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Author: ctMike                |
EMail: [email protected]  |
Updated: 4/6/06               |

NOTE: The parts are set up on the order i did them. All i have finished putting in 
the guide today is up to 

Index: Part 1: Twilight Town (Roxas)
       Part 2: Twilight Town (Sora)
       Part 3: Hollow Bastion 1st visit
       Part 4: The Land of Dragons 1st visit
       Part 5: Beasts Castle 1st visit
       Part 6: Olympus Coliseum 1st visit
       Part 7: Disney Castle
       Part 8: Timeless River
       Part 9: Port Royal 1st visit
       Part 10: Agrabah 1st visit        
       Part 11: Halloween Town
       Part 12: The Pride Lands
       Part 13: Twilight Town 2nd visit
       Part 14: Hollow Bastion 2nd visit
       Part 15: Space Paranoids 1st visit
       Part 16: Hollow Bastion 3rd visit
       Part 17: Land of Dragons 2nd visit
       More parts later as I progress through the game

Part 1: 
 Twilight Town (Roxas)
Day 1
 After the opening cutscenes you come to Twilight Town. You start the game playing 
as Roxas. Follow the tutorial until you get to the sand pits. After the cutscene, 
it wants you to pick from 3 weapons. The weapon all the way to the left is more of 
a strength weapon. the weapon in the center is a defensive weapon and the weapon 
all they way to the right is a magic weapon. The weapon gives a boost to its stat.
 I suggest not picking the magic weapon as you dont have magic yet. But pick which 
ever weapon suits you most. After you choose the weapon you fight Seifer. Seifer is 
really easy. Lock on to him just wack and dodge until the battle ends. There isn't 
really any strategy to this fight.
 Follow the Mysterious Enemy into the forest aand then out of the forest to the Old 
Mansion. Just keep attacking and dodging the enemy until you are able to use the 
Keyblade. After you get the Keyblade just attack the enemy and use the Reversal 
Reaction command whenever necessary. After the enemy is defeated Day 1 ends.

Day 2
 The first thing you should do after the cut scenes is save your game. Talk to your 
friends on market street and start doing the part time jobs to earn money. There 
are more jobs in the tram common.
 When you choose the job it explains how to play. After you have 800 or more munny 
go to the station to talk to your friends again. All the munny you have will be 
taken so don't waste your time getting a lot, only get whats necessary. After a 
cutscene showing a man in black. The 2nd day ends.

Day 3
 Read Hayner's note and go outside to market street. Talk to Pence and Olette and 
meet Namine. Go to the sandlot and fight the Dusk. After you win you get taken to a 
place similar to the starting place in Kingdom Hearts 1. Choose a weapon the 
effects are the same as when you chose them for fighting Seifer. Proceed up the 
ramps fighting Dusks at every platform. After that you get to your first real boss 
HP: 300
Strategy: This battle is mostly dependent on using reaction commands. Always 
keep a finger near the triangle button. The first part you get grabbed and held in 
the air watch for a reaction command just keep hitting triangle for this part. 
After That the platform tilts and you need ot use more reaction commands. When you 
deflect the attack the monster will be temporarily stunned. Lock on and hit the 
monster's head as much as you can. Use the reversal reaction command to dodge his 
attacks and attack his head when he is bent over. At one point the monster shoves 
his hands into the ground and smaller enemies appear. Ignore these and keep 
attacking the head. Use potions whenever necessary if you have any. After repeating 
this process you will eventually win, ending the 3rd day.

