Levels 1-12 Walkthrough (Part 1) - Guide for Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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Levels 1-12 Walkthrough

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Kejim Outpost
Kejim Base
Artus Mine
Artus Detention Area
Artus Topside 
Yavin Temple
Yavin Trial
Nar Shaddaa Streets
Nar Shaddaa Hideout 
Nar Shaddaa Starpad
Bespin Cloud City
Bespin Streets
Bespin Platform

Kejim Outpost 
You'll find yourself in control of Kyle behind an Imperial Shuttle, with Jan by 
your side. The very first secret area in the game is off to your left, through an 
unlocked door. Hop on the crates to reach the top shelf and a few items. You can 
use this small area to move around in, adjust your controls, etc., but you probably 
shouldn't fire until you're ready to take out the Stormtroopers nearby. Use your 
Bryar to snipe one in the head, then shoot the other one until he falls. Grab the 
Rifle and head around the corner, where a whole mess of Stormtroopers awaits. Jan 
has apparently rigged her Rifle to fire faster than you can manage, but she shoots, 
well, like a girl, and can barely hit anything. You'll need to take out most of the 
Troopers yourself. Once Jan examines the blast door, be ready for a few 
reinforcements that come around the corner. You can use your Binoculars when you're 
looking over the valley to check out the Troopers that are keeping watch on the odd 
structure below. You can't shoot them - they're behind sturdy shielding - but if 
you take a potshot, you'll attract a Probe Droid.
Anyway, once all the Troopers are dead, head around the corner and pump up your 
shields at the Shield Power Converter. Head through the door and whack the 
Imperial, then grab his supply key. Use the elevator to reach the upper level, then 
take the nearby lift to the observation deck. Flip the switch to supply power to 
the guns, then head back below to greet a few more Troopers. Head into their little 
hiding room to get some ammo and a Bacta tank. Now head below and mount the turret 
gun, then fire on the door to blast it open.
Once you and Jan are on the elevator, it will automatically begin to lower itself. 
Wait for it to reach the lower level, then hop off. When it rises again, jump into 
the shaft and proceed into the small corridor. There's some kind of energy 
reservoir to your left, which you can shoot if you wish (but watch out for the 
blast). Head to the right to deactivate the reservoir, and then move around it 
until you reach a small lift. It will take you above a control room inside the 
base. Shoot the grate and fall down. Grab the key from the Imperial and then unlock 
the doors using the four switches. Jan will run in and man the control panel.
Head out the door and take a left, head through the door, then take a right through 
another door. Take a left around the corner and you should be in a large room with 
a Gonk (little black droid that makes a weird sound). Open the crate to get the 
handy Light Amp goggles, then flip the switch near the circular platform to reach a 
darkened area below. Activate your Light Amp goggles to see. (Default keys are [ 
and ] to toggle your inventory and Enter to activate and deactivate.) There's 
a "secret" area near the crates; just walk around until a pop-up message tells you 
you've found it. Now head through the small passageway in the wall and crouch 
through the opening. Wipe out the Imperial and the Troopers, then head into the 
room. Take the key from the Imperial, get the code key from the funny display on 
the wall, then flip the green and red panels along the same wall to unlock some 
doors in other areas of the level.
Now, disable the red force field and head up the stairs. Take a left and head down 
the corridor until you hit some walkways over a very large pit. Head down the 
walkway leading under the green Imperial insignia, and be ready for some ceiling-
mounted turrets. Destroy them, then head through the door and into a large number 
of Troopers. Go through the other door to your left and kill the Troopers that are 
mulling about. Once you locate the flashing blue control panel, use it to call Jan. 
She'll need some help reaching your position, so head back up to the walkways and 
start moving towards the room with the Gonk. Once you reach Jan, escort her back to 
the control panel, where she'll unlock a door nearby. Head through it and indulge 
in some glass shattering, but watch out for the troops. Get the second code from 
the display, and head back to the walkways over the pit. Now proceed under the red 
Imperial signage, and watch out for more turrets. Go through the door, then up the 
stairs to your left. The lift nearby takes you above the walkways - flip the switch 
nearby to deactivate the force field across the way, then walk along the perimeter 
of the room to flip the other switch, which activates the computer array below. 
This will call up some troops from below, but if you're quick enough, you can run 
back and drop a Detonator on their heads before they can spread out from the lift.
Once you've got the computer up and running, you need to find the third keycode. 
Head through the door in the room at the bottom of the lift. Kill the troopers in 
this room, then use the satellite dish control panel to get some hints as to what 
awaits you in later missions. Proceed down the corridor and into the next area - 
the explosion that occurs will not harm you, but it will kill some of the Troopers 
that were waiting for you. The walkway is a bit unstable, as you'll notice - hurry 
along until you reach the far end, and the walkway will collapse behind you.
The door ahead leads to some steps. The sound that comes through the walls portends 
an encounter with Probe Droids, and sure enough, there are three of them awaiting 
you at the foot of the stairs. Destroy them and then ride the lift up to the Ammo 
Power Converter if you need to use it. The door this way leads to another walkway, 
but it will break before you can get all the way across - head back down to where 
the Probe Droids were and stand on the floor to reach an open area above the 
walkways. Take out some more Droids, grab the Large Shield Generator nearby, then 
walk along the ceiling of the intact walkway to reach the other side. You can snipe 
the Imperial troops in the observation room from the top of the walkway. Once you 
drop down, pass through the observation room and round the corner to get the final 
code. Proceed back to the walkways and enter the codes into the computer. You need 
to manipulate the three screens until the display on the large, center screen 
matches the symbol (check the codes by hitting TAB). Once all the codes have been 
entered, you can cross the bridge to the second half of this mission.

