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          | |    |   \                              |   _   \
          | |    |___|   2    _________             |  | |   |
          | |                |         |            |  | |   |     2
          | |    _____       |   ___   |            |  |_|   |
   2      | |    |   |       |  |___|  |            |       /
          | |____|   |       |         |            |_____ /
          \_________/        |_________|   2        
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                       Activison Presesnts....  

                        -- Call of Duty 2 --

                      Walkthrough made by: Gam3 Fr3ak

                       Illustration by: Gam3 Fr3ak


                            Carentan, France
                              0800 hours

                            Table of Contents

                      1.   About me
                      2.   Cod History
                      3.   Walkthrough
                      4.   NO CREDITS!!  MOSTLY becasue it was only done by me


                       1.  ABOUT ME

Name: ?
Birth: ?
Age: 14
Screen Name: FHNsoccerboy06

 I started playing Call of Duty ever since I saw the first comercial on tv. When it 
came out I hurried to the store to buy it and I played it right away. I liked this 
FPS because of the team play in Single Player mode. It also had some good AI. A 
cool thing was that you got to be part of some historic battles. You also  played 
along side British, American, and Russian soldiers who were their covering your 
back. I can't wait untill CoD 3 comes out in summer of 2007.


                          CoD History

 When the first CoD came out, it astonished the whole world with it's graphics and 
gameplay. It had three sides to choose from like American, British, and Russain. It 
had historic battles that took place durring the heart of WW2 and during the end of 
it. After or before missions it showed footage of real soldiers  and some of the 
famouse people back then. This game won the award of BEST GAME OF 2003.

 It wasn't over yet. The expansion pack came out in 2004 with a whole new thing. 
Their were more weopons like the Gewehr 43 for the Germans, the 30 cal. for the 
Americans, and more. The game had some new features with it like being able to 
sprint to cover to cover and being able to cook grenades to flush out soldiers. 
Mutiplayer turned out great with all new maps and game types like Foy as a map and 
Base Assault as a game type. Along with multiplayer, came the battle rank system, 
where you get more tools if you get more kill pionts.It had new weopons for 
Multiplayer too like smoke grendades, satchel charges, binoculrs, and having the 
POWER to call in artillary.  This is the only CoD game so far to have vehicals in 
Online play. 

Call of Duty Finest Hour..2004. I like, but right now I'm talking about PC games.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red 1...2005.  I like, but right now I'm talking about PC games.

 Out now is Call of Duty 2, it came out in 2005. It was an awsome game with way 
better graphics. Some of the guns left, but some old ones still stayed. They were 
restarted and made way more different than in CoD that came out in 2003. All new 
levels for both Single Player and Multiplayer. Finally CoD brings us at least one 
level that has you being part of D-Day like Piont Du Hoc. Some features taken out 
were sprint and cooking grenades. Vehicals were also taken out which was a real 




 Making Binds is pretty easy. Binds are phrases or sentences that are saved into 
you computer and show up on CoD with just the press of a button.

 Binds are more fun when they are in color. So if you do not know how to make 
sentences in color for CoD games then read my other walkthrough thats on Call of 
Duty 2.


 So now we can begin. If you know what the console button is, then great. If you 
don't then while playing CoD, to enter into the console area, press the ~ button 
above TAB. Now it's open, type this exactly.    

.... then after that press  a letter or number that you do not use  durring 
gameplay. I will use 9 for an example.   

/bind 9 say  

.... be sure that you type in say. Then type in anything you want, but be fancy and 
make it in color. For an example....

 While typing this down if the letter or numbers don't show up right away..don't 
get worried, just pretend you can see them. Then press enter. For this bind to show 
up, press 9. I press 9 because thats what I used to save my phrase in. If you press 
9 then the message should apper. If not then you probably pressed escape or you 
pressed console insted of enter. To make a new bind type in the same thing, but 
insted of 9 press something else. To replace a bind with another just simply type 
in the same thing that you typed in for the previous bind, but with a different 
message. To remove a bind then type in ( again I will pretend I have HEADSHOT saved 
in the button 9) /bind 9 not type anything after that and press enter. 
Now that phrase is deleted. 

Note: Binds only work for the game that you typed it in with while playing. So if 
you were playing will not be transfered to CoD: UO.

Thank you very much for taking your time and reading this.

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