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Kung Fu Gecko’s Unofficial FAQ and Strategy Guide for
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                               by Kung Fu Gecko
                                  (Garett Choy)


1 Introduction
    a Preface
    b Spoiler warning 
    c Background
    d Disclaimer
    e Copyright
    f Where to get this FAQ
    z Version history
2 Your Submarine
    a Weapons
    b Equipment
    c Upgrades and Repairs
3 Economics
    a Prospecting
    b Trading
4 Political Factions
5 Missions
6 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats
    a Cool things to do
    b Cool things to see
    c Cheats



I wrote this FAQ because I enjoyed playing Sub Culture very much.  I hope 
you find this information useful.  I’m not affiliated in any way with 
either Criterion Studios or Ubisoft.  Sub Culture is a very fun, well done 
game.  Although it may be too absent of tough combat gameplay to appeal to 
the macho masses, it can appeal to those looking for action/simulations 
with a variety of missions.  The tasks of each mission varies greatly and 
you will use your sub and its equipment in ways you wouldn’t immediately 
think of.  Graphics are incredible, especially with a 3dfx card, and the 
sound and music add to the environment nicely.  You will probably find 
yourself just exploring around enjoying the ocean and its aquatic sea life.

Note: To experience the most enjoyment (and as many missions as possible), 
take missions from both Procha and Bohine factions.  Don’t worry about 
allegiances, because even if they say they hate you, they’ll still hire you 
to do work they need to get done.  There really isn’t much consequence from 
the factions hating you for working with the other side.  The game will 
seem rather short if you stick to one side.


This FAQ contains information and tips which may spoil your experience and 
enjoyment of the game Sub Culture since it reveals information before you 
experience it for yourself.  I recommend that you only use this if you’ve 
played it to completion by yourself, or you are stuck and need some hints 
to move forward.  


The world of Sub Culture is in the ocean of the planet Earth, where tiny 
human-like beings live in underwater cities and travel by submarine.  You 
are Bubba Kosh, one of those centimeter tall humans.  The opening video 
reveals that Bubba Kosh was forced out of his home by the unfortunate 
incident of a tin can (from the big people above) crushing his home on the 
ocean floor.  Bubba survived because he was out in his sub prospecting for 
thorium.  With his home crushed and only his sub, Bubba becomes a 
prospector and freelance mercenary.


This document is meant for unofficial informational purposes only, and is 
not for profit.  It is not endorsed by Criterion Studios or Ubisoft. 
Company names, logos and product names are trademarks or registered 
trademarks of their respective holders.


This document is copyright Jan 1998, Garett Choy.  Permission is granted to 
reproduce, provided it remains whole and intact.  No modifications, 
deletions, or additions may be made without the expressed written 
permission of the author.

If you would like to comment or make suggestions about this FAQ, you can 
email me at: [email protected]


v1.0   First published draft of this FAQ.
v1.0b  Removed quotation from Ubisoft’s website to 
         make this FAQ completely original.
v1.1   Added section 1f, "Where to get this FAQ".
       Included location information of Pearls and 
         Oysters (Thanks to Scott Hagie)
       General editing
v1.1b  Added bubble gun to equipment section
v1.1c  Updated contact email address

2 YOUR SUBMARINE - the mighty yellow submarine

Your submarine is a little yellow vehicle, and it’s the only one you can 
drive in the entire game.  It looks almost as if the designer was thinking 
about a cartoonish, round blowfish.  But as cute as it may be, you find 
that it can do a lot.  It will do everything from rescue disabled subs, 
haul debris of various types, and hold its own when fighting hostile subs.  
It has a semitransparent bubble shaped view glass which you can barely make 
out the lit control panels inside the sub.  It has three propeller jets; 2 
on the side, and one in the back.  The one in the back isn’t nearly as 
powerful as you would think and it can only be used for forward or 
backwards propulsion.  The two side jets are surprisingly strong and are 
used to ascend and descend, or to aid in forward propulsion.  There is a 
tendency for the sub to move forwards slightly when you ascend or descend 
since the side jets must rotate from their forward orientation to the up or 
down orientation.

Top Speed - This refers to the fastest speed your unhindered sub can go.  
This is pretty much useless information because it’s always 100.  The 
whoosh drive will temporarily increase your speed to 166.

Hull Strength - You start at 100, and with Hull Strength applications 
(bought at cities) you can increase this by 20 for each applied hull 
strengthener.  Although expensive, this is entirely worth the money.  It 
effectively stretches the life of your shields by the value ratio of your 
hull strength over 100.  Try it, you’ll see how much more pounding you can 
take with it.

Shield Level - This shows your current shield level.  You max out at 100.  
You should seriously consider applying a shield repair when your shield 
level drops below 30 or you are about to take on a dangerous mission.

Radiation level - This shows how much radiation resistance your ship has 
when exposed to radiation.  The higher the value, the slower your ship 
takes damage when in the presence of radiation.  A Geiger counter is 
included with your sub, and when it blinks with the yellow radiation 
symbol, you are being exposed to dangerous (and damaging) levels of 

Mounts - There are ten mounting positions on your submarine where you can 
mount your equipment and weapons.  Each mounting position can only contain 
one item at a time, and items are restricted their appropriate mounting 
point.  The following list describes the position of the mount on your sub 
and what items can be mounted there.

Mount 1 : front [mini zapper, zapper upgrade]
Mount 2 : forward center, above glass dome [deep sea light]
Mount 3 : center, underside [suck-o-matic, magnet, grappling hook, escape 
Mount 4 : right side [missile launcher, ripper]
Mount 5 : top, sides of mast [repellertron, attractatron, whoosh drive, 
electro bolt]
Mount 6 : left side [big ears]
Mount 7 : rear center, underside [ROV, depth charge launcher]
Mount 8 : top, front of mast [FLR-1000, FLR-1500, strobe]
Mount 9 : rear top center [bubble gun]
Mount 10: none

2a WEAPONS - keeping the peace

There are hostile people in this underwater world and you’ll need weapons 
to defend yourself from them, or to terrorize innocents yourself.  Each 
weapon will only attach to one mount location.  Because of this, during a 
mission you will only be able to switch to one weapon of each mounting 
type.  (I.E. You can not have both missiles and the ripper weapon available 
during a mission because they both use the same mount location.)  Weapons 
cost money to buy, and several cost money to use (to pay for the 
ammunition).  You will need to consider this economic factor when choosing 
which weapons to use.  If you want to be economical, use your zapper most 
of the time.  Or, you can splurge with fun weapons like homing missiles and 
the ripper gun, so long as your income can support your habit.