Kejim Base

You'll start off with a firefight here, but you can shoot the gas container through 
the window to lighten the troop density a bit. Get the Security Key from the 
Imperial, then unlock the door. Disable the turrets. Take the door to your left, 
then flip the panel to raise the blast shield. Shoot the window out and proceed on 
through. An Imperial and a couple of odd, floating droid-turrets will be waiting 
for you in the next room. You can't shoot the droids when they've shielded 
themselves - you can only damage them when they're prepared to fire back at you. 
Grab the key from the Imperial, then flip the switches on the control panel to 
rotate the manipulator arm around in the cold chamber ahead. Smash the window 
leading into the chamber, then drop down and head through the door on the floor. 
You can disable the freezing units here. Go back to the cold chamber, but this time 
hug the wall until you can climb on top of the manipulator arm. Once you reach the 
top level, crouch and head around the outside of the chamber to find a secret area. 
Head back around the way you came, and then jump from the lattice walkway to the 
Ammo Power Converter for another secret area.
Once you're back on the walkway, you can go through the door to enter a large area 
with a pool of electrified water below. Head around the upper level to your right 
until you can fire through the windows into the small control room. Shoot the 
explosive container, which will fry the panel nearby, opening the door and 
extending a walkway. Move into the room, flip the switch, then drop down the lift 
and look around until you find yourself in an observation room overlooking a large 
white storage area. Hit the control panel to raise a jumpway to one of the small 
caches of items around the area. Now, head back to the water room, then proceed 
down into the white storage area and jump around until you get the items. (This 
isn't technically required, so feel free to skip it if you just want to get on with 
the mission.)
Now, back in the water room, move around on the lower level until you come to the 
walkway that lets you access a door opening onto an open shaft. Drop down and 
crouch through the passage until you reach another largish room. Take a left and 
proceed into another small observation room to shuffle the floor plans once again. 
Head back out and into the white room through the now-unlocked door, and nab some 
more items. Once you're through in there, head back through the previous room and 
through the door on the other side. There are plenty of troops in the area, so this 
might be a good time to bust out some of your Thermal Detonators. Once the troops 
are dead, disable the turret nearby, grab the key from the Imperial, and head down 
the steps to the brig area. You'll find a platform that takes you up above the 
prison cells, where you'll encounter another Imperial guarding the locks. Disable 
the forcefields, then drop down and look around until you find the supply areas, 
where you can pick up some neato Det Packs. The odd humming sound is coming from a 
pair of Interrogation Droids that are coming your way. These fellows don't seem to 
have any distance attacks, so shoot them down before they can get near you and you 
should be fine.
Now walk back past the area where you killed all the Troopers until you come to a 
locked door. This will open with the security key of the Imperial that was hiding 
in an alcove across the way. You'll find yourself in an observation room that 
overlooks one of the rooms you were in earlier. If you're running low on shields, 
you can get to the shield generator by futzing around with the control panels 
nearby. Hit the right one once, then the left one three times to blow the shields. 
Continue on your way through the door, and get ready for a firefight. The blast 
doors will open automatically, revealing a room full of troopers and an Imperial 
manning a turret. The Troopers die as easily as they ever do, but you'll have to 
strafe-fire the Imperial to knock him out of the turret before he can rip you to 
shreds. Clear the room, and hit the switch in the rear area. Troopers will charge 
you, so get into the turret and knock them around a bit.
Now that the force field is down, proceed into a room with a very odd contraption. 
The device you're looking at bounces laser beams off the crystal suspension. You'll 
want to activate the machine, but you'll also want to move the crystal so that the 
lasers can cut you a passage; you can do both in the small alcove nearby. When the 
lasers start cutting through the locked door, crouch and move around the perimeter 
of the room so that you don't get fried. Once you're out of the door, the machine 
will self-destruct.
The next room confronts you with a bit of a puzzle. If you enter the room with the 
bodies inside it, you'll die almost instantaneously. You should have enough health 
to dash in and grab the Security Key, however, so do that and unlock the computer 
panel nearby. This activates a remote-controlled Mouse droid, which you'll need to 
use to flush the radiation from the next room on. Once you're controlling the Mouse 
droid, roll it along into the next room, and then zip through the small blue 
passageway until you locate the machines that are pumping out the radiation. Shut 
them down, then bring the Mouse droid back through the blue passage. Be sure to hit 
the obscured computer link device on your way back, however; this unlocks the third 
secret area.
Hit the Jump key to return you to Kyle's body, then proceed through into the 
formerly irradiated area. Use the Ammo Power Converter to get the final secret 
area, then proceed through the door and escape the facility through the crystal 
immersion chamber.

