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                      DRAGON AGE 2: MARK OF THE ASSASSIN


                   [ Version 1.0 | by Elendraug | 10/27/11 ]




So basically I can't believe there isn't a guide for this yet, even though it's
been two weeks since it was released. I'll try to make this as comprehensive as
I can.

I'm playing on the PS3. I can't vouch for any differences on 360 or PC. Sorry.

This probably contains spoilers. Sorry for that, too. I'll try not to give too 
much away before the game reveals it.

I'm not giving battle strategy, either, with the exception of the final boss. 
You can figure it out by yourself for the smaller guys. This guide is 
primarily for plot progression.

For this initial runthrough, I'm playing a level 50 mage male Hawke on Casual. 
He's at level 50 through the fetch-quest cheat. It's my third time playing the 
MOTA DLC. Fenris and Varric are my optional companions. For more challenging 
difficulty levels, potions/draughts may be less abundant.

I also did another run with Isabela and Aveline, to get their sidequests. For 
that one, it's a level 19 mage female Hawke. My original playthrough was with 
Anders and Fenris.

I'll update the FAQ with all the companions' bonus amulets, the equpiment 
obtained by warrior and rogue Hawke, and the stealth mission when I have time.

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

[  0  ] Before you start
[  1  ] Opening in Kirkwall
[  2  ] Wyvern Hunt
[  3  ] Orlesian Party
[  4  ] Inside Chateau Haine
[  5  ] The Dungeons
[  6  ] The Vaults
[ 6.1 ] Pirates and their Curses
[ 6.2 ] The Du Lac Sign
[  7  ] The Retreat
[  8  ] Countryside
[ 8.1 ] With Tallis
[ 8.2 ] Without Tallis
[  9  ] Final Battle
[ A.1 ] F.A.Q.
[ A.2 ] Achievements
[ A.3 ] Codex entries
[ A.4 ] Items
[ A.5 ] Quests
[ A.6 ] Acknowledgements
[ A.7 ] Copyright



The DLC is accessed from either Gamlen's house (ACT I) or the Hawke Estate (ACT 
II & III). There's a statue in the library room, up the stairs, opposite MEMORY
OF LEGACY (if you purchased that, too). It's probably wise to stash whatever 
stuff in your inventory you don't need before you begin the DLC.

Note that Varric is mandatory only for the intro. You can choose your other two
companions again once you complete the opening. Tallis will be mandatory.


Cutscene, combat, then a dialogue tree. Choose whatever you like; they'll all 
lead to the same result. Flirting with Tallis will generally result in a 
reaction from any character you're romancing.

One of the defeated enemies, "Antivan Crow", will have a letter you can loot. 

   Someone has to clean up what's left of Edge. The squirrely little dwarf made
   a mess when we questioned him, but we got what we needed.

   Hawke will be in the Hightown market tonight. Be sure to deliver the best 
   regards of Lord Friedrich's family.

Walk towards Tallis and the northwest exit of the market. Tallis must be taken 
for the rest of the DLC (obviously), and whomever you take from this point will
stay with you until completion of the DLC. There are no "return to DA2" points 
in MOTA, like there were in Legacy, so make sure it's the team you want.

Completing the intro earns the A NEW DAY achievement.


Dialogue. Choose what you like, once again.  Customize Tallis' abilities before
you go too far. Her Infiltrator specialization is fairly easy to max out, since
it only has eight items.

To the right of Duke Prosper is a man named GABRIEL. Talk to him to gain the 

Behind the duke is a shop, HUNTING STORES. It has fairly basic equipment, as 
a single INJURY KIT.

Depart CHATEAU HAINE for THE HUNTING GROUNDS. This area has two sections, EAST 
and WEST. Entering the area activates a new quest, BAITING A WYVERN.

Head southwest and you'll have two choices, paths to the north or south. Go to 
the north first, and follow the path around to the right. You'll encounter 
several DRAGONLINGS and two DRAGONS. Once the battle is over, loot a dragonling
to obtain your first type of bait, DRAGONLING CORPSE (1/5). Loot the PILE OF 
BONES at the top of the hill.

Continue down the opposite slope of the hill. Halfway down, there's a side area
with an altar. This is an optional boss battle. The game will autosave right 
before you "click" the altar, so as long as you have autosave enabled, you can 
give it a shot without worrying. Defeating the SKY HORROR and its lackeys nets 
you some basic loot and the potential to complete a quest later.

Descent the slope and you'll come across some BLOOD. More bait (2/5).