Day 4
 Today is the Struggle tournament. Your first opponent is Hayner. The easy way to 
defeat him is to back him into a corner and unleash combos on him and collect the 
orbs. Back away when he does his attacks. You can try to get all his orbs but its 
easier to just get a good amount more than him and dodge his attacks until time 
runs out.
 The next battle is against Vivi. Go buy some potions before you start. If you need 
money you can always do the mini games again. Vivi is fast but his attacks aren't 
that strong. When Vivi attacks just dodge them until he's on the ground then 
unleash combos on him. Pick up the orbs and repeat. Vivi is easy if you can dodge 
his attacks.
 After you defeant Vivi you will battle Axel. 
Strategy: Axel is fast and his combos are strong. Its a good idea ot equip the 
ability for this battle. Whenever Axel crouches down lock on and attack him. But 
when he starts moving back away because this is one of his most powerful attacks. 
When he starts to light on fire BACK away. This means he is going to do a strong 
combo. When he drops one of his weapons unleash combos on him. If you keep this in 
mind you should win pretty easily.
 When Axel is defeated you can finish the Struggle Tournament and fight Setzer the 
champ. Setzer isn't all that hard compared to Axel. The key is to attack him while 
he's crouched or standing. The best way to beat him is to get a large amount of 
more orbs than him and just dodge his attacks until time runs out. When you win you 
will get a Champion Belt. If you lose you just get a medal. That ends the 4th day.

Day 5
 Today you are going to explore the Seven Wonders of Twilight Town. Go to the 
station and take the train. The first wonder is proven to be bogus. Go to the 
second wonder which is in an alley. Examine the wall and ors of light will shoot 
out from the wall in different shapes. I recommend waiting where you can't get hit 
and angling the camera so you can see the patterns. After you know the patterns you 
can start dodging the orbs to get to the back of the alley and use a reaction 
command on the wall to make it stop. Don't get frustrated as it takes a while to do 
 The third wonder is in a tunnel. Go all the way into the tunnel and defeat the 14 
Vivi clones. They are very easy and only take 1 or 2 hits. The fourth wonder is at 
a fountain near the end of the tram tracks. Go to where Olette is and examine the 
fountain. Battle your Shadow Roxas to solve this mystery.
 The fifth wonder is at the top of Sunset Hill. Jump on the nag with the reaction 
command and watch for the Jump reaction command so you dont fall off. When its 
stamina gives out you solve the fifth mystery. The sixth wonder is also at Sunset 
Hill go back and watch the cut scene.
 Finally the Seventh wonder is at the Old Mansion. Head through the forest to the 
Old Mansion and watch the cutscene. Day 5 ends.

Day 6
 This is your last day playing as Roxas. You figure out that your friends can't see 
you. Head outside and watch the cut scene with Axel. Defeat all of the enemies he 
sends at you and head to the Old Mansion. This time you get to go in. Head up the 
stairs and take a left into Namine's room. Get the sketches and Mansion Map. Go out 
of the room and go to the one on the opposite side. You will finish the sketch on 
the table and get access to the Basement and Computer Room. Save your game and go 
through the door that opened after the cut scene. You will get into a boss fight 
with Axel...again.

HP: 345
Strategy: Axel is much stronger and has more health than last time you fought him. 
Good thing is you get to wield two keyblades! You get the Oblivion and Oatkeeper 
Keyblades. Avoid him when hes covered in flames and keep him locked on. Whenever 
he's in the ring of fire attack him as much as possible. Watch for reaction 
commands when he goes out of the ring and flies in. Whenever you use reaction 
commands axel will be slumped over in the middle of the room. Attack him with all 
you got. If you do all this you will eventually win. After you win there is a 
cutscene. Go through the door into another cutscene. Talk to DiZ for another 
cutscene and you finally get to play as Sora! 

Part 2:
 Twilight Town (Sora)

 You find out that King Mickey is at the train station. Head over there as fast as 
you can. You will have to fight Nobodies for 1.5 minutes. You can win if you are 
still alive in 1.5 minutes or if your health gets really low. After or time runs 
out or your health gets low Mickey will show up. After that go into the station and 
take the train to the Tower. When you get there you will need to fight heartless 
all the way up to the final door. Before you go up the stairs open up the chest. 
Then fight your way up to Yen Sid and he will explain about the enemies. Then you 
get an outfit change! Your new clothes let you go into Valor form in which you get 
to wield two keyblades. You need Goofy in your party to do this and your drive 
gauge to be at 3. Then head over to Hollow Bastion to meet some old friends!

