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        ***BOSS GUIDE***
-All the bosses and how to beat them-
Author: ctMike                |
Game: Kingdom Hearts 2        |
Console: Play Station 2       | 
E-mail: [email protected] | 
Updated: 4/6/06               |

Disclaimer        |
This guide is only for use on

If in the situation that another site wants to use it they can e-mail me for 
Bosses  |
Bosses are represented in order of appearance
NOTE: Only bosses I've gotten up to.

Mysterious Enemy/Dusk
World: Twilight Town
NOTE: Cannot be defeated with your Struggle weapon.
Strategy: Always keep it locked on. Attack it with your weapon until you get to 
wield the Keyblade. Use the reversal reaction-command to get behind it and get a 
few hits in. After you get the Keyblade this battle is very easy. Keep using 
reaction commands to get behind it and hit it in the back until it is defeated.

Twilight Thorn
World: Serenity Station
HP: 300
NOTE: Watch for Reaction Commands, always keep a finger near the triangle button.
Strategy: Right when you start Roxas is suspended in mid-air. Watch for the 
reaction commands to injure the enemy and escape. Run to where the monster fell off 
and the platform will tip. Use a reaction-command to deflect its attack and get 
back up on the platform. The monster is stunned so lock-on and attack his head with 
all you got. You can dodge his electric wave type attack by using the reversal 
reaction-command repeatedly until it stops. When it shoves its arms into the ground 
attack his head. Ignore the enemies unless they are really giving you trouble. 
Repeat this until you win. And remember to keep a finger near the triangle button 
for reaction commands!

World: Twilight Town
HP: 105
NOTE: This is the first battle with Axel
Strategy: Before you even start you should equip the guard ability. Axel likes to 
attack head on. When he kneels down lock-on and attack him. But when he starts 
moving back away because this is one of his most powerful attacks. Whenever he 
drops one of his ring weapons unleash a full combo on him but when he starts to 
light on fire back away because it is a ery powerful attack. Another way to hit him 
is to circle around him and attack him in the back after he attacks because he 
likes to attack head on. If you do this you will win the battle.

World: Twilight Town
HP: 345
NOTE: Axel is a lot stronger and has a lot more hp than last time you battled.
Strategy: One thing to make up for Axel's high hp is that now you have two 
keyblades, Oblivion and Oathkeeper. Always avoid him when he's surrounded by fire. 
Whenever he jumps out of the ring of fire lock- on to him and wait for him to dive 
back in so you can use the reaction command to knock him out for a second or two 
and attack him. Keep doing this until you win. The key is the reaction commands.

World: The Land of Dragons
HP: 442
NOTE: His falcon can also attack.
Strategy: The minute the battle begins you want to change into Valor Form. Attack 
Shan-Yu in Valor Form to inflict a lot of damage. When the rest of the heartless 
show up watch the gate health. If it gets low attack the heartless and get the orbs 
to replenish its health. Also use Mulan's limit ability on Shan-Yu and the 
heartless. When he glows with dark energy back away this is one of his strongest 
attacks. You can grapple with him using a reaction command. Constantly hit triangle 
during the grapple to win and inflict lots of damage to him. Do this and you're 
sure to win.

Thresholder and Possessor
World: Beast's Castle
HP: 137
NOTE: Must defeat Thresholder ot be able to attack Possessor
Strategy: When you approach the door two Gargoyles attack you. Move to the back of 
the room and defeat them so Thresholder's hands cannot reach you. Approach it again 
and a swarm of Hookbats will attack you. Again move to the back of the room out of 
reach and defeat them. After that when you approach him more Hookbats spawn. Do the 
same to these. After that approach the thresholder from the side so his hands won't 
hit you. Lock-on and attack. When the door's health is depleted use the reaction 
command to make the Possessor come out. Lock-on and attack him. After a little 
while the Possessor will go back in the door. Repeat the process until you win.

The Beast
World: Beast's Castle
HP: 156
NOTE: None
Strategy: When you start the battle go over to cogsworth and use his Wake-up 
reaction command to stun Beast. You can then unload a combo on him before he fights 
again. Keep doing this with Cogsworth until Beast is beaten. Cogsworth can only do 
the Wake-up reaction spell 4-5 times each charge. If he runs out go over ot him and 
use the Charge reaction command. Repeat this over and over and you'll win.

