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Game: Legend of Legaia
System: Playstation
Genre: RPG

Legend of Legaia Walkthrough/FAQ

	Welcome to my Legend of Legaia Walkthrough. Many see Legend of Legaia as an 
old game; I see it as a classic. The graphics where the best of its time, and the 
story, battle system, and everything, just fit. With the onslaught of Playstation 2 
users, many see Playstation as an antique, even N 64. I see Playstation as an 
option, a chance for RPG gamers to get the best RPG experience. Legend of Legaia 
will certainly offer that. 
	In my guide, the only thing you should be aware of is the “Before” 
and “After” located below the name of the place you’re in. “Before” means that that 
is the level you should be before entering, and “After” is the level you should be 
after permanently leaving. Another thing, I usually will underline sentences or 
capitalize and emphasize a certain idea. In these cases, you MUST do what they say, 
or you risk permanently damaging your chance at winning. With this said, prepare to 
witness Legend of Legaia. Along with my hints, tips, and ideas, Legend of Legaia 
should be a fun experience, and can give you a look at a different kind of RPG… 

God created the heavens and the Earth. He also created humans to inhabit the Earth. 
Humans where in danger of extinction from the evils of hell, so they prayed for help 
from god.
	So He created Seru to aid the people. Upon wearing a Seru, a human can lift 
heavy objects, and even fly. But, with all this good came bad…
	From out of nowhere came the mist. When a Seru enters the mist, they go 
crazy and attack humans. Now the human race is becoming even scarcer than before…
	Now you come in. You are a young boy named Vahn, who must journey out into 
the mist and save what is left of the world. By reviving Genesis Trees, along with 
your Ra-Seru, you and your friends can revive all seven Genesis Trees and rid all 
three worlds of the mist.
Rim Elm
Before- Vahn-0
After- Vahn-0
You begin when you come out of your house. The game will let you choose your name. 
Press the select on the screen to leave it ‘Vahn’. Next, go down to the Genesis Tree 
and the man will tell you it is dying. Next, go to the beach. Find Tetsu. Click ‘I 
want to train with you’ to go into a training battle with him. Afterwards, visit Mei 
because she wants to measure you. Let her measure you every time to receive Hunter 
Clothes later on. 
When you finish talking to Mei, visit all the places. When you are done, return to 
your house. Talk to either your father or sister and tell them you want to fall 
Rim Elm is Attacked!
After- Vahn-2