Not all weapons will be available at the beginning of the game, but as the 
game progresses they will be made available.  Prices will vary from city to 
city so if you want the best deal, check around for pricing.  As the story 
progresses prices seem to increase.  So if you see a weapon you want (or 
anticipate needed) and you have the money, buy it.

Mini Zapper - This is your starting weapon and it’s quite weak.  It has 
terribly short range, but at least it has unlimited use; you don’t have to 
ever buy ammo for it.  The minizapper will have a tendency to "lock on" to 
the victim provided you can keep the victim in front of you.  This is an 
excellent weapon for when you are tailing a hostile sub.  A word of caution 
though: because of its short range, do not use this weapon to destroy 
mines; you will be caught in the blast radius when the mine is destroyed 
and you will take some damage.

Zapper Upgrade - The zapper upgrade is exactly that: an improved version of 
the minizapper.  If you have the money, you should get this weapon as soon 
as it’s available.  If you don’t have the money, then get the money and buy 
this weapon.  It’s the most useful weapon in the game.  Like the 
minizapper, it requires no money be spent on ammo.  Unlike the minizapper, 
it has twice the range (now you can safely blow up mines) and does twice 
the damage.

Torpedo - Sold in packs of 16, this weapon requires that you have a torpedo 
launcher mounted on your ship.   They are unguided, but fast.  About three 
direct torpedo hits is what it takes to destroy a Procha/Bohine sub.  
Because they are unguided, you’ll have to learn to lead your target in 
order to score a hit.

Homers - This is the guided version of the torpedo.  They will 
indiscriminately lock onto the nearest target in range.  Homers are sold in 
packs of 4, and require a missile launcher.  Because they use the same 
torpedo launcher, homers and standard torpedoes can both be available 
during missions.

Ripper - This is the mini-gatling gun of Sub Culture.  It fires 12 rounds 
per second and hits instantly.  The range is very good, and it makes a cool 
mini-gun sound as you tear into your victim.  Explosive clouds bleed out of 
your victim as your score hits with this mean weapon.  The only down side 
is it’s cost of operation; it guzzles ammo, and ripper ammo isn’t cheap.

Electro Bolt - I call this the "ball of electric death".  This weapon takes 
a couple seconds to create the energy projectile when you fire it.  It 
shoots a ball of electricity which causes a devastating amount of damage to 
any victim it hits.  It also damages the unfortunate victims caught in the 
vicinity of its impact by emitting incident streams of electricity.  This 
weapon is excellent for demolishing slow targets like walkers and tight 
packs of hostile subs.  It has unlimited use, but after firing the ammo 
counter display goes to zero and charges up to 99.  You have to wait till 
it’s fully charged before firing it again.

Depth Charge - The manual must have been printed before the game was 
finished.  These aren’t the "barrel charges" the picture in the manual 
suggests, these are stream-lined drop bomb weapons.  Regardless, these are 
for killing things below you.  Relative to your zapper, missiles, and 
ripper gun, the depth charges are not very effective in dogfighting.  
However, these weapons are necessary for completing certain missions where 
you must drop an explosive device into some type of hole.  You will need a 
charge launcher to use this weapon.

2b EQUIPMENT - tools of the trade

Bubble Gun - This device mounts on the top rear spine of your sub and emits 
bubbles when activated.  It seems to be pretty useless since it doesn't 
emit that many bubbles or affect anyone around you.  The manual alludes to 
this being some kind of camouflage or distraction device, but I've yet to 
see it.

Deep-Sea Lights - Your sub comes standard with these headlights.  These 
lights, aimed at a 45 degree angle down in front of you are used to 
illuminate your path when it gets too dark to see (at night or in a cave).  
They may be left on indefinitely, but if you leave them on in day light 
you’ll miss the dancing shadows on the ocean floor from the sun light as it 
gets refracted by the ocean surface.

Big Ears - This launcher contains only 5 eavesdropping devices which can be 
shot from your sub to attach to the target.  Once a successful attachment 
is made, the eavesdropping device broadcasts radio communication to and 
from the target back to you so you can hear what’s going on.

Escape Pod - Contrary to what your intuition is telling you, the escape pod 
is not for you to escape in, but rather for you to help others move from 
(and to) other vehicles to (and from) your sub.  This mounts under the sub.

Strobe - This literally is a strobe.  I have yet to discover its use.  
You’ll get a headache if you use it as your only light source.  The manual 
says it "hypnotizes" some species, but I never encountered it.

ROV - This cool, cute little remote-controlled robot sub attaches under 
your sub.  You can use it to squeeze into tight places your sub won’t fit 
in, reconnaissance areas your sub would draw unwanted attention, and to 
operate equipment when you can’t be there.  Don’t let it go too far away 
from you though.  It has limited range; static on the viewscreen will let 
you know you are getting out of range.  If the ROV goes out of range you 
will lose contact with it forever and you will have to buy another one.  To 
dock the ROV, drive it near the underside of your sub or drive your sub 
above the ROV.  When the computer asks if you want to dock the ROV, say 
(y)es.  It will take a few moments, so wait for the ROV to dock (you will 
automatically regain control of your sub when the docking completes).  From 
the external view, you can see your little ROV hugging the underside of 
your sub when it’s docked.  The ROV has no vertical or reverse thrusters.

Suck-O-Matic - This vacuum like tool mounts under your sub and is used to 
collect Thorium shards and pearls from open oysters.  It can hold a maximum 
of 5 objects at a time.  This is mounted on your sub when the game begins. 
No, you can’t use it to suck up blown up fish chunks.  I wish, too.

Magnet - This magnet mounts under your sub and is used to collect metal 
object such as copper coins and bottle caps.  This tool is also use to tow 
downed subs or other metal objects.  Buy this as soon as you can.

Grappling Hook - The hook mounts under your sub and is used to grab whole 
thorium crystals and cigarette butts.  It’s not used for anything but 
making money, so you might want to buy the magnet first.