As you continue downward, you'll run into a HUNTER. Talk to him to activate the
quest THE LOST HOUNDS. If you don't accept the quest here, it will 
automatically activate when you enter the EAST hunting grounds and run into 

Once you're off the hill, head south. Collect the INJURY KIT next to the 
Orlesian hunters. Follow the path, and keep an eye out for a branch to the 
north. Here you'll obtain the WYVERN MATING CALL through a cutscene. (3/5) 
After the scene, collect the ANDRASTE'S MANTLE, the first of three ingredients 

Go back to the main path, and stop to collect the STAMINA DRAUGHT on the left 
side. As you near the edge of the map, two men will begin shouting. Follow them
south, and defeat the group of GHASTS. Further south, there's another quest. 
Talk to the LOST SCHOLAR to activate the quest THE CULT OF THE SKY. You will 
also receive a codex entry filed under LORE.

   Every Avvar holy site, regardless of clan or deity, has a well-hidden 
   opening in the altar which would be aligned with the rising sun on the 
   Winter Solstice, where the sacred relics of the god or goddess would be 
   enshrined. This would never be removed, even in dire emergency, for fear of 
   angering the gods.
   Avvar tales from the Divine Age are filled with warnings about those who 
   mistreat(sic) or showed the least disrespect to the altars of the Lady of 
   the Skies. Unfortunately, the superstitious Avvars counted a host of 
   innocuous things as disrespectful, including speaking, coughing, holding 
   objects in your right hand, and possessing anything containing feathers. It 
   is unlikely there is any real danger in approaching the altar.
** NOTE: At this time I am unable to confirm what happens if you talk to him 
without investigating the altar. I'd guess that the quest activates but you 
obviously can't tell him, "Oh yeah, I just saw that altar." I'll try to figure 
it out for sure some other time. **
Return to the main path. Dead ahead is a HEALTH POTION next to some stone slabs
and a fire. 

If you previously defeated the SKY HORROR or want to give it another go, this 
is a good opportunity to backtrack to the altar. The TREASURE OF THE SKY chest 
>> BOOK OF THE LADY (codex entry under lore)
   The thane of Wyvern Hold, so the story goes, had a vision and in it he 
   beheld his clan sleeping, deep in their cups after a feast. And as he 
   watched, they transformed one by one into serpents. The only ones who 
   escaped this fate were those snatched up by eagles and carried away.
   The thane took this to mean that a terrible calamity would befall his people
   and that only the Lady of the Skies could save them. So the Wyvern clan 
   forswore all other gods and devoted themselves to the Lady.
   But the other Avvar clans feared that the disrespect of Clan Wyvern would 
   bring the wrath of Korth the Mountain-Father upon their people. The other 
   thanes tried words and then blades to change Wyvern's ways without success.
   When the Tevinter Imperium came with their legions to claim the mountains, 
   many clans were wiped out, enslaved, or forced to flee across the Waking Sea
   to the south. Clan Wyvern, however, was not among them. They simply 
   disappeared. And to this day some Avvar thanes will tell you--if they have 
   had enough mead--that the last any soul ever saw of the Wyvern clan was a 
   great flight of eagles decending(sic) to their hold.
   --From "Tales of the Mountain-People," by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar
>> Sacrificial Dagger (weapon)
   X spirit damage (96 per second)
   Attacks ignore enemy armor
   5% chance to regenerate Y% health
   Requires: Dual Weapon
   Requires: Z dexterity
   * X, Y and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 52/3%/46.

>> Girdle of the Skies (belt)
   +X mana/stamina
   +Y mana/stamina regeneration rate
   +Z% magic resistance
   Restriction: Mage
   * X, Y and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 37/2/8%.

From the stone slabs with the fire, face southwest and note the offshoot on the
map. In this spot lies the DRAKEVEIN, the second ingredient for THE MASTER'S 
SALVE. Now head east and exit this area into HUNTING GROUNDS - EAST.

Descend the hill and follow the curve around to the right, and take the south 
path uphill. Watch for a chest containing a LYRIUM POTION on the right side of 
the path. 

Enter the clearing, and look for a pink-purple blob on the west side of the map
(Hawke's right, if you're still heading forward). Collect the REMAINS (4/5). If
you're not interested in experience or mild loot, you can go right back to the 
main path and skip the rest of this area.

This area has two GHAST HOLES. Clicking on one or the other will trigger a 
battle. Once the combat ends, the other hole becomes inactive. If you walk too 
far to the south, a battle will trigger anyway. It involves a VELGHASTRIAL, 
which is a particularly obnoxious version of the regular GHAST. 

On both sides of the southern part of the map, there are short trails that lead
to a PILE OF BONES each.  

Return north, and inspect the VIEWPOINT. Pick up the WINTERBERRY next to it to
complete THE MASTER'S SALVE. Take the INJURY KIT and HEALTH POTION beside it.

Follow the main path to the east, and chase after SYLVAIN to the far east. He 
will lead you to NICODEMUS (POISONED DOG). Use the salve to cure him. Follow 
the two dogs back the way you came, and the HUNTER will return to reward you 
with THE HOUNDMASTER'S SHORT BOW and 1 sovereign. 

