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 Sorry about the walkthrough but since there is too many I am just going to tell 
about graphics,Gameplay, and Secrets.Is KingDom Hearts worth your money Yes it is.
In this game you can play with Sora,Roxas,Mickey,and Rikku.

Roxas you get to play with him at the beggining of the game(how long aleast 3 
Sora you get to play with him through him aleast 97% of the game.
You play as Mickey when Sora dies in a battle sometimes.
You play as Rikku in the final battle when Sora is in trouble.

There are new charaters like Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, Nobodies, Roxas, Stich, Pete, 
chicken little, Tron, and many many more!!!

Plus there are new worlds and some old. Check out the list of worlds.

Port Royal
Pride Rock
Hollow Bastion
Timeless River
Space Paranoid
Twilight Town

And Many Many More!!!!

Gummi Ship

In this Game the Gummi Ship is actually fun.When you beat the missions you get 
extra ships with power. You get to fight big ships. This gummi ship is much bether 
then Kingdom Hearts. In this game you will never have to yawn at the Gummi ship 
again. I will tell you more about Gummi Ships later So keep coming back for more 


Summons are back in this game most of them are creative. I give you the list of all 
the summons I have.

Chicken Little
Peter Pan

These are all the summons I have if there is more I put them 


Drives is a ability when Sora transform into a form with Extra power.I will tell 
you the name of the forms and what there good at.

Valor Form- With the help of Goofy you can transform to Valor Form. This Form is 
good at rapidly attacking a target with great strength.
Wisdom Form- With the help of Donald you can tranform to Wisdom Form. This Form 
Magic increased and you can shoot blue energy blast.
Master Form- With the help of two friends you can transform to Master Form. This 
Form is good with strength and Magic.You can use as many combos as you want with 


Now I know there is a qustions from trailers.

In the trailer Deep Dive is the white hair kid Riku? Yes.
Who is the kid that toss the oathkeeper to Riku? Believe or not that kid is Roxas.
Do you fight thousands of heartless at once? Yes you must defeat them all with just 
Who is the 13th member? The 13th member is Roxas.
How did Ansem come back from the dead? Riku fought Roxas he lost.Nest time they met 
the only way Riku could defeat Roxas is to become darkness itself there he took the 
form of Ansem.
What OrganizationXIII members do you fight? Xigbar,Xaldin,Saix,Axel,Demyx,Luxord, 
and the surperior.
Who is the surperior? He is the nobody of Ansem.
Why did Roxas throw is Keyblade?When he threw his keyblade he said whats going on 
to get anwsers about the keyblade, nobodies, and OrganizationXIII members.
Who is Roxas? Sora's nobody
Is Auron evil? When you go back to hercules world 2nd visit you will find out Hades 
has control of Auron from a Auron doll.

More qustion coming Soon.

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