Missile Launcher - This item mounts right side of the sub.  It is necessary 
if you want to use torpedoes or homing torpedoes.

Charge Launcher - This item mounts on the left side of the sub and is 
required for use of depth charges.

Whoosh Drive - This drive system will give your sub a turbo boost of speed.  
It is mounted in the back of your sub.  When activated, your sub will 
travel at a top speed of 166 compared to the normal 100.  It has limited 
use however as it only contains about 99 seconds of usage. Used sparingly 
and only when needed, one whoosh drive will last the entire storyline.  
This is excellent for outrunning hostile subs, giving you more speed when 
towing a large object, when you just need as much speed as you can get, or 
when you are too impatient to travel at "regular" speeds.

Flares - These come in two varieties: the FLR-1000 and the FLR-1500.  Both 
have an unlimited supply of phosphorus flares which can be shot from your 
sub to illuminate wherever the flares come to rest.  The FLR-1500 flares 
lasts longer than the FLR-1000 flares.

Repellertron/Attractatron - These devices are mounted on the back of your 
sub and either serve to repel sea life (such as hostile sea life) or 
attract sea life (for fishing).  They have unlimited usage.

2c UPGRADES AND REPAIRS - fixes to life’s troubles

Shield Repair - I have no idea what this would be in real life, but you can 
buy these and store them up in your hold for future use.  Every time you 
use one (select it and click on the picture of your sub in the trade 
screen) it will bring you shield level back to 100.  Therefore, it is most 
economical to only use this when your shields are very low.  However, it’s 
generally good practice to repair your shields just before your mission, 
especially hostile ones. I guess it should have been called "hull repair."

Hull Strength - These are expensive (best deals seem to be at the Refinery, 
the first half of the game) but they are worth it.  Each upgrade increases 
your hull strength by 20 points.  This significantly increases the amount 
of damage you can take.  With just 3 upgrades, you’re about as strong as a 
tank, and with 5 upgrades you’re almost invincible for any mission.

Radoff - Each of these "spray" upgrades increases your radiation resistance 
by 20.  This reduces the rate your shields degrade when subjected to 

3 ECONOMICS - making money to survive

3a PROSPECTING - money for free

You can make a good amount of money scrounging the sea floor for debris 
from the world above.  In fact, you’ll probably need to spend time between 
missions prospecting for raw materials to earn enough money to buy upgrades 
and repairs for your sub.  Sub Culture remembers the environment even when 
you enter a city; so if you remember seeing some bottle caps and cigarette 
butts somewhere, you can go back later and they should still be there.  

To be a successful prospector, you’ll have to have the right tools for the 
job.  With the right tools, you can haul the raw materials to a drop point 
found in every city.  (The drop point looks like a round, black landing 
pad.)  Once you’ve dropped off your material, you’ll have to enter the city 
for it to be transferred to your cargo hull.  Although there’s no limit to 
the number of things you can carry in your hull, you shouldn’t wait to 
accumulate more than a dozen of any particular item.  If you do, plan on 
selling on part of your cargo at a time at different cities.

Dropping your find at a city doesn’t mean you have to sell it there.  The 
most efficient strategy is to drop your find off at the nearest city, land 
at the city (so the item is transferred to your hold), and then go sell it 
at the highest paying city next time your are in the vicinity.

Another tip: The weight of the object you pick up will be enough to drag 
your sub to the floor, so don’t fight it if you don’t have to.  When 
hauling coins, crystals, and cigarettes, try to hug the ocean floor; you 
will be able to go faster that way (works best in flat areas).

Coins and bottle caps

Pennies and bottle caps can be found on the ocean floor and sold for their 
copper and metal materials.  You’ll need a magnet to pick these things up.  
Steer your boat right over the metal object and lower yourself almost 
touching it.  Then release your magnet and it should attach itself to the 
object.  The coins and bottle caps aren’t very streamlined and are quite 
heavy relative to your sub so expect them to drag you down as you haul them 
to the nearest city.  You’ll make the most money selling copper, metal, 
thorium, and cigarette butts at the Refinery of the Brothers.  While you’re 
at the Refinery, you might as well buy processed thorium and then sell it 
at a Procha or Bohine city for about a 200/unit profit.


Oysters make pearls, but not every oyster will have a pearl ready made.  
The round beauties bring a nice price, especially at Beluga Basin.  
Whenever you see an oyster shell open, it probably has a pearl.  To obtain 
the pearl, you’ll have to have a suck-o-matic.  Drive your boat just above 
the shell and lower yourself to an altitude just above where the oyster 
gets scared and closes the shell.  (He’ll open it back up if you move 
away.)  Turn on your suck-o-matic and the pearl will gently be lifted out 
of the shell and into your suck-o-matic.  It may help to activate the 
bottom view camera so you can see how you are lined up.

There are a total of 6 oysters in the game.  You can find the oysters: east 
of the tin can, west of Tryton, west of the Refinery, near the rock arch, 
NNE of Velcova, and north of Touka.

Cigarette butts

These ugly things will eventually bring thoughts of money whenever you see 
them.  Although the manual says that they’re illegal in most cities, this 
means nothing in the game.  You can sell them wherever you want, and they 
bring in good money too.  To pick them up, you’ll need a grappling hook.  
With the hook, pick the up the same way you pick up coins and bottle caps 
with the magnet.  The best prices for Tobacco tend to be found at the 

Thorium crystals

Thorium crystals are yellow, radioactive crystals.  They even glow with 
enough light to see in the dark (at night or in caves) within the crystal’s 
vicinity.  Be warned though, getting too close to these crystals will 
subject your sub to the crystal’s radiation, which will slowly break down 
your shields.  A radoff (see equipment) protected hull will be less 
affected by the deadly radiation.  

There are two ways to harvest the thorium crystals.  You can blow them 
apart with any of your weapons and then suck up the pieces (3) with your 
suck-o-matic, or you can haul the entire crystal with a grappling hook.  
The former method is less dangerous as the shards do not give off enough 
radiation to harm you, but this only gives you three units to sell. In rare 
instances, blowing apart the Thorium crystal will only yield 2 shards 
instead of 3. Hauling the entire crystal is more dangerous because you are 
subjected to its radiation the entire time you are dragging it along, but 
once you’ve dropped it off you will receive four units of raw thorium; 33% 
more than blowing it apart and collecting the shards.  That 33% extra 
earlier in the game can bring you enough money to buy a shield repair or a 
pack of 16 missiles.  This also makes radoff pay for itself. 