>> The Houndmaster's Short Bow
   W nature damage (X per second)
   +Y attack
   2.5% chance to infect with Walking Bomb
   Requires: Archery
   Requires: Z dexterity
   * W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 

Alternatively, you can choose to kill him. If you follow Sylvain, you will 
still encounter the hunter. Choosing the lying (diplomatic) or charming options
end the quest with no reward. Choosing the aggressive option results in a 
battle, and you can loot a SUPERIOR LONGBOW from the hunter's corpse.

If you're determined to see what happens, you can also walk all the way back to
the west hunting grounds and inform their owner that Nicodemus has been 
poisoned. This also completes the quest with no reward.

Returning to the area with the hounds will trigger a battle with the GHASTS, if
you didn't manually activate combat previously.

Follow the path along the edge of the lake, heading north. Inspect the WYVERN 
DUNG to obtain another piece of bait -- NUG CALL (5/5). 

Climb to the top of the mountain, heading north and uphill. You now have all 
the bait required to taunt an ALPHA WYVERN. The minimum amount of bait required
is two pieces. The NUG CALL is practically impossible not to get; you literally
walk into the dung on the way to the mountaintop. Collect one other type of 
bait and you're good to go.

Tallis will ask what you want to do. "Use everything at once." will lure an 
ALPHA WYVERN, if you want the achievement. "Bait one to us, but safely." will 
bring a "regular" wyvern. Both allow the plot to continue.

** NOTE: Tallis will make different noises depending on which "calls" you have 
collected -- either the nug call, the mating call, or an unholy combination of 
the two. **

Slaying an alpha wyvern earns you the CHASING THE GAME achievement.

After you defeat the wyvern, an Orlesian named Baron Arlange will confront you.
No matter which dialogue option you choose, you will fight him. When the combat
ends, Duke Prosper will offer you the choice to kill Arlange or not. Selecting 
"Spare him." or "I don't care." will result in the Duke sparing his life. If 
you decide to kill him, you will receive BARON ARLANGE'S SWORD and SHIELD.

>> Baron Arlange's Sword
   V electricity damage (W per second)
   +X% attack speed
   +Y% threat generation
   Enemies cannot dodge attacks
   Requires: Weapon and Shield
   Requires: Z strength
   * V, W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 
>> Baron Arlange's Shield
   W armor
   +X electricity resistance
   Immunity to stun
   Immunity to knockback
   Requires: Weapon and Shield
   Requires: Y strength
   Requires: Z constitution
   * W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 

Make sure you've collected all the loot (the wyvern does not drop anything), 
and then head back to CHATEAU HAINE via the plot point.


After the cutscene, pick whatever choice you like. It has no effect. At the 
conversation's end, you will obtain a codex entry, THE CHEVALIERS, under LORE.

   I remember, as a child, watching a column of chevaliers parade down a wide 
   avenue in Val Royeaux. Dashing knights on armored steeds, pennants snapping 
   in the breeze. I have never forgotten.
   Most of the Orlesian aristocracy has ties to the chevaliers,. Joining the 
   knighthood and dedicating one's life to the empire is a tried and true 
   method to improve one's social standing. It is the obvious choice for 
   landless nobles and noble children not in line to inherit.
   The knighthood welcomes both men and women, although it is rare for a woman 
   to choose the harsh life of a chevalier over the gentle bliss of marriage 
   and children or the peace of the Chantry. Those who do are following in the 
   footsteps of the first woman knight, Aveline, but we hope that not all meet 
   as ghastly an end as she did. 
   Sadly, some members of the order abuse their power to commit atrocities that
   will not be recounted here. All decent Orlesians know them to be no true 
   knights. One day, they shall answer to the Maker Himself.
   --From Orlais: A Modern History, by Revered Mother Laeticia
You will also obtain a belt:

>> Wyvern Hunter's Belt
   +W attack
   +X defense
   +Y% critical chance
   +Z% attack speed
   * W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 

For the most part, talking to the gathered NPCs is just for fun. Enjoy it -- 
there's some great dialogue, and some conversations will even reflect what took
place in an imported Dragon Age: Origins game.
To the south and Hawke's immediate right (following the cutscene), you can find
a CAPRICE (1/5) on some barrels opposite Leopold's cage. This activates the 
quest WISHING WELL. You can cast it into the FOUNTAIN right away, or you can 
wait until you have all five.

Head northeast towards Bann Teagan. There is another CAPRICE (2/5) on a bench 
behind Lord Cyril and an elven servant. Walk around the corner to the east, and
you'll spot a CAPRICE (3/5) on a bench behind Leliana.

Up the stairs, next to a large keg, is the Quartermaster. You can buy from the 
HUNTING STORES another CAPRICE (4/5), under OTHER, for free. 