Artus Mine

Mosey down the valley until you come to a canyon. Drop down and scope out the 
scene - I don't think the EPA would have many good things to say about the 
Remnant's environmental policies, given the green sludge that's floating about 
below. Head off to your right to find a Bowcaster next to a body, but don't fire it 
yet. Avoid the spotlights off to the left, and head into the room below their spire 
to deactivate them. Once you've got that done, jump onto the piping that crosses 
the valley, but watch out for falling pieces. Make your way over to the other side 
of the valley.
The Troopers in the room above are a bit too concentrated for you to risk running 
in and blasting away, so alert them to your presence and then retreat to the bottom-
most walkway above the canyon. As the Stormtroopers pursue you, they'll almost all 
fall off into the valley below, since the walkways don't have any guardrails - 
something for their union to take up with OSHA, I imagine. The Remnant better hope 
they don't get audited, or else there'll be hell to pay in fines. Once you've 
cleared the Troopers and the Imperial, grab the latter's key and unlocked the door.
You've infiltrated the mine successfully. Now clean the next room, and grab the 
keys from the Imperials. Head down the elevator, but be ready to hit a secret area 
about halfway down - there's a small passage you can crouch into as you head down, 
but it's easy to miss, so be sure to save your game ahead of time. You can bomb or 
snipe the Troopers from above, then head back down to take on the rest of the 
troops. There are a half-dozen or so soldiers in this storage area, but you won't 
have much mobility in the doorway, so watch the crossfire. There's only one exit 
from this room, so head towards the elevator, but watch out for the Troopers that 
drop down before you can get there. You can get them all with one well-placed 
Detonator if you're ready.
Ride the elevator up and take a left, passing through the rocky mining area. Take a 
right at the intersection and head down to another room with some Imperials and a 
few Troopers. Grab the key (you can head back to the rocky area to open the crate, 
if you wish), then find the doors that lead back out into the canyon. There are two 
guide lights on posts here - stand between them until the pipe below you extrudes 
enough for you to jump on it. Do so, then crouch and fall down to the small ledge 
below. When the pipe retracts, crawl through until you reach the smelting machine. 
Shoot the power devices along the walls, then blow away the machine itself. Ride on 
top of the machine to the room above, then climb on one of the barriers so that you 
can jump on top of one of the moving platforms. Hitch a ride until you reach the 
small, dark corridor with the green force crystals; this is where you want to jump 
This corridor is dark enough to require the use of light amplification goggles, but 
it's fairly linear so you shouldn't worry too much about it if you run out of 
battery power. The little Crabs in the area are troublesome, however, since they 
move a bit too fast to lead with your Rifle. Use the alternate fire and aim at the 
ground between you and them to stun them, then finish them off as they stand still. 
This will deplete almost all of your ammo, probably, but it's better than being 
turned into critter food.
(A few people have pointed out that the Stun Baton is a little more efficient at 
taking out the Crabs than the Blaster Rifle is.)
Once you reach the mining equipment, activate it and start sniping the soldiers 
below you - the Bowcaster's alternate fire is quite handy at this, if you haven't 
noticed. Drop onto another of the moving platforms, and head for the bottom of the 
room. The door nearby leads to some sort of lava-smashing contraption, conveniently 
placed to allow you access to the upper platforms. The next room over contains a 
mess of troops, and the mine's powerplant, which you can overload by manipulating a 
panel nearby. Once it's destroyed, head through the far door to find yourself back 
in the main storage area of the mine. Take the previous elevator back up to the 
upper level, but this time take a right. Take out the Troopers and the Crabs, and 
proceed to the next room, where you'll find a couple of delightfully positioned 
turrets. Activate the car here to reach the next area of the mission.