There are two thorium caches which can make you money fast: in the cave at 
the bottom of the Abyss, and in the caves south east of Touka.  Each of 
these locations have at least 3 crystals for you to harvest.

3b TRADING - being the middle man

Although there are several items available for trade, there are really only 
a few lucrative items/routes to trade.  The numbers constantly change but 
relative to other cities the prices basically normalize to the same values.  
This means that an object route that is profitable will continue to be 
profitable even if absolute prices change; if a price goes up in your buy 
city, it will also go up in the sell city.

Despite what seems to be a complex and interesting trading economy, you 
will discover that the best thing to do is: sell all prospected thorium, 
metal, copper, and tobacco at the refinery; buy refined thorium at the 
refinery when you are going to other cities; and sell all pearls at Beluga.  
All other trades either don’t bring enough money and aren’t worth the trip, 
make you lose money, or the market for that item becomes saturated so 
quickly that you won’t be able to sell more than a few of them at a time 
before the price falls way below your cost.  The following prices will 
change, but they are provided here for relative comparisons.  This data was 
taken at the beginning of the game.  Trade Table (sell/buy):

Item:            Beluga:    Refinery:  Touka:     Tryton:    Velcova:
---------------  ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------
Thorium             -/200      -/753      -/180      -/250      -/225
Refined thorium  2060/1450  1000/-     2116/1262  2150/1194  2170/1206
Metal               -/120      -/817      -/300      -/480      -/409
Processed metal     -/-     1200/-     1700/-     2860/1272  2546/1310
Pearls              -/3806     -/-        -/2385     -/-        -/2410
Copper              -/700      -/1031     -/750      -/-        -/330
Treated Copper   2590/1750  1480/-     2413/1704  2142/1530     -/-
Oxygen              -/280      -/247    930/245      -/-      210/107
Purified Water    500/214      -/263    180/-      581/281    550/223
Sea Weed          700/-     1923/847      -/764      -/901      -/891  
Kelp Beer         400/-     1450/531    696/449      -/466    995/499
Plankton           80/-        -/150    237/101      -/150    305/132
Caviar           2907/1500     -/-        -/-     2947/1433  1400/-
Medical Sup.        -/907      -/890   1500/845   1452/836    810/-
Methane           250/122    678/163    110/-        -/167      -/137
Tobacco          4120/2236     -/2379  2100/1050     -/2388  5931/2356
Rubber              -/741   1094/703   1005/701    650/-      980/671
Cod Oil           676/471    885/485    734/451    410/-      794/441
Lionfish Venom      -/5783 13171/5578     -/4635  5200/-        -/-


Bohine - The laid back, democratic Bohine society embraces the rights of 
the individual.  Supposedly their laid back attitude has resulted in slums 
and shoddy workmanship, but you’ll never be exposed to any slums and 
products you buy at Bohine cities won’t have any problems with them.  
Prices tend to be more expensive, especially at Beluga Basin. Bohine hate 
the uptight Procha with a passion. The latest rock music from the hottest 
Bohine bands is piped throughout the Bohine cities.

Procha - The Procha are an imperialistic society, complete with a big-
brother type emperor who will control organizations like the media when 
things appear to begin to rebel against the emperor’s rule.  They have 
tight security and really don’t like the Bohine.  However, people can only 
be suppressed for so long before uprisings occur…  In any event, the Procha 
seem to be more efficient at manufacturing so equipment tends to be 
slightly cheaper than Bohine cities.  Tryton Institute seems to be the 
place where development of all the new gadgets takes place since the newest 
coolest stuff tends to appear at their marketplaces first.  When visiting, 
expect to hear instrumental techno music as this is probably the only music 
that made it past government censors.

Brotherhood, the - Kind of like a monasterial cult, the brotherhood own 
only the Refinery (located on the north east corner of the map).  They are 
pretty much neutral to everybody and are only concerned with the processing 
of raw materials. They apparently also like to smoke tobacco.  Expect to 
hear mysterious, industrial music when visiting the Brotherhood’s refinery.

Pirates - Everyone hates these guys because they hate everyone, including 
you.  They’re a menace to every society.  You should kill or avoid these 
guys at first sight because any encounter with them will sure to be a 
violent confrontation.  They have no city or base you can land at.


The missions can be encountered in different order, or skipped all together 
so I’ve listed the mission alphabetically by title.  Following the title 
I’ve listed in parenthesis: who you get the mission from, what equipment is 
necessary to complete the mission, and what equipment I recommend to help 
you in the mission.  Remember, during a mission you can’t save your game, 
and a mission will not be over until you succeed or fail.  This means that 
you can make several stops in cities to repair, rearm, and reconfigure your 
boat in the middle of missions as often as you like. 

Allied Sub in Distress (both; need: magnet) - The downed ship is east of 
the metal artifact on the southern part of the map.  It’s actually a pirate 
trap; the ship is a bomb.  But pick it up anyway.  You won’t be able to 
make your magnet release because it’s been jammed by the Pirates.  Go to a 
nearby mine and make the mine blow up on top of your magnet to force it to 
release the bomb sub.  Drive far away from the bomb.  (Using the mine on 
the ship/bomb will have no effect, in fact, the pirate voice will just 
laugh at you.)  

Aquatraz (both; recommend: ripper) - The pirates have taken over Aquatraz 
and have turned it into a military installation complete with big guns and 
an electric field perimeter to protect it.  Bohine and Procha will disable 
the field using Brotherhood technology, just be patient.  When the field 
goes down, head towards Aquatraz and kill any ground turrets. Don’t worry 
about killing pirate subs because an endless supply of them will keep 
launching out of Aquatraz.  Keep moving at all times because the spinning 
Aquatraz with cannons will constantly be shooting white ball projectiles at 
you.  After all the turrets are destroyed, choose an Aquatraz gun and 
follow it shooting it with your zapper.  Your sub should be able to just go 
fast enough to keep up with the spinning (counter clockwise looking down).  
Continue killing all guns.  When only three guns are left, Aquatraz will 
spin at double the rate.  Turn around an drive the other way (clockwise) 
and switch to a more powerful weapon (like the ripper) and shoot the guns 
as they pass you until they are all dead.  After destroying Aquatraz, the 
protective field will go down and the Bohine and Procha subs will enter to 
help clear the area of remaining pirate subs.

