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Kingdom Hearts


Okay First of all this is my very first faq so dont think I suck at 

After the song goes on youll end up in this "place".Okay I will make this 
quick,choose the sword loose the staff. Do the stuff then go through  the 
door.Okay you end up in another "place".   Thenthese things apere,you may 
refer to them as Kingdom Hearts version of goombas.Okay there actully called 
heartless,they have 60HP so kill them and  go up the 
 stairs.Yeah,just what we need, the "goombas" to get there big brother on us 
heres a picture of it.



 OK this is retarted,A BOSS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME!Number one, attack 
its hand and if it summons its little brothers jus keep attacking the hand,and 
dont bother with the little heartless.Use your potion if needed.
Keep doin this and you beat it!

Go to the Destiny Islands for dummies to get a destiny islands walk through 
then come back because I dont want to explain this crud.

Traverse Town
Just explore this place for awile and eventully have to battle Leon,yes the 
one and only Sqall Leoneort the chosen one of the gun blade,yadda yadda 
yadda.But you have the keyblade.You dont have to win just lose, but if you 
beat him good for you.Youll wake up in the green room where Leon blabbers on 
about the heartless after his lecture talk to him choose yes.Dont bother with 
the little ones just go to the third district.There will be Knight 
heartless,this time Donald and Goofy are battling with you,beat them and...its 
a boss. note:be atleast lv.8 when you do this,stock up on items if you want 

Gaurd Armor

This is pretty easy if you know whats coming.(You atack its body parts sepret)
If you see it draw back run because its going to spin around and thats deadly 
if it hits you.When you see it bend over keep jumping,why, see for youre 
self.When only the core is left its helpless so just beat the living krap out 
of it.Listen to the cutscene or your hopeless.


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