You will be awakened by a bang. Your father will ask you to check what’s going on. 
Talk to every one near the exit of Rim Elm. Soon the wall will be smashed and 
standing there will be Zeto. (You will have to fight him later on) He will say you 
are pitiful to resist the mist, and will make all Gimards attack the villiage. A 
huge monster will destroy the wall. Now go back to the Genesis Tree to get Meta, 
your Ra-Seru. Afterwards go fight the Gimards. One reason is to gain experience. Try 
to acquire a Gimard. Do this because you can’t acquire another one till Drake 
Castle. After you acquire one, use it if you wish to increase its magic level. Go to 
Mei’s house. Tell her the mist is here and she will go to your house. Talk to 
everyone at your house. Soon you’ll see everyone at the Genesis Tree praying. When 
the Genesis tree is revived, proceed to the exit of Rim Elm. Mei will give you the 
hunter clothes and Mei’s pendant. Equip both. Now leave Rim Elm. Your next stop is 
the Hunter’s Spring.
Hunter’s Spring	
Before- Vahn-3
After- Vahn-3
	Upon entering this area, a scene will occur. Talk to the memory statues to 
get advice on future things to conquer, including acquiring Seru. After you talk to 
EVERYONE, head back to Rim Elm.
Return to Rim Elm
Before- Vahn-3
After- Vahn-3
	When you enter, make sure you got the hunter clothes from Mei, and her 
pendant. Equip both. Now go into the item shop. Go up the stairs and into the room 
on the left. Press X near the draw to get the Point Card. MAKE SURE YOU GET IT!!!! 
You had better get the point card. If you don’t, there are some bosses you may never 
beat. After you get the Point Card, talk to the man at the counter to purchase 
equipment and items. You should have a lot of gold now, around 800. If you have 
less, don’t worry, that’s normal. Buy all equipment for Vahn. If you don’t have 
enough cash, just make sure you get the Survival Knife and equip it to Vahn. You 
really need that until you get Vahn Fist. Buy legs for Vahn too. In case you don’t 
know, this stuff that you buy can be equipped buy the “equip” button on the menu 
screen. If you’re in a hurry just hit “Best Equipment” and it will automatically 
equip your best stuff. After this go back to the Hunter Spring.
On the Way to Drake Castle
Before- Vahn-3
After- Vahn-6
	This is what I call “Leveling Up” in an RPG. This is when you run in circles 
to catch battles and gain levels. Make sure you have acquired a Gimard with Meta. If 
you haven’t, go to Drake Castle, and stay near the entrance until you catch a Gimard 
Battle and use art moves to acquire it. (It is the easiest Seru in the game to 
acquire) Once you acquire it, go back to the fountain at the spring and get healed. 
Now walk around the outside of the fountain and catch battles. Keep using Gimard. 
Eventually it will say, “Gimard’s Magic level increased”. Keep repeating until it’s 
level 9, which is the highest level. Then, make sure your character is level 6 
before going up the stairs of Drake Castle.
Drake Castle
Before- Vahn-6
After- Vahn-7
	Go up the stairs into the next room. For each door, there is a key. Look in 
all the rooms for a sparkling thing, which is the key. Keep repeating for every 
floor until you reach “Mountain Gate”. Try to fight every battle all the way there 
to get to level 7. You should enter a throne room. Go to the door on the right, and 
you will rest. Meta will talk to you in your dreams about acquiring Seru. Go in the 
left door to get the key. When you leave the Mountain Gate, you will be in the area 
behind Drake Castle. Go west far and then go north. Oh, and be sure to save here too.
Mt. Rikuroa
Before- Vahn-7
After- Vahn-8
	After you enter the foot of the mountain, Meta will say he senses the 
presence of another Ra-Seru and he is right. He will say you have to hurry and then 
the screen goes black. You will see Mt. Rikuroa, then a cave with a hole. The camera 
will go inside the hole. 
Snowdrift Cave
Before- Noa-1
After- Noa-3
You will see a fine looking young girl. This is your next character, you guessed it, 
it’s Noa! Pick a name for your new recruit. (You should really leave the character’s 
names alone) Now you must follow the Wolf through the cave and answer all the 
questions right to get items. Look in the corners of the cave and press X by the 
mushrooms, they are healing shrooms. (Same as Healing Leaves) After you reach a room 
with duck thingys, fight them. The red ones are easier than the black ones. Since 
you are a low level, fight the red ones until you grow a level, then keep fighting 
black ones. Every time you fight a battle, talk to Terra the Wolf. She will heal you 
and then ask you to go get something to eat. ALWAYS say no so that you continue to 
gain levels. Eventually Terra will forcefully tell you to go get something to eat 
and you don’t have a choice. Follow her until there is a scene…
Snowdrift Cave is Attacked!    
Before- Noa-3
After- Noa-Whatever Vahn’s is
	The scene will be that there is rumbling and the mist has entered the cave. 
Terra will now join you in the fighting. Proceed through the cave until you see a 
light that’s the exit. (This cave is not hard because you just follow one path) 
Fight EVERY battle. Don’t waste your healing shrooms because whenever you are low in 
health, Terra will use heal which is awesome. This should boost your level fast. 
	Proceed out of the cave. Now I’ll tell you a little trick. When you are 
outside, go all the way right until you hit the mountains, then go down until you 
get to an opening. Go right as soon as you can. If you know what I’m talking about 
you will enter a scene with Terra. After she finishes her talking look around for a 
treasure chest, this will be a weapon for Noa, which your not supposed to get in the 
game until way later.  Now go to the mountain. Fight every battle there. When you 
get to a Save point, level here until you are the same level as Vahn. (Whether it is 
5 or 6 or 7, whatever) At the end you will fight Golem who is so easy I don’t 
consider it a boss. Use all the Art moves you know, and let Terra heal you. (You 
should learn Tempest Break, and all the other arts) He will be down fast. When you 
are at the summit, you will find a dying Genesis Tree. Just as you try to revive it, 
Stupid pathetic Zeto shows up and blames you for trying to resist the mist. What a 
loser. He summons Caruban, which is a big flying lion. This lion strikes the wolf 
almost killing her. Almost. 
Now the screen is back to Vahn. Hurry up the mountain to save a damsel in distress. 
Get all the treasure chests because there is one that has “Vahn Fist”. This is a 
weapon better than the survival knife. Hurry up to the summit. This mountain is 
pretty easy, but there are harder ones. Anyway, remember I said fight all battles? 
DON’T. If you do there is no Terra to heal you so run away from every battle, but 
try to acquire Vera if you can. Anyway when you reach the summit there will be a 
save point and you can see Caruban flying around. Save at the save point and prepare 
to fight your first boss.
Boss: Caruban      H.P.- 1000
Before Fighting- Vahn-7/8	Noa-7/8
After Battle- Vahn-8	Noa-7/8
	This guy is really annoying. However there is a way to beat him. Make sure 
you have full M.P. with Vahn. (That’s why I said don’t fight) Anyway, make sure you 
have a level 9 Gimard. If you don’t your in trouble and you will lose. Use you Level 
9 Gimard with Vahn ALL THE TIME. Add Noa’s art moves if you know any. One thing, 
don’t use your point card because you will need it later. If you keep using Gimard 
with Vahn, you will win easily. Just watch out for his fire attacks, they can really 
take out H.P. If you ever need a healing, let Noa use the item. Just use my strategy 
and you will win very easily.
Return to Drake Castle
 Before- Vahn-9	Noa-8/9
After- Vahn-9		Noa-8/9
	Upon re-entering the castle, King Drake himself will appear and thank you 
for getting rid of the mist. He will then give you the Water Key. Talk to everyone 
in the castle, this time you can’t catch battles, which is good. After you talk to 
everyone in the castle, go outside the castle.
	You will be surprised to see a town area set up. Noa will talk with 
everyone. Answer all the questions she asks to get good items. After all the battles 
and Caruban, you should have a lot of cash. Bye all the armor for Vahn and Noa 
because you’ll need it later on. Remember to get any new weapons. But you must 
remember to get Noa a weapon like Noa Feral. After you talk to everyone there, go 
out of the castle and to that gate next to it. Go up to the keyhole and press X and 
click “Yes” to use the water key. The gate will close and you can cross. Be sure to 
get that treasure chest. It is Wind Book I. Now keep going west until you see a 
building built in the face of the mountain over the river. This is Biron Monastery.
Biron Monastery
Before- Vahn-9	Noa-8/9
After- Vahn-9		Noa-8/9
	When you enter, go up to the little switch and press X. A man will appear 
and be a little angry. Go in the door. Everyone will greet you because they never 
get human visitors because of the mist. Go into the next room and you will soon meet 
Master Zopu. He is the man in red with the white beard. He will say he wants to hold 
a party in honor of your arrival. You will see all the Biron Monks in white are 
training. Look for a different monk. He is dressed in a kind of purple. His name is 
Master Teacher. Also look for a redheaded spike haired man named Songi. When you 
enter the room with the statue, you will see Maya, who is Mei’s mother. She will 
chat with you a little. When you are finished, find the room with two sets of stairs 
and a door in the middle. The middle door is Master Zopu’s room and when you talk to 
him, the party will start. Now find Songi. After you talk to him, Zopu will enter 
the room. Talk to him and he will ask you to revive the Genesis Trees in the 
forests. He will jump on the table and announce that Vahn and Noa will revive the 
Genesis Trees. He will ask which forest to go in first. No matter which one you 
pick, you will get the West Voz Forest, because if you pick East, Songi will say he 
wants to go there. Zopu will tell Master Teacher to come and guide Vahn and Noa to 
the Genesis Tree. Master Teacher will not want to go but will obey Zopu. Songi will 
volunteer to go to East Voz. Zopu lets him. (What a mistake.) Anyway Zopu will call 
the party to end. Then Songi appears and says he’ll go to the forest only to put on 
a Seru, which makes him evil. The next day, Noa will ask Master Teacher what his 
real name is. CONGRADUALATIONS! You now have your third character, and he is my 
favorite, Gala. Yes, Gala is my favorite character. Now go to the back of the 
Monastery and up the stairs where Maya is. Go out the door and to the West Voz 
	NOTE: As you are heading in the direction of the West Voz Forest, go left 
into another area near Zeto’s Dungeon. This is the same kind of area that Noa got 
her weapon in. Look around for another treasure chest. You will get the Ivory Book. 
Whenever someone needs to acquire a Seru, equip this to them. It makes the process 
West Voz Forest
Before- Vahn-9	Noa-8/9	Gala-1
After- Vahn-10	Noa-9/10	Gala-5
	When you enter you will have to go around a big area. LEVEL UP HERE UNTIL 
monastery. Go to the next screen and into ALL the camouflaged tunnels. Get all the 
treasure chests because one contains “Fertilizer” When you get the Fertilizer, go 
north until you reach a river. Press X on the green plant and Gala will tell you 
about it. Use the fertilizer on the plant and it will grow over the river.
	For the rest of the way, keep going north until you reach a dead end. 
Whenever you come to a dead end, go back and look for a camouflaged tunnel. Be sure 
to acquire Nighto with Vahn and Noa. Also get Vera with the both of them if you 
don’t have it already. Keep going until you reach a Genesis Tree. This Genesis Tree 
will be dead though. Vahn will grab the egg, which is still alive. Suddenly you will 
see an explosion from back at Biron Monastery. You should then head back to it. 
Biron Monastery is Attacked!
Before- Vahn-10	Noa-9		Gala-5
After- Vahn-10	Noa-10		Gala-8
	Upon entering, Gala will run off looking for people still alive. Go to the 
door under the stairs and to the middle room. Zopu will open the door and let you 
in. Get healed by the girl who cooks. Then go DIRECTLY to the East Voz Forest 
entrance. Here, Gala will rejoin your team, if you let him. (You have to) This is 
again imperative because he already starts out behind. Then try to level up there 
and also acquire Gimard and Theeder with Noa and Vahn. When you think you are a good 
level, go to Maya’s room, which was once guarded and Noa will see she’s a Seru 
Monster. When you’re done, go to the opposite door of the West Voz to the East Voz 
Forest. Now go to East Voz where Gala will try to defeat Songi who was the one who 
destroyed Biron Monastery.
East Voz Forest
Before- Vahn-10	Noa-10		Gala-8
After- Vahn-11	Noa-11	 	Gala-9
	When you enter, go east at the first chance while going north. Get the 
Weedwacker. Go north as much as you can and keep knocking down weeds with the 
Weedwacker. Anyway continue until you reach a save point. Try to get a Gizam with 
Noa. Level that Gizam up to about level 4 if you do get it. And if you don’t, make 
sure you have a pretty strong Seru with her like Gimard or Theeder, you’re gonna 
need it. Go north a little to find the Genesis Tree. 
	Songi will then appear. He will knock down Gala and say he’s stronger, he is 
also wearing a Seru. (Actually a Ra-Seru) He will then summon your next boss battle…
Boss: Two Viguros			H.P.- 1000 Each
Before Fighting- Vahn-10	Noa-10		Gala-7
After Battle- Vahn-10		Noa-10		Gala-8
	These two aren’t that hard if your level is high enough. Just watch out for 
their electric attacks. Also, there are two of them, which makes it harder.
	NOTE: These are Seru and you CAN acquire them. However you won’t acquire 
them if you use magic to kill them, so you have to use only arts. 
	But don’t worry, just use magic because they take too much M.P. and you 
don’t need Viguro to advance in the game. Now, in order to beat them, focus all of 
your attacks on the same one, so it dies and there is one left. Do that and you will 
win easily. 
	After winning, Songi will go away and you will revive the Genesis Tree. Gala 
will now get his Ra-Seru, Ozma. (Now he kicks butt) After reviving the Genesis Tree, 
go back to Biron Monastery.
Return to Biron Monastery
Before- Vahn-10/11	Noa-10		Gala-8
After- Vahn-11	Noa-10		Gala-9
	Upon returning, you will be in master Zopu’s room explaining what had 
happened. Maya will say she is going back to Rim Elm to be with Mei. Afterwards go 
back to Rim Elm where Mei will call Vahn a liar. After the commotion settles down, 
go in the direction of Biron Monastery, but go between the mountains to a place 
where there is so much mist, the screen is white. This is the final place that 
contains mist in the 1st world. This also holds the boss of the first world deep 
inside it. You guessed him; it’s Zeto, that stupid guy that turns into a crab. Yes. 
This is Zeto’s Dungeon.
Zeto’s Dungeon
Before- Vahn-11	Noa-11		Gala-9/10
After- Vahn-13	Noa-13		Gala-13
	This place is quite difficult. Before advancing, stay on the big square a 
few rooms into the dungeon. LEVEL HERE! There is a new Seru which you should 
encounter the first battle. He is Zenoir. He isn’t that hard to acquire. MAKE SURE 
YOU AQUIRE HIM WITH VAHN!!! Also acquire Gimard, Theeder, and possibly Gizam if you 
see him, with Gala. Make sure his Seru is caught up with the gang. NOW, MAKE SURE 
YOU GET THEEDER WITH GALA! Because, his attribute is electricity. Get Theeder with 
Gala and level that to level 4 or 5 before Zeto. Level up Vahn’s Zenoir to 4 or 5, 
and do the same with Noa’s Gizam. (If you don’t have Gizam, level her primary seru) 
Be sure to do this. Vahn should be 13, Noa 12/13, and Gala 11/12. If they are one 
lower, it is okay but you might have trouble with Zeto. When you have good levels, 