Attack Pirate Stockpile (Procha; need: radoff; recommend: whoosh drive) - 
Head into the south pipe, destroying any pirates you encounter along the 
way.  Descend into the pipe and head down the main pipe.  If you encounter 
bars blocking your path, go the other way.  You should encounter a large 
fan.  If you’ll notice, there is a big black button on the left side of the 
wall.  Every time this button is pressed (with your sub) the fan will 
reverse directions; the blades move slowly as it reverses.  Make sure that 
the fan is turning full speed to SUCK you into it, then press the black 
button and as the blades are reversing, drive under the fan.  There is a 
pirate base here.  Destroy the pirate fishbots, 2 gun turrets on the 
ground, and one gun turret on the ceiling.  Then destroy the base itself.  
Since the fan is blowing outwards, you should be able to slip through.  If 
for some reason the fan is still blowing inwards, use your whoosh drive and 
slip past the side of the fan.

Bohine Forces: Covert Operation (Bohine; need: big ears, charge launcher, 
and at least 20 depth charges) - Go hide in the metal cave (brown metal, 
half buried pipe) north of Beluga.  Once there, wait for a blue radar blip 
to pass you (it should have green targeting squares around it in the main 
view).  Just as it passes you, go out and fire a big ear onto him.  If you 
successfully hit it with a big ear, you’ll immediately hear Procha 
transmissions.  Go back to the metal cave immediately.  Wait for the Bohine 
to tell you to go to the secret base south of Beluga.  South east of Beluga 
is the narrow entrance to the flats.  Continue west along the south bank 
until you hit the west bank.  Get your depth charges ready.  Head north.  
There will be 3 vents in a north-south row and the Procha base just east of 
them.  The base will shoot torpedoes at you constantly so keep moving.  You 
have to keep dropping depth charges into the vents when they open.  All 
three vents must be destroyed in order to destroy the base.  Each time a 
vent is destroyed, the base will say, "Oh no!  We’ve lost power!" and the 
vent will stay closed.

Bomb Disposal (Bohine; need: magnet, whoosh drive) - Another sabotaged 
ModelT!  Go to the Abyss and then head south.  You’ll see a downed ModelT 
with three green warhead-looking bombs next to it.  Attach to one with the 
magnet and whoosh drive ABOVE the abyss.  Release the bomb and whoosh drive 
back.  WAIT for the computer to tell you the bomb will go off in 5 seconds.  
It will explode, sending concussions to knock you around a bit but you’ll 
be all right.  Magnet the next bomb, farthest away from the abyss and 
whoosh it over to the abyss and drop it ABOVE the abyss, whoosh back and 
wait for it to explode again.  This last one is different.  Magnet it and 
whoosh it over to the Abyss.  Release it ABOVE the Abyss again, but make 
sure you are high enough that you can drive straight to get away.  As soon 
as you release, you MUST WHOOSH DRIVE away (towards the ModelT is good) 
because the last one will not give you a 5 second delay.  If you are still 
above the Abyss when it goes off you will die immediately.

CIC: Covert Operations (Procha; need: big ears) - The Bohine are up to 
something.  Go to Touka and when you find an orange blip on your radar 
which is also targeted with the green targeting square in your forward 
view, follow him and attach a big ear device on him.  Once you successfully 
attach the device, you should hear their radio communications.  Stay put 
and you’ll learn that the Bohine are getting ready for an attack.  The 
Bohine are at the rib cage (actually just west of it).  The Procha will 
tell you to take care of the Bohine.  Head over to the rib cage and head 
west.  Destroy all 3 Bohine sub escorts, then take out the large Bohine 

CIC: Recon (Procha; need: ROV) - Go to Touka Reef. Enter the cave to the 
east.  When you encounter the first fork in the cave, turn your boat around 
and send your ROV down the left cave.  Drive your ROV further down, behind 
a plant and you should come to an small open area.  Don't lose your ROV; if 
the screen starts having static, switch ("r") back to your sub, follow 
where your ROV went until the static goes away, then switch back to the ROV 
and continue.  Your ROV should encounter a Bohine base complete with Bohine 
sub, buildings and gun turrets.  Push CTRL to start the recording.  Drive 
the ROV around looking at everything while "REC" is on.  When the Procha 
message says "that's enough, get out of there!" drive your ROV back to your 
ship as fast as possible.  You should have left your sub pointing away from 
the ROV so as you drive the ROV up it should be positioned behind your sub 
for docking.  When the ship computer says "dock ROV?" say yes and WAIT 
until your ROV docks; you will automatically regain control.  Hopefully the 
ROV isn't destroyed by Bohine subs.  Now get out of there, kill the Bohine 
hostiles, an go collect your reward.

Covert Operations: Defection (Bohine; need: escape pod) - A new type of 
Procha sub is disabled near the Refinery.  Go to the Refinery and go just 
north west of it.  You’ll see a blue blip on your radar, that’s them.  Go 
attach your escape pod "full of fuel and with the tracking device" to them.  
After the transfer, detach and lead the ship, hugging the north walls.  
You’ll immediately be attacked by Procha subs, one with an escape pod; so 
kill them.  Lead them along a path south west towards Beluga and completely 
avoid Tryton and Velcova (go between them).  The ship will travel a 
straight line from where it’s current position is to where your ship is, so 
make sure there’s nothing dangerous between you two.  At around the metal 
cave, you’ll be attacked again by Prochas, one with another escape pod.  
Dispose of them.  Continue leading the defector’s ship to Beluga.

Defend Fishing Grounds (Procha; need: attractatron) - The bone rib cage has 
a few schools of little fish.  There will be a couple Bohine subs that get 
mad at you but they should be easily taken out.  Use the attractatron to 
lure fish to the fishing boat by turning on the attractatron, driving near 
the fish, and enticing them with the tail of your sub.  Once attracted, go 
slowly (short bursts of forward thrust) to the fishing boat.  Lead the fish 
into the beam of light, and they will be sucked up.  You’ll have get a 
certain number of fish.  It took me almost five schools of fish to complete 
the fishing mission.  Some schools of fish may have wandered from the rib 
cage, so if you don’t see anymore fish, try the perimeters of the rib cage.

