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Created by Realm117
Version 1.0
Last updated 2011-06-26
Hosted by Gamefaqs

Table of 

1. Introduction (INT1)
2. Characters (CHA2)
3. Controls (CON3)
4. Wall Weapons (WEA1_4)
5. Mystery Box Weapons (WEA2_5)
6. Perks & Machines (P&M6)
7. Starting Out (STO7)
8. Mid-Game (M-G8)
9. Later Rounds (LR9)
10. Bonus Stuff (BST10)
11. Closing (CLO11)
12. Contact and Legal Information (CLI12)



"Entry 741021! Perhaps the station will hold the key to the 
real goals of Group 935. I still do not trust my 
unconventional allies, but they are of great use to me. 
But, I digress. Who would have thought the MDT was capable 
of time travel? How many stations does this group have? 
Where has that little girl disappeared to? Only time will 
tell what new questions await us in this…THEATER OF THE 

Hello, and welcome to my FAQ of Kino der Toten, or, 
translated, "Theater of the Dead". Above is the intro to 
this new installment of Nazi Zombies. Unless you have 
played past Zombies levels (Shi No Numa, Der Riese), you 
will probably not understand the above paragraph. Nazi 
Zombies consists of you playing as one of four characters 
trapped in an area fending off a horde of unlimited Nazi 
zombies. This game series has grown into a very large 
storyline, dealing with how the zombie menace first 
started. The characters listed below were last seen at Der 
Riese, German for "The Giant", basically a 'zombie factory' 
in Germany. Then they somehow teleported from the mid 
1940's to an abandoned German theater in the 1960's. This 
is their story.



Tank Dempsey---------------------------------------

"Die, you undead flesh addict!"

Dempsey fought against the Japanese during World War II. He 
was sent to various zombie-infested places after the war 
with several men. Each journey, he was the sole survivor. 
He's just awesome like that. He was sent to a swamp in 
Japan with the other characters listed here to investigate 
zombies. Sure enough, they were there. But this time, the 
other characters survived with Dempsey, and now he's here 
in Kino der Toten.

Nikolai Belinski-----------------------------------

"Vodka for everybody!"

Nikolai, a known vodka addict, went with Dempsey and the 
others to the swamp in Japan and ended up in a theater. 
Other than that, not much is known about Nikolai. He was 
part of the Red Army in World War II, and Stalin sent him 
on the mission to the swamp. He has had numerous wives, 
each of which died under mysterious circumstances. His 
hatred for all things living makes him a valuable ally. And 
yes, he has issues with people touching him.

Takeo Masaki---------------------------------------

"Your karma has improved!"

The Masaki clan has a strong, rich Japanese heritage, and 
Takeo Masaki honors that heritage-by killing everything 
that gets in his way. He is obsessed with honor and 
pleasing the spirits. He was commissioned by the Emperor to 
take part in a special mission to the Japanese swamp with 
the others. Now being hunted by the zombies, he has no 
choice but to avenge his fallen ancestors.

Dr. Edward Richtofen-------------------------------

"I take your pain! I put my straw in it! *SHLUUURP* and I 
drink it up!" 

Dr. Richtofen helped to create zombies with his partner, 
Dr. Maxis. Now he's forced to kill his beautiful creations. 
Since the zombies escaped after he killed Maxis, he's been 
slowly going insane. But that’s okay. He likes killing 
things in ways most painful. He often tortures people to 
death. He's much like Dr. Mengele from the holocaust. 
Trapped in a German theater, he kills mercilessly until 
escape is possible. But is it?


NOTE: This guide was meant for the PS3 version of the game. 
Controls for other versions will differ.

Left analog stick: Move character
Right analog stick: Move camera, press to use knife
Top analog button: Deploy claymores (See WEA1_4)
Left/right analog buttons: Use grenade launchers (See 
Square button: Use/activate/buy/grab
X button: Jump
Circle button: Crouch/strafe/stand
Triangle button: Change weapon
L1 button: Aim
L2 button: Throw Monkey Bomb (See WEA2_5)
R1 button: Shoot
R2 button: Throw grenade (NOTE: Holding the R2 button down 
'bakes' the grenade. The longer you bake it, the quicker it 
takes for it to blow up. Just don't bake it for too long…)


Wall Weapons 

There are two kinds of weapons in the Zombies games. There 
are weapons that you can buy directly from the wall and 
weapons you can buy directly from the Mystery Box. This 
section deals with the Wall Weapons of the game.

Cost: N/A
Room: Lobby
Type: Melee
Upgrades to: N/A

The classic knife. Use mainly to kill crawlers, zombies 
without legs. Highly useful in first few rounds, then 
becomes foolish to use. 