go down the islands until you reach an elevator. Go down it. Open all treasure 
chests here because there is a short sword somewhere for Vahn to use. Also stay in 
the island room because Thunder Book I is here. Go down the hallways. If you go the 
wrong way, you’ll always get a treasure chest. Keep going until you reach a save 
point right before a big opening. First, heal Gala to Max H.P. and M.P. Then save. 
Now run into the circle. Songi will appear from a high ledge and jump down. Songi 
will go one-on-one with Gala. 
Boss: Songi #1	H.P.-800
Before Fighting- Gala-11
After Fighting- Gala-11/12
	Songi is real easy if you do what I say. First, you must restore Gala’s M.P. 
like I told you. Now keep on using Theeder. Don’t use Arts or anything. Just keep 
using Theeder and you will beat him. (You might have to heal if he uses his Hyper 
	After he’s down he will say that a terribly hard challenge waits. And he 
isn’t kidding. He will then walk to the shadows.
Zeto’s Dungeon
	Now go through the door and down the hall until a save point. Don’t go in 
the next door. Make sure you have Deep Sea Jewels with everyone. If you don’t, use 
the cash from Songi and leveling to go buy 3 at Biron Monastery. They really help 
against Zeto’s special attack.
	After you get the jewels, go back to that save point and save. Now go 
through the door. You will see the Mist Generator, and then loser Zeto will come out 
of the ground and blame you for not accepting the Mist, again. Anyway, you are now 
in the most important battle of the first world…
Boss: Zeto	H.P.-6000
Before Fighting- Vahn-12	Noa-12		Gala-11/12
After Battle- Vahn-13		Noa-13		Gala-12
	You saw this coming. He’s finally here. So don’t sit there, kill him! Use 
Zenoir every turn with Vahn. But, once you see him use Call Wave, use spirit with 
everyone. This will reduce the damage substantially. If you don’t use spirit and 
don’t have the Deep-Sea Jewel, it will do 600+ damage to all. If you have both 
things, it will do 200-300. Which actually helps a lot. Use a Vera every once and a 
while and healing items. Also, USE THE POINT CARD HERE. You haven’t used it ever so 
it should do 1000+ damage. When your M.P. runs out, use Hyper Arts with everyone. As 
long as you use the point card, and the primary seru, he will be down. 
	Now you will destroy the mist generator. Then you will have to go back to 
Biron Monastery. Go north of it to the end of the river and into the cave.
Ancient Wind Cave/ Ancient Water Cave
Before- Vahn-13	Noa-13		Gala-12
After- Vahn-13	Noa-13		Gala-12
	This cave is very easy. No battles or monsters. Talk to the man you see when 
you walk in. Stock up on items and rest if you wish. If you don’t have the short 
sword, get it with Vahn. Then go up into a room with beds and pull the switch. The 
door will open and you will be in a new place. Go through the caverns. (This is so 
easy because you can’t catch battles) Stop when you reach another lady. She will ask 
you to rest. Choose yes or no, no matter what you’ll rest. You will have a dream 
about Hari, and how you will meet him in Octum. Go out the door and through the 
cave, which is easy to navigate. When you reach a door, you will come out of the 
cave into a new area. Congratulations, you’re in the 2nd world. Welcome to Sebucus 
Before- Vahn-13	Noa-12		Gala-12
After- Vahn-14	Noa-14		Gala-13/14
	After you’re out of the cave, go to the town with the big tower. Don’t do 
anything; just go in it so you can use a door of wind to get there later. After you 
have the chat in the tower town (Jeremi) just walk out and go up over a bridge and 
go to a town with windmills. This is Vidna. You will be staying here for a while. 
	Visit all the shops and houses that you can. Then, go back out of Vidna and 
walk around the outside of it and catch battles. Every time you’re low on M.P., go 
back to Vidna and rest at the inn. This also gets you a lot of money to spend on 
weapons and armor. 
	Now I’ll tell you the reason for skipping Jeremi, it’s possessed by Seru and 
there is a very hard boss at the end. (The first world has almost no bosses compared 
to this one.) Now level up for a while. It may take you a day. (No one said this 
game is easy) Level everyone to 15 and get Vahn to 16. If you can, try to get all to 
level 17, because this boss is hard! Also, get Zenoir to level 5 or 6 with Vahn. 
With Gala level up Theeder. Also, with Noa, go to the tower in Jeremi and acquire 
Swordie with Noa. Level her Swordie to 4 or 5. (Note: Swordie isn’t that easy to 
acquire, so don’t just give up so soon, you need that Seru because it is wind like 
Noa. Also, equip the Ivory Book to Noa, it makes getting Swordie a LOT easier.) 
Repeat this leveling technique for a while, I mean a long while. Now when you think 
your level is good, go to Jeremi.
Before- Vahn-16	Noa-16 	Gala-15
After- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-15
	Don’t bother looking around, go north to the big tower. Enter it and go to 
the elevator on the left. Keep going to the top. Always go to the elevator that goes 
up, never down. When you get to the Sky Gardens, save at the save point and then 
continue up. Look at the weird thing sucking on the Genesis Tree. Don’t go up to it. 
Instead, go right and get the treasure chest. This is the “Forest Amulet”, which 
prevents Rot attacks. Equip it to Noa and get good accessories with everyone. Then 
go up to the thing. This is that really hard boss.
Boss: Berserker	H.P.-6000s
Before Fighting- Vahn-at least 16	Noa-at least 16	Gala-at least 15
After Battle- Vahn-16 	Noa-16		Gala-15
	Berserker can be a real pain in the-you-know-where. In fact, to me it is the 
hardest boss in the game except for the last one. But if you can get everyone to 
level 16, you’ll beat him.
	First, use Vahn’s Zenoir, Gala’s Theeder, (Which should be level 7 or 8 by 
now) and Noa’s Swordie. Do this until you’ve done about 4000 damage on him. That’s 
about 4 turns. Next, make sure you went to Vidna and brought all the latest weapons 
and armor. If you didn’t, you’re in deep trouble. Now your point card should have 
1000-2000 points on it. Use the Point Card here. If you didn’t use it on Zeto, you 
will definitely beat him. If you did use it on Zeto, just use the point card anyway. 
He will be down with this. Also, all over the Internet websites like cheatcc and 
cheatplanet they say if you use Nighto, Berserker will kill himself. THIS IS NOT 
through heck and lost to him twice doing that in my first game. Don’t do it!!!   
Jeremi with no Mist
Before-Vahn-16	Noa-16 	Gala-15/16
After- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-15/16
	Upon reviving the Genesis Tree, two people will come and ask you if you did 
it. Upon going downstairs, the Mayor will introduce you to the crowd. They will get 
rowdy and then you will rest. Stock up on any new weapons or armor, then head south 
to the entrance. Now go west. You should see a house. Go in it and talk to the man 
at the desk. This is Zalan. He is the guy you have to give all the eggs to and he 
helps you in the game. 
	He will ask that you bring his letter to his son and wife in Vidna. Say yes 
and take the letter. Now use a door of wind to get to Vidna.
Return to Vidna
Before- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-15/16
After- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-15/16
	Upon returning to Vidna, go into the big house with the slot machine. Go in 
the back door through the house. Go left a little and into the house. You should 
find Pepe, Zalan’s son. A whole scene will go through. You will get Yuma’s Ring. 
Teleport to Jeremi and give Zalan the letter and he will give you Zalan’s Crown. 
Teleport back to Vidna. (Door of Wind). Now talk to everyone in every house if you 
did not do so already. (Talking to everyone in all towns gets you info. and makes 
the game better) Then leave Vidna and go north over a bridge. Then move east till 
you see a bridge a little to the north. Instead, go south and then west. You will 
come to a city.
Before- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-15/16
After- Vahn-16	Noa-16 	Gala-16
	When you enter the town, Noa will say that maybe Hari is here. Go through 
the big door in the middle and then continue to move north. Keep moving north until 
your going down on red-carpet stairs. Follow the stairs. Also, acquire Orb with Noa 
here. You will need it a lot later, so get it. Now you will come to a room with 
little gazebos. Go up to every one and read the Books of Prophecy’s. When you read 
all 4, the fourth will open and you will be able to go down secret stairs. When you 
get to an elevator, go up to the entrance of it and a lady will come. Her name is 
Cara. She will talk with you a while and tell you that the only thing she could find 
to steal was the Star Pearl, which she gave to a guy in Jeremi. After she leaves, 
use a door of light to get out of Octum and then a door of wind to get to Jeremi. 
Talk to Zalan to get the Star Pearl. Now use a door of wind to get back to Octum. 
This time, go north over the bridge and then east past the sign. Go east as long as 
you can, then south, then west. You will come to another place.
Gate of Shadows
Before- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-16
After- Vahn-16	Noa-16 	Gala-16
 	Upon entering the Gate of Shadows, a tall man wearing a Seru will appear and 
say it is a letdown to see that kids were the ones who beat Zeto. He is Gi Delilas. 
He also has a sister, Lu Delilas, and a huge brother, Che Delilas. As you can see 
they have a good resemblance to your party. The leader is a normal man, like in 
yours; there is one girl, like in yours, and one big guy, like Gala in yours. 
Actually, you each go one-on-one with each of them later in the game. If they seem 
annoying now, wait till you get to kick their butts later! Anyway, the object of 
this place is to get the flower in the middle on to bloom. Go up to the statues and 
they will ask you to press a button. The southwest one is fire, the northwest one is 
earth, the northeast one is water and the southeast one is wind. After you figure 
out the right pattern, the big flower in the middle will bloom and leave a door. 
Throw the Star Pearl into the flower bud and go in the door. Now keep proceeding 
through the underground paths till you get to blocks that move up and down. That 
place is easy to maneuver and eventually you will get to Underground Octum. 
Underground Octum
Before- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-16
After- Vahn-16	Noa-16		Gala-16
	Upon entering this place, you will marvel at how big it is. Go into the inn 
and get healed. Talk to the peddler selling weapons. Buy all the new weapons and 
armor you can. When you go to the edge, Debora’s house will fall. Your objective 
here is to get Hari to wake up. Do this by going to the big house. Go to the top 
floor and talk to the man in purple. After you finish, walk down the stairs you came 
up in. A soldier will knock you down and tell the mayor Hari is awake. Now find 
Hari’s house. Talk to all 3 Hari’s. When you leave, Hari’s house will collapse and 
Hari will die; although his spirits tell you you’ll both meet in an unlikely place. 
(He’s right) Now after he dies, don’t go to the Fire Path, instead, go out the door 
you came into Octum and run around on that half-circle. This is why-MAKE SURE YOU 
GET NOVA WITH NOA! If you don’t, you’ll never beat the game. Also, do an outing in 
the semi-circle and buy new weapons, if possible. Also, heal. Then go to the fire 
path, which is behind the house in the northwest. Level up here. Get all characters 
to level 19 before going deeper into the cave. Also, get Vahn’s Zenoir to level 7, 
Noa’s Nova to level 4 or 5, and Gala’s Theeder to level 9. If you do this with Gala, 
level up Gizam or Zenoir with him. (If you have them, if not, don’t panic, only 
Theeder matters) Also, try to get all the weapons and armor at the shop. Finally, 
buy a lot of healing items for the trip, and then heal.
Fire Path
Before- Vahn-19	Noa-19		Gala-19
After- Vahn-19	Noa-19		Gala-19
	Proceed down the path. It is not hard to navigate. Also, don’t fight any 
battles, you’ll need your strength. When you get into the room of lava, jump onto 
the rock and sail through the lava. When you reach land, jump on it and get the 
treasure chest. Don’t go back on the rock, yet. Instead, run around and catch 
battles with Gola-Gola. Acquire this new Seru with Vahn, because it’s the last fire 
Seru. You don’t need it to beat the game, but it really helps, a lot. When you get 
Gola-Gola with Vahn, go back on the rock. This time, you will go a different way. 
When you get ashore, heal all characters to max H.P and M.P. Then, talk to the big 
bull standing there. You must keep on bothering him, and say you are the enemy, and 
you will fight him.
Boss: Xain	H.P.-9000s
Before Fighting- Vahn-19	Noa-19		Gala-19
After Battle- Vahn-19		Noa-19		Gala-19
	Xain is actually easier then Berserker. Use everyone’s best Seru on him. 
Watch out when he uses bull charge. After that he will use Terio Punch which is 
pretty strong. Also watch out for Bloody Horns, which also does a lot. If Noa’s Orb 
is a good level, use it here. TRY NOT TO USE POINT CARD, but if you have to, then 
use it. By using these attacks and defenses, you should kill him soon.
Note: I haven’t mentioned this before, but if one of your characters gets killed, 
try to revive them for one reason, if your character dies, he won’t gain experience, 
so your characters can fall behind. This is also hard with bosses because they can 
fall behind by so much. So please, if you know your gonna win, make sure everyone is 
revived, it is worth the phoenix.
	After you defeat him, he will place a curse and freeze the lava. Now just 
follow the paths back out to Underground Octum.
Back at Octum
Before- Vahn-19	Noa-19		Gala-19
After- Vahn-19	Noa-19		Gala-19
	When you return to Octum, everyone will be happy that the Earthquakes 
stopped, but they’re still kind of morose that they can’t go to the surface. You can 
talk to the Mayor and he will ask you to get the Spring Salts from Vidna, and there 
will be a reward. Don’t do it, the reward is crappy. Maybe you can do it later if 
you can, but don’t waste time right now. Instead go to the elevator. Now if you 
looked before, you’ll see they won’t let you use the elevator, but since you saved 
the town, they’ll let you use it. Now go in the elevator. When you come out it will 
look familiar. Yes, this is where you met Cara. Now that elevator can be used. Use a 
door of light to get out of Octum. (Doesn’t it feel good to be outside again?) Now 
use a door of wind to get to Vidna, where you will find a great disturbance.
Vidna: Covered in Mist!
Before- Vahn-19/20	Noa-19/20	Gala-19/20
After-Vahn-19/20	Noa-19/20	Gala-19/20
	When you return you will see that Vidna is covered in mist. This paradise 
was covered in mist because the windmills stopped. And if you did what I said and 
talked to everyone, you’d know that the windmills stopped because they run on the 
lava, and Xain froze the lava. Well, this was his curse. Again, if you talked to 
everyone like I told you, you’d know that Danpas built an underground shelter. Go to 
that shelter. (Now you’re regretting the fact that you should have listened to me!) 
If you don’t know where the shelter is, I’ll tell you, you no-brained loser. I guess 
that’s why this is a strategy guide. It’s one of the houses near the beach and to 
the west. (The other is where the Monks train) Now talk to everyone there. Don’t 
level here because you don’t gain a whole lot of experience. However, if you didn’t 
acquire Orb, now would be a very good place to do it. After your done, use a door of 
wind and go to Jeremi. Now you ask, why Jeremi? Well I’ll tell you why. First, go to 
the items shop and buy a ton of door-of-winds and door-of-lights, your definitely 
gonna need’em. Now, heal at the inn. (They let you stay for free) Now make sure you 
have a LOT of door-of-winds and door-of-lights, I mean like 15-20 for each. Now use 
a door-of-wind to go to Octum. 
