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     Levels 13-23 Walkthrough

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Cairn Installation-Docking
Cairn Assembly
Cairn Reactor
Cairn Platform
Doom Communications
Doom Detention
Doom Shields
Yavin Swamp
Yavin Canyon
Jedi Acadamy
Yavin Final Conflict

Cairn Installation-Docking  

Yes, you now have the Fast Lightsaber fighting style available. You can hit the 'L' 
button by default to switch between the styles as you wish - I found that the 
Medium style is still best for dealing with Troopers, while the Fast style is 
preferable when dealing Reborn or Jedi. Your mileage may vary, however.
There are two doors leading out of this docking bay. Find the one near where the 
black R2 unit is loitering, and take a right through another door to meet up with 
Luke. You'll get into a scrum with some Reborn, after which Luke will depart. 
Proceed through the door across the bay (not the one with the bloodstain nearby). 
You should find yourself in a series of corridors, at the end of which is a small 
control room. After disposing of the troops, flip the panel by the window to open 
the main docking bay outside to space, thereby allowing you to eliminate a dozen or 
so troops without lifting a finger. Well, maybe one finger. Find the other control 
panels in this room; these activates the lifts in the docking bay you just opened. 
Don't miss the Sentry hidden away in the crate.
Proceed all the way back to the docking bay you started the level in, then find the 
entrance to the main docking bay through one of the green lit doors. Snipe the 
Troopers at the top of the lifts, then ride them up to find another control room. 
When you locate the small panel with three brown glyphs, use it until the bottom 
right symbol is lit up in white, then head to the right and hit the other control 
panel in this room to open another small docking bay. Head back down the lift and 
enter the open bay. Eliminate the troops, then jump from the Shuttle to the 
platform above. Blast the grate above your head and jump through.
You'll find yourself in a series of small corridors. Disable the forcefields that 
prevent your progress and make your way through the ducts until you come to a grate 
leading downward. Throw a Detonator or two down to alert the troops below, then 
drop down and eliminate the stragglers. The two connected rooms each contain a 
panel that half unlocks the door, and one of them also has a semi-hidden switch to 
deactivate the turrets in the next room.
In said next room, open the crate and proceed into the elevator shaft. Smash the 
grate above you to find another elevator shaft, this one with a working elevator 
car. Jump on top of it as it's rising, and jump from there to the small passageway 
one or two floors above the grate you smashed through. This leads to yet another 
elevator car, which, in turn, will lead you to still yet another elevator car, 
which conveniently has a broken ceiling you can drop through to end the level.

Cairn Installation Assembly 

A firefight ensues as soon as you begin this level. Stay in the elevator and Pull 
the weapons out of the hands of any enemies that come into sight, then head around 
the corner and shoot out the Turrets. The Officer behind the window should be Mind 
Tricked to open the door, after which you can kill him as thanks. Head through the 
room and take the lift to your right to get a Supply key. You can hit the panel 
here to move the nearby platform, but this doesn't appear to have any gameplay 
Move back down the lift and through the door on the other side of the room to reach 
the assembly area for the drop ship. Climb up in the infrastructure until you spot 
a ledge and a weakened grate. Bust through the grate and smash the machinery inside 
the passage - this will destroy the Lander, as well as the blast doors that were 
previously locked. Proceed through the blast doors and into a large storage area. 
The green door to the right leads into a firefight with a large number of Troopers -
 you might want to set your Sentry, if you have one, in the corridor to weaken and 
distract them while you chop them up.
Go down the ramp to find a room with an electrified floor. You need to jump from 
crate to crate to move around the room - you can Push your enemies onto the floor 
to kill them in an amusing fashion. Once you reach the inside of the Lander, ride 
the lift to the top and crawl out one of the windows. Deactivate the electricity in 
the control room, then head back down to the bottom of the Lander and move through 
the blast doors to another storage area. The door nearby leads to a small lift.
Kill the Reborn in this chamber and proceed through the blast doors. There's a new 
enemy here - some kind of small AT-ST that's very quick and shoots Repeater 
bullets. Then again, there's also a new weapon here, the DEMP gun, which you can 
find to the left of the entrance in an opened crate. Use it to take out the 
walkers. There's a secret area underneath the walkway leading to the exit door - 
smash the grate to find it.
Through the doors is another lift leading to a contingent of perhaps half a dozen 
soldiers. You can set another Sentry hear and retreat back down the lift if they 
overwhelm you. Once the room is clear, proceed through the door and find the panel 
that starts up the assembly line below. Head all the way back to the area where you 
fought the two Reborns and move around to the left, where an AT-ST will lurch 
through a door. You can kill it with the DEMP here if you wish, but you might be 
better off running through the door from which it came and heading up the stairs at 
the rear. When you have a set of stairs between you and it, you can fire the DEMP 
gun at it with impunity.
After it and the soldiers have been destroyed, drop down into the narrow space 
behind the stairs. Destroy as many of the trip mines as you need to reach the 
central hole, then drop down to end the level.