Escort Diplomats (both; recommend: whoosh drive) - Meet up with the Bohine 
diplomat sub at Touka and follow it.  Just as you pass the rib cage, your 
sub will suddenly become disabled and fall to the ocean floor sideways.  
Don’t panic, your ship computer will fix the computer with some time.  
However, by this time, the diplomats will have passed Beluga and be 
captured by a pirate battleship at the metal cave, north of Beluga.  When 
you regain control, whoosh to the metal cave area.  You’ll encounter a 
pirate sub along the way; you can kill him.  Continue and you should see 
the diplomat sub being held captive inside the tail of the pirate 
battleship.  Destroy the top and bottom gun turrets and the diplomats will 
be freed. You’ll see a cut scene; either Procha News or Bohine TV, 
depending upon which side you took the mission from.

Escort Prison Sub (Bohine) - Accept this mission from Touka.  As you leave 
Touka, meet up with the transport and just follow the flow ship to 
Aquatraz.  Some Procha subs from Velcova will try to attack.  Concentrate 
your fire on the sub using the escape pod.  Once he’s destroyed, you can 
kill the escorts.  BUG ALERT!  The game may dump you back to windows 
without the patch available at the Ubisoft Sub Culture web site.  Go to 

Genocide Weapon (both; need: magnet) - This is your first encounter with a 
walker.  North of the bone rib cage is the testing ground.  Several subs 
will be with the walker, so kill them first if they’re hostile.  
Concentrate all your shots at the legs of the walker, but do not shoot it's 
head. Stay low and blast at the legs.  Eventually, the legs will blow up 
and the head will be left to float to the bottom.  Use your magnet to 
capture it, and tow it to Touka Reef.  You’ll see a cut scene; either 
Procha News or Bohine TV, depending upon which side you took the mission 

Kill Bohine Queen Jellyfish (Procha; need: repellertron; recommend: FLR-
1000 or 1500) - Go to the cave east of Touka. A Bohine sub will be guarding 
the entrance to the cave so kill him.  Turn on your repellertron to keep 
the baby jellyfish away.  Use your flares to illuminate the cave.  You can 
kill the baby jellyfish and pods if you want.  Go right at the fork and 
follow the left wall till you get to the opening.  You'll see 3 Bohine subs 
chained to the mother jellyfish.  The mother will get pissed and kill the 
Bohine subs as she tries to get to you, but your repellertron will keep her 
away.  Blast her till she dies.

Mutant Eel Attack (Bohine; need: escape pod; recommend: repellertron) - A 
huge eel has supposedly disabled a mining station.  Go to the south end 
where the metal artifact is (the tin can) and head east.  You’ll see the 
smoking mining station and a small, puny little yellow eel will be 
targeted. Your ship’s computer will comment sarcastically that it’s such a 
big eel.  Turn on your repellertron and kill the eel.  Go back to the 
mining station and the miners will scream, "look out!  The eel has 
returned!  It’s right behind you!"  Keep that repellertron on and turn 
around.  You’ll see a HUGE eel and he will look mean.  Kill him.  Attach 
the escape pod to the mining station to get the trapped miners, and head 
back to Beluga.

Mutant Fish Attack (Procha; recommend: strong hull and good weapons) - 
Mutant jelly fish are attacking Tryton Institute with their electric 
shocks.  Make sure you have a nice tough hull because what you’re about to 
face are very fast and are not friendly.  Travel to Tryton and you’ll see 
them attacking the city.  Try to lure just a few at a time away from the 
city to take ‘em out in smaller numbers. 

Neutralize Nuclear Stockpile (both; need: whoosh drive, radoff; recommend: 
suck-o-matic, or magnet) - Go to the abyss (east of Beluga) and descend 
into it.  3 Bohine subs will be there to meet you.  Turn on your lights, 
and get your whoosh drive ready.  As you enter the cave, you’ll encounter 2 
pirates one at a time down the tunnel.  Kill them.  There are two more 
pirates inside the cavern, one on the right and one on the left.  Kill 
them, but don’t destroy the nuclear canisters.  Once the threats are gone, 
you can get the thorium crystals to the left (as you entered the cavern).  
Get familiar with the cavern; you’ll have a limited time to get out once 
you blow a canister.  I will describe the location of the canisters from 
the perspective of entering the cavern from the tunnel entrance: 3 
canisters are in the far left-forward corner, 1 canister is on the right-
forward side, and 2 canisters are in the corner directly right of the 
entrance.  I recommend shooting them in that order.  Practice the run 
before destroying them so you know the optimum path, then go for it using 
your whoosh drive anytime you’re going straight.  Use the whoosh drive when 
exiting the narrow tunnel as well, don’t worry about the damage from 
bumping into walls, you need the time.  If you make it out, you’ll see the 
Bohine blow the cave entrance shut.  If you don’t make it out, you’ll be 
sealed in and remembered as a hero, and your game will have to be reloaded.  
As an alternative solution, you can use the magnet to drag all the 
canisters to one spot, destroy them all at once, and get out of the cave.