	When you get to Octum, press L1 on your controller. This will bring up a map 
of the Sebucus Islands. Move the map north and to the left a little. You should see 
a square-shaped town. Follow the map and go to that town.
Before- Vahn-20	Noa-20		Gala-20
After-Vahn-20/21	Noa-20		Gala-20
	As you probably guessed, this town is called Ratayu, and is covered in mist. 
What you do is hold the up button on your controller and go up until you get to the 
castle part of the town. Go left up the stairs, then up, then right, the through the 
door. Go up again and go to Saryu who is possessed by a Seru. He’ll give you the key 
to Mt. Letona. Go back into the town and go all the way down to just before the 
entrance, then go right. This is the entrance to Mt. Letona. But before you go 
there, look in the houses, they have lots of items, including the Ivory Book, which 
helps you acquire Seru easier. Your gonna need that. Now go to Mt. Letona. 
	In Mt. Letona, acquire Viguro with Gala. Yes, those are the same things you 
fought way back in the East Voz Forest. NOW YOU MUST ACQUIRE VIGURO WITH GALA! IT IS 
IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT THE GAME WITHOUT IT!!!!!!! When I say impossible, I’m not 
kidding, you NEED that Seru. In fact, it is the most important seru to get in the 
whole game. It is extremely hard to acquire, but I know just how to acquire it: 
{Okay, with Gala you should be about level 19 or 20. Be sure to be close to that. 
Equip the Ivory Book you just got to Gala. Now enter a battle with Viguro. Kill the 
other monster, whatever it is, but don’t hurt Viguro with Vahn or Noa. Now use 
spirit with Gala. Let the Viguro attack you. Now, you should be able to fit 2 
thunder punches, so use 2 of those. Now, use spirit again with Gala, and do two more 
thunder punches, after this you should acquire Viguro}
	Now level in Mt. Letona. If you didn’t get Gola-Gola with Vahn, get Mushura. 
He is just as good. Now level up your primary Seru with everyone. When you’re low on 
M.P., use a door of light to get out and a door of wind to go to Jeremi, then heal, 
and use a door of wind to get back. (Did you listen to me this time?) Do this 
leveling technique until you are 22 with everyone. Then proceed up Mt. Letona.
Mt. Letona
Before- Vahn-22	Noa-22		Gala-22
After- Vahn-22/23	Noa-22/23	Gala-22
	Okay, I’ll spoil it now. You’re gonna fight Songi at the top. So stay 
healthy. This mountain isn’t hard to navigate, but there are a few paths that will 
throw you off guard. It’s just trial and error. Work your way to the summit where a 
Genesis Tree waits. When you see the Genesis Tree, it is covered in a force field. 
Noa will try to break through but gets blown back. After this, go behind the Genesis 
Tree and get the treasure, then leave the area. Go back down as if you were leaving. 
I know it sounds stupid but do it anyway. If you did it correctly, Songi will come 
up and compliments you on surviving thus far. Gala will tell him to deactivate the 
shield, and he says that he’ll fight you. He says “In the unlikely event you defeat 
me, I’ll deactivate the shield”. Now you fight him.
 Boss: Songi #2	H.P.-Around 12000
Before Fighting-Vahn-22	Noa-22		Gala-22
After Battle-Vahn-22/23	Noa-22/23	Gala-22
	Yes, Songi is so much harder than last time. (Didn’t you see that coming?) 
You fight him three times in the game and this is the second. Also, all 3 of you 
fight and this makes it easier.
	Anyway, Songi is pretty strong, as you know. Just use Noa’s Nova, Vahn’s 
Gola-Gola (or Mushura) and Gala’s Viguro. If you don’t have these Seru you are in 
some big trouble. Just keep using this and heal with Noa’s Orb whenever he uses 
Hyper Lightning. (You might want to buy Madlight Jewels in Jeremi for this attack) 
Noa also might be able to use her Miracle Art but if she can’t, that’s all right. It 
differs from game to game. But by level 25 you should DEFINITELY know it. Anyway, 
after you run out of M.P., use some killer combos. At the end of this guide are some 
awesome combos to use. Just use these tactics and he will be down. When you defeat 
him, revive the genesis tree and go back to Ratayu.
Return to Ratayu
Before-Vahn-22	Noa-22		Gala-22
After-Vahn-22/23	Noa22/23	Gala-22/23
	When you return, you will see that the mist is gone, but some people want it 
back because they are suffering from Saryu. Well, go up and talk to that bum right 
now. He promised you the West Ratayu Key.
	Well as it turns out, that fag won’t give it to you, and he’s still 
possessed by a Seru. (How that’s possible? You’ll find out soon…) He tells you he’s 
tired and tells you to go away and don’t touch the Seru Brides. Like hell you won’t. 
Go to the weapons shop and stock up as best you can, then go to the inn. Talk to the 
girl that looks like Queen Amidila from Star Wars. (She’s in a purple dress) Talk to 
her and she’ll tell you she’s going to be sacrificed. Let Noa take her place. Now go 
heal. Then talk to her again and say yes.
	Soon you will control Noa, after she goes to Juggernaut. Remember the path 
she takes. Now with Noa, try and escape by running away from the scientists. Saryu 
will come and it will go back to Vahn and Gala.
	Meta will say Terra is sending out a distress signal. You then control the 
two of them. You now have to rescue a damsel in distress, again. Anyway, follow the 
path Noa took. You will fight two Kemaros. TRY to acquire them with VAHN. He is your 
next awesome Seru. If you don’t, don’t worry, you’ll get him soon anyway. Now follow 
the path to Noa. When you get there, Gala will stop the sacrificial ceremony, the 
rude way. Violence! Now Saryu appears, and the fight is on.
Boss- Van Saryu		H.P.- a little over 12000
Before- Vahn-22	Noa-22		Gala-22
After-Vahn 22/23	Noa- 22/23	Gala- 22
	  Saryu isn’t all that difficult. If you beat Songi okay, then you should 
have no problem with Saryu. Watch out for Earthquake, which’s pretty good. Oh, and I 
HATE the move Jugger Power! That increases all stats. By now you still might be able 
to use Noa’s miracle art, if you can use it here. Other than these tips, Saryu’s 
pretty easy.
Towards the Western Sea
Before- Vahn- 22/23	Noa-22/23	Gala-22
After-All 25
	After you beat Saryu, the Seru that was controlling him will die, and he 
will turn off Juggernaut. Then you will be back in the palace and he will FINALLY 
give you the West Ratayu key. You went through hell to get that. He will also 
explain about the Sim-Seru. (A man made Seru that can survive without mist) Now go 
back into the town, and everyone will be happy that the Seru Brides are free. Now 
you definitely should get all the best armor. After this, heal at the inn, then go 
left and out the Western Sea Gate.
	When you get out, if you look on the map, you can see that you can go 
directly to Dohati’s Castle. (This is like the second world’s version of Zeto’s 
Dungeon, and Dohati is like Zeto) If you do go to this place, you’re the stupidest 
idiot in the world. (And I’m being nice) BEFORE YOU GO TO DOHATI’S CASTLE, LEVEL UP 
RIGHT NEXT TO RATAYU! You gain 800+ experience. If you level here, get to level 26. 
Level Noa’s Nova, (Should be close to level 9!) Vahn’s Gola-Gola/Mushura (Around 7 
or 8) and level Gala’s Viguro to 5 or 6. When you are done doing this NOW AND ONLY 
NOW may you proceed to Dohati’s Castle. Now get ready to finally end the second 
Dohati’s Castle
Before- Vahn-26	Noa-26		Gala-25  
After- Vahn- 26/27	Noa- 26/27	Gala- 25/26
	Now you are finally here. Move up and into the interior of the castle. Now 
the main objective in this castle is to go to the escalators. (Like the things at 
shopping malls) Go on the ones going up, and don’t go on the ones going down. When 
you go up the first escalator, go to a yellow mat and go through the light. You will 
see yourself going across the castle in the tube. Repeat for level 2. Now when you 
get to level 3, go on the yellow mat, go as far left as possible, then go up. You 
will be at the mist generator. Now Dohati will appear. He will change into a bird 
and fight you.
Boss-Dohati		H.P.-15000
Before- Vahn- 26	Noa- 26	Gala-25
After - Vahn- 26	Noa- 26	Gala-25
	This is the final boss of the second world, and boy does he have some killer 
H.P.! Anyway, use your primary Seru with everyone and use them well. Dohati’s normal 
attack does inflict a lot of damage, so one of you characters should use Vera every 
once in a while. Also, when Zeto used his special attack, Big Wave, he gave you a 
warning with Call Wave. Dohati’s special, Chaos Breath, doesn’t have a warning, he 
just uses it. Make sure Noa’s Orb can cure Venom and Toxic, because that’s what 
Chaos Breath does. Use Orb immediately after Chaos Breath and Vera whenever needed. 
Dohati IS very hard, and it will take some strategizing. Also, if you didn’t use the 
Point Card on Songi, use it here, it will help. Even if you did use it on him, use 
it anyway, it helps a lot.  
Sebucus Islands Aftermath
Before- Vahn- 26	Noa- 26 	Gala- 25
After- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26	Gala- 25
	After you beat Dohati, you will destroy the mist generator, and there will 
be a Ra-Seru there, and your Ra-Serus will explain later. After this, you will be 
back in Ratayu. Saryu will say that Dohati has already released Juggernaut, and 
hopes you can be the one to get rid of it. Now Juggernaut is free to roam the world, 
just like you in a second. After you’re done with Saryu, go out of Ratayu. Use a 
door of wind and go to either Octum or Vidna, both are free of mist. (You should 
mainly go to Octum, only go to Vidna if you just want to look around.) 
After you go to Octum, explore the town. Go into every place. Look around and enjoy 
the scenery. When you’re done, go up the stairs that are outside and go in the green 
door or the red door. Look in both. When you’re done, go to the guy telling you the 
trains are out of order, and he will recognize you as the heroes, and let you go 
aboard. When you get to the top, go outside. You will be on the top of Octum, where 
the clouds are. Talk to the people and go in the Gondola Train.
Train Ride!
Before- Vahn- 26	Noa- 26	Gala- 25
After- Vahn- 26	Noa- 26	Gala- 25
	You will board the train and the Seru called Gondola (Can’t be acquired) 
will form, and you will leave Octum. Now you see that those field goal posts I know 
you were wondering about are actually for the train. You will then leave Octum, and 
the Sebucus Islands.
	On the train, Gala will tell you about a war in the land, and Noa will say 
that Octum is out of sight. Then the train will stop. The conductors will say that 
the mist is too strong in the New World, and that they will just let you go. The 
momentum will build, and the Gondola will fall off. You will then have a head on 
collision, and be awakened by Cara. Congratulations! You have (rudely) arrived into 
the 3rd and final world. Welcome to Karisto Kingdom...
Karisto Station
Before- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26 		Gala- 26
After- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26 		Gala- 26
	When you wake up, you will see the Floating Castle, which sprays down mist 
from above. Cara will then leave. Now go down to the Doll Thingy. This is 
the “Honest Person’s Store”. In this store, if you’re honest enough you’ll take the 
supplies and leave money. Just take the supplies and scratch the “leave money” part. 
You’re not feeling very honest today. Also, go to the tree right next to this store 
and press X. You will get 3,000 gold. (Just be sure to pick it up) Now leave Karisto 
Station. Look on your map and go to the tower town in the mountains, this is Sol 
Sol Tower
Before- Vahn- 26	Noa- 26 		Gala- 25
After- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29		Gala- 29
	Pack up and settle down, you’ll be spending a LONG time in this town. More 
than in Underground Octum. As you see, it’s covered by mist. Just go up the stairs 3 
floors and you will meet Gaza. After you’re done with him, go up more and you will 
reach the area where the people live. THIS is the area you’ll spend a lot of time in.
	By now you should be pretty banged up, so rest at the inn which is the first 
room. Now after that, (Or if you don’t need to rest) go up one room, this is the 
Jazz Club. You will go into a scene with Cara. (Always pay attention to scenes, they 
add gossip to the story, and the story is the best part of an RPG) After you finish 
the scene, go out and go up one room. This is the Muscle Dome.
	This room is where the mini-games of Legend of Legaia are. I have to admit, 
they’re not that great, but they’re not as bad as Star Ocean, The Second Story. 
Their mini games where horrible just as well as Chrono Cross. Anyway, these mini 
games give you coins when you win (Not gold) You can exchange coins for prizes. 
First, go to the left counter and buy 1 coin. (100 gold) Now go to the arcade 
machine in the middle of the room and play Baka Fighter. Look at the bottom of this 
strategy guide for tips on how to win this game. When you’re done having your fun, 
(Just don’t enter the fighting ring. [Yet]) Leave the muscle dome. 
	Now go up one floor, this is Sol Fever Disco. Inside is one more mini-game, 
which I think is pretty fun. It is the dance contest. (Tips on how to win are in the 
back.) When you are finished in the dance contest, leave and go up to Sol Broadway.
	When you’re in Sol Broadway, go in the back and talk to everyone. One of 
them will ask Gala to perform. (You can say yes or no, I don’t think it affects the 
game) When you finish, leave.
	After Sol Broadway, the rest of the rooms don’t have anything special, but 
look in and talk to everyone. Now go all the way up to the roof of Sol.
	When you get to the roof, talk to the Biron Monks, and save at the save 
point. Now go to the house to the North. Old Deez will say you’re not allowed in, 
and Gala will show him Biron Arts, seventh degree. He will let you in and give you 
the Genesis Seedling. Now the Biron Monks will come in and train. Talk to them all 
because one will heal you, you are about to fight a boss.
	When you come out, Gaza will appear and say he won’t let you drive away the 
mist. Now he fights you.
Boss-Gaza 1ST 		H.P.- 10000
Before- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26 		Gala- 26
After- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26 		Gala- 26
	Notice I said 1st. I said this because you fight him twice. Right now he 
isn’t that hard. Use everyone’s primary Seru on him. Just watch out for Astral 
Slash. If he uses that on Noa, she’s gonna come close to dead. Keep everyone up, and 
bring him down.
Find Underground Sol
Before- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26 		Gala- 26
After- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26		Gala- 26
	After you beat Gaza, Songi will appear and blame you for killing an innocent 
man. He takes Gaza away. Now you must get to the Warrior’s Square. If you go all the 
way down Sol Tower and into the mist, and go past the entrance down even further, 
you would see a guard dog statue that won’t let you pass. Now go back to the top. 
You need to move that dog statue. Go back to the Muscle Dome. What you need to do is 
buy 8 Soru Breads. If you went to the bakery you could buy them, but they cost 6000 
gold a piece, which is a little steep. However, by winning Baka Fighter, you get 
460+ coins, and Soru Bread only cost 100 coins, so you could beat Baka Fighter 
twice, and then buy 8 Soru Bread. After you do this, go back into the mist and go in 
the rooms covered in mist. 
You have to find the weird looking treasure chests that are brown. When you get the 
item, press X again next to the Sage’s Chest. (That’s what they’re called) The chest 
will say it smells something good. Feed it the Soru Bread and it will thank you, and 
then glow yellow. Find all eight Sage’s Chests. (Hint: there is at least one in 
almost every room. Be sure to go up and down the stairs that are IN the rooms too.) 
When you find all eight, a rumble will occur. Go down past the entrance and into the 
room with a brownish double door. Activate the machine and Doctor Usha will talk to 