Cairn Reactor 

Your task as you begin the level is to avoid the laser beams using Force Speed. 
It's quite easy once you get the hang of it, since there's a few seconds' margin of 
error for most of the runs. Quicksave before you dash, and you shouldn't have a 
problem - there's a fairly linear path to take.
When you reach the area with three rapid-firing arrays, shoot the purple caps on 
the reactors to blow a hole in the wall, then proceed through the hallway beyond 
until you reach a room with a four-laser tower. You'll need to duck into a small 
off-shoot corridor and wait for the laser to fire before you can reach the end of 
the main hallway; if you take a wrong turn and keep dying due to the crossover of 
two beams, backtrack a bit and return to the corridor adjacent to the three rapid-
fire arrays. Deactivate the laser tower using the panel on the side, then head back 
to the rapid-fire arrays, where a Reborn will drop down and challenge you. Jump 
into the hole he came from to find a room with a series of small platforms. Jump 
up, avoiding laser fire, until you find a door which leads to the cylindrical 
reactor core. The path here is, again, linear. If you get stuck, look for piping or 
another object to jump on to reach the platforms to either side of the core, which 
you should definitely avoid touching. Eventually you'll reach a room where Troopers 
will barrage you with Repeater fire. Find the piping underneath the holes that lead 
to their roosts and jump up.
Proceed through the door here and Push all of the enemies off the platform - 
they'll either fall to their death or be disintegrated on the reactor. Jump along 
the reactor to reach the end of the room, being careful to rush past the Sentries 
on the platform at the end. The corridor here contains a hidden Sentry - jump on 
the piping to find it.
Go through the door to enter a large room of undeterminable purpose. There's 
another of the small walkers here, which you can lure back to the door and shoot 
with the DEMP to destroy easily. Snipe the troopers above you, then take the 
floating platform around the room. All is not well in Metropolis, however, as a 
pair of troopers at the far end will start pelting you with rockets from their 
handy Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System. Snipe them before the platform crashes, if 
you can manage, and start jumping along the structures attached to the wall to 
reach the dock on the other side. The secret area for this level is located here - 
follow the path around the corner to find a grate.
Take the lift nearby to the upper platform leading to the inner shaft of the level; 
you can walk around the ledge to find some miscellaneous items before you go 
inside. Once inside, take the large platform up to the top and find the control 
panel that unlocks another lift further down the shaft. Ride the lifts until you 
reach the administrative area at the bottom of the shaft, where you'll find an 
Imperial with a Security key that unlocks the door that you saw at the top of the 
shaft. Head across the platform to reach the next level.