Cost: N/A
Room: Lobby
Type: Pistol
Upgrades to: Mustang & Sally-Fires rockets, dual wield.

This is the gun you start out with. Use it mainly to gain 
points in first rounds, as well as to wound before knifing. 

Steilhand Grenades-----------------------------------------
Room: Projectors booth
Type: Explosive
Upgrades to: N/A

I, myself, usually don't use grenades unless I'm in the 
projectors booth. You'll see what I mean.

Cost: 500
Room: Lobby
Type: Shotgun (Double-Barrel)
Upgrades to: Hades-Shoots slug shells, reloads faster.

The Olympia packs a wallop in the first 5 rounds or so. But 
double-barrel shotguns are rather bothersome, if not fun, 
in Zombies.

Cost: 500
Room: Lobby 
Type: Rifle
Upgrades to: Mnesia

I don't really use the M14, but it's good for getting 

Cost: 1000
Room: Second floor hall
Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: Tokyo and Rose-Dual wield.

Buy this when you go through the top door from the lobby 
and have 1000 to 2000 points.

Cost: 1000
Room: First floor hall
Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: MPL-LF

Pretty much the same as the PM63.

Cost: 1500
Room: Foyer
Type: Shotgun
Upgrades to: Raid-Reloads 2 shells at a time.

I love this gun! But I usually don't buy it, as it can be a 
pain to reload when a hundred zombies are gaining on you.

Cost: 1000
Room: Foyer
Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: The Afterburner

I usually buy this, but beware-it has a crappy ammo 

Cost: 1200
Room: Alley
Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: AK74fu2

I wish they had out in an AK47 instead of this. Oh well!

Cost: 1000
Room: Dressing room
Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: M115 Kollider

Similar to the MPL and PM63.

Cost: 1250
Room: Stage
Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: Skullcrusher-Has a grenade launcher.

The classic M16! Love it! It's powerful, but it has bad 
ammo efficiency. This model has a 3-shot burst. I wish it 

Cost: 1000
Room: Stage
Type: Explosive
Upgrades to: N/A

The claymore is a mine. You can place it pretty much 
anywhere. When a zombie steps on it- Boom. I never buy 
these, I prefer grenades. Put them in a doorway so that 
when one zombie steps on it, it kills a bunch of them at a 

Bowie Knife------------------------------------------------
Cost: 3000
Room: Theater
Type: Melee
Upgrades to: N/A

It's long. It's sharp. It's a Bowie Knife. This replaces 
your standard knife and does way more damage than it.


Mystery Box Weapons 

The Mystery box is a strange wooden box that spawns 
randomly on the map each game. It contains a variety of 
weapons. Opening the box for a random weapon costs 950 
points. But beware- If you spawn the doll, the box moves to 
a different location. These are the weapons you can get.

Type: Pistol
Upgrades to: Calamity

Type: Revolver
Upgrades to: Cobra- Adds a speed loader.

FN FAL-----------------------------------------------------
Type: Rifle
Upgrades to: EPC WN

Type: Sniper Rifle
Upgrades to: D115 Disassembler

Type: Sniper Rifle
Upgrades to: L115 Isolator

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: Phantom

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: G115 Generator

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: G16-GL35

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: H115 Oscillator

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: Lamentation

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: Predator- Adds a dual mag.

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: R115 Resonator

Type: Machine gun
Upgrades to: AUG-50M3

China Lake-------------------------------------------------
Type: RPG
Upgrades to: China Beach

M72 LAW----------------------------------------------------
Type: RPG
Upgrades to: M72 Anarchy

Type: Shotgun
Upgrades to: Typhoid and Mary-Dual wield.

Ballistic Knife--------------------------------------------
Type: Other
Upgrades to: The Krauss Refibulator-Revives downed 

Type: Other
Upgrades to: Awful Lawton

Monkey Bombs-----------------------------------------------
Type: Explosive
Upgrades to: N/A

When you throw these, zombies horde around it while it 
dances around a while, then it explodes, killing the 
zombies near it. Use it as a distraction. 

Ray Gun----------------------------------------------------
Type: Pistol
Upgrades to: Porters X2 Ray Gun

Type: Other
Upgrades to: Zeus Cannon


Perks & Machines 

In Nazi Zombies, there are a variety of cool gadgets that 
help you massacre the undead menace. Perks are randomly 
dropped from killing zombies and give you temporary 
abilities. Perks-a-Cola are sodas that give you permanent 
abilities. So, here they are!


Double Points----------------------------------------------
The Double Points icon is a green "X2". Getting this perk, 
obviously, gives you twice the points for each shot or 
kill. It's a perfect time to repair the barriers.

The Carpenter icon is a green hammer. Activating this perk 
repairs all barriers in the map that are broken, and then 
giving you all the points from repairing them.