Artus Detention Area

Shoot the prisoners in the room you start out in, then climb up the metal bar to 
reach the panel to unlock the door below. Kill the troopers in the next room, then 
use another panel to unlock another door. You'll find yourself in a large 
cylindrical prison area, joined by a series of staircases. You'll need to fight off 
quite a few Trooper ambushes as you progress upward, and there's a surprise in the 
form of Mobile Turrets on the top level, so be prepared for a firefight. Take 
another staircase up to the facility's control room, where you'll be able to unlock 
all the prison doors, as well as activate the fan in the airshaft running up the 
middle of the room.
Go back down the stairs and through the previously locked door. Proceed through and 
talk to the prisoner. He'll tell you that you need to capture the Base Commander 
and force him to unlock the hanger's blast doors - but first, proceed into the 
hanger and take out the Troopers. They'll fire on the prisoners, unless you get 
really close, so pick them off from a distance. You can examine the hanger's floor 
for some miscellaneous items.
Head to the upper platforms in the hanger, and find the unlocked door. When you 
reach the walkway, shoot the lattice grille and jump through. Thankfully you 
activated the fan earlier, and you can float down the pipe until you hit the 
bottom; make sure you land on the grate or you'll get injured by the fan. You'll 
eventually reach another darkened mine area, which will be much longer than the one 
you ran through in the last level. My recommendation? Book it. Just run past all 
the Crabs, keeping your goggles on, and they shouldn't have enough time to get 
their bites in. The passageway is linear, so proceed until you reach another room 
where the Crabs are chewing on Trooper bodies. Head through the door hear to reach 
a hallway with two more doors. The rightmost passage will take you back to the 
hanger, but the leftmost will lead you to the Base Commander. Kill all the Troopers 
and walk down the stairs to your right to find the Commander, who won't put up a 
fight. He'll walk along slowly as long as you have your crosshairs on him, so march 
him up the stairs towards the blast door. You'll have to protect him from the Crabs 
that pour forth. After he lets the prisoners out of the main door, he'll 
predictably turn on you, so blast him and the rest of the Troopers. Now head out 
the newly unlocked door until you find a locker room for the mine enforcers. Blast 
the grates and crawl out of the facility to end the level.

Artus Topside

Well, you're caught between a rock and a hard place as the level opens, since an AT-
ST is gunning for you right from the beginning. Duck into the alcove to your left 
to grab the Imperial's supply key and activate the elevator. Run back outside, 
avoiding the AT-ST's fire, and take the elevator up to the top level. Man the 
turret to kill the AT-ST, then swing it around to take out the Troopers above you. 
Once the second AT-ST is destroyed, you can check the nearby room for a Large 
Shield Generator if you got the Supply key below. Take the elevator back down into 
the valley. Run (do not walk) down the valley's length. There are a lot of Troopers 
hanging around, but if you strafe and dodge well, you can make it to the end 
without getting hit. (Just make sure the AT-ST doesn't squash you.)
Take the lift up to the top of the valley. The troopers outside are using juiced-up 
Rifles, and can fire more rapidly than most soldiers can, so you might want to set 
a proximity mine or something to take them out, since they will wear down your 
shields quite rapidly in a firefight. Once you take out the troopers on the ledge 
to the right of the door, walk across and shoot the grate to find a secret area.
Now, head down to the Ion Cannons, and use the Turrets to shoot any of the troops 
in the valley below. Make sure you get the AT-ST in particular, because you'll have 
to come back and shoot it if you miss it now. Walk past the Ion Cannons, making 
sure to avoid their walkways before they fire, since the charge electrifies the 
metal temporarily. The next large room after the cannons is a repair bay for the AT-
ST's, so clear it out and grab the security key from the Imperial. There are a 
couple more rooms accessible from the lowest level of the repair bay, and in the 
final one you'll be able to access the force fields that are protecting the Ion 
Cannons. Shut them down, then head back up and blast the Cannons with the nearby 
turret. If you didn't destroy the AT-ST in the canyon before, you'll get a message 
telling you to do it now, which is a task, since it will sometimes hide in one of 
the mini-valleys underneath the Ion Cannons. If it's already been destroyed, head 
back to the repair bay and through the now-unlocked door on the other side of the 
upper level. Avoid the trip mines in the passages beyond, and eventually you'll 
reach the Raven's Claw.
Desann, unfortunately, cannot be beaten at this stage of the game. I've managed to 
knock him over with a lucky Detonator Pack, but he'll generally throw everything 
you dish out right back at you. Once you fall, a series of cutscenes will ensue, 
ending the mission.