you. Now the Sage’s Guard dog will move. Go down the steps. 
Underground Sol/Warrior’s Square
Before- Vahn- 26 	Noa- 26 		Gala- 26
After- Vahn- 29	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28
	When you enter Underground Sol, stay near the entrance for a while. Enter a 
battle until you fight Kemaro. ACQUIRE THIS SERU WITH VAHN! You MUST get this Seru. 
You can still beat the game without, but Kemaro make it so much easier. And, there’s 
a chance you’ll lose without it too. I don’t like taking chances and you shouldn’t 
either. When you acquire Kemaro, (It may take a few tries) go back out and heal at 
the inn. Now level up right there on the lower levels of Sol, but kind of near the 
inn. Get Kemaro to level 5, (By then it will do around 3000 damage) get Nova to 
level 9, and Viguro to level 7 or 8. Also get your characters to at least level 28. 
Maybe 29 if you can. Now go deep in the Warrior’s Square.
	When you get to the room with the Warrior’s Square, Gala will say that the 
Warrior’s Square must be behind the stones. In order to get to them, first activate 
the switch right in front of you. One set of stone pillars will move. Now go right 
and switch the lever. That will make the electric fence go down. Once you go through 
it, it goes back up. Go activate more levers until you get to the second switch. 
This puzzle isn’t that difficult, but it poises a challenge. When you’re done, go to 
the center.
	Songi will appear and put a Sim-Seru on Gaza. Now you must fight him.
Boss: Gaza		H.P.-Around 12000
Before- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28
After- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28
	Gaza isn’t really THAT difficult. He actually isn’t that great of a boss. If 
you got Vahn’s Kemaro to level 5 or so, it should do 2000-3000 to Gaza. Use Noa’s 
Nova (Level 9) and Gala’s Viguro. (Level 8) Be sure to have Spoon with Noa. If you 
don’t have one, use Orb. Watch out for his Special Attack, which hits all. Just 
always use Kemaro with Vahn and you should kill him easily. This boss is MUCH harder 
without Kemaro.
Sol Aftermath
Before- Vahn- 	Noa- 		Gala-
After- Vahn- 	Noa- 		Gala-
	When you beat Gaza, his body will fuse with the Genesis Tree. Vahn will also 
get the Astral Sword. (Don’t equip it, it makes arms bigger) Now go out of the 
Warrior’s Square. Go up to the stairs of Sol and the people will be back. Be sure to 
find Emperor Etora IIIV or something like that. He is wearing blue.  Go buy the 
downstairs weapons and then leave Sol. You will see a scene with the Floating 
Castle. Now use a door of wind and go to Karisto Station. 
	Now go Northeast to the city of Buma. A really long scene will occur. When 
you’re done, go northwest to Usha Research Center.
Usha Research Center
Before- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28
After- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28 
	When you enter, go up to the elevator. Talk in the voice tube. Dr. Usha will 
ask you for a password. In case you forgot, the password is X, X, /\, O, []. (X is 
X, /\ is triangle, O is circle, and [] is square.) Now you will go up the elevator. 
When you get there, go up the stairs twice and talk to everyone if you wish. Now go 
all the way up to the top and talk to the white-bearded man. This is Dr. Usha. You 
then tell him about all your adventures and talk the whole night. He then tells you 
in order to unfreeze Buma’s Genesis Trees, you need the Fire Droplet. Now leave Usha 
Research Center. Go west to the Ancient Ruins.
Ura Mais
Before- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28
After- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28
	When you enter, a scene will occur. When you’re finished, go up the steps of 
the Ruins and Tieg will open the doors on the sides of the ruins. Now go in all 
three doors, one at a time. Each time, a different character will have a dream about 
their past. Dream all 3 dreams, then talk to Tieg, who is the one nearest to the 
Phantasmal Light. He will give you the Fire Droplet. When you get it, go down the 
steps, and then Juggernaut will destroy the temple. Hint: After it’s destroyed, go 
to the right, and then up, and then left into a corner. Press X to get the Magic 
Grail. This item is awesome because it gives you back M.P. after each turn. Now 
leave Ura Mais and go back to Usha Research Center.
	When you go back, give the Fire Droplet to Usha, and take the space bombs, 
now go to Buma, then up to Nivora Ravine.
Nivora Ravine
Before- Vahn- 29 	Noa- 29 		Gala- 28
After- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
	When you enter Nivora Ravine, go up to the blue ice block. Go a little to 
the left, and a scene will occur. Gala will plant the Time Space Bomb, and you will 
run for cover, and it will explode after TWO seconds, and not three. Anyway, after 
you get the entrance open, don’t go in. Instead, go back to the front of Usha 
Research Center and level to level 29 or 30. When you’re out of M.P., go to Usha 
Tower and talk to the girl with the pie by the Items Shop guy, and she will heal 
you. Be sure to buy a lot of Healing Berries, or just take the Mrs. Usha quizzes to 
get items, be sure you know your stuff. Anyway, level to at least level 29, and then 
go all the way through Nivora Ravine, until your team splits up.
The Three Tunnels
Before- Vahn – 30	Noa- 30		Gala- 29
After- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
	Now your team will split up and go their separate ways, each character helps 
another character on their path, so read closely to get through it all.
	First, go to Noa’s Screen. (By pressing square once, you’ll get to Noa’s 
Screen) Move Noa to the entrance of a cave. Go in and get the item. Now go left and 
step on the crest. This is all you can do with her right now.
	Move to Vahn’s screen. (Press Square Twice) Move Vahn through his path and 
to a block. If you did it right, you will see Noa above you. Move to the left side 
of the block and press X. Now it will turn. Proceed with Vahn all the way through 
until you get to a cliff that won’t let you pass. Now wait here with him.
	Now go to Noa’s screen. Move her over the path that was made by Vahn. Go all 
the way left, and then up. There is a switch around here somewhere on the wall. You 
must find this switch and press it. (It really isn’t hard to find) Now proceed with 
Noa all the way to Koru. You are now done with Noa.
	Now for the first time, go to Gala’s screen. Go in the cave to get the 
Spirit Jewel, and then go left. If you got the switch with Noa, you would have seen 
a cave wall go up. This was where that wall was. Move Gala through that tunnel and 
up the path. You will eventually encounter a snowball, and see Vahn below. Push the 
snowball over the edge to fall in Vahn’s Path. Now move Gala all the way through his 
path, and to Koru. You are now done with Gala.
	Now with Vahn, simply go over the snowball and to Koru. Now all of you will 
be in place. You will get ready to set the bombs when the Delilas Family shows up, 
and says that you will die by their wrath. Haha, that’s funny. When you are ready to 
fight, your item screen will pop up. Heal everyone to max H.P. and M.P. Now press 
circle. Che Delilas will move in on Gala, and the first battle will begin.
Boss: Che Delilas		H.P.-12000
Before- Gala-29/30
After- Gala-29/30
	This is the hardest of the Delilas’. With Gala, just use your Viguro, which 
should be 8 or 9. Every 3 turns, Che Delilas will use his special, Megaton Press. 
After this, if you’re lucky you’ll have survived. Using a healing berry will bring 
you right back to max. Now use your Viguro until you have to heal again. Just be 
aware that every 5 turns or so you’ll have to revive your M.P. Note that this fight 
will consume a lot of items. If you do this, Gala will win, and the next fight will 
Boss: Lu Delilas		H.P.-8000
Before- Noa-29/30
After- Noa-29/30
	Lu is the second hardest. With Noa, if your speed isn’t high, Lu Delilas 
will attack first. Just use Nova, and then Spirit right before her 3rd turn, which 
is when she uses Plasma Strike. After that use your Miracle Art, and then heal as 
necessary. Do this, and she will be down. Now the 3rd and final battle will begin.
Boss: Gi Delilas		H.P.-12000
Before- Vahn-29/30
After- Vahn-29/30    
	Despite the “Big Boss” music, Gi Delilas is the easiest. Well, not really. 
Actually it depends. If you have Kemaro, you will win SO easily. And if you don’t, 
well I’ll just have to laugh in your face. It is so hard to beat Gi if ya don’t have 
Kemaro. He is the hardest without it. 
	After defeating the Delilas family, Vahn, Noa, and Gala will each set their 
bombs in place. They are about to blow up Koru when a cutscene shows the Delilas 
family struggling for life as they merge with Koru. Koru absorbs energy and prepares 
to self-destruct. The team races into battle trying desperately to stop it.
Boss: Koru			H.P.- 20000
Before- Vahn- 30	Noa- 30		Gala- 29
After- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
	Once in the battle, you’ll notice something different about this boss 
besides the cool music. A meter on top says you only have 4 turns to beat Koru. 
Don’t think it’s hard, it can be done. Also, don’t be fooled by the H.P. meter 
saying 100. He actually has 20000 health, but the makers want to trick you.
	Anyway, if you don’t beat Koru in 4 turns, he blows up and the world is 
annihilated. Since we don’t want to die, you should listen up…
	This fight is very simple. Use Vahn’s Kemaro, Noa’s Nova and Gala’s Viguro 
EVERY turn. Don’t heal, don’t spirit, and don’t use the point card, just use those 3 
Seru. After the first turn his health should be 75 or lower, if so you’re in good 
condition. Do this and destroy him.
	After the fight, the bombs will once again explode too soon, leaving Noa 
with another bruise. Leave the accursed Nivora Ravine and head for Buma. Now that 
the ice is gone, each of your characters revives one tree and frees Buma of the 
mist. Cara comes and talks about her past with Grantes, and gives you a song. Take 
this song to the man playing the piano in the Sol Café. (If you haven’t realized, 
that means go to Sol) It will make Grantes stop drinkin’ booze and get off his lazy 
butt. He finally realizes he can’t cry all day, and vows that even on his own two 
feet, he will return to his first love, Cara. (That’s a long walk to Buma, why won’t 
he catch battles?) Go back to Buma and into Cara’s house. You’ll have a long 
conversation with her and Grantes. They both thank you, and as a reward the give you 
the Ra-Seru egg Cara was holding the whole time. Immediately bring this egg to Zalan 
in Jeremi. He will carve it into the light egg. Once you equip it to someone, they 
will have a new Seru to use, called Horn.
	Congratulations! You got your first Ra-Seru! If you look at the light symbol 
next to Horn, you’ll notice it’s bigger than the normal seru. That’s because Horn is 
the guardian of the light Ra-Seru. You’ll also notice he takes a whopping 200 MP to 
cast, which is a lot. Another mini-quest in this game is finding the seven Ra-Seru 
guardians, and believe me, you just found the easiest. Equipped Ra-Seru cost a lot, 
but are incredibly powerful. Some of the later ones have been known to hit up to the 
9000’s in damage, and are of great use on bosses. Horn’s function is to heal every 
character to max, even if they’re dead. I suggest immediately equipping this to 
Gala, since he has the most MP, and rarely gets hurt, which means he’ll be a good 
back-up plan on a boss. Think the other Ra-Seru are hard to get? Well, for one 
you’ve got me to tell you, but they do require a lot of work. In fact, the next Ra-
Seru can be acquired right now…
The Next Ra-Seru
This next section is a little bit of a break. It requires no levels or fighting, 
just fun. If you’re that die-hard RPG player who never wants a break, you can skip 
this section, but its prize can make the game fun and easier.
	First, go to Usha tower. Go to the second floor and over to the 2 beds. 
Search in-between them with the X button, until you find something called 
the “Legendary Rod”. Now go to Vidna with some coins, and buy LOTS of Heavy Lure 
from the guy near the Casino machine. Now, with all of this, head to Buma.
	When near Buma, turn right and go to the lake. Press X by the sign. Now you 
are going to do the best part of Legaian mini-games; FISHING! Aim Vahn a little 
left, so he faces a rock. Press X to cast, and then watch the meter on the right. 
When it reaches the very top press X again. Now hold X and reel in. Almost every 
time you’ll get a bite. Now, try to reel him in. Watch your newfound TENSION meter. 
If it goes too high your line breaks. You have to hold X to reel in, but if the 
TENSION is high, release X, and it will go down. When it’s down, reel in again. The 
LIFE meter is the fish’s energy. When it’s low, he’ll be easier to reel in.
	It takes practice, but you’ll get it. You should be getting a lot of Charger 
fish and a few Devourers here and there. Anyway, depending on the fish, you get some 
points. When you press triangle, you can choose to buy something. It is smart not to 
buy ANYTHING, but to just save your points.
	Here’s where the work comes in. You need to get a whopping 20,000 points 
before you can buy the Water Egg. If you quit fishing you still keep your points, so 
this could take a few days of playing. I did it, so you should be able to. In fact, 
I used a Deluxe Rod, which is worse than the Legendary Rod and scores you smaller 
fish, so it took me longer. Back then I didn’t know about the Legendary Rod, so if 
you’re complaining, think about me. If and when you get it, take it to Zalan and it 
will turn into the Water Ra-Seru guardian, Mule. 
	Another Ra-Seru can be acquired at this moment too, but it takes a lot 
longer, and you should wait. The Earth Ra-Seru guardian, Palma, can be acquired by 
receiving 100,000 coins in the muscle dome. This is a lot considering that beating 
Baka Fighter can only get you 460 coins. You’re probably not good enough to enter 
the Muscle Dome Tournament. You might be able to beat the Beginner Course, but that 
only gets you 818 coins. Unless you strike it lucky in the casino, which is rare, 
you should wait. 
	Some might think, “Why don’t I just buy 100,000 coins?” You can do this, but 
if you do the math, you’ll find that 100,000 coins would cost you 10 Million gold. 
(I’m REALLY not kidding) And at this point you’re lucky if you have 50 thousand 
gold, so you should wait until you’re good enough to beat the Expert Course, which 
scores you 1,536 coins. The Master course gets you over 13,000 coins, but you have 
to be level 60 or higher with all of your spells to even have a chance, so forget 
it. However, if you’re board with the game, and Vahn is level 35 or higher, read my 
strategy for the Expert Course to win coins easily.
On to Mt. Dihni
Before- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
After- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
	In order to get to Mt. Dihni, go northwest of Buma to an area that used to 
be covered with ice. Walk through the path and go west. Here you will fight new 
enemies, and see the third and final mountain of the game.
	Upon entering, I should let you know that there is no boss at the top of 
this mountain, so feel free to fight the battles. As you might have noticed, Vahn’s 
Kemaro is getting weak, and will eventually be of no use. Be sure to equip him an 
Ivory book, there’s a new Seru in town, Iota. Iota looks like a dog with 1 eye, but 
it’s very powerful. Be absolutely SURE to acquire this Seru, it is another Seru 
you’ll need to beat the game. Acquire Iota, and level it up as you continue up the 
mountain. This mountain is very simple, no tricks, switches, or bosses (Yet…) are 
here. Once you’ve reached the top, use the Soren Flute acquired by Grantes. Some 
Soren will come and get angry because you’re not real Soren. However Noa will 
convince them to take you to their camp. This is that town that’s in the ocean if 
you’ve looked at the map.