Project Armageddon (both; need: magnet, whoosh drive, ROV) - This is the 
most difficult mission of all.  Make sure you accept this mission from 
Beluga Basin because it’s the closest to where you’ll need to go and 
strategically it’s the best place.  Don’t pick up the bomb.  Go to the pipe 
north of Beluga.  There should be 4 pirates and 2 Bohine and 2 Procha.  
They’ll start fighting and 1 pirate will go after you and 1 will go after 
the bomb.  Kill these two first.  Go back and get the bomb with the magnet.  
Bring it into the pipe.  Face south as you descend the pipe, a pirate will 
immediately attack you.  Destroy the pirate and then detach the bomb and go 
north. Pass under the fan robot and destroy his yellow power pack behind 
him.  Continue north and kill the 1 pirate from the left tunnel, then the 1 
pirate and 2 fishbots further north.  Get the bomb again and go north back 
to the west (left) tunnel (it should be square).  As it turns and goes 
south, you will encounter 2 pirates one at a time.  Kill ‘em.  The tunnel 
will turn west again and descending from a ceiling passage is a fishbot and 
a pirate.  Kill ‘em.  You will approach a circular room.  Don’t leave the 
tunnel just yet.  Kill 2 pirates and a fishbot.  The last two white blips 
on your radar are pirates in a room above you.  Release the bomb in the 
tunnel near the entrance to the circle room.  In the circle room is the 
pointed hatch door.  The 2 pirates may descend into your room.  Kill them 
if they do.  Where you just entered the room, if you face the pointy hatch, 
another tunnel will be to your right.  Enter this tunnel and go up when you 
can.  Watch out for the fishbot.  Turn around and enter the room above the 
hatch room.  In the distance, you’ll see a pirate base.  If there are any 
pirates, kill them.  Left of the entrance is a black button.  Deploy the 
ROV to continuously push this button.  Leave the ROV and return to get the 
bomb.  The hatch should be open, if it isn’t make sure your ROV is pushing 
the black button.  Switch to external view and bring the bomb over the 
hatch.  Face the exit and let the bomb go limp on the chain, but DO NOT 
RELEASE IT YET.  Now get ready.  Release the bomb and immediately switch to 
whoosh drive and get out of there as fast as possible.  You have to make it 
back to the main pipe area (where the fan robot was) in time to win.  
That’s it!  You’ve finished Sub Culture!  Fun game but lame ending, huh?

Prospectors Wanted! (both; need: suck-o-matic or grappling hook) - This 
mission is really just to introduce you to the game.  Take either a suck-o-
matic or a grappling hook (you’ll have to buy the latter) and go prospect 
for some thorium crystals.  Bring them to the Refinery, sell them, and then 
buy as much refined Thorium as you can.  Then go back to the city which you 
started the mission at and sell the refined thorium.  Grappling the thorium 
will bring in one extra unit of raw thorium.

Protect Beluga Trawlers (Bohine; need: attractatron) - This fishing mission 
is harder than the corresponding Procha fishing mission.  Go north of 
Beluga and meet up with 3 Bohine trawlers.  There will also be 2 Procha 
subs who get mad at you for "fishing in their waters"; kill them.  Turn on 
your attractatron and go near the fish, then turn your tail towards the 
fish.  They should become interested and follow you.  Go very slow, (move 
forward only by tapping your forward thruster), because the fish are easily 
lost.  Lead the fish into the spotlights of one of the trawlers and the 
fish should be sucked into the ship.  As each ship gets full, the trawler 
will leave and head back for Beluga.  After the last trawler is full and 
returns to Beluga, go to Beluga as quick as you can because more Procha 
subs will be attacking them.

Rampaging Attack Walker (both) - The pirates are attacking with a walker 
unit.  Go to the flats (enter the flats via a narrow strip just south east 
of Beluga.  Bohine and Procha ships will be laying mines and attacking the 
walker, but they’ll all die way before you can destroy the walker.  Just 
keep shooting the walker with your weapon of choice until it dies.  It may 
take awhile.

Rescue Bacau Shuttle (Bohine; need: magnet) - Go to northeast of Velcova to 
the volcano and you’ll find a downed blue-green sub.  Pick it up with the 
magnet.  It looks like a Procha sub, and it really is, even though the 
Bohine claimed it belonged to them.  2 Procha subs will be watching over 
the downed sub and they will tell you to drop it off at Velcova.  If you 
pass Velcova with the sub, the Procha subs will first say, "hey, this isn’t 
the way to Velcova."  They’ll eventually say, "don’t be fooled, the Bohine 
are lying!  Does it LOOK like a Bohine sub?"  You have a choice: you can 
either change your mission and drop it off at Velcova (for good favor with 
the Procha) or bring it to Touka (get attacked by the Procha subs and gain 
favor with the Bohine).  Either way, the sub really was a Procha sub.

Rescue Minelayers (Bohine; need: ROV, escape pod, torpedoes or ripper) - Go 
to the cave west of Tryton.  Keep taking the right forks in the cave (two 
of them) till you see a mine.  Destroy the NEAREST mine only.  Move closer 
to the next mines but not so close that you will be damaged by the blast.  
Get your long range weapon ready (missile or ripper), and get the escape 
pod ready.  Deploy your ROV, and send it under and to the right side of the 
mines to slip past them.  You should see the downed minelayer sub to the 
left.  Use the ROV to push the sub far away from the mines.  They should 
say they are far enough away about where the cave colors get bright in one 
spot.  Even so, push them a little farther but don’t take too much time to 
do this.  It’s a hill so the disabled ship will have a tendency to fall 
back down to the mines.  ROV push them and then immediately switch to your 
ship (push ‘r’) and shoot the brown mines.  When the only mines that are 
left are the silver, robot looking mines, stop shooting; those can’t be 
destroyed.  Immediately drive under all the mines and attach your escape 
pod to the minelayer.  If you did everything in time, they will be able to 
get on board.  Detach your pod before the minelayer blows up.  Go get your 
ROV and leave the cave the same way you came in and get to a Bohine city.

Research Project: Mutant Fish (Procha: Tryton Institute; need: magnet, 
repellertron; recommend: radoff of at least 60, grappling hook) - Mount the 
grappling hook.  Go to the bone rib cage and look for a blue radar blip; 
this is the tagged mutant fish.  Turn on your repellertron so he doesn’t 
attack you, and just try and keep up with him.  He’ll run all over the 
place and he’s fast, so don’t lose him.  If you aren’t close enough to him 
when he goes to Touka, he’ll do his rounds again.  At Touka, he’ll go into 
the cave east of Touka.  Follow him fearlessly (your repellertron will 
protect you) until you reach the obvious breeding ground.  There should be 
a metal radioactive canister in the cave and several thorium crystals (if 
you didn’t pick them up before).  Remember the crystals; you can come back 
after the mission and use the grappling hook to haul the crystals to Touka 
for a great profit.  Use the magnet and haul the canister to Tryton.  BUG 
ALERT! There seems to be a bug in the Direct3D version of the game.  For 
some reason the canister will not be there when you get to the breeding 
ground and you won’t be able to complete the mission.  This bug does not 
occur in the software version of the game.  You can complete this mission 
in the software version, and then go back to the D3D version to continue 
with your game.  I was told, but could not confirm, that the D3D version 
can be completed by searching all of the rest of the cave, and then the 
canister will show up.