This is as good a point as any to talk to the nearby GUARD. Choose any option. 
The door next to you is now unlocked, but there's unfortunately nothing in it.

Talking to the other two guards is entertaining, but won't further the plot. 
Go back to the clear opposite side of the courtyard, and look on the west/left 
side for the ELF SERVANT. Talk to her, and choose any of the options.

Walk back to the fountain and look for LORD CYRIL standing with two other men. 
Talk to him, and he will give you a CAPRICE (5/5) and choose any dialogue 

Tallis will attempt to get the key. Once you have control of Hawke again, 
follow Lord Cyril into the room. If you choose "But not you?" or "Nap time." 
you will obtain the key immediately. If you choose "Uh, no comment." you will 
have to go to the banquet area (near the Quartermaster) and retrieve the WINE 
GOBLET from the table. Bring it back to Cyril, and the key is yours.

Head northwest towards the plot point. Be sure to stop at the FOUNTAIN and toss
in all five of the CAPRICE coins you got before. Once you've thrown the five 
coins, you'll complete the WISHING WELL quest and gain experience points.

Now go through the door. 


This next section has two versions. You can either storm through the rooms, 
metaphorical guns a-blazin', or you can sneak around Metal Gear style. For the 
sake of completing the guide, right now I'm going to focus on running through 
quickly and obtaining all the items, but I'll come back for sneaking strategy 
in a later update.

Defeat the first wave of soldiers, and look for a side room on your right (on 
the north edge of the map). An NPC will have just run out from there, saying, 
"The whole castle has gone mad!"

In this area, you'll find a CHEF'S LOG and three ingredients. These are for a 

>> Hard to Stomach
   An interesting entry in the cook's journal that might help with 
   contaminating Leopold's food:
   "Tried a new seasoning for the crepes this morning. A bunch of lutefisk, a 
   few slices of old cheese, and a lot of navet. Gave the duke the runs all 
   day. Note to self: not so much navet next time."

Before you head to Google, "navet" is the French word for "turnip."

Lutefisk is also nasty. From Wikipedia (edited for length):

"Lutefisk is a traditional dish of the Nordic countries, made from aged 
stockfish or dried/salted whitefish and lye. It is gelatinous in texture, 
and has an extremely strong, pungent odor. Its name literally means "lye fish."

No wonder he's sick, huh?

This is a ratio game. There are several combinations that will work.

           #1    #2 

Cheese     3     3
Lutefisk   4     6
Navet      5     9

... as well as any multiples of those, so if you click too many times, get to 
the nearest multiple of those values. You can also reset the puzzle by clicking
on the MIXTURE. You'll know you have them in the correct proportions if the 
MIXTURE gets a plot point above it. Click the MIXTURE and then on LEOPOLD'S 
FOOD to complete the quest. This does have a point, as it slows Leopold down 
later on in the DLC.

If Isabela is in your party, have a rogue Hawke or Tallis pick the lock to the 
room opposite the cook's area. The first of her MEDALLIONS is here (1/3).

Now Head down the hallway. At the end, near the staircase, are tables that may 
contain items, depending on which party members are with you.

For whatever reason, Merrill doesn't have an amulet in this DLC. 

            ITEM                     SIDEQUEST  

ANDERS:     Arcane Feather           Arcane Feathers
AVELINE:    Love Poem                A Romantic's Gift
BETHANY:    Painting                 A Symbolon
CARVER:     Pennant                  The Odd Ensign
FENRIS:     Amulet                   A Warrior's Legacy
ISABELA:    Medallion                A Map of Sorts
MERRILL:    N/A                      N/A
SEBASTIAN:  Scroll                   A Secret Formula
VARRIC:     Hard in Hightown II      Literary Theft

If Fenris or Varric are in your party, there are items here. Pick up HARD IN 
HIGHTOWN II (1/3) and/or the AMULET (1/3), if so. 

Go up the stairs and through the door. Search the body of the GUARD CAPTAIN to 
pick up a key. Go down the opposite stairs and unlock the door. Cross the 
hallway and go through the next door. If you took Aveline with you, a LOVE POEM 
(1/3) will be in this room. Check the long center table for UNCERTAINTY, a 
short codex entry under LORE.

   In uncertainty, find infinite possibility.
   --An old Orlesian saying

Exit the room and follow the hallway to the left/south. There's a section of 
the map that goes in a square, with a room in the center. Tallis (or a rogue 
Hawke) can pick the lock. In it is a chest that contains some simple loot.

Leave the square section and go to the northwest. Check the statue for a codex 
entry under LORE.

