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  • Action, Adventure
  • Activision
  • Lucas Arts
  • Teen
  • November 19, 2002


Run On Walls

You can run on walls by standing beside a wall and run a little bit then jump, slightly facing the wall, and you can run on it for a short time.

My Last Day

On the first level go to your right behind the crates crouched and listen a stormtrooper will say its my last day on this ship and his friend says oh really he talks about moving I wont spoil it its funny it says my last day seems quiet last day at the end but BEWARE IF YOU DON'T CROUCH THEY WILL SEE YOU.

Yavin Final Conflict

When you first enter the Yavin chamber (the one where luke hid your lightsaber earlier in the game) switch the lightsaber to red and go to place where some rocks are blocking a doorway. Lightsaber throw and the rocks should give way. Continue on until you come to a room where a chuckle will be heard and you better move fast. Jump to the platform and continue. Now whenever you make a turn from here, go left. If there is a wall in front of you, youre going the right way. Keep walking and you'll go right through. Now the next part is tricky so listen up. Switch to force push and look right and use it on the flame there and make sure the flame is OUT! then after, sheck your left and do the same thing. Only 2 more flames to go. Now the next to don't react to your force push. Well they do but after about 3 seconds, they lightup again. Crouch down and go on. Now they game will show 3 desanns who will say "your efforts are in vain" and they will run in 3 different directions. Now DO NOT go left or you will go through a wall and fall into a pit and die. you could go straight but it only has a reflection of Desann. DO GO LEFT! After you go left, turn right and you will see a flame blocking the way after you walk down the hall. Go to the top of the slope and look up. There will be a pipe there and lightsaber throw it until it cracks and water comes out. Wait till the fire is out then continue. Fall down the hole and force push the first rock in front of you. Follow it until it stops. Turn left and look for a torch and keep looking at the lower left side of the wall. Somewhere there will be a strange symbol and force push it. Backtrack to the rock and face it, then turn around and go foward, back facing the same rock, after a while, turn left and stop as soon as you turn. There will be sliding rocks going back and forth REALLY FAST! switch to force speed and activate it. After every rock, wait till it has slid past you and run past. After a while you will come to the end and turn left. Just before you do this though, use force heal if you are injured because you'll see this red beam and that is where Desann (the real one) waits for you.

Imperial Worker

Successfully complete the Artus Mine level to unlock the Imperial Worker.

Duel Pit Level

Successfully complete the Artus Detention level to unlock the Duel Pit level in duel mode.

Galak Fyarr

Successfully complete the Doom Sheilds level to unlock Galak Fyarr.


Successfully complete the NS Starpad level to unlock Lando.

Alzoc 3 And The Duel Temple Level

Successfully complete the Yavin Final level to unlock the Alzoc 3 and the Duel Temple level


Successfully complete the NS Streets level to unlock Chiss.

Imperial Labs: Raven

Successfully complete the Carin Reactor level to unlock Imperial Labs: Raven.

Jedi Trainer

Successfully complete the Yavin Temple level to unlock the Jedi Trainer and Nar Shaddaa Streets FFA level.

Bespin Officer

Successfully complete the Bespin Streets level to unlock the Bespin Officer.

Concept Art

Successfully complete the Carin Assembly level to unlock the concept art.


Successfully complete the Yavin Courtyard level to unlock Desann.

Unlock Luke

Successfully complete the Carin Bay level to unlock Luke.

Level 1: Get Through The Blast Door

To get through the blast door, activate the defense guns. After killing the Storm Troopers, get on the defense guns and shoot the blast door with the alternate attack. Note: The defense guns are activated upstairs and can only be accessed with the key an officer has.

New Lightsaber Move For Red Stance

Strafe left or right (recommended) and keep pressing an attack. Kyle should swing his lightsaber to the right and his left hand should release his lightsaber.

Force Jump

At the top of your jump, use non-Force jump. Note: This does not always work and may only work in some levels.

Defeating Shadowtroopers

A way to kill Reborn or Shadowtroopers easily is to grip them, therefore turning of their sabers and lowering their defense. Then, quickly Saber Throw them. This should kill them in one hit and nearly always works. After you defeat a Shadowtrooper, remember to take their crystal. It contains a temporary Force boost that may be useful.

Defeating Stormtroopers

Push them using Force Push, then run up to them close enough that you touch them. Then, push them. Note: This will only work if they touch a wall.
When you are fighting Stormtroopers or Swamptroopers, use Force Push, then throw your lightsaber at the fallen enemy. This almost always kills them instantly.
To safely disarm Stormtroopers, use your Force Pull to pull their guns out of there hands.
Whenever you face Stormtroopers near an edge, you can push them off.

Fighting Jedi Allies

You can fight your Jedi allies in a duel. In the Yavin Courtyard, on the first Jedi fight, destroy the evil Jedis first. Then, face one of your allied Jedis and use Grip. Do not kill the Jedi. If done correctly, the remaining good Jedis will fight and chase you down.

Push Away Projectiles

You can use your Force Push ability to push away almost any enemy projectile (laser blasts, rockets, metallic bolts, etc.). Note: This can be done from a sizable distance. For example, a Stormtrooper could be firing at you clear across the other side of the room and you can still push away the blasts.

Defeating Reborns

To easily kill Reborns, switch you weapon to the Thermal Detonator and throw it at them. It results in a one hit kill about 80% of the time. Note: This only works on some Reborn; others that have stronger Force push them at you.