The Insta-Kill icon is a green skull. Activating it gives 
you a 30-second rampage in which each zombie dies from one 
bullet, knife, or grenade. It's pretty awesome. Rack up 
those points by knifing all or most zombies!

Max Ammo---------------------------------------------------
The Max Ammo icon is a green ammo box. When you pick it up, 
it gives you maximum ammo for your weapons. This always 
spawns at the end of the dogs rounds.

The Nuke icon is a green atom bomb. Activating it makes 
every head of each zombie in the map explode. It then gives 
you 400 points.

The Firesale icon is a green dog tag. Once activated, it 
makes a mystery box spawn in every room of the map.


Quick Revive-----------------------------------------------
This is the most important Perks-a-Cola for the solo 
player. In solo mode, the Quick Revive machine in the lobby 
is on and you can buy it for 500 points. This allows you to 
revive yourself when you're downed in solo. You can only 
buy 3 per game, so be careful. 

Double Tap Root Beer---------------------------------------
This machine is located at the beginning of the alley area. 
It costs 1500 points and allows you to shoot faster. 
Personally, I think it's useless. But do what you want.

Speed Cola-------------------------------------------------
This is a pretty important thing to buy. Speed Cola costs 
3000 points and allows you to reload weapons faster. In the 
later rounds, reloading takes time that you should be 
running or shooting, so this helps.

This is another important soda. It costs 2500 points and 
gives you more stamina. When you drink it, that is, it 
takes zombies more hits to down you. I often use this as a 
substitute when I no longer have Quick Revive.

Kino der Toten revolves around this invention. It's the big 
black thing you see when you first turn on the power in the 
stage. Go inside and press the square button to activate 
it, and then run back into the lobby. Remember that pad you 
started out on? Well, go back on it and press square again. 
This activates, or 'links', the teleporter. Run back to the 
teleporter and press the square button again to teleport.

This machine will upgrade any gun for 5000 points, with the 
exception of explosives and melee weapons.  When you 
teleport, you will go to a small room with the film camera 
in it. At the back of the room, there is a Pack-a-Punch 
machine. So toss in a gun and see what happens. Upgrading a 
gun will give the gun upgraded damage, extra ammo, and a 
cool new look and name to boot. It is an awesome device, 
plain and simple.


Starting Out 

Okay, enough beating around the bush. Now I'm here to give 
you a good solo strategy. But remember-It takes pure skill 
and dumb luck to get far into the game. The mystery box 
spawns randomly every game, and every game is different. So 
just keep at it.

Round 1----------------------------------------------------

The moment you start the game, head over to the Quick 
Revive machine in the corner and use all your points to buy 
it. In this room, DO NOT buy a gun. And in round 1, knife 
only. Conserve your ammo for rounds 2 and 3, maybe 4. 
Knifing gives you good points, and it's Insta-Kill in the 
first round. Now, in the first round, you can either wait 
for the zombies to break into the room, stab them, and grab 
any perks it might have dropped, or you can just go around 
the barricades and knife them before they break in. Your 
choice, but I usually knife them right away. When the round 
is over, repair the barricades. Don't move on yet.

Round 2----------------------------------------------------

Again, try not to shoot the zombies in this round. And 
don't buy any guns yet. In this round, it takes 2 stabs to 
kill a zombie, so just knife them. When you press the knife 
button, IMMEDIATELY move back or the zombie will probably 
hit you. Try not to knife a zombie when it's in a cluster 
of other zombies, because they will hit you, and probably 
down you.  If I get too cocky and get downed in the first 
couple of rounds, I just restart the game. But if you get 
downed, just buy another Quick Revive. When the round is 
up, repair the barricades.

Round 3----------------------------------------------------

It now takes 3 stabs to kill a zombie, so only stab them 
when they are breaking in. When they get out, shoot them 8 
times in the leg or groin (as if Nazis have anything 
there!) and knife them. When you run out of ammo, chuck 
grenades at them or knife them. Repair the barricades.

Round 4----------------------------------------------------

When the round starts, shoot whatever ammo you have left, 
throw your last grenades, and move up the stairs and 
through the door. I always go through the top way, as it's 
easier and has more weapons. If you have 1000-2990 points, 
buy the PM63 on the wall in the new room. If you have 3000 
points or more, move on into the next room. This new room 
is split into two halves. In the half farthest from the 
starting room, there is a hole in the ceiling that zombies 
come out of, so be careful. Move on when you have enough 
points or are out of ammo. 