Cairn Docking Platform

Well, your two most useful Force powers are at their maximum level, so get ready to 
use and abuse them.
First things first - head through the blast doors to your left to find an arsenal. 
Stock up, then head through the other unlocked door to meet up with some Swamp 
Trooper Reborns, is what I suppose they are. These fellows are stocked with suits 
that resist lightsaber blades, so you're going to need to mete out some mighty 
wrath to survive this fight. I'd suggest the same tactic as you (or, at least, I) 
used in the fight with Tavion: fight so that every time you inflict damage and take 
none in return, quicksave the game, and reload from the middle of the fight if you 
die. Your best bet is probably to try and knock one of the Reborn down with either 
Push or Pull and kill him while he's on the ground. If you allow yourself to get 
sandwiched between these guys, you're almost certainly dead.
When the Reborn are dead, proceed through the unlocked door to get a Security Key, 
which you need to take back to the first room to unlock the door there. Kyle'll 
spot a few troops through the window and start acting like a wussy, and helpfully 
remind you that this is supposed to be the token stealth mission for the game. 
Sigh - if there has to be one, there has to be one; let's just get it over with as 
soon as possible.
Take the lift down to the docking bay, being sure to silence your lightsaber (just 
hit 1 again to holster it). Crouch-move off to the right until you find a small 
passageway. Jump over the gaps in the passage until you reach the end. Take the 
lift up, then turn around and jump across to the ledge to the right of the window. 
You should find a small hole in the wall here - crawl through and deactivate the 
reactor core nearby. Crawl back outside and take the lift again. The reactor has 
been shut down, but it doesn't stay that way permanently - use Speed to ensure that 
you'll make it across in time, then chop down the Officers to find a supply key. 
The crate is around the corner.
Moving on, you'll see a large hole in the ground - this is a lift where eight or 
nine Stormtroopers will appear soon. If you rush to the hole before it reachs 
ground level, you can aim a Pull at the middle of the Trooper pack, pulling them 
all high up into the air, causing them to die on impact. Afterwards, grab the key 
from the box near the Officer and the Sentry from the crates in the corner, and 
take the nearby lift to a small control room area. You'll find a panel overlooking 
some more Troopers - hit it to drop the platform they're on. Move on down the next 
lift and across the platform to find another door.
After avoiding the electrical sparks in the next room, snipe the soldiers across 
the way, making sure that none of them are able to hit the alarm panel. Jump the 
piping nearby to bypass the electrified floor. The next area contains a secret - 
jump up to the grate near the door and blast it. The room nearby is full of 
soldiers, so you'll have to shut off the lights. Find the streetlamp outside the 
room and jump on it, and leap from there to the ledge, from which you can crawl 
into a balcony overlooking the crowded area. Shut the lights off with the blue 
panel, and crawl off the ledge and through the room. When you reach the door, let 
it close behind you before saving your game and whipping out your Saber. Through 
the next door is a Reborn and two Officers, who split up and head towards two 
different alarm panels when they spot you. The Reborn can wait, but you'll need to 
kill the Officers before they sound the alarm, so track them down and slice-and-
dice. Take the nearby lift up to find the bridge of the Doombringer to the end the 

Doom Communications 

Head through the sea of Troopers to find a lift heading down. Find the panel in 
this room to open the blast door, through which there is another door with a lift 
heading down. Kill the Officer for the Supply Key, then head into the left door 
nearby and look up to find a grate. Jumping up, you'll encounter some more 
Interrogation Droids. Destroy them with a few Throws, then look around for a supply 
crate. There's a grate up here that will lead down to a room filled with R5 units - 
kill the Officer to get his key, then open the door. Head into the other adjacent 
door and find another grate in the ceiling; this one leads to a secret area. Head 
back to the R5 units and use the control panel to commandeer one of the droids. 
Take him out the door and through the blue force field on the left. Use the droid 
to unlock the door, and look around for another small chamber that you can unlock 
to reveal a Sentry. Hit the Jump key to get back to Kyle, and head through the now 
unlocked door to reach a lift heading down. (You can use the R5 to pass through the 
other blue force field, but the room there is much the same as the other one, and 
the lift leads to the same area.)
Taking this lift down, you'll find a large chamber with a couple of turrets and two 
of the small AT-ST things; we'll call them Walkers from now on. Eliminate the 
threats, then hop across the piping and look around for a window that you can smash 
to drop down. Proceed through the hallway and ride the lift up. You can activate 
the trams with the control panels in the room beyond. The trams all lead to the 
same place, so hop on one and ride it along the rail.
After you dispatch the troops in the next area, take the Officer's key and unlock 
the door. Head through the Communications command center to find the encryption 
mainframe for the array. Find the lift below the command center window and ride it 
down to the guts of the machine. There are three levels here, each one 
corresponding to a color, and each one containing a number of panels containing 
elements of the code sequence. Hop around and look for the panels corresponding to 
the symbols in your Mission panel. All you have to do is hit the three panels that 
match up with the ones indicating the sequence for Rogue Squadron's communicators; 
these can be entered in any order, but you'll want to make sure you don't hit any 
of the other panels once you've reached the correct ones, as this will force you to 
return to the correct panel and press it again. When all three have been entered in 
correctly, head back up to the mainframe and manipulate the three panels to unlock 
the control panel in the command center. Run back and hit that panel to communicate 
with Rogue Leader.
Now, proceed back through the mainframe room and through the now-unlocked door near 
the blue housing to exit the level.

