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                       Sonic Heroes by.Jeremy Cox                                    
                       Levels and Bosses p.2
Levels and Bosses p.1                     |
This is a sequel to my last Faq           |
Levels and Bosses p.1. this starts        |
at frog forest and ends at the end.       |
please enjoy my last Faq for Sonic heroes |

Frog Forest     Lost Jungle     castle     haunted Mansion   eggfleet             
short           long             meduim     hard              easy 
meduim          easy            easy        long              meduim

egg fotress
super hard

Forest boss           Robot storm             eggemperor  
team battle           Destroy all the         Use team blast non stop.
use power             robots!.
againts speed. Fly
againts power
speed againts fly.

Thank you looking at my very short Faq

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