Shadow Stalker
World: Beast's Castle
HP: 176
NOTE: Shadow Stalker is only the first form
Strategy: Shadow Stalker attacks by taking over objects. There are 3 ways it likes 
to attack: 1. Taking over the chandelier and shooting electric beams across the 
room. 2. Taking over the pillars and clawing you. 3. This is the worst: It goes 
into the window so that its face is projected on them and shoots a huge beam of 
electricity down the middle of the room. How to Dodge: 1. Move into and behind the 
pillars. 2. move to the center of the room and have Beast and Goofy do all the work 
on the pillar. 3. Move into the pillar area. Whenever the Shadow Stalker comes out 
lock-on and attack with all you have. Beast's limit ability helps a lot. If you 
dodge the attacks and attack the Shadow Stalker a lot you'll be sure to win.

Dark Thorn
World: Beast's Castle
HP: 390
NOTE: True form of the Shadow Stalker
Strategy: Dark Thorn is more of a melee attacker. He also uses the chandelier to 
attack. One good thing in this battle is that you can use the chandelier too. Go 
over near the chandelier and a reaction command will pop up. It is a 3 step 
reaction command set so wathc out for them. Always stay locked-on so you know where 
it is when it turns invisible. Use Beast's limit and Valor form whenever possible. 
So reminder: Always stay locked on, use Valor form and Beast's limit whenever 
possible, and use the chandelier whenever possible. If you do all this you will win 
for sure.

World: Olympus Coliseum
HP: 440
NOTE: Has 3 heads so watch out.
Strategy: In this battle you don't have Donald or Goofy to help you out. But, you 
do have Auron. In this battle Cerberus doesn't walk around. Instead he leaps to a 
different place after a couple minutes. A good time to use Auron's limit ability is 
after Cerberus leaps. It inflicts a lot of damage to Cerberus. Lock-on to the 
middle head if you can and unleash combos on it. At some points the 2 outer heads 
will pin you infront of the middle head. Use reaction commads to deflect, damage, 
and knock Cerberus out for a couple seconds. When he's knocked out empty combos 
into the heads. Do this and you should win.

World: Olympus Coliseum
NOTE: You don't actually fight him you have to defeat all his clones in the time 
Strategy: The training courses Phil put you through should have prepared you for 
this battle. In this battle you have to defeat 100 of Demyx's clones in 80 seconds. 
The Wild Dance reaction command comes in handy. Use this a lot! If you can't use 
wild dance just attack them with the keyblade but if you see the wild dance 
reaction command come up use it. Overall Demyx is pretty easy to beat.

World: Olympus Coliseum
HP: 264
NOTE: Always stay near Megara to protect her!
Strategy: This is a 2 part battle. In the first part you have to protect Megara 
from Pete and his Heartless. First, take out all of the heartless but throw a few 
hits Pete's way to keep him distracted. After all the heartless are gone its time 
ot deal with Pete. Use the Pinball reaction command whenever it pops up to inflict 
a lot of damage. After a while Hercules comes and helps out. This time you don't 
need to protect Megara. Whenever Pinball reaction command comes up try to send him 
flying towards Hercules to inflict more damage. Any time Pete has a giant boulder 
over his head go over to Hercules and make and Aura Guard. Keep doing this and Pete 
will lose.

World: Olympus Coliseum
HP: 462
NOTE: This battle is sort of a 3 parter.
Strategy: In the first part the Hydra only has 1 head. Lock-on and whenever his 
head is near the ground unleash combos. When its done use the Vanquish reaction 
command to finish off its first form. Next, the Hydra gets 5 heads. Again whenever 
the heads come near the ground unleash combos. You cna also use a reaction command 
with Pegasus where you fly up and attack the heads. When its HP is gone use the 
Vanquish reaction command again. Now 3 heads will come out of the ground. Jump on 
the Hydra's back and use the Phil one-two reaction command to stun them. Go down 
and attack the heads. When their HP is gone use the Vanquish reaction command on 
them to finish them off for good. If you don't kill all 3 heads before it wakes up 
you have to repeat the process.

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