Yavin Temple

A Protocol Droid will let you know that Luke is waiting for you. You can look 
around for a bit if you wish; there's a recreation of the war room from A New Hope 
near where you begin the level. There's not a lot to do here except check out some 
Jedi Padawans engaging in a little lightsaber duel action. Once you get bored 
watching them, head up to the very top of the Temple, where Luke awaits. Apparently 
he finally hit puberty, because his voice has changed a bit.
Once you're ready to begin your tests, head back down a level or two and find the 
door that was previously locked. Stroll through the garden until you find the 
rabbit-hole. Drop through to begin your adventures with the Force....
Go right once the next level loads to pick up Force Push. In the next room, Push 
the grey panels on the wall to find the correct glyphs you need to proceed. The 
middle square, between the arrows, needs to have the correct sequence of glyphs to 
unlock the door, so Push the tiles around until you are able to proceed.
Grab Force Pull from the altar, then head into a water room for the next text. Use 
Pull to extract the walkway from the wall. Once you get to the door, you can keep 
going past it to reach a secret area, but it'll only net you a Battery and a Bacta 
Proceeding out the door, grab Speed and drop down the hole nearby. Stand on the 
platform to drop the door, then stand on the pressure plate to unlock all the other 
doors. Once the last door has dropped (you should be able to see a cage at the end 
of the corridor) hit the Speed button and take off. Don't worry about the rising 
pillar; you'll see it again shortly.
You'll find Jump nearby, and a door that leads back to the main area. I was stuck 
here for quite some time, because I didn't see the golden pillars off to the right 
as you enter the room. You need to use Jump to scale the pillars, after which 
you're done with the first go-round of tests.
The next test is down the stairs and through the doors. Use Pull on the gargoyles 
to initiate water flow from each. Once the water level has risen, stand by the door 
to let the platform float up from the bottom of the water. The gate across the way 
will also rise; once it's completely retracted, hit Speed and dash across the 
platform. It'll sink, but you should have plenty of time to Jump underneath the 
gate before it falls completely.
Now, use Push on the wall next to the door to break open another passage. Once 
you're below, you can use Push on the blocks below the stepping stones to make 
something of a ladder. You'll need to Jump on top of the stones, then Jump on the 
small guide stones next to them to complete the next jump.
This area is confusing so I've updated a couple of pictures to help anyone who's 
Once you're up top, head to the end of the corridor, behind the pressure plate. 
Activate Speed, then jet off down the corridor towards the opening. You should 
intersect a sliding platform, from which you can Jump to reach the final area of 
the tests.
You're almost done. Use Push to retract the pins that stick out of the pillar until 
the cage containing your Lightsaber is at floor level, then jump on top of the 
weight nearby (above the ramp that leads downward). As the weight falls, hit Speed, 
run up the ramp, and use Pull to get your Lightsaber out before the cage closes 
Now you can jump around and act like an idiot for a few minutes. The Lightsaber 
here is much-improved over its implementation in Jedi Knight, so get used to the 
new movement system and throw the saber around a bit for good measure. Once you're 
ready to get on to the next mission, jump up on top of the small pillars near the 
exit door, then throw the saber through the ropes to release the stones. Cut the 
lock on the next door and you'll be off to Nar Shaddaa.

Smuggler’s Moon

The bar up the street is populated by Grans (fellows with three eyes), Rodians 
(green-skinned insectoid things), and Weequays (dreadlocked individuals), along 
with a Chiss bartender, of the same race as Grand Admiral Thrawn. Engage the 
bartender in conversation, then kill every single living thing in a hundred-foot 
radius. You're remarkably proficient at blocking incoming laser fire, even at this 
early stage of your Lightsaber skill development, so whip it out and chop up the 
freaks. Lightsaber Throw is a kick here; I took down four enemies at one time with 
a well-thrown saber.
There are two secret areas in this bar; one is in the kitchen area, where you can 
Push a freezer to reveal a small hidden room. The other is accessible in the main 
seating area. Hit your Use key on one of the recessed seating areas in the back 
wall, where the Weequay and Rodians were enjoying their drinks earlier, and the 
seats should retract into the wall, leaving a passage to the secret area. Not very 
practical, but there you go. 
Head to the top of the bar and locate the lock to the bar blast shield. Interrogate 
the bartender and head up and outside. The Rodians that are scattered throughout 
the rest of the level will possess Disruptor Rifles, so you'll have to move very 
slowly through any exposed areas, unless you fancy being disintegrated. (The death 
animation when you do perish is pretty cool, though.) You'll need to duck in and 
out of doorways, while returning fire with your own Disruptor Rifle, in order to 
not get hit, since your Lightsaber unfortunately can't block the shots. The 
Disruptor is perfectly accurate and fires very quickly, so you can hit far-off 
enemies with the primary fire if you have good aim. If you need to zoom in with the 
scope, aim for the head and charge it up about halfway - disintegrating the Rodians 
is neat, but drains your ammo and will leave you open to fire for too long to be 
really worthwhile.
(Mitch points out that if you hold duck while wielding the Disruptor Rifle, the 
sniper zoom does not disappear when you move. This is obviously helpful for 
acquiring your targets while exposing yourself for a minimum amount of time.)
Head around to your left and walk across the chasm. No guardrails, yet again; a 
poor example of city planning. Head up the lift in the nearby room and through the 
hole in the wall. Don't forget to use Push and Pull to knock your enemies off their 
feet; this is really handy in the case of the Grans, which are often armed with 
Thermal Detonators. Head out to the small balcony and jump over to the set of ramps 
leading up. Ignore the door to your left and head up the ramps, where you'll find 
another door. You can roll a Thermal Detonator down the small incline inside the 
door to kill the Rodian and the Gran below, then explore the room they're in to 
find a Large shield generator.
Now, head up to the second-highest level of the ramp and jump from the small 
balcony area into the building below, which has a control panel you can use to 
extend a nearby bridge. Head out of the building and walk to your right to find the 
now-complete walkway. In the next room, you'll need to shuffle some crates around 
with Push and Pull to bring down a lift, then Push the crate again to make the 
platform rise when you're standing on it.
Once you're reached the top of the lift, use the panel nearby to drop another ramp 
heading up. Walk along the walkway outside until you reach the skylights, which 
you'll need to drop through. One of the doors in this room leads to a lift heading 
up to the highest level of the outside area. There are two secret areas up here. 
For the first, jump across the bridge that the Gran was standing on, then head up 
the darkened ramp nearby to find an upper platform. The second area is to the left 
of the lift that brought you up; you need to drop down onto the walkways that 
connect all the locked doors until you find a small platform with a couple of 
Converters. Unfortunately, this will return you to the beginning of the level, so 
be forewarned.
When you're ready to proceed, head back to the room with the skylights and jump out 
the rightmost window onto a small ledge. Jump into the floating vehicle and jump 
from there up to the nearby door. Take the lift up and proceed across the walkway - 
but watch out for the proximity mine in the middle. Shoot it out from a distance, 
and be careful not to fall. In the next room, shoot the barrel to get through the 
wall, then cut the small electrical pipe to de-charge the water. Pull the platform 
out from the next wall, then jump up above to another small area. There's another 
secret area across the top of the glassed-in walkway; jump from there to the area 
to the right to find a couple of Bacta Tanks. Hit the panel near the R5 unit to 
pull a loading crane below within jumping distance. Fall down onto it, then Pull 
the other crane to you, and jump from there into the floating garbage scow. As it 
moves off, you'll notice a red garbage chute above you; the jump from your hauler 
to this area is very difficult. Stand on the very edge of the hauler and hit crouch 
when you reach the apex of your jump, and you might make it into the corridor; this 
is the final secret area. Drop down into the hauler again, and as it speeds along, 
you'll need to hit the small red/green switch lights with Push in order to bypass 
the early exits and hit the end of the level.