Doom Detention 

Move down the hallway to find a large area with a few troops at attention before an 
Officer. Use Mind Tricks at long distance on a couple of them to cause a little 
chaos, then proceed through the room. You'll note a locked door here; once you find 
a security key on dead Officer nearby, you can return here to face off against a 
Shadow Trooper and engage in a mini-game where you shoot TIEs with an external 
turret, but this appears to be optional, and isn't a secret area.
Proceed until you reach a large hanger. Go through the door across the way and 
through the door to the left to find control rooms for the hangers; the blue panels 
open the hangers to space, while the other levers activate the lifts in the middle 
of the bays. One of the hangers will have troops in it; you can shoot them out into 
space if you wish, but make sure you reset the door so that it's closed before you 
head back to the first hanger and ride the lift down. (The lift across from these 
control rooms leads up to the upper level of the hanger; nothing appears to be up 
When the lift reaches the bottom, dispatch the Walkers nearby and proceed into an 
area where a few turrets await you. You can destroy these if you wish; it might be 
quicker just to run past them and take the lift up. Once you're on the ledge with 
the Troopers, walk around until you find the control panel that opens another 
corridor below, then drop down and head through said corridor. The lift here takes 
you up into the second hanger you spotted before.
There's another hanger beyond this one, which you can also open to space if you 
wish. Keep moving until you reach what appears to be a dead-end room with a locked 
door. Jump on the piping above and crawl through the vent to reach a small 
crawlspace above a large command room, filled with Troopers and Officers. One of 
the Troopers is packing a Merr-Sonn, while a couple of others wield Flechettes, so 
get ready for a fight when you drop down. The ceiling panels will not protect you 
when the Troopers are alerted to your presence, as they break just as easily as the 
grates do, so you may wish to just drop down and perform a mass Pull to throw the 
Troopers into confusion, and eliminate the rest of the enemies afterward. Take the 
keys from the Officers and head through the locked door. Proceed through the 
corridors into a large hanger with a few Troopers and a couple of Reborn. Mind 
Trick the Troopers so that the Reborn wind up eliminating them, and then kill the 
Reborn to clear the hanger. Proceed through the unlocked door in the upper corner 
of the room and Mind Trick the Officer behind the glass to find Jan.
Once Jan is in your entourage, kill the Officer, being careful not to accidentally 
swipe Jan with your saber, and head out through the dual-locked doors. You'll need 
to leapfrog each other, with you holding open one door while Jan proceeds to the 
next switch, until you come back to the hanger. Head through the supposedly locked 
door across the way to end the level.