Part 3:
 Hollow Bastion
 When you get to Hollow Bastion it looks a lot different than the one form the 
original KH. When you first get there talk to the moogle and synthesise the items 
you have to get an Elixir. Walk down the stairs to the left of the moogle shop to 
see a cut-scene and meet pu with Yuffie. 5 Dusk appear. This battle is easier 
because if the town's defence system that Yuffie tells you about. After you defeat 
them Yuffie tells you to head over to Merlins house. She also gives you a map.
 When you get to Merlin's house you meet up with Cid, Aerith, Leon and Merlin. 
Yuffie is also there. Merlin gives you the Blizzard spell and you get an honorary 
restoration commity member card. They tell you to get over to the Bailey. You get 
attacked at the Bailey by Nobodies. The object is to protect the gate. Leon helps 
you in this battle.

 What you want to do is to take the Nobodies out 1 by 1. Lock on to 1 destroy it 
and repeat the process with the others. If this doesn't work just fight them all at 
the same time and don't lock on to any specific one. You sould let Leon handle the 
other enemies and you should just defeat the ones that make it to the gate. When 
you complete this battle you get the Fire magic spell. You also get to see a cut-
scene of sora sealing a keyhole...for now.

Part 4:
 The Land of Dragons
 When you get to the Land of Dragons you will meet Mulan (or as she is called at 
the time) Ping and Mushu. Before you head over to the base you should buy some 
potions from the Moogle and save your game. Open the chests in the area too.
 Now head over to the base and compete in the missions to prove that Ping is strong 
enough to be in the Imperial Army. One thing that is different in these battles is 
that you have a Morale gauge in the top left corner when you fight. If this runs 
out you lose the battle. When you defeat enemies they drop orbs that fill up the 
Morale gauge. 
 In the first mission you fight pretty easy enemies. All you have to do is run in 
with the Keyblade and swing away. The second mission is harder. You have the 
enemies from the first mission but you also have another enemy that is like a 
centaur that wields a large spear/axe weapon. I suggest finishing off the other 
enemies before dealing with this. Then simply defeat this enemy and you complete 
that mission. The last mission is easy. All you have to do is search for the 
heartless in the base and destroy them. The only thing is that if you don't find 
them and quickly destroy them your Morale gauge will empty and you'll fail the 
mission. After you complete all these you get an AP Boost which you can use from 
the main menu to boost one of your characters AP.
 The next part has you trying to get to the top of a mountain. Ignore the enemies 
and let Ping and Goof or Donald deal with them. You want to go up to the rock walls 
and use the Reaction command to break them down. Ignore the chests because they 
just lead you off the path. You can come back after and get them. Keep running and 
bashing down the walls with the Reaction command while letting Ping and Goofy or 
Donald fight the enemies until you get to the top.
 In the next part Mushu comes and tells you that he saw (your enemy) Shan-Yu 
entering a cave nearby. It will show where the cave is. Before you enter the cave 
save your game in the save point directly across from the cave. Go into the cave 
and into the chamber all the way to the back to start a fight with heartless. 
Defeat all the enemies in the cave to win. Leave the centaur creatures for last and 
destroy the easy heartless first. Then when the centaur heartless are left take 
them out 1 by 1. When the heartless have all been destroyed you get the Slide Dash 
ability and max HP boost while Ping gets Hyper Healing.
 Next you should head up to the ridge which is up the path to straight from where 
the village is. Now you get into a battle with a whole bunch of Rapid Thrusters. 
One thing to make it worse is that you are fighting alone. The key to winning this 
battle is the Reaction Commands. Whenever you see a reaction command USE IT! This 
will make the battle easier to survive. When the timer runs out you win.
 Go back to the village and you will have a cut-scene and the captain will tell you 
that Shan-Yu was headed for the Imperial City! This is a good time to gather the 
chests. Run back down to the camp and out the other gate to get to the Imperial 
City. Defeat all the enemies in the Imperial Squre and head to the palace. You 
should switch Donald out for Goofy if he wasn't in your party already. Then go up 
to where the gates are and battle Shan-Yu.
 SHAN-YU: Shan-Yu is easy if you have Goofy in your party. The minute the battle 
starts change into Valor form if you can and start attacking Shan-Yu. You should 
also be aware that the gate has a health gauge in the top left corner. Whenever 
this gets low go to the gate and kill heartless. They drop orbs to replenish the 
gates health similar to your Morale gauge. After your drive gauge runs out use 
Mulan's limit move to inflict damage to the heartless at the gate and to Shan-Yu. 
Whenever you see a reaction command for Shan-Yu use it. It sends you into a grapple 
with him. Press triangle repeatedly to inflict a lot of damage to him. Do this to 
him whenever possible. The reward for winning is Sora learns AERIAL SWEEP and gets 
an HP increase while Donald and Mulan get an HP increase and Goofy learns GOOFY 
TURBO. You also get the HIDDEN DRAGON Keyblade! It restores MP relative to the 
amount of damage taken. You see a cut-scene and Sora seals the keyhole. Now head 
over to Beast's Castle.

