\
                  .Ansem (I'm not so sure that he will be a boss but maybe)
         And the supposed to be the best Key Blade is the gold Key Blade that Mikey
used on KH1.
            Alright lets get to the interesting parts.Malifacinte,the wich from
Sleeping Beauty and KH1,will not be on here.Instead we have Pete.You may reconize
this name from The Goofey Movie.He takes over the kings castle and takes Malifacents
place.He is working for Axel in this game.Sora the main Character changes his outfit
to a dark black.His new outfit takes a big part of the game.You can also do different 
move on here by just the press of the triangle button.For example,you can teleport on
here.You can also fuse.When you fuse your outfit changes,your stronger,and you can
use two Key Blades at a time.You can also use drive.Drive helps you hit harder,it's
kind of like fuseing cards on KH COM.There is also a new magic you can learn where
you can countrol a heartless and destroy harder heartless.Pretty fancy huh?There is
also a different person you can be in the game,His name is unknown for right now so
lets just call him Blonde Hair Kid or BHK for right now.He is not supposed to be
stronger tha Sora but in some part of the game you have to be him.At the start of the
game your in Castle Oblivion form KH COM,where Sora is getting his memories back.This 
may be the practice level on here,if not it is probably just a cut scene.The looks of
some characters also change.Kairi now has long Pink hair and is taller.Sora has a new
outfit and he is taller.And Riku wheres a black robe and is taller.If you are
wondering why every one is so tall,the game takes place 1 or 2 years after KH1.Leon
and Yuffie will be on the game.Cloud will be to.And other characters from Final
Fantasy.The game will come out in the mid November.Well that is the game.Have fun
playing it.And also I give thanks to these e-mail addresses, Chris Fazzio,ratchet,and
some dark dude,for giving me the web pages and pointing me in the right direction.

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