The Forgotten Creature			H.P.- About 40000
 Before- Vahn- 42	Noa- 42		Gala- 42
After- Vahn- 42	Noa- 42		Gala- 42
	Another mini-quest to do is, later in the game if you have time, climb back 
up Mt. Dihni. (NOTE: This does not have to be done to beat the game) When you reach 
the top, run around and catch a battle. You will fight the Forgotten Creature; 
Lapis. I suggest getting to level 42 or higher and have 40000+ points on your point 
card before attempting to fight Lapis.
	The reason for this is that, at the start of the battle, Lapis casts LAPIS 
WAVE, which makes your MP 0/0. That means you can’t use any Seru or spells. Because 
of this, and Lapis’ tremendous HP, the point card is needed to deal major damage. 
Read below for my Lapis strategy:
	First, you should wait until Noa can do her Miracle Art without a spirit. 
(Meaning she starts battles with a 9-slot bar) Equip the Mettle Gem to her, so her 
miracle art only takes 49 AP to cast. Keep using Miracle Arts and spiriting to gain 
AP with her. Make Gala ALWAYS use the point card, which should do 9999 each time. 
Have Vahn heal everyone when needed, because Lapis does have a high attack power. 
For additional damage, have Vahn use his Miracle Art too, once in a while. Keep 
everyone’s HP above 2000 at all times, and good luck…
Soren Camp
Before- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
After- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
	Upon entering Soren camp, Luctes the Soren will tell you to see the Elder. 
He is the house at the end of the town on the left. After talking with him, go to 
the last house on the right, and buy whatever equipment you can. Then you will be 
able to talk to Luctes (In the Town Square) and he will take you to the Floating 
Castle. This is another spot you will spend a lot of time leveling in.
The Floating Castle
Before- Vahn- 31	Noa- 31		Gala- 30
After- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
	Upon entering, go inside and fight battles in that area. You should 
eventually fight BARRA, the third and final wind Seru. This is another Seru you MUST 
acquire to beat the game. After getting Barra, level up Vahn’s Iota to level 6, 
Noa’s Barra to level 5, and Gala’s Viguro to level 9. (If Viguro is level 9, you’re 
in good condition, so just spirit or level up something else.) After you’re out of 
MP, go back to Luctes, he’ll take you to Soren Camp. Heal at Sore camp, go back to 
Luctes and go back to the Floating Castle.  Repeat this until you are level 33, 34 
or 35, and have bought ALL of the equipment at Soren Camp, even the 40000 gold Hero 
Armor. Once this is completed, head inside the castle…
	This is a very simple dungeon. Just follow the path through until you reach 
a hallway with pipes. Jump in the pipe and into another room. Fight the Piuru and 
flip the switch. Head back through the pipe and through the door. Fight all the 
Piurus and save at the save point. Go through the door, fight the Piurus, go back to 
the save point, heal, and save again. Now go through the door and into Zora’s throne 
room. You will find that the mist generator’s door is locked, and Zora is nowhere to 
be found. Now leave the throne room, and on your way out you’ll meet up with Zora 
Boss: Zora					H.P.- 25000  
Before- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
After- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
	Using a point card here with at least 9999 would really help. Also hit her 
with Viguro, Kemaro, and Barra. Although she is supposed to be the 3rd world’s 
version of Dohati and Zeto, she is actually very easy. She is supposed to have a 
glare move that stones a character, but in my experience she’s never used her glare 
move on me. In case it does happen, you should have plenty of medicines to cure 
with. (The reason I said to use Kemaro, is that Iota is probably not a high enough 
level to do the damage that Kemaro does. For this reason, I recommend using Kemaro 
just one more time.)
	Once Zora is defeated, you’ll enter the Mist Generator room and see Songi. A 
long conversation will take place, and Songi will explain that the Mist Generator 
and Zora were decoys set up by Cort. Zora is shocked to hear that she meant nothing 
in the plan, and cries that Cort loved her. Songi gets sick and just blows her up. 
(Finally he’s doing something good…) Then, surprisingly enough, Songi actually 
destroys the mist generator for you! Then he says that because the mist is gone, the 
castle can’t float so you’re all gonna die!
	Now, you have six minutes before the castle crashes. This is more than 
enough time to escape, since it’s a small dungeon. Time will not be deducted when 
entering a battle, so it should be easy to escape. Once out on the platform, you’ll 
see the Floating Castle no longer floating, and another thing you wont see… the 
SOREN! AHHH! Noa is about to fall off and die when the Soren come and bring you home.
There’s Still Mist…
	Upon entering Soren Camp, you’ll converse with the elder who says a search 
party revealed a strange town and fortress in the north. You plan to invade that 
fortress immediately, but you should rest and buy any equipment you forgot. Then go 
over to Luctes and he’ll give you a door of wind, and takes you to an area sealed 
off by mountains. This first town is the town you’ve heard so much about. This…is 
Before- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
After- Vahn- 35	Noa- 35		Gala- 34
	Make sure you’re level 34 before entering. Now go to the big building inside 
the town. Go up the stairs on the right, and talk to Noa’s mother. After talking, go 
down the stairs, and go left to the basement stairs. Go all the way down and talk to 
Noa’s father. He’ll give you an item that looks like a lamp. Now go back up to 
Minea. (Noa’s mother) Look around behind her for a door. Go through that door on the 
right, and go through what looks like a mirror. Now you are in the same town, but in 
the past, before the mist.
Past Conkram  
	This place is an unusual break from the mist, because the mist doesn’t 
exist! This place is actually pretty cool. You can see Gi Delilas, Lu Delilas, Che 
Delilas, Zeto, Dohati, and Zora before they were evil. Once you’re done reminiscing, 
go to the Inn. The Innkeeper says it costs like 10000 gold to rest, but he’ll let 
you stay for free. (Oh, don’t forget to see Dr. Usha, he’s here too) When you wake 
up, you’ll see the demonstration of the mist, which goes terribly wrong, and the 
mist is everywhere. Go back down to where you first saw Noa’s father, and save. Jump 
through the portal here and get ready.
Rogue’s Tower  
Before- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
After- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
	This place is so confusing; I haven’t even mastered it. You have to step on 
the teleporter, and it takes you to a new area. Don’t step on a teleporter when the 
tower turns all weird looking, then it will send you to a different place. You have 
to fight a bunch of Carubans and Berserkers. Once you somehow find your way through, 
you’ll warp to the top of Rogues tower. You’ll then fight Rogue.
Boss: Rogue					H.P.- 30000
Before- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
After- Vahn- 34	Noa- 34		Gala- 33
	This fight is actually EXTREMELY easy. Just use Vahn’s Iota, Noa’s Barra and 
Gala’s Viguro constantly. If you do this, Rogue will be very easy to beat. There are 
no tricks, no deadly moves, just an easy boss. After you beat him, you’ll leave 
Rogue’s Tower and head back to Past Conkram… (NOTE: Many constantly ask me where 
Rogue’s Tower is. The truth is Rogue’s Tower is not really a tower, it’s an 
alternate dimension. It’s the evil version of where the Ra-Seru came from. 
Therefore, Rogue’s Tower doesn’t really exist, just like the Seru Kai, which you’ll 
be visiting soon.)
Invading the Fort 
Before- Vahn- 35	Noa- 35		Gala- 34
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	Upon returning, Noa’s father will give you the item necessary for entering 
Jette’s Fortress. Afterwards, go up to the rooftop balcony and talk to Queen Minea. 
You will get Minea’s Ring, which increases HP 25%. (Should be equipped to Noa) After 
this, jump through the portal you came in, go out of Conkram and towards Jette’s 
Fortress, north of Conkram.
Jette’s Fortress   
Before- Vahn- 35	Noa- 35		Gala- 34
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	Walk in a few steps until you get to a Save Point. Look left. There will be 
a pool of water there. It is much like the spring in the Hunter’s Spring. You are 
now standing in the best place to level up in the game! Just fight battles, level up 
Seru, and when you’re out of MP, heal at the fountain. Whenever you want to call it 
quits for the day, save at the save point there. Also, make sure Gala acquires 
Gilium, the final Electric Seru. Now, level up Vahn’s Iota, Noa’s Barra, and Gala’s 
Gilium. (Only get Gilium to level 7 or 8, cause it takes FOREVER to get it to level 
9 [Longer than Viguro]) Now, level here until you are level 40 on the dot. (This 
takes a LONG time, but it’s worth it.) When this is done, head into the cave. Go 
left past the Juggernaut Pool. Go up until a Juggernaut cut-scene. Keep going, 
through the dungeon. Remember if you go the wrong way, you’ll get a treasure chest. 
Keep going until you get to a room with wooden plank stairs. Go up those stairs and 
into the Control Room. There should be three switches, the middle one lit in blue. 
Make sure to save at the save point. Now touch the switch on the left, then run 
down. Jette should appear and fight you. 
Boss: Jette					H.P.- 38500
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	Don’t think that because I made you get a high level that’s he’s gonna be 
easy. Jette is pretty hard. Watch out for his CLONE move. The clones have low HP, so 
I recommend using Iota or Gilium to both hurt Jette and kill the clone. Also, his 
normal attack is the best of any boss anywhere, he attacks the most consecutive 
times and hits for the most damage. He can sometimes do 1000+ in normal attack power 
when attacking. Just keep using primary Seru, and have Noa’s Orb heal when 
necessary. With a little luck and a lot of skill, Jette will fall.
	After he dies, heal everyone to max, and turn the switch to left again. Now 
go up the other wooden plank stairs and onto the floating platform, now you will be 
heading left.
	Head through this path until you reach the 4th and final mist generator, and 
Cort, the final boss. After some conversation, the battle will start.
Boss: Cort					H.P.- 50000
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	Don’t be fooled by his rather small appearance, this guy is HARD! He looks 
like any standard RPG villain, and he is. He is even harder than Berserker, and 
harder than Jette, and Songi, and Xain, and Dohati. So be ready, here he comes…
	Sometime near the start, he will cast a spell that puts a bubble around him. 
This bubble makes him immune to all Arts, so you have to use magic to kill him. Just 
use everyone’s top Seru all the time. Another thing to know: During this time, he 
will only use one move- Guilty Cross. This does substantial damage, especially to 
Noa. From time to time, use Vera on anyone in yellow status, and use Orb if everyone 
is in yellow, or they’re close to it, or close to dead. Eventually you will destroy 
the bubble; this shows that his HP is low. NOW he’s hard. He will unleash 
unpredictable attacks, in an unpredictable order, and some are better than Guilty 
Cross. To make matters worse, you’re probably low on MP, so you’ll have to rely on 
everyone’s Miracle Arts. Hard combinations (Shown at the end of this guide) of Arts 
can do heavy damage, and let’s not rule out Super Arts. Face it, Cort is hard, but 
with the right strategies and lots of luck, Cort can be defeated. If you want 
another strategy, equip Horn to Gala or Noa, and wait until you’re REALLY low. (Like 
one or two people are dead) Then use Horn to bring everyone right back up, like it’s 
a new fight. If you have Mule or Palma, use them too. (I doubt you have Palma at 
this point) Keep this up to defeat Cort.
	One more thing, if you are keeping track of the amount of HP you’re taking 
out of him, and you know an Art move will kill him, equip the item that let’s you 
steal items from enemies. If you kill Cort with someone who has this item using an 
Art, then you will take the Evil Seru Egg from him. Bring this to Zalan to get the 
lost 8th Seru, Juggernaut. That’s right, you’ll be able to use Juggernaut in battle. 
Weird, huh?
The Mist is Gone Forever!
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	When Cort is defeated, the Mist generator will blow up, but Jette’s Fortress 
will be about to also! This is the same as the Floating Castle, where you have to 
escape in a certain time. However, Jette’s Fortress is too big and you’ll never make 
it out in time, so what will you do? Actually, you can easily make I out by using a 
Door of Light. And if you don’t have one, you’re gonna be toasted in Jette’s 
	Anyway, when you use the Door of Light, you’ll appear in a pipe and about to 
be plummeted to your death when Cara and Grantes come and rescue you. They bring you 
to Conkram, but you see that the Seru is dead, so everyone in the town died. Noa is 
really pissed but you manage to find your way back to Rim Elm.
Welcome Home!
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	You will see yourself in Rim Elm after the incident at Conkram. Noa is in 
the house near the entrance on the right at the window saying that Terra won’t talk 
to her. Gala is down at the Genesis Tree. You must talk to either Gala or Noa first 
and then go talk to the other one. I recommend talking to Gala and then Noa. 
However, before doing this, if you want another challenge, talk to Tetsu. He will 
fight you again with all his power. You cannot use Meta for that fight, only arts. I 
recommend equipping the Mettle Gem to Vahn before fighting. Use your Miracle Art 
every turn to beat him. After beating this final secret boss, talk to both Gala and 
Noa to make Songi come. He will turn Rim Elm into a home for Juggernaut, while the 
Ra-Seru protect you. Then he will disappear. At this point, I recommend NOT starting 
or finishing your further accomplishments for the game, just to do what it says 
below. Now you can defeat Songi once and for all…
Through Ura Mais to the Seru Kai
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	I recommend saving, then heading to Ura Mais. Go up to the ruins, and Teig 
will come and send you to the Seru Kai. Be prepared, there’s no turning back from 
the Seru Kai…
	The Seru Kai is very simple. There are no trick switches like Nivora Ravine, 
just paths. Follow the path and your instinct until you reach a Giant Genesis Tree. 
Songi will be there trying to destroy it. After a brief conversation, your second-to-
last boss battle will start.
Boss: Songi #3				H.P.- 48000
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
	Songi is a very hard boss, nevertheless. However if you’re level 40 he 
should be a breeze. I find Songi #2 to be harder, actually. (Not in HP of course, 
just in statistics compared to yours) He has one deadly move that might kill Noa, so 
equip Mei’s Pendant and Minea’s Ring to her. Use everyone’s primary Seru here, and 
he should be down.
	After Songi is defeated, he will die because his Ra-Seru died. (Ra-Seru? Yet 
another mystery uncovered) Any human not attached to a Ra-Seru will die 
automatically in the Seru Kai. Meta, Terra, and Ozma will realize that the Genesis 
Tree is too weak to be revived, and it can’t cure the mist in the Seru Kai. However, 
a distant, almost forgotten friend arrives after keeping a promise. It’s Hari! 
Remember I said you’d meet in an unlikely place? Well here it is! Hari’s spirits 
help the Ra-Seru revive the Genesis Tree, and NOW all the mist in the world, and in 
the afterworld, is gone. (Not to mention, Hari also did something else that was 
VERY, VERY good) After the Seru Kai is freed, the 3 return to the top of Mt. 
Rikuroa. (Betcha missed this place!) Now here’s where Hari’s good idea comes in…
The Fire, Wind, Thunder, and Dark Ra-Seru Guardians
	Okay, go up to the Genesis Tree here. Touch it to receive something AWESOME! 
Noa has just received the Wind Ra-Seru Guardian Terra! (Of course the name is Terra
) Did this give you a hint? YES! Go to the West Voz Forest Genesis Tree! Oh wait, 
it’s dead. Actually, this may throw people off and tell them not to go there, but go 
there anyway. Once there, you will find a Genesis Tree! No, actually it’s a treasure 
chest. Inside is the Dark Egg! Now you have the Dark Ra-Seru Guardian Jedo! 
Actually, don’t go to Zalan yet, instead, go to the East Voz Forest Genesis Tree and 
get Ozma, the Electric Guardian! Now you can go to Zalan to get Jedo. 
	Here’s the tricky part. Most would think to go to the Rim-Elm Genesis Tree 
to get Meta, but remember that Rim Elm is destroyed. Instead, go to Sol Tower’s 
Genesis Tree to get the Fire Guardian Meta! Now you’ve completed you’re set! The 
only Ra-Seru you need are Mule and Palma…
The Final Quests
	Now’s the time to complete anything you want for the end of the game. Now 
should be when you go fight Lapis, or go fishing for Mule. Now’s also the time to 
get 100,000 coins in the Muscle Dome and to win the dance contest in Sol Fever 
Disco. Now’s the time to take one more look at the world. Reminisce your days at 
Drake Castle, the beaches of Vidna. Visit the mist free Karisto Station or head back 
to Octum and see what it’s like Underground. See good old Zalan and the rest of 
Jeremi one last time. Don’t rule out Ratayu; see how old Saryu’s doing! Go see what 
old contraption Dr. Usha is cooking! Check out Soren camp, and see what Buma’s like. 
Visit Cara and Grantes then head over to crowded old Sol Tower. Good old Biron 
Monastery isn’t a bad place to visit either; talk with Zopu too. Ride the train if 
you want to. Say goodbye to Legaia, for soon it’ll all be gone… 
Level Up one Last Time
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- whatever level you want
	Now you should head back to Rim Elm. Level up Meta, Terra, and Ozma to about 
level 5 or so. Try to level up Mule, Palma, and Jedo too, if you can. I recommend 
equipping Palma to Vahn, Mule to Noa, and Jedo and Horn to Gala. You can actually 
beat the last boss at level 40, but it’s good to go a little higher. Once you’re 
happy with your levels, you can search the caves of Juggernaut for the last boss. 
However, be sure to pick up all the “Ra-Seru” equipment in the treasure chests for 
each character. Now you can head into Juggernaut. (Every kind of Seru is somewhere 
in here, so acquire the ones you want) The Chicken King can help get you out of 
battles you don’t want to fight. 
	Search through the caves until you come into Juggernaut’s heart, and a save 
point. Heal everyone to max, save, and walk in the room. After a long talk, the 
final boss battle of Legend of Legaia will begin. Welcome to the beginning of the 
Final Cort					H.P.- Unknown
Before- Vahn- 40	Noa- 40		Gala- 40
After- won’t matter
	Final Cort is obviously hard. Imagine going back to the Berserker Battle in 
the Sky Gardens. Picture fighting TWO of them with a Songi #2 thrown in, PLUS a Cort 
#1. That’s Cort. His unknown H.P. might be in the high 80000s, but no one knows his 
true H.P. Just use Meta, Terra, and Ozma all the time. Eventually you should use 
Gala’s Horn to heal everyone. You’re also going to need lots of items to cure MP 
cause these Ra-Seru take a lot. The truth is, Ra-Seru are going to win this for you, 
like it or not. Don’t forget to use Mule, Palma and Jedo, they’re good too. If you 
keep attacking, while keeping the H.P. up, you’ll win. (Don’t even think of using 
arts, they’re useless here) Also, since this is the last fight you should start off 
using your point card. If it does more damage than your Ra-Seru, (I.E.- 9999) then 
use it. If you received Juggernaut from Cort the first time, using that would also 
help. Keep up the hard work, this is gonna be a LONG fight. It’s been said to take 
almost 30 minutes to beat him, while the unfortunate others have been destroyed in 
2. Be careful, be smart, and good luck…
Legaia Aftermath
	After Juggernaut is destroyed, (This is the saddest part) the Ra-Seru will 
disappear, saying that because their job is done, they were meant be destroyed. Rim-
Elm will be rebuilt, and all of the Monsters, Mist, Seru, Ra-Seru, and all other 
evil will vanish forever. You will also see Dr. Usha down at the Rim Elm Genesis 
Tree. He will ask what you’re going to do next. You now get a few fun choices that 
affect the outcome of the ending. Choose one, then talk to everyone in Rim Elm and 
see what your ending is like. I have not tried them all, so I won’t tell you what 
they’re like, you’ll just have to wait and see. Also, Cort will be reborn as a baby, 
and Noa will take care of him. When the ending is over, sit back, take a breath, and 
watch the credits. You just beat one HECK of an RPG. Maybe the ending was little 
bleak, but hey, that’s me. Well, I’m glad you took the time to read my strategy 
guide. It’s taken me a long time to complete it, and Legaia is already 3 or 4 years 
old. I’m glad I helped someone out there if they’re stuck, and I’m glad you enjoyed 
reading my guide. But for now, check below for some strategies…