Part 5:
 Beast's Castle

 The first thing you should do when you get to Beast's Castle is walk through the 
open door in the room. In the room you have to fight packs of heartless until the 
Beast shows up. After you complete this go back out the door and head up the stairs 
at one end of the room and you get the option of 2 more stairs. Take the stairs to 
the left. Go all the way down the hallway and open any chests you see. Go through 
the door at the end of the hallway into Belle's room. After the cut-scene open all 
the chests in the room and save your game.
 Now go back out the door and down the hallway from which you came and down to the 
stairs. This time take the right stairs and go down the hallway until you reach a 
door with a Wardrobe in front of it. Use the reaction commands to push it but when 
the reaction command says Wake stop pressing triangle and wait for it to go away. 
Then start pushing again until the Wake reaction command. Repeat this until the 
Wardrobe has moved. When the Wardrobe is moved go through the door. Now you get 
into a fight with the Threshholder and Possessor.
HP: 137
Strategy: When you approach the Thresholder and Possessor two gargoyles will come 
alive and attack you. Move to the back of the room to fight them so the Thresholder 
and Possessor's hands cannot reach you. After they are finished go attack the door 
until its HP runs out. Then the Possessor will come out and you will have to attack 
that. The Possessor has more HP than the Thresholder but doesn't attack as much. 
Lock-on and wack him with your Keyblade until it goes back into the door. Repeat 
this process until you win. The reward for this is UPPERSLASH and DONALD FIRE for 
Sora and Donald while Goofy gets an HP boost.
 Now head into the dungeon to rescue Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts and Chip. 
They explain the situation and explain about a secret passage. Open the chest to 
get Basement Map and save your game. Go back out the door and climb up the boxes to 
where Cogsworth is. Go through the secret passage. Now you have to unlcok the door 
leading ot Beast's secret room by completing the puzzle. While Cogsworth hangs from 
the crank go through the chamber lighting all the lamps before Cogsworth's grip 
fails. If this happens go back to him and use the Reaction Command to have him jump 
up and hang on again then light the lamps.
 Then go and push the brick in to get to the passage to Beast's room. When you 
enter the room you have to fight Beast.
HP: 156
Strategy: Defeating Beast is a matter of using reaction commands and combos. First, 
use the Wake-up reaction command to bring Beast back to his senses. Then pummel him 
while he is glowing with dark energy. After every 4-5 wakeups you will need to 
recharge Cogsworth. Just go near him until the Charge reaction command shows up. 
Repeat this until you defeat Beast. The rewards are an ARMOR SLOT for Sora, Max HP 
increase for Donals and the DEFENDER ability for Goofy.
 Now Beast joins your party. It is a good idea to keep Goofy in your party for the 
next battle. Go back to the East Wing and into Belle's room to find the Wardrobe. 
It tells you that Belle ran after Xaldin into the Ballroom. Go back down the stairs 
and through the huge sets of doors. You can't miss them. After you get to the 
Ballroom you get into another boss fight against the Shadow Stalker. IT turns into 
Dark Thorn after you defeat it.
HP: 176
Strategy: Shadow stalker attacks by taking control of objects. Always stay 
locked-on. If at any point you lose the lock on and the monsters face appears on 
the window run into the row of pillars to dodge the monsters attack. It can also go 
into the pillars. For this you need ot defeat the pillars to be able to attack it. 
It also takes over the chandelier. When this happens run into the row of pillars to 
dodge its attack. Keep dodging its attacks and attacking it until you defeat it. 
Then it will become the Dark Thorn.