Reelo’s Hideout

As the level begins, you can find a secret area by jumping from the crate to the 
metal piping on either side, then jumping from there up to a pair of Converters. 
(If you miss the jump, you'll need to wall-walk over the shredder to avoid instant 
death.) Head through the door to find a large room full of garbage smashers. 
There's another secret area through the first door on your right - blow up the 
explosive barrel in the room to open a passageway to a sniper's roost with a couple 
of Rodians. There's yet another secret area in the first room here. Find the stack 
of crates near the wall, then drop down between them and the wall, and hit your Use 
key while facing the wall. A secret panel should open up. 
Go back to the garbage smashers and find one with an exposed pipe sticking out of 
this side. You'll need to jump up and into the garbage smasher, then run underneath 
the smashing mechanism without getting squashed. There's a simple jumping puzzle in 
the next large room, from which you'll proceed down some corridors until you find 
what seems to be a dead end. Use your Force Pull on the dumpster to pull it towards 
you, then head all the way back to the main garbage smasher area. Find the recessed 
door with the white light above it, and head through to a room full of crates. Pull 
one of the crates on the floor to reveal a small passage, then crouch your way 
through. Walk down the corridor until you find another dumpster, which you can push 
to reveal an incinerator. (Shortly before this dumpster is a secret area; keep your 
eyes on the ceiling above the corridor and you'll see a gap you can jump into.) 
Smash the window in this room, then Pull the lever across the way to unlock the 
door. This next hallway is populated with some Rodian snipers, so watch for the 
windows to open and blast them with your weapon of choice. You'll reach a ramp 
eventually - watch for a grate on the right side of the wall. When you find it, 
smash it, crawl into the duct, and then blow up the explosive canister below.
Head back to the ramp and drop down into the room below. Cut the door's lock, and 
proceed through the now-smashed wall to find the prison area, where the game's very 
special guest star awaits. Once you've had your conversation, head back to the ramp 
area, and go through the door at the top to find yourself on the walkways at the 
top of the garbage smasher room. At the far side of this area is a small control 
room where you'll be asked for a password - the prisoner gave it to you, so you'll 
be allowed through. (If you didn't have the password, you'd have been dropped into 
a room with an electrified floor.)
This next area is rather tricky, due to the overwhelming forces aligned against 
you, so keep your Bacta tanks primed and ready to go when you hit your item key. 
Once you reach the grate separating you from the Weequays, break through with your 
saber and start chopping. Take your time with the turrets ahead, and be sure to 
destroy them all before proceeding. The next hallway contains a multitude of 
recessed Rodian riflemen (really!), but you can run past them if you wish. Push the 
panel through the cracked window to escape. Once you find yourself in Reelo's 
gladiator pit, destroy the turrets up above, then flip on your lightsaber to avoid 
getting mauled by the Weequays that come pouring out. One strategy to take them 
down quickly is to lure them off to the side of the room, then duck into the little 
alcove they formerly inhabited. They'll bunch up as they run towards the alcove, 
allowing you to duck out and get most of them with a single saber throw.
Now, head upstairs to find that Reelo has flown the coop. Snoop around behind his 
desk to find a switch that opens a secret door nearby, then drop down the shaft to 
find another secret area below the stairs (Pull the lever to slide the stairs to 
one side). Head through the door to find Lando, who leads you to the end of the 