Hyper Elbow < > <
Charging Scorch v > ^
Somersault ^ v ^
Slash Kick ^ v <
Power Punch < < v
Cross Kick v v v ^
Pyro Pummel < > ^ <
Spin combo ^ v > <
Pk Combo v ^ ^ < 
Hurricane ^ ^ v v 
Cyclone v ^ ^ ^ 
Tornado Flame > > < 
Fire Blow > > v < 
Burning Flare > v < v > 
Power Slash v > ^ v ^ v < 
Fire Tackle < > < < v > ^ 
Maximum Blow v > ^ v < < v 
Somersault X3 ^ v ^ ^ ^ v ^ 
Rolling Combo ^ v > < < v ^ ^ < 
Vahn's Craze  > v < ^ < ^ > v <
Lizard Tail ^ v ^
Acrobatic Blitz ^ v v
Sonic Javelin > v >
Blizzard Bash > < v
Mirage Lancer > > ^ ^
Dolphin Attack > > < >
Bird Step v v v ^
Swan Driver v ^ ^ ^
Tough Love v ^ v < >
Rushing Gale ^ ^ < v >
Tempest Break > > < ^ ^ ^
Frost Breath < < > >
Vulture Blade < < > < > 
Hurricane kick < ^ ^ ^ ^ v >
Super Javelin ^ ^ < v > v >
Dragon Fangs ^ v ^ ^ ^ v v
Triple Lizard v v v ^ ^ ^ v ^
Super Tempest > > < > > < ^ ^ ^
Love you > > ^ ^ v ^ v < >
Noa's Ark < ^ > v ^ < ^ v >
Flying Knee v ^ < 
Battering Ram < > v 
Iron Head ^ v v
Back Punch < > <
Guillotine < ^ <
Head Splitter < ^ ^
Side Kick v v ^ ^
Black Rain ^ < v v
Neo Raising < < > ^ <
Electro Thrash ^ < v > <
Bull Horn < ^ > v <
Thunder Punch > > <
Lightning Storm > > ^ <
Explosive Fist > > < < <
Rushing Crush < > v ^ < ^ ^
Super Iron Head v ^ < ^ ^ v v
Back Punchx3 ^ v v ^ < > <
Heavens Drop v ^ < ^ ^ < v v 
Neo Static Raising < > < ^ < < > ^ <
Biron Rage > > v ^ v ^ v < < 
Some General Hints and Tips for the Game