   What in this fearsome visage appeals to us? What virtue can this otherwise 
   uncouth and generally suspect creature inform?
   Raw, fiercely bearded aggression, not so much carved as inflicted by the 
   chisel. Common humor claims that whole figures are carved, then sundered to 
   the bust, the limbs used to beat the form from the next sculptor's block. 
   Examples are common and deliberately crude--none claim to be an accurate 
   representation of a specific person and the name is irrelevant, often stolen
   from the fears of the day.
   So if it is not the honoring of a villain turned folk hero, what is left to 
   discern? What does this say about the manners of court, that beneath is an 
   affectation for such unfettered and brutal images of strength.(sic) What is
   hidden by this beard?
   --Musings on a Form: The Beast, as collected by Jun Emond, Esr.

Proceed through the door, then the next. Walk outside, and go through all of 
the doors in the hallways. The game will autosave as you approach the southern 
tip of these corridors. 

In the next room, guards will rush down the stairs towards you. Kill them. Look
at the bookshelves to obtain A LIBRARY OF DISTINCTION, a codex entry.

   It was with no small flair that Duke Prosper de Montfort offered a home to 
   the exiled Esme de Jolie's considerable library of social graces, including 
   the ever-growing volumes of Courtly Prominence so carefully logged by the 
   delighted scholars of Her Majesty's intimate circle.
   It was an act of charity to a former enemy that, while earning a 
   considerable influence, was no small expense of delivery. De Montfort 
   downplayed these elements with customary charm, insisting that he accepted 
   this burden with the increase in status firmly second among his 
   considerations. "It is an honor to be honored when literary lineage is the 
   true benefactor. De Jolie can rest well knowing that I hold his treasured 
   tomes where none shall harm or read them. If he is allowed to encroach upon
   Orlesian territory at some distant time, perhaps he can petition to visit 
   --A Library of Distinction: Notes on the Dispensing of the Holdings of the 
   Disgraced Esme de Jolie, collected and edited by Delsea Veland in the 
   service of Duke Prosper de Montfort
If Varric is in your party, this room contains HARD IN HIGHTOWN II (2/3).

Walk down the stairs. There are several paintings in this room, including:
   Lady Amandine du Val arrived at the court of Emperor Corentine, aged only 
   fifteen, and by all accounts took it by storm. Her bright gold hair, 
   expressive eyes, and graceful mannerisms endeared her to all. The emperor's 
   sister, Lady Charlotte, wrote:
   "Little Amandine is a true delight! Such sparkling wit, and oh, those dainty
   feet flitting across the ballroom... she is spring come upon our tired 
   This adoration did not last long, however. Not a year after her arrival, 
   little Amandine became enchanted with a bard who taught her swordplay,
   amongst other things. Being young and nimble, Amandine took to blades like 
   a fish in water. Seduced by the life of romance and high adventure, she ran
   away from court, dressed as a boy. In the years that followed, Amandine 
   became a sailor, a highway robber, and a courtesan. Once, she was betrothed 
   to the emperor's cousin.
   At the age of forty-four, Amandine entered into a cloister. She remained 
   there till the end of her life and died a penitent.
   --From The Gallery of Knaves, a portrait book, compiled by Lady Wilhelmina 

   The Orlesians have a saying: You must dance with the dowager if you want to 
   play the Game.
   To a foreigner, this might sound like some sort of proverb. In fact, Dowager
   Lady Mantillon has been one of the most influential members of the Imperial 
   Court for over thirty years, and nobody advanced in the Game without her 
   favor. The rumors surrounding her are many: She was Emperor Florian's 
   mistress. She was Florian's assassin. She placed Empress Celene on the 
   throne. She once killed a rival with only harsh words. She rules Orlais from
   the shadows.
   One thing is certain, however. If you must have the best society in Orlais, 
   ask a dance of the dowager.
   --From A Guide to Good Society, by Lady Alcyone

>> Pride and Rider
   An image in oil of the last pure Anderfel stabled at court, before the 
   practice of mounted sport fell from favor. This is an absolutely iconic and 
   typical example of the artist.
   The work preserves the true majesty of a species that, while in abundance on
   their natural plains, becomes exotic to a people who eschew mounted travel 
   in their daily existence. An ambitious work often referred to as Pride and 
   Rider, it is part of a series of similarly-themed canvasses which, for 
   reasons known only to the creator, were labeled And Went the Griffon.
   --Auction notes for the works of Bujete Pochesvides, a catalogue of the 
   foreign and lost dispensed by the holding house of Therein and Whatnot

Exit through the door beside Pride and Rider. Go up the steps into the garden 
and fight the remaining guards. Loot the GUARD CAPTAIN for a key. In the back 
right/northwest corner, there is a chest with a HEALTH POTION and INJURY KIT.
Go through the door and down the stairs. Here comes a puzzle!

As the game itself points out, the trick here is to switch between Hawke and 
Tallis. Start by having each of them stand on the tiles directly in front of 
you, next to the red carpet. Move them one at a time up the side steps and onto
each successive tile switch. Alternate characters until you reach the end, then
push the statues down onto the switches. 