HP: 390
Strategy: Dark Thorn only takes over the chandelier. When this happens run into 
the row of pillars. Lock-on whenever it turns invisible and attack it. Use the 
Beast's limit attack whenever possible. You can also use the chandelier to damage 
it by using reaction commands. Use this whenever possible. When his health gets low 
turn into Valor form and attack him all out. Do this and heal whenever necessary to 
win. The reward is MAX HP boost and RETALIATING SLASH ability for Sora. an ITEM 
SLOT for Goofy and MAX HP boost for Donald and the Beast. After Beast and Belle are 
reunited you get the CURE ELEMENT which allows you to cure yourself during a 
battle. I suggest equiping this to the quick use list. Now we are off to the 
Olympus Coliseum to meet up with Hercules and other friends.

Part 6:
 Olympus Coliseum
 When you get ot the Olympus Coliseum you will actually start off in the 
Underworld. You should be aware that when in the Underworld your Drive gauge 
is 'locked down' making it so that you can't turn into Valor form or summon 
anything. First, you will meet Megara and she will ask you to do her a favor. Head 
to the only door that isn't blocked and enter the 'Cave of the Dead'. Head through 
the cave fighting off any enemies in your way until you reach the Inner Chamber. 
You will see an Organization XIII member telling you to "Run Away." Just keeping 
going and enter the Valley of the Dead. Proceed through the Valley of the Dead 
until you get to Hades' Chamber. You will see a cut-scene of Hades summoning Auron. 
He commands Auron to fight to the death with Hercules but he refuses and you have 
to distract Hades for a while. You can't actually hit him so just attack him until 
Auron tells you to run away. 
 Now you are being pursued by Hades and his little heartless gang. Auron joins your 
party so you can use a limit move now. The way thhis works is that at each platform 
you have to defeat all the Heartless before you are able to move on. Hades just 
stands to the side and chucks fireballs at you. Ignore him. Defeat all the 
Heartless and run to the next platform. Just keep doing this until you reach the 
exit. After you have made it out you get to fight Cerberus, the really big, mean 3 
headed dog. You have Auron in your party but Goofy and Donald aren't with you.
 Unlike in Kingdom Hearts 1 Cerberus maintains his position making it 
easier to heal yourself. Lock-on to the middle head and start attacking. Use Aurons 
limit ability as much as possible. Whenever the 2 outer heads pin you together in 
the air watch for a reaction command. If you use the reaction commands when this 
happens Cerberus will be knocked out for a couple seconds. This is a good time to 
unleash combos on him. A good time to use Auron's limit is right after he leaps to 
a new position. It inflicts a lot of damage because he is unguarded. Always attack 
the middle head because it gives you a better chance of doing the 3 step reaction 
command. Do alll this and Cerberus should be fleeing with his tail between his 
legs. The reward is an HP boost for Auron and DODGE SLASH ability for Sora.
 After your done with the Underworld go up to the Coliseum and talk to Hercules. 
While Hercules gets the Olympus Stone he sends you to Phil to train. Talk to Phil 
and do the 2 training missions (believe me you need these) After you complete the 2 
missions Hercules tells you that the Olympus Stone has been stolen and Megara has 
been abducted. Go back to the underworld and go through the green door. Search 
through the caverns until you find the person who stole the Olympus Stone. There 
isn't really a specific way to get to him so just keep looking around. After you 
look around you run into Demyx. Demyx stole the Olympus Stone so itd time to battle.