1.	Search near the two beds in Dr. Usha’s Research Center. Click around with 
the X button to get the Legendary Rod, the best fishing rod in the game.

2.	Look inside Juggernaut. Go past the room with all of Rim-Elm’s citizens 
stuck inside. Search the left wall with the X button to find an item that will keep 
your AP at 100. Very useful…

3.	It is a good idea to fight every battle when you first get Noa. Terra will 
always heal you and even revive you if you die…

4.	Search the tree in Rim Elm closest to Tetsu. If you hit the right one, Nene 
(Vahn’s sister) will come out and tell you to stay away from the tree, but she 
trips. You will now enter a secret boss fight with “The Bees”. In this battle you 
cannot use Ra-Seru, so you should be level 17 or higher. Maybe you should wait until 
Noa can use her miracle art, but fight it if you must. At the end of the fight 
you’ll receive the “honey” which increases all stats by 4.

5.	When you are in Rim Elm right before Songi comes, talk to Tetsu to fight him 
again. You cannot use Ra-Seru to fight him, so make sure to equip a mettle gem to 
use miracle arts.

6.	 If you are in desperate need of money, or just want a lot, go to the muscle 
dome. Play Baka Fighter until you have about 3000 coins. This can buy you 30 Soru 
Breads. Now sell those 30 Soru Breads at the Bakery and you will get 180000 gold 

7.	 After Juggernaut comes and destroys Ura Mais, go right and then up and then 
left into a dead end. Press X to receive the “Magic Grail”, which, when equipped, 
will give back a little M.P. after each turn in battle.

List of All Seru and Ra-Seru Guardians in the Game

1.	Gimard		Fire	
2.	Zenoir		Fire
3.	Gola-Gola	Fire
4.	Vera		Light
5.	Orb		Light
6.	Aluru		Light
7.	Spoon		Light
8.	Theeder		Thunder
9.	Viguro		Thunder
10.	Gillium		Thunder
11.	Nighto		Dark
12.	Piuru		Dark
13.	Gizam		Water
14.	Freed		Water
15.	Slippery	Water
16.	Swordie		Wind
17.	Nova		Wind
18.	Barra		Wind
19.	Mushura		Earth
20.	Kemaro		Earth
21.	Iota		Earth
22.	Meta		Fire
23.	Horn		Light
24.	Ozma		Thunder
25.	Jedo		Dark
26.	Mule		Water
27.	Terra		Wind
28.	Palma		Earth
29.	Juggernaut	Evil
The Muscle Dome Guide

Part 1- Baka Fighter!
	Baka Fighter is a unique Arcade Game built in to the real game. It shows 
fighting simulation based on high kicks, low kicks, and punches using three basic 
buttons, circle, X, and square. These combinations are used to beat your enemies, 
which usually have a pattern programmed into them. These programmed patterns where 
easily recognizable to me, and I have decided to include this in my guide:

The following shows each enemy in Baka Fighter, and the buttons that YOU press (Not 
the enemy patterns) in order to defeat it:

1: Black Puira-- [] [] [] [] []
2: Gomboo-- X X X X X 
3: Skeleton—O O O O O 
4: Wolf-- [] X [] X [] X []…
5: Xain—O O O X X X O O O X X X…
6: Shade--O O O [] [] []…
7: Ogre-- X O [] [] [] []…
8: Twin Tomb-- O O X…  
9: Golem-- X O []…  
10: Killer Bison-- O X [] []…  
11: Grude-- X [] O O…  
12: Berserker-- [] [] X X O O X X…  
13: Songi-- X [] [] X O O O X [] [] X O O…

NOTE: These monsters do not always start on their patterns, so you must keep 
pressing the first button until it is effective.

NOTE: Monsters sometimes go off their patterns, in this case you must keep pressing 
the button until it works.

	One more thing, Baka Fighter can be very annoying. The monsters that don’t 
cooperate with your moves can usually be a pain. Another thing is that Baka Fighter 
only offers a little over 400 coins if you beat the game. Beginner course can give 
you double. Baka Fighter is only good when you first get to Sol and you want coins 
for Soru Bread, but your level is too low…

Part 2- The Muscle Dome Fighter’s Ring Tournament
	Welcome to Legaia’s version of wrestling! The Fighting Ring Tournament can 
both sharpen your skills and earn you the coins you need for Palma. The Beginner 
Course does not really offer many coins, but is a good start for lower leveled 
people in search of money by Soru Bread. Below are the three levels and everything 
needed to know about them.
Beginner Course
Restrictions- No items can be used
Recommended Accessories- Life Grail, Magic Grail (You can buy the Life Grail in the 
Warehouse a few stories up in Sol Tower from some kids. Keep asking to lower the 
price until you pay 40,000 gold for it. [Actually a good deal])
Recommended Level: At least 32 
Seru Choice: Kemaro, level 7 or higher
Arts Bar: 5 slots without spirit, 8 with spirit 

ROUND 1: Red Piara- just fill your bar with highs.

ROUND 2: Skeleton- just fill your bar with highs.

ROUND 3: Drake Ghost- use a power punch followed by highs.

ROUND 4: Gola-Gola- Spirit, then do v ^ ^ ^ v v v ^. (Storm Kick) Repeat this if he 
does not die.  

ROUND 5: Caruban- First spirit, then sit and wait if you have the life grail to 
regain HP. (Caruban does no more than 33 damage in a hit) If you don’t have the life 
grail, use Vera to heal Vahn, then fill your bar with highs to kill Caruban.

ROUND 6: Zeto- Open the battle with a Kemaro, then use Storm Kick to kill Zeto. 
(Fill the bar with highs if Zeto doesn’t die.

ROUND 7: Viguro- Use a Kemaro to kill it.

ROUND 8: Xain- Use three Kemaros to kill Xain.

Reward: 818 tokens
Expert Course
Restrictions- No items can be used/ All equipment removed
Recommended Accessories- Life Grail, Magic Grail 
Recommended Level: At least 38 
Seru Choice: Iota, Kemaro, levels 8 or 9 each
Arts Bar: 6 slots without spirit, 9 with spirit

ROUND 1: Black Piaru- Fill your bar with highs.

ROUND 2: High Gomboo- Spirit, then do < < v > ^ v < > <. (Powerboost)

ROUND 3: Dark Ogre- Use a Kemaro and fill the bar with highs if needed.

ROUND 4: Gold Bison- Use a Kemaro and fill the bar with highs if needed.

ROUND 5: Ironman- Use Iota to kill it. 

ROUND 6: Caruban- This battle is the same as before. Spirit, wait, then attack with 

ROUND 7: Aluru- Spirit, then use Burning Flare + Fire Blow to kill it.

ROUND 8: Xain- Use three Iotas to kill Xain.

Reward: 1536 tokens
	Don’t worry about the Master Course Strategy. You just need Meta at level 9 
and you need to be over level 60. That’s not hard, right? Personally I’ve never 
beaten the Master Course; I died somewhere along the Delilas family. I recommend 
playing the Expert Course about 75 times to get Palma. Yes, 75 seems like a lot, but 
if you just play the tournament 5-10 times a day, it won’t take more than 15 days to 
get it.
Part 3- The Dance Contest
	Although the dance contest is not part of the Muscle Dome, it is still a 
mini game. You must first purchase a Gold Card at the Muscle Dome for 50 coins and 
then head up to Sol Fever Disco. Talk to the Disco Man to get dance lessons, then 
talk to the guy in a suit that’s not dancing. He’ll sign Noa up for the dance 
	In order to win, you must score points by pressing the button shown on the 
bottom when it is under the middle arrow. Timing is everything here, so I can’t 
really give you a strategy. One hint is to save your 3 triangle special moves for 
the last three combos, that will score you the most points. It took me many tries, 
but with practice, you’ll win. If you win you’ll receive 10,000 gold and a swimsuit. 
In order to use the swimsuit, go back to Vidna and look around the weapons shop for 
a man standing behind it. He’ll sell you a camera stone. Buy it and use it at the 
beach to see Noa in her swimsuit.


Flare Slash: v > ^ v <

Power Kick: < < v v v ^

Hyper Pummel: < > < > ^ <

Pyro Combo: ^ v > < > ^ <

PK Pummel: v ^ ^ < > ^ <

Powerboost: < < v > ^ v < > <

Storm Kick: v ^ ^ ^ v v v ^


Sonic Basher: > v > < v

Jumping Bird: ^ v v v ^

Bird Tackle: v ^ ^ ^ v v

Illusion Gale: > > ^ ^ < v >

Freezing Dolphin: < < > > < >

Loving Lizard: ^ v ^ v < >

Lightning Grace: ^ v v v ^ ^ < v >

Wind Beauty: > > < ^ ^ ^ < > v


Flying Slicer: v ^ < ^ <

Iron Knee: ^ v v ^ <

Head-Kick: ^ v v ^ ^

Battering Punch: < > < > v 

Acid Rain: ^ < v v ^ ^

Electro Slice: < ^ < v > <

Neo Horns: < < > ^ < ^ > v <

Biron Flash: v ^ < > < ^ < ^ ^

Bull Fists: > > < < < ^ > v <
Well, just before I close this already long walkthrough, I'd like to put down 
something that I'll add to every walkthrough, a rating of the game, just in case 
someone views this and hasn't bought the game yet, so here it is...

Game rating for Legend Of Legaia

Great battle system
Great graphics for its release date
Great story line
Good gameplay, lots of areas to explore
Great game length, RPGs need 30+ Hours
A classic RPG, any RPG fan will want this game
Decent mini-games, important to RPGs

Movement was a little slow on the map
No airship, boat, or other vehicle to enhance movement
Only 3 characters

As you can see it's overall a great game, but now I'll rate the main aspects on a 
scale of 1-10-

Graphics: 9.5 (For its date)
Gameplay: 8.0
Story: 7.5
Game Length: 8.0
Game Control: 5.0
Overall- I'd give it a solid 8

Well there you have it, my first rating of my first FAQ!

For all of you, who took the time to read my Walkthrough, I thank you for 
appreciating my time and effort put into it. This is my first walkthrough that I’ve 
completed, and I hope to make more. Although it’s always weird to stop, and a little 
sad, this walkthrough must close. Maybe I’ll start a new walkthrough soon, but until 
then, I must say my good-byes to you, the reader…
Farewell from the World of Legaia,
Enjoy the ending, enjoy the game, and enjoy the walkthrough…

Author- JMC22388
Special Thanks to:
Prokion for producing such an incredible game
And Cheatcodes.com for giving me the opportunity to publish my first FAQ


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