Retrieve Hijacked Filters (both; need: magnet; recommend: electro bolt) - 
This is the longest mission next to the last mission.  Go to the cave east 
of Touka Reef and kill any pirates (follow all right forks).  Get the Water 
Filter device with the magnet and drop it off at Touka.  You should be told 
to go to the caves west of Tryton Institute.  Go there, kill a walker at 
the cave entrance and a walker inside the cave next to the filter (again, 
follow all right forks in the cave).  Using the electro bolt gun makes it 
easy to kill them.  Magnet the filter to Tryton.  Next place is the Abyss, 
east of Beluga.  Kill 3 pirates in the Abyss and magnet the filter to 
Beluga.  Last filter is at Aquatraz, protected by several pirates and a 
pirate battleship.  Destroy both top and bottom turrets on the battleship 
to kill it.  Haul filter to Velcova.

Save Procha Prisoners (Procha; need: escape pod) - A prison transport ship 
is leaving Touka Reef and is heading towards Aquatraz.  Head towards Touka 
and you should see one orange radar blip being escorted by 3 or 4 other 
orange blips.  As you approach, only one or two of the escorts will attack 
you so kill them first.  Then kill the rest of the escorts (they will 
attack as soon as you do).  Once the escorts are taken care of, follow or 
drive just above the transport sub and release your escape pod.  It should 
attach to the transport hull like a magnet.  Just wait and don’t engage 
your engines.  

Student Sub Trapped in Mine (Procha; need: magnet) - Go to the cave west of 
Tryton.  Follow the cave to the west fork, blast the boulder blocking the 
path, and go deep till you reach the downed sub.  Tow it with the magnet 
and get out of the cave.  You will be attacked by several pirate subs.  You 
can release the disabled sub to fight the pirates if you want to, but it's 
not necessary.  After the pirates have been dealt with, tow the disabled 
sub to Tryton.

Thwart Terrorists (Bohine; need: escape pod; recommend: ripper) - A ModelT 
sub (looks like a large manta ray) has been hijacked.  Accept this mission 
at Touka.  As you leave Touka heading north west, you should see the ModelT 
heading towards the bone rib cage.  The rib cage area is completely 
littered with round mines.  You’re going to have to destroy any mines that 
the ModelT is going to run into.  A ripper gun has the best range and hits 
instantly, so I’d use the ripper to take out the mines in the sub’s path.  
It will take 4 attempts for the marines to successfully take over the sub, 
but don’t attach the escape pod just yet.  Hug the top of the ModelT and 
shoot any mines in its path.  Then, just as the sub begins to leave the rib 
cage (mine ridden) area, attach the escape pod at the TAIL.  The marines 
will take some time to enter, search, and discover it’s "blocked off", 
reenter your pod, and tell you to reattach somewhere else.  By this time, 
the ModelT will have turned around and be heading right back into the 
mines.  Once the marines are in, detach your pod and shoot any mines in the 
ModelT’s path.  This time as it leaves the mine area, attach the pod on 
either the left or right wing.  Again, the marines are blocked.  Repeat for 
the other side.  Again, failure.  Now attach to the spine towards the front 
of the ship immediately; don’t wait for the ship to clear the mine field.  
As you wait, shoot the mines in the path again.  The ModelT will be heading 
straight for a Touka building.  When the marines are successful, the ship 
will veer away from the building and the mission will be completed.

Volcanic Disaster (Procha; need: charge launcher) - The undersea volcano 
north east of Velcova has started to erupt, threatening the safety of the 
city.  The scientists have determined that dropping depth charges will 
block the volcano and calm it down.  Whatever.  Go to the volcano and time 
your passes over the volcano between eruptions.  Watch out, the eruptions 
are like missile hits on you.  Try to stay at the lowest altitude you can 
above the volcano mouth.  It might help to pause a moment as you drop the 
depth charge so it won’t have any momentum from your sub.  Eventually with 
enough hits, you’ll be told that "it’s almost done" and a few more hits 
will complete the mission.



- There is a tiny hole in the ocean floor north east of the metal cave, 
barely big enough for your sub, that you can descend into.  It opens up to 
a small room like cave.  Nothing is in it though.
- In the Abyss is a cave (which you’ll later do a mission in).  Enter it, 
go down the narrow tunnel, and turn left, hugging the wall on your left.  
You should come to several thorium crystals.  Use your suck-o-matic, 
though, because they are too big to fit through the narrow tunnel.
- There are pearls in the pipe next to the refinery.  If you use your 
missiles, the concussion waves from the missile’s explosion can knock the 
pearls out for you to collect.
- There are three coins inside the tin can
- You can go inside the boot.  Nothing interesting inside it though.
- The tiny crabs are impervious to your zapper, even though they don’t like 
- The oysters will close if you get too close, but will open as soon as you 
- Blow up the boulders.
- Use the shock waves from your torpedoes to move things around.
- Shoot fish and watch them blow up into several meaty, bloody chunks.
- Attractatron schools of fish then blow them up.  Try all different 
- In the underground pipelines, you can sometimes slip past the impassable 
grate bars by driving right between them, and letting yourself get 
attacked.  This sometimes results in you being pushed beyond the grate, 
where the world was never defined.


- Watch big fish hunt smaller fish.
- Sometimes mutant fish fight each other with their zappers.
- Look at the turtles and rays from all angles.
- Drive under the city towers.
- Go to outside view and try backing your sub into a corner to see inside 
your cockpit.
- Try looking inside the ground vehicles and subs of the wandering 
- Try looking inside the pirate battleships when you encounter them.
- Look at the sun’s lens flare from several angles.

6C CHEATS [Big Spoiler!]

I really don’t recommend you use any of these cheats until you have 
completed the game. To use a cheat, type the word while you are in your sub 
in the water.  You must type it quickly for it to register.

kamikaze: self destruct your sub
tonka: increase hull strength
refill: repair shields
mutant: increase radoff level
billy: speed up
tick: add geiger counter
rinse: go to stage 0
dryer: go to stage 1
cotton: go to stage 2
delicates: go to stage 3
tumble: go to stage 4
colours: go to stage 5
halfload: go to stage 6
didit: mission success
bedlk: god mode on
haveall: enable access to all missions
havesome: enable access to all missions
scotty: beam yourself to Touka Reef
wonga: give 1,000,000 credits (maximum)
imnotluc: ???

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