Now have Tallis stand on the switch closest to the steps (but still on the 
second floor) so that Hawke can move past the gate. Have Hawke stand on the 
right/south switch so that Tallis can come back down the stairs. Now move both 
characters to the well-lit switches on either side of the vault door. 

If your companions have personal quest items here, they will be marked with 
plot points on your map. If you don't see any (or don't care) you can continue 
right away. Otherwise, move both characters to the original two tiles to once 
again lift the grate barring the steps. Move Tallis upstairs on either side, 
and move Hawke to the available switch between the columns. Walk forward with 
Tallis onto the next switch, and swap to Hawke and do the same.

Once Hawke is standing on the switch in front of the chest, you can move Tallis
back to the main floor. Repeat these instructions for the opposite side. 

Move both characters until they're standing in front of both chests. 

** NOTE: There is a glitch here. The game will prevent you from picking up the 
personal quest items unless BOTH CHARACTERS are standing on the switches in 
front of the chests. If you find yourself unable to "click" on the items, 
double check that Hawke and Tallis are actually on the switches. **

Personal quest items found here can be:

>> LOVE POEM      - Aveline - A Romantic's Gifts
>> MEDALLION      - Isabela - A Map of Sorts
>> AMULET         - Fenris  - A Warrior's Legacy
>> ARCANE FEATHER - Anders  - Arcane Feathers

Now enter the vault to trigger a cutscene.


Once you have control of Hawke, have a rogue pick the locks to release the 
prisoners and loot the prison cells. Head west and fight through the group of 
guards. If Varric is with you, HARD IN HIGHTOWN II (3/3) can be found on a 
table on the north side of the room. 

As you pass through the hallway, you'll walk by three statues. If Isabela is in
your party, a cutscene will follow and trigger the quest, PIRATES AND THEIR 
CURSES. Continue on and defeat the next group of guards, including several

If Fenris is in your party, the final AMULET (3/3) is in a prison cell to the 
right/south, next to a PILE OF BONES. On the opposite side is another PILE OF 
BONES to loot.

If you like, you can backtrack to the room you started in and head east to 
enter THE VAULTS. If you are trying to complete PIRATES AND THEIR CURSES, you 
must go through there. 

At the far south of the room are two options. The CRACK IN THE WALL, to the 
south, will take you out right away into THE RETREAT. Otherwise, you can choose
to confront Duke Prosper directly by going through the VAULTS to the north. 

Ultimately, you still have to exit through THE RETREAT, but fighting Prosper's 
guards will net you additional experience. After the fight, you can either 
return to the DUNGEONS or complete the puzzles in the vaults proper if you 
haven't already done so.

If you don't care about the puzzles, skip to section 7. 

[  6  ] THE VAULTS

The first thing you'll see upon entering the vaults is a machine with three 
"clickable" options -- WHITE APPARATUS, BLACK APPARATUS, and THE MIXER. This is
a set of puzzles with colored doors. You click on an apparatus and, while that 
symbol is floating around, unlock the corresponding doors. THE MIXER is used to
combine colors; pretty obvious. You will only use it to create GREEN and PURPLE
in these, so don't worry about trying to mix anything else.

** NOTE: There is pretty much no reason to use the ORANGE APPARATUS. Clicking 
on it will close the WHITE DOORS behind you, so don't even bother. **

Click the WHITE APPARATUS first and open both WHITE DOORS. Immediately go back 
and click the BLACK APPARATUS and go through the right-most WHITE door. Now go 
through the BLACK door and click the BLUE APPARATUS.

Return to the original room. Put the BLUE symbol on THE MIXER, and then go 
through the left-most WHITE door. Open the BLUE door, and fight the RUNE GOLEM.
If you are following Isabela's quest, you will obtain the first of four jewels 
here, an emerald called the JEWEL OF THE NORTH WIND (1/4).
//needs jewel name
The weird painting with masks and faceless people is relevant, but don't worry 
about it for the moment. Click the YELLOW APPARATUS and go back to the main 
room, then proceed through the YELLOW DOOR. 

We now have a GREEN DOOR. Go back to THE MIXER and click on it with the YELLOW 
symbol still active. Go back and grab the BLUE symbol and add it to the mixer. 
Click the mixer again to take the GREEN symbol back to the GREEN DOOR. The room
contains three chests with some loot, some gear, and a decent amount of money. 
If applicable, it also contains a diamond, the JEWEL OF THE EAST WIND (2/4).

Head south, but before you go up the stairs, take a good look at the painting 
again. The masks/no masks are a pattern that you'll use to solve the following 

The northmost set of tiles (which you'll run across first) are solved with this
pattern (where X represents a flipped tile, and _ represents a blank tile.)