Doom Shields

Go out the door to enter a large cylindrical room filled with Troopers. Have fun 
with them if you wish, then head off through one of the adjacent doors to enter a 
hallway patrolled by Walkers. You'll eventually hit stairs leading up to a control 
room; hit the panel here to extend a pipe to the central structure below. Head back 
and walk across the pipe to enter the structure, using the switch near the door to 
unlock it. Kill the Officer inside and take his Security Key, then walk back across 
the pipe and through the door the Troopers pour out of. Go through the door to your 
right to find the locked door where you can use the key; use the control panel in 
the next room to lift the covers of the ventilation shafts in the central 
structure. Head back to the central structure and drop down into the upper left 
shaft, as seen from the door.
When you reach the end of the pipe, Push the cover above your head and jump out. 
The nearby room contains a lift; use it to go up, then head out the door and jump 
to the uppermost walkways, being careful to avoid the tripmines that are invisible 
from below. Head through the door here, then smash the window and drop down to a 
room where you'll be ambushed by two red Reborns. Take the hallway nearby to 
another lift, but watch out for the Walkers when you exit the elevator. My 
recommendation is to simply avoid them by ducking through the door nearby, then 
turning around and using your DEMP to take them out. (You'll be returning this way, 
so it's better to kill them now.)
Now that you've reached the shield generator room, all you have to do is destroy 
it. Jump up onto the infrastructure and locate the power shunts that extend from 
the wall to the generator. Shoot out the y-circuits above the shunts, then use your 
saber Throw to destroy the shunts themselves. As the fourth one goes down, Admiral 
Fyarr will join you in a suit that reminded me a bit of Hitler at the end of 
Wolfenstein 3-D.
Fyarr packs only a Heavy Repeater, but his shielding prevents you from damaging him 
directly, and will repel and damage you if you make contact with it. You'll need to 
use your Lightsaber to overload the shields, which is a delicate process to say the 
least: move too close and you'll be thrown across the room; stay too far away and 
you won't make contact and probably get hit with a few bullets. I'd use the Medium 
Lightsaber style to knock the shields out, as that style combines the range and the 
speed you need in this situation. (Por Que points out that you can use the 
secondary fire of the Repeater to drop his shields much more easily and safely than 
using the Lightsaber. He also notes that you can jump into the girders to avoid 
Fyarr's fire for a limited amount of time if you need to heal up or recharge your 
Force meter.) 
When Fyarr's shields fall, they recharge slowly and go back up 12-15 seconds later. 
You'll need to take advantage of this interval by slicing the Admiral six ways to 
Sunday while you can, but be wary of getting too close to Fyarr's front side, as 
he'll use his fist to punch you across the room if he connects. I recommend the 
Strong style and Speed here, similar to the tactic that you'd use against a Shadow 
Trooper. It may take you three or four sequences of dropping his shield and 
attacking, but Fyarr will eventually go down.
For some reason, the destruction of the shield generator apparently causes a power 
overload that shorts out the artificial gravity on this level. Before you head back 
to the escape pod, float up above the shield generator to locate a small alcove 
containing some items; this is the level's sole secret area.
Float back along the path that took you to the shield generator, avoiding the 
flames and electricy by floating above them. There is a tricky window area with 
arcs of electricty blocking your path; use Speed and time your movement so that you 
float through when the arcs are temporarily disconnected.
When you reach the hallway that the Walkers once patrolled, duck into the rooms to 
pick up a few items, then head out into the cylindrical room when the fallen metal 
blocks your path. Take the next door to the right from the one you just exited and 
you should find yourself back under gravity's sway. Find the open door nearby to 
reach the escape pod and end the level.

Yavin Swamp

Welcome to a precipitous drop in your framerate. The swamps of Yavin are quite 
stunning graphically, what with the little details like water fizzing out on your 
Lightsaber, but can cause your system to slow down quite a bit because of all the 
foliage being rendered. If the Lightsaber controls feel a little less responsive, 
you might want to temporarily knock down your resolution, or switch off some of the 
details in the control panel.
Before you shoot off into the undergrowth, you should know that your Lightsaber 
will not function underwater, and will automatically switch off if you are 
submerged, so be sure to re-activate it when you surface.
The path here is fairly linear in the beginning, so proceed along until you reach a 
set of rocks where two Shadow Troopers ambush you. You can split them up by simply 
running forward; only one of them will likely follow you. Walk around to a small 
crevasse that leads to a Lander that broke up on landing. Look for a small stream 
of water falling near a Bacta Tank on the ground; there's a small passage that's 
mostly submerged nearby. Head up to the cave-like passage that leads to another 
swampy area. Inside the cave, there's a secret area on a series of rocks to your 
right - look for areas where you can jump and you should find a Large Shield 
After exiting the cave, head right to proceed to one of the Massasi Temple's 
perimeter walls. Once you spot it, duck into the hole and proceed through a 
darkened hallway where two Shadow Warriors lie in wait. You'll exit and drop into a 
small lake, where you can swim to the right to find the level's other secret area. 
Swim back to the left and jump onto the rocks to find a scrum between Republic and 
Remnant troops. Continue on the trail until it divides into three paths, with 
another firefight taking place to your front. The front and right paths here are 
joined; the left path leads to another firefight with quite a few Troopers. Head 
through the nearby lander to end the level.