Dog Rounds-------------------------------------------------

In rounds 5, 6, or 7, Hellhounds come. They come every 5 or 
6 rounds. You know it's a dog round when the air turns blue 
and a voice says, "Fetch me their souls!" I'm usually in 
the foyer at this point, and so should you, so crouch in 
the corner with the stacked-up tables. Whip out your best 
weapon at this point and shoot the Hellhounds that come at 
you. When the round is over, a Max Ammo is your reward. 
Tip: Reload before grabbing the perk. 

Rounds 5-10------------------------------------------------

Try to stay in the foyer until the dog round is done. Then 
move on to the makeup room. This is a bad place to stay, so 
move to the back of the room and stay near the big doors 
leading to the stage. When you have the points, move on. 
Now you're on the stage. Move to the other side of the area 
and flip the switch. This will raise the curtains and turn 
the power on. Step in the teleporter, link it in the lobby, 
and waste every last zombie to complete the round. Wait in 
the teleporter until a whole lot of zombies come, then 
teleport. You will be transported to the projectors booth. 
Look over the edge. When a large group of zombies mass 
together, chuck your grenades at them. There are more 
grenades on the wall here if you need them. After a little 
while you will be transported back to the lobby.

Mid-Game (M-

This is where the game gets tough. Since you turn the power 
on, zombies get faster and Gas Crawlers start trying to 
kill you. Zombies are also tougher. At this point, I will 
deploy the 5 rules of Nazi Zombies.

1. Always reload. Reload after you kill every zombie, even 
if you only used 1 bullet/shell. 

2. Check your back. When there are no zombies in front of 
you, make sure that no zombies are tailing you.

3. Be prepared. Zombies are everywhere, so make sure you 
are always ready to react when you see one.

4. Know your area. When in a room, make sure you know where 
the exits are and where there are tactical vantage points 
in case of Hellhounds. 

5. Run. Always run when you're not reloading, because 
zombies can pop up behind you and down you in an instant.

Also at this time, I will deploy what I call the 
'semicircle technique'. This is simply a process in which 
you run through every room, link the teleporter, run 
through every room, teleport, and begin the process over 
again. During mid-game, you should take the time to get 
Perks-a-Cola. The Double Tap Root Beer machine is not in 
the upper path, but don't worry-It's useless. Before you 
get Perks-a-Cola, try to Pack-a-Punch your weapons. Upgrade 
your weaker weapon first, then your strongest weapon. When 
you have 2 upgraded guns and at least 3 Perks-a-Cola 
enabled, buy the Bowie Knife, located next to the Juggernog 
machine. When all this is done, keep using the semicircle 


Later Rounds 

If you have everything at this point, just keep surviving. 
If you get downed, buy another Quick Revive. Remember, you 
can only buy 3, and then the machine disappears. 
Afterwards, buy Perks-a-Cola again. If your gun runs out of 
ammo, buy a new gun from the mystery box or wall, or 
replenish ammo if it’s a wall weapon. Solo mode is very 
hard, and the highest round you can go to is round 99. And 
in that round, it takes a LOT of ammo to kill just one 
zombie. Never give up, and keep trying. Good luck-you'll 
need it.


Bonus Stuff 

There are 3 meteors. One is in the lobby, one is in the 
dressing room, and one is in the room after the alley. I 
wonder what happens if you activated them all?

There are 5 portraits somewhere in the map. Try pressing 
square near them. 

There are 2 interestingly shaped blood stains somewhere on 
the first floor of the lobby. 

Do you know of the first map pack Zombies map? Is there a 
hint of it in the presidential office?

Say, what are those blue canisters on the stage? What's 
inside them?

What if you shot a Gas Crawler with the ray gun or 

There is a knocking sound in the dressing room. Where is it 
coming from?  What's making it?

Where's the bathroom?

There are 3 film canisters in the random rooms you teleport 
to, one in each room. Where do they go?

What does Richtofen think about the dentist's chair?



Nazi Zombies is a fun add-on to the Call of Duty series. It 
was meant to be un-beatable. Learning a good technique for 
survival takes a while to really stick, but with practice 
comes awesomeness. Don't take it badly if you don't last 
long. Relax! It's a game! So have fun!


Contact and Legal Information (CLI12)==============

Do you think you're better than me in solo mode in Nazi 
Zombies? Got any tips for me? Can I improve this FAQ or did 
I leave anything out? My email address is 
[email protected], so feel free to ask any questions 
or add tips, or even to say hi.  

You MAY use this FAQ for your own FAQ, but only if you give 
me credit for it. This is my guide to Kino der Toten and I 
do not represent or own Treyarch, Nazi Zombies, the Call of 
Duty franchise, Ativision, Playstation and its affiliates, 
or the Playstation Network.   

Version History--------------------------------------------
V. 0.50**********************************Added sections 1-6
V. 0.99*********************************Added sections 7-12
V. 1.0******************************Added Legal Information

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