Follow Lando until you reach the control room overlooking the Lady Luck. Head down 
the lift and across the walkway nearby to find yourself back in the previous room, 
then proceed through the door to your left to enter a room with an unexplainable 
chasm. The next area is darkened, so activate your Light Amplification Goggles and 
proceed through it. Once you're on the rooftop area, head to your left until Lando 
messages you about the turrets. Destroy them from a distance, then proceed through 
the room behind them until you reach the walkway that juts out underneath where the 
turrets were placed. Jump up and go down the hallway to reach a control room, where 
you can unlock the hanger door.
Head back to the docking bay and recharge your shields at the station while Lando 
blathers on. A wave of troops will come in - your priority here is to protect 
Lando, since the mission ends if he dies. Once they're all taken care of, Lando 
will message you and let you know that you need to start the refueling process, as 
well as open the roof so that you can escape. Examine the blue and red piping 
that's connected to the ship to find the codes for refueling.
To find the fuel tanks, exit the hanger and proceed to your right. You can't miss 
the large fuel reservoir; it's the cylindrical tank with all the piping that heads 
into the hanger walls. Enter the codes on the panels (the red code is a small gray 
stop sign; the blue code is a yellow x). There's a secret area across the way from 
the code input terminals; jump on top of the fuel cylinder and you should be able 
to see some Bacta tanks on a ledge nearby. Jump on the piping to reach them.
To open the ceiling of the hanger, you need to find two grates in the hanger floor 
and bust through them; one is open to the air, the other is hidden beneath a 
Pushable crate. In each of the rooms connected to these passages, there are five 
computers that need to be activated. Once you flip on all of the computers, the 
roof will open and Lando will summon you back to the ship.
When Reelo makes his appearance, hit the panel in the cockpit of the Lady Luck to 
lower a hidden turret. Aim for Reelo first, and then blast the rest of the troops 
to finish the level. 

Bespin Cloud City 

There are grates around the corner from your starting position - cut one open, then 
wait off to the side for the blast of air to pass by and hop onto the rising 
platform. You can start abusing Force Push on the enemies above - Level 2 is a huge 
improvement over Level 1, so be sure to have it bound somewhere handy. Stay away 
from the edges of the lift as it reaches the top of the tube; you can sometimes be 
caught between the lift and an obstacle, killing you instantly.
The door nearby leads to a forked corridor. Head off to the left and take the 
nearby lift up to a dead-end room with some enemies and a few items on the upper 
level. This is optional, of course, but it's easy to miss if you don't notice the 
lift. Now proceed through the door to the right of the bottom of the lift. There's 
another platform in this room that leads to another docking bay if you wish to get 
a couple more Bacta Tanks. Otherwise, wait for the flames in the central chamber to 
abate, then hit the panel next to the Ugnaught and use Force Speed to cover the 
distance before the door closes. (You can also use Mind Tricks on the Ugnaught when 
you're standing by the door to get him to open it.) Cut through the lock and take 
the lift up.
The door here leads out to a large open area. Take out the Rodians while you still 
have a little cover, but watch out; if you strafe too exuberantly, you can fall 
into the shaft where the platform was. Once the snipers have fallen, wait for the 
power...thing...across the way to fall down to your level, then activate Speed and 
rush across the red force field while it's still active. Jump on the platform 
before it starts to rise, and ride up to the next level. Proceed in this manner to 
the top level, where you need to take a right to find the door to the next area.
The three grates in this room cover up airshafts - cut the one to the left of the 
entrance and float up to a large open area, similar to the location of Luke's duel 
with Vader. Ride the columns of air up to the higher platforms; if you feel cruel, 
you can use Push in midair to knock your enemies off their feet and into the ether. 
Once you reach the top platform, you'll come face to face with your first Reborn. 
Read the Dueling strategies in the Hints section (near the bottom of this document) 
if you need help in this battle.
Once the Reborn is dead (and trust me, this guy is a piece of cake compared to the 
individuals waiting), go through the door and walk down the hallway to Carbonite 
Chamber #17, which acts as an elegant backdrop to another duel. The door nearby 
contains the R5 unit which you need to access the adjacent lift.