Yavin Canyon 

You'll notice an abandoned AT-ST near the start point; you can jump onto it and Use 
it to drive it around if you wish. Be sure to holster your Saber if you do, or any 
incidental contact will probably drain its shields drastically. Proceed down the 
canyon, and don't forget that you can stomp on the Troopers to kill them instead of 
shooting them individually. If you decide not to take the AT-ST, watch for cave 
passages that lead through the mountain to cut your walking time.
Once you round the corner in the AT-ST, you'll pass a green wall and face off 
against another AT-ST. This large area with the turrets contain a secret: jump up 
to the ledge where the Trooper was pelting you with a Merr-Sonn to find a passage 
into an abandoned temple. From the turret crossfire area, continue along the 
canyon, shooting down Troopers and turrets as you go. Eventually you'll come across 
another AT-ST that you can jump into if your first one has taken a beating.
There's a fork in the road eventually, with a path leading right that contains four 
turrets, and another path leading straight on. Take the path ahead of you to bend 
around the canyon and flank the turrets. After destroying the AT-ST nearby, head 
into the lander. Jumping up into the cave and falling into the hole will end the 

Yavin Jedi Academy Courtyard  

Head up through the passageway to enter a big fight between Remnant troops and 
Republic soldiers. Watch out for the Merr-Sonn Troopers; Mind Trick them if you can 
to gain their help during the fight. Proceed through the hole in the far wall and 
jump up. You're entering the Academy's training grounds, and you'll encounter two 
Jedi facing off against Reborns and a Shadow Trooper in the next area. Help them 
out as best you can; this is a good place to put your third level of Lightning to 
work. Eventually the Trooper in the hallway above will fire his Merr-Sonn and break 
the glass; jump up (after you Mind Trick him) and proceed through the doorway 
nearby to come across another Jedi melee. You don't necessarily have to help out 
these fellows if you are too weak to or don't want to; in any event, head out the 
door around the corner to encounter two Shadow Troopers and two Reborn. This is a 
tough fight even if you don't have Jedi allies, but your Lightning may help to thin 
the crowd, especially if you blast the weaker Reborns first. If you win, or simply 
decide to run, head to the nearby passage and through the door. A short cutscene 
will play, after which you'll take on two Shadow Troopers. Kill them to reveal the 
hole beneath the stairs, through which you need to drop to enter the game's final 

Yavin Final Conflict 

The rocks ahead can be destroyed to reveal a passage. You'll eventually find a 
corridor with a Small Shield Generator in it - the oddly moving wall nearby is 
illusory, so walk through it and proceed to the Hall of Flame. Use Push on the 
flames to shut off the fire before passing through, or else you'll be toast. The 
room here has three illusory Desanns. The passage to the right leads to a fake wall 
over an instant-death pit; the front passage leads to a mirror where Desann taunts 
you; and the left passage leads to a ramp over a small pit of fire. Cut the pipe in 
the ceiling to douse the flame, then drop down the hole. Push the walls here and 
walk through the passages until you notice another symbol on a wall, which you need 
to Push to reveal a hall of crushers. Speed through them to reach Desann's hideaway.
Desann is hard, of course, but there are easy ways to beat him.  If you go in and 
start slashing about, it will ether end two ways: your death, or you running away 
from Desann.  The easiest way to beat him is to get in front of the ramp, and 
immediately using force Speed.  Switch to blue (fast lightsaber mode) and run down 
to him.  As you run past him, slash.  Turn around and slash again.  Now you can 
keep on blue if you want, but to kill him faster, keep using force Speed and switch 
to red (slow but powerful lightsaber mode).  Slash at him two or three times, and 
if they hit, (they most likely will), he will die.  A few cut-scenes will come, and 
you will have beaten the game!


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