 Strategy: This is more of an event battle. The objective is to destroy 100 of 
Demyx's forms in 80 seconds. The training courses should have prepared you for 
this. The key to winning is using the Wild Dance reaction command. This is when you 
pick up one of his forms and swing them around to destroy his other forms. If you 
keep using the Wild Dance reaction command then this battle should go by fast and 
should be easy. The reward is HP boost for Sora and Goofy and Donald gets MP RAGE.
 After Demyx is defeated go into the chamber and unlock the rock with your 
keyblade. Jump into the green light to start another boss battle, this time with 

 HP: 264
 Strategy: This battle has 2 parts to it. The first part is against Pete and his 
heartless while defending Megara. So first you should destroy all the heartless 
first while sending a few hits Petes way ot keep him distracted. After the 
heartless are gone focus your attacks on Pete. Change into Valor form, if possible, 
and unload on him. Keep doing this while healing when necessary. After a while 
Hercules will come down and join in on some fun. You can use the Pinball reaction 
command to send him into Hercules and break his shield. Then you can start wacking 
him with the Keyblade again. If at any point Pete has a giant boulder over his head 
go over to Hercules and use an Aura Guard. Then start killing him again. Whenever 
Pete has a "temper tantrum" wait until its over and jump over the shockwave he 
sends out. DO this and you're sure to win. The reward is the TRINITY LIMIT for 
Sora, Goofy learns HYPER HEALING and Donald gets an HP boost.
 After the battle with Pete head back up to the Coliseum to see what all the panic 
is about. Apparently Hercules forgot to finish off the Hydra. Now its your 
responsibility to take it down.

 HP: 462
 Strategy: This battle has 3 parts. In the first part you fight the Hydra with only 
one head. It attacks with its tail. You can dodge this by timing your jump right 
and jumping over it. It also likes to shoot lightning bolts down. Stay in constant 
motion to avoid this. Lock-on and whenever its head comes down unleash combo after 
combo on it. When its HP is empty use the Vanquish reaction command to cut off its 
first head. Now the body goes limp and 3 heads shoot out from under the ground. 
Jump on the Hydra's back to do the Phil One-Two Urninator reaction command ot make 
the heads go unconcious. Jump off and destroy the heads. After each head is killed 
use the Vanquish reaction command. If you don't destroy all 3 heads within the 
limit you'll need ot start the process over again. After the 3 heads are done the 
Hyda turns into the legendary 7 headed Hydra! If you're low on HP look for Megara 
on the sidelines who will throw in some HP orbs. Keep distance between the Hydra 
when its head is flailing about. Use the same strategy as for the one with 1 head 
but now if you get close enough to the Hydra you can do the Pegasus Run reaction 
command. With this you ride on Pegasus' back and od damage to the heads. Repeat 
this ot finish off its HP. When its HP is done use the Vanquish reaction command to 
finish it off once and for all. The reward for this are HP boosts for Sora and 
Goofy, ARMOR SLOT for Donal and THUNDER ELEMENT for Sora. Sora also gets the HERO's 
CREST keyblade and new worlds to explore. Off to the Disney Castle.

Part 7:
 Disney Castle

 When you get to Disney Castle, Chip and Dale will tell you something is wrong. 
Head pu the stairs into the courtyard. There are 7 chests scattered all around the 
courtyard. Search for the chests while destroing the heartless in your way. This 
courtyard is a good place to train because heartless keep respawning. The hardest 
chest to find is on top of the building to the Gummi Hanger. After you have all the 
chests and you trained to your hearts content go through the door into the 
Colonnade. Go down the hallway and into the library to talk to Minnie. Minnie will 
tell you that she needs help getting to the Audience Chamber, the giant doors you 

 The object is to get Queen Minnie to the Audience Chamber while keeping her alive. 
There about 5 heartless spawn points throughout the path. Trigger them with Sora 
first and lead them back to Queen Minnie to use the Faith reaction command. Walk a 
little ahead when the heartless are destroyed and call Minnie over. Repeat this 
process until you reach the giant doors and use the Finish reaction command.

 Now you have to get Minnie to the throne on the other side of the room. The 
easiest way is to use the Faith Reaction command and walk ahead to a clear part and 
call Minnie over. Keep using the Faith reaction command if the Bolt Towers get too 
close. Although this isn't the fastest way to do it its the safest. You can also 
jump in and destroy the Bolt Towers 1 by 1 but they get too close to Minnie and 
cause damage. I don't suggest doing this. Repeat the Faith process until you reach 
the throne and use the Finish reaction command. The reward is an ACCESORY SLOT and 
AUTO SUMMON ability for Sora.