This solution applies only if you are FACING the fire. Don't do it backwards.
Completing it reveals a TREASURE PILE that contains a basic amulet. It also has
the DAGGER OF THE FOUR WINDS itself, if you're doing Isabela's quest.

Go to the right/west and go down the stairs, past the blank painting spot. 
Here's another color puzzle.

Take the BLACK symbol and open both BLACK doors. Go back and get the WHITE 
symbol, then proceed through the left/west BLACK door. Open the WHITE door and 
take the BLUE symbol. Return to the main room and place the BLUE symbol in THE 
MIXER. (The goal of the day is purple.)

Now go through the other BLACK door (on the right) and open the BLUE door. 
Defeat the RUNE GOLEM, and collect another of Isabela's jewels (if applicable), 
a ruby called the JEWEL OF THE WEST WIND(3/4). 

Click on the RED APPARATUS and carry it back to the mixer to create PURPLE. The
room contains another three chests, and another jewel for Isabela: a sapphire, 

Return to the central room with the fire. Again, the painting has the pattern:

That is, make an H with the tiles. The treasure piles contain the BOOTS and the
GLOVES of Enchanter Illana:
>> Gloves of Enchanter Illana
   V armor
   +W health
   +X defense
   +1 mana/stamina regeneration rate
   Requires: Y magic
   Requires: Z willpower
   Bonus for complete item set
   * V, W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 

>> Boots of Enchanter Illana
   V armor
   +W health
   +X defense
   +2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
   Requires: Y magic
   Requires: Z willpower
   Bonus for complete item set
   * V, W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 
This also nets you a codex entry under ITEMS.

   One hundred and fifty years ago, the girl who would rise to become First 
   Enchanter Illana of Montsimmard was born to a noble family of Val Royeaux. 
   When Illana's gift was discovered and she was sent to the Circle of Magi, 
   her family did not abandon her; rather, they took an enthusiastic interest 
   in her career as a mage.
   Her mother made several feeble attempts to start fashions at court with her 
   "Circle-inspired" gowns. Illana's father was more successful, directing his 
   daughter's fortunes through support of coin and political influence. 
   Throughout Illana's apprenticeship at the Circle in Montsimmard, he secured 
   private quarters for her as well as a personal guard of templars hand-picked
   by the knight-commander. So long as she was accompanied by her guards, 
   Illana was allowed to leave the Circle as often as she wished.
   With her father's backing, Illana rose swiftly through the Circle's ranks, 
   named senior enchanter just after her twenty-second birthday. Eight years 
   later, she was appointed first enchanter. Her family commissioned a fine set
   of a first enchanter's ceremonial raiments, designed in accordance with the 
   prevailing styles of the time and presented them to her on the day she was 
   Illana was first enchanter for just shy of two years, during which time the 
   Circle was mostly run by her assistant, Hugh, and a small group of senior 
   enchanters. She cited mental exhaustion when she stepped down and lived the 
   rest of her days in a quiet manor just outside Val Royeaux.
   --From Mages in Orlais, by Senior Enchanter Percivale

The east section contains the most obnoxious puzzle in the DLC. If you mess up 
and need to reset it, there's a LEVER near the top that will clear all the 
flipped tiles back to blank.

** NOTE: At the time of this playthrough, solving the portrait floor puzzle is 
NOT REQUIRED to activate the last fire puzzle! If you enter the solution below,
it will unlock the last treasure. **

Click on the tiles in the order shown, exactly. It will work no matter which 
way you're facing the puzzle, since it's a square.

                                A B _ _ _  
                                C D _ E F 
                                _ _ G H I 
                                _ J K L _
                                _ M N _ O 

This unlocks the last FIRE PUZZLE solution:



Finally, the treasure chest is revealed: it contains gold and the other two 
Enchanter Illana items.         
>> Headdress of Enchanter Illana
   V armor
   +W health
   +X defense
   +2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
   Requires: Y magic
   Requires: Z willpower
   Bonus for complete item set
   * V, W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 

>> Boots of Enchanter Illana
   V armor
   +W health
   +X defense
   +5 mana/stamina regeneration rate
   Requires: Y magic
   Requires: Z willpower
   Bonus for complete item set
   * V, W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 
The stairs to the south will take you up to a confrontation with Duke Prosper. 
Don't go through the door unless you're ready for a fight. It's not the final 
boss or anything, but it's annoying.

If you've been doing the PIRATES AND THEIR CURSES quest, you can now go back to
the three statues. Talk to them, and you'll have two options: keep the dagger, 
or let them go. If Isabela keeps it, you'll obtain the following:
>> Dagger of the Four Winds
   X electricity damage (Y per second)
   Requires: Dual Weapon
   Requires: Z dexterity
   Restriction: Isabela
   * X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 19, values are 34/63/35.
The dagger also has four rune slots.   

If you agree to help the pirates, they will assist you during an upcoming 
battle in the caves.