Bespin-Cloud City-Streets

Once you're able to move, jump up to the elevated area and take out the Trandoshan -
 watch out for the trip mines near the door. Lower the lift in the control room, 
then head around and wait for the R5 unit to open the door.
This hallway here is quite a gauntlet. Your R5 unit can take a fair bit of damage 
from the trip mines that are spaced out along the hallway, but the enemies across 
the way will pose a double threat for you. You have to shoot as many of the trip 
mines as you can, so that the droid doesn't perish, but you'll also need to shoot 
some of the aliens across the way so that you don't get killed. Concentrate your 
fire on the Rodians, then take out any trip mines that are still in the way of the 
droid. You'll get hurt pretty badly in this area if you're not careful, so keep an 
eye on your health and make sure you don't set off any of the mines yourself.
The next room contains an alcove where the R5 unit will stow itself away - wait for 
it to open the door and walk through for an easy Secret Area credit. The next door 
over leads you to another room with various miscreants. Pass through to an open 
area with a Cloud Car. As you proceed towards the exit door, another Reborn will 
appear and challenge you. He may be bugged - I was able to freeze him in place by 
shooting at him with a Blaster Rifle as he landed, and then finished him off with 
the Lightsaber as he was immobile. Your mileage may vary.
Join up with the Cloud City Trooper in the next room and hit the streets. If you 
see Grans or other enemies on the ledges above you, you can combine Jump and Pull 
to cause them to stumble onto the ground below, which usually kills them. This is a 
handy method of threat disposal that you can use without de-equipping your 
When you round the corner with the Cloud Car, switch to your Disruptor and snipe 
the enemies at the far end of the road - the last thing you want is a turret 
pointed your way. Once you proceed down the road, all hell will break loose in the 
form of multiple enemies on the upper ledges. You can hop in the turret if you 
like; I generally just run to the platform, ride up to the next level, and take 
them on from there. follow the walkway until you reach another series of rooms - 
don't miss the Shield Converter or the locked door that contains some more of your 
CC Trooper friends. When you reach the large open crevasse, ride the lifts to the 
control room and open the large door below. The next area pits you off against two 
Reborn at the same time. I found that Saber Throws were particularly effective 
against this dynamic duo, especially when you aim at their feet.
Ride the nearby lift up and gingerly cross the bridge - it's wired with mines that 
activate when you're about halfway across. It's best to retreat, shoot the enemies, 
then use your Repeater's secondary fire to wipe out the mines in your way. When you 
reach the window nearby, find the pool of water below and drop down. The next room 
over contains a few Stormtroopers - the first Imperial targets for your newly-
appreciated Lightsaber. Head up the lift for another firefight, then go out onto 
the docking platform to find an Imperial with a Security Key. Use it to unlock the 
door nearby, which ends the level.

Bespin Cloud City- Platform

Another Reborn will attack you as you proceed down the hallway. When you reach the 
door, you'll spy some Troopers milling about, protected by a pair of trip mines. 
When you alert them to your presence, they'll come through the nearby room to your 
area - I got a kick out of Pushing the field commander into the laser beams, but if 
you feel less cruel, you can simply mow them down with your Saber.
In the area with the small lamp in the middle, take either of the doors and use 
your Repeater's secondary fire to clear the mines and the Sentries on the floor. 
Head through the unlocked doors to find a room with a few Stormtroopers - there's a 
secret area in the shadows between the stairs, near the R2 unit. Kill the Officer 
in the adjacent room, get his key, and return to the lift you passed by before. Be 
sure to destroy the trip mines above before you start going up, however. Take the 
hallway to your left and use the Security Key to unlock the door.
Kill the Reborn that comes out of the room, then use the panel by the window to 
unlock the doors leading to the docking platform you see. Head back down to the 
area where the Sentries were posted, being mindful of a couple of large firefights. 
If you kill another Officer with a security key, you can open the doors near where 
the trip mines were placed when you entered the level. The door with a Shield 
Converter contains another Reborn, one more powerful than the ones you've faced so 
far. Recharge your shields, then head through formerly Sentried hallway until you 
reach the docking platform.
Tavion awaits. She is...tough. Even on the regular Jedi difficulty level, I have a 
hard time beating her. She's wicked fast and agile enough to change directions in 
mid-jump, even without a surface to propel herself from. She wields what seems to 
be a Level Three Saber Throw, as well as advanced Force Grip and Lightning. I 
recommend making a full save as soon as the fight begins, and quick saving during 
the fight as you wear her down. She makes a distinctive grunt when she takes 
damage, so if you think you've managed to hurt her without being hit since your 
last save, quick save again. Repeat. It's certainly a cheesy tactic, but one that 
practically guarantees victory, if you are able to wield a Lightsaber at all.
In practical terms, though, you'll need to stick close to either the open pit in 
the middle of the platform, or the sides of the platform, simply to avoid her 
Lightning attack, which wears your shields and health down considerably if you 
can't outrun it. If she catches you in a Grip, Push her away to break free. If your 
sabers Clash, hit the primary fire button while also tapping Push as quickly as 
possible. You can't Push out of a saber clash until your Push is at Level Three, 
but if she knocks you down, you can sometimes Push her away before she can strike 
you when you're defenseless. Your primary method of dealing damage will be simple 
slashing techniques; she'll sometimes overwhelm you and deal massive amounts of 
damage when you're in close, however, so you should float like a butterfly and 
sting like a bee (i.e., dart in and out of her saber range while getting as many 
licks in as you can).
Once you defeat Tavion, the level ends.

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