Defeating Desan

Use Force Speed to move faster, then attack him with as many blows as possible.
Hide behind one of the pillars in the four corners of the floor. Desan will throw his lightsaber at you, but it will cut through the rock pillars and will fall on him, killing him instantly. Note: Use the invincibility beam in the center of the room first so his saber does not hit you.
Select Mind Trick for your Force weapon. When he shoots his lightsaber, block it away to the ground. Use the Jedi Mind Trick and attack him. He will be vulnerable for about five seconds.
Activate Force Speed when you are going down the ramp. Switch your lightsaber style to red and attack him. He will be moving very slowly, and you can kill him in two or three hits.

Easy Kills

If you have Saber Defense to the top in Force powers, it is easier to kill enemies with lightsabers. Defend their blows and sometimes they will get hit and get killed.
When you get to the harder levels, you will find out that Dessan (Dark Jedi) had followed you to the Valley of the Jedi and was giving his fighters the power of the Force and created fake Jedi. You will have to fight these people throughout the game. If you do not want to waste your time fighting them, then use Force Speed. You will move incredibly faster than your opponent and can attack them while his lightsaber is going too slow.
After you get Force Grip, use it and Saber Throw to kill the "fake" Jedis. This take longer as you progress in the game, but it still works.
To kill opponents faster, change your lightsaber mode to red (strong). To get easy kills in multi-player mode, switch your lightsaber type to red (strong). Then, push an enemy until he falls over. Next, run over to him/her then hold Up and press R. This will usually kill the enemy immediately. Note: Your must have full Force Push to do this. Once you obtain level 3 Force Grip, you can literally fling your opponents around like rag dolls. Use this power to smack them into walls, ceilings, drag them across the floor, or pull them into explosives that you have set. Another strategy is to toss them off a ledge into a bottomless pit, but you will lose their weapon. If you are in an open area, grab an opponent with Force Grip, aim up, and release on the backswing to send them flying through the air for massive fall damage. If you use Force Push as you let go, you will maximize this damage as they will be shot even farther into the air.

Defeating Blue Reborns

Trap him in a corner then keep slashing him. This tactic may not always work, but it will make him weaker.

Drop Your Lightsaber

Go to multi-player mode and take out your lightsaber. Stand next to any thick wall or behind anything you can go behind. Press X to throw your lightsaber, then run behind the wall while still holding X. Once the sound of the lightsaber stops, release X and return to where you threw the it. You will not have your lightsaber. To get it back, look for something glowing on the ground. Walk into it, then press R.


Successfully complete the Artus Topside level to unlock the Prisoner.


Successfully complete the NS Hideout level to unlock Reelo.

Shadow Trooper

Successfully complete the Carin Dock level to unlock the Shadow Trooper.


Successfully complete the Bespin Platform level to unlock Tavion.

TIE Pilot

Successfully complete the Doom Detention level to unlock the TIE Pilot.


Successfully complete the Bespin Undercity level to unlock Ugnaught.

Swamp Trooper

Successfully complete the Yavin Swamp level to unlock the Swamp Trooper.

99 Force Points

At the multi-player character selection screen, set the Force level on Jedi Master. It should state you have 0 or 99 points. Press A and you will be able to select your powers. Note: If it states you have 0 points, it is because your powers have been pre-selected; find the selected powers and take the points away from them.

Carin Reactor: Kill Reborn Jedi

When you jump to get to the other end of a moving reactor and face the Reborn Jedi, when he is close to either end of the moving things Force Push him or slash him into it. Then, watch him evaporate out of thin air.

Secret Area

At the shield generator, go to the dynamite on the top of green energy pipes. There is a large shield booster and a seeker drone. First, jump on the pipes you destroyed. Then, go to the edge of the pipe, jump flip to the next one, and repeat.

Yavin Trials

When you find the Yavin Trials find the openable door. Walk down the hall until you see the floating cube, walk over it to collect it. Walk to the next door. Align all the wall markings on the floor in the center and move to the next challange.


Start With Lightsaber

Enter "FUDGE" as a code at the cheats screen under the "Extras" menu.

Unlimited Battery

At the cheats screen put in RECHARGE to have unlimited battery.

Unlimited Force

Enter SCOOTER as a code at the cheat screen. The game will display the extra option and Kyle will yell to confirm correct code entry. Note: This does not upgrade your Force abilities or allow earlier use of the Force.

Level Select

Enter DINGO as a code at the cheat screen. The game will display the extra option and Kyle will yell to confirm correct code entry.

Secret Level

Enter The code DEMO for a secret level.

All FMV Sequences

Enter "FLICKY" as a code at the cheats screen under the "Extras" menu to unlock all FMV sequences.

First Seven Levels

Enter "CHERRY" as a code at the cheats screen under the "Extras" menu to unlock the first seven levels.

All Multi-player Characters

Enter "PEEPS" as a code at the cheats screen under the "Extras" menu to unlock all multi-player characters.

Infinite Ammunition

Enter "BISCUIT" as a code at the cheats screen under the "Extras" menu.

Infinite Health

Enter "BUBBLE" as a code at the cheats screen under the "Extras" menu.


We have no unlockables for Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Lightsaber In First Person View

On the Mission To Alzoc III level, at the video screen after the intermission sequence where Jan gets captured, you can fight in first person view with your lightsaber. Press B to switch to your binoculars, then press B to activate the video screen. Press A to exit and you will have your lightsaber in first person view.

Glitch: Bomb In Person

Kill a person with a lightsaber (easier to do in Jedi Arena), then turn the view down to the dead person with the C-stick. Use your lightsaber, and when you hit him or her, it will seem as if he or she has some type of bomb inside them.

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