 In the Hall of the Cornerstone Minnie shows you what the cause is for all the 
heartless. Sora suggest Merlin and Queen Minnie agrees. Save your game and fly over 
to Hollow Bastion. Go to Merlin's house and talk to him. He teleports you back and 
conjures up a magic door to the past. Also known as Timeless River.

Part 8:
 Timeless River

 The first thing you should notice is that your appearance has changed and 
everything is in black and white. You'll run into the old Pete and Sora thinks he 
is the Nasty Pete. Follow him. Now you have to battle the old Pete. Don't worry 
because this Pete isnt hard and he isnt a boss. Attack him until he starts running 
around and use the About-Face reaction command ot get him to stop. Continue doing 
this and you'll win. Now Pete will say something about his boat being stolen.

 After the fight with Pete you return to Cornerstone Hill and discover 4 doors. 
Each one is sort of a mini-game. Enter the one on the far left. In this one yo have 
to destroy all the heartless before they fill up the Mayhem gauge. Sometimes you 
get thrown up into the air. Use the Air Slash reaction command ot attack while 
still in the air. Repeat this until all the heartless are destroyed. You will see a 
 In the door next to the far left one you have to destroy all the monsters while 
protecting the town. Use the cannon tower in the middle to temporarily stun the 
enemies so you can attack them. Then lock-on and attack. There is also a Mayhem 
Gauge in this game. Destroy all the heartless to win. Make good use of the cannon 
tower in the middle.
 The next door has you protecting the building. Switch into Valor form if you can 
and attack the cars first. You also have to make sure the Mayhem gauge doesn't fill 
up in this one. Defeat all the heartless to win.
 The last door is Mickey's house. This also has a Mayhem gauge. To beat this attack 
the black portal in the middle to close it up. Then attack the heartless. Whenever 
the portal opens attack it and then fight the heartless. Repeat this until you win. 
Now check up on Good Pete again.

 The Bad Pete is trying ot get away with the Cornerstone of Light. This fight takes 
place in two parts. In the first part you have to hit back the trash Pete is 
throwing at you using the reaction commmands. Keep hitting the trash back until you 
start the second part. Now you have to destroy the box holding the Cornerstone of 
Light. Go over to the crane and use the Hang On reaction command. While dangling 
attack the box. Whenever you see a Hang On reaction command use it so you dont fall 
off the crane. Repeat this until you win. The reward is SLAPSHOT for Sora, AUTO 
LIMIT and FANTASIA for Donald, and an HP boost for Goofy.

 The battle isn't over yet. Follow him to the Wharf to find Good Pete fighting Bad 
Pete. Go over to them and break it up to start a boss battle with Bad Pete.

HP: 764
Strategy: Good Pete joins you in this fight. You have to fight Pete in all the 
rooms you previously went through. First, you fight him in the Wharf. If Good Pete 
ever becomes too excited use the About-Face reaction command to calm him down. 
After a little while you get moved to the Scene of the Fire room. This is a 
standard fight just attack him. If he ever uses a shield use the Pnball reaction 
command to break it. Now you go to Mickey's house. Hit the black portal to turn it 
off and attack Pete. Use the Pinball reaction command to break his shield then 
attack him. Repeat what you did in the first room with the next room to beat it. 
Then in the Building Site you get thrown up into the air so you can use the Air 
Slash reaction command on Pete too. Just attack him and use the Reaction command 
when in the air and the Pinball reaction command to win. The reward is REFLECT 
ELEMENT for Sora, GOOFY TORNADO for Goofy, and HP boosts for Sora and Donald
 Before you leave you seal the keyhole and get the MONOCHROME Keyblade for Sora.

 Go through the door to Disney Castle. When you get back everything is back to 
normal and Daisy Duck is there. After you seal the keyhole at Disney Castle yo get 
the Widom Form. Off to Port Royal.

Part 9:
 Port Royal
 coming soon...

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