Optional quest if Isabela is in the party.

The locations of the four jewels and the dagger are as follows:
    >> JEWEL OF THE NORTH WIND (Emerald)
       First puzzle room, after RUNE GOLEM, through the BLUE door.
    >> JEWEL OF THE EAST WIND (Diamond)
       First puzzle room, through the GREEN door.
       Second puzzle room, after the RUNE GOLEM, through the BLUE door.
    >> JEWEL OF THE SOUTH WIND (Sapphire)
       Second puzzle room, through the PURPLE door.
       In a treasure pile, after the fire puzzles.

Optional quest if Aveline is in the party.

You must fight Duke Prosper in the vaults, rather than immediately escaping 
through the caves. After the battle, head towards the door at the north part of
the room, on the ground floor. There is a TIME-WORN BOOK there. Read it, then 
go down the stairs, past the fire and to the north exit. Use the YELLOW SYMBOL 
to unlock the door (if you didn't already beat this puzzle.) Go back into the 

Follow the PLOT POINT symbols and have a rogue pick the cell locks. Investigate
the LOOSE BRICK. After the cutscene, defeat the REVENANT and skeletons.

After a second cutscene, you will receive a ring and complete the quest.

>> Signet of the Red
   100% of basic attack damage vs. enemies that attack in melee
   Restriction: Aveline

As Tallis warns, make sure you have everything you need before you go through 
the CRACK IN THE WALL. There's no turning back.

Check the RUBBLE on the right/west for loot. Walk forward, and choose the right
path to head south. Fight the group of GHASTS, then check the platform to the 
far south for a corpse with money and a STAMINA DRAUGHT. If Isabela is in your 
party, the final MEDALLION (3/3) will be here.

Double back to the north path, defeat the new GHASTS, and climb the north 
stairs for a HEALTH POTION and a basic staff. Now pass through the GATE and 
look at the VIEWPOINT. Continue forward, and a cutscene will trigger.

Once Cahir is down to half his health, Tallis will rejoin the group. After the 
battle, loot the guards for STING, a DLC only staff:
>> Sting
   X nature damage (Y per second)
   +Z% nature damage
   Enemies cannot dodge attacks
   5% chance to regenerate 5% health
   Restriction: Mage
   * X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 57/78/18%.

Cahir is carrying the PORTICULLIS KEY and a DLC axe.

>> Dragon's Breath
   V fire damage (W per second)
   +X% fire damage
   +Y fire damage
   Requires: Two-Handed
   Requires: Z strength
   * V, W, X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are

A crate nearby has more cheap loot. In my playthrough, the porticullis was 
marked with a plot point but not labelled. All you have to do is click on it.

Continue on. If Varric is in your party, the left/east path will contain the 
cache for LITERARY THIEF, as well as a sack with some money.

>> The True Author's Token
   +X% critical damage
   +Y% physical damage
   Bonus to disarm traps
   Restriction: Varric
   * X and Y depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, the values are 14/4%.

The right (west) path contains an INJURY KIT and an axe. If Aveline is in your 
party, the last LOVE POEM (3/3) is here, as well.

Fight the GHASTS near the south point of the map. After the cutscene, collect 
the loot on the platform for money, a GNAWED SHINY RING, and a HEALTH POTION.

>> Gnawed Shiny Ring
   +X health
   +Y health regeneration rate
   +Z mana/stamina regeneration rate
   * X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 37/2/3.

You now have the choice to help Tallis or not. You will take the same path out 
of the mountain either way.


A lot of the character-specific caches are in this area. Keep an eye out for 
plot markers if you've collected all three items for each of your optional
party members.


If you spared BARON ARLANGE, he will attack you as you exit. Otherwise, you'll 
be assaulted by GHASTS. Kill them, take their stuff. Repeat for the group 
further down to the east. If Aveline is in your party, the cache for her quest,

>> True Love's Course
   +X health
   +Y defense
   +Z mana/stamina regeneration rate
   Restriction: Aveline
   * X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 20, values are 17/44/2.

Follow the left (west) path to fight a WYVERN and more GHASTS. If Fenris is in 
your party, the cache for A WARRIOR'S LEGACY is here.

>> The Fog Warrior's Gift
   +X defense
   +Y% spirit damage
   +Z% damage resistance
   Restriction: Fenris
   * X, Y, and Z depend on Hawke's level. For level 50, values are 88/7%/5%.

So is Isabela's.

>> Badge of the Felicisima Armada
   +X defense
   +Y% critical damage
   3% chance to stealth when hit
   Restriction: Isabela
   *X and Y depend on Hawke's level. For level 20, values are 22/12%.

Double back around the curve and head east. You will encounter a group of 
TAL-VASHOTH OFFICERS. Walk a bit further. 

As you come down the hill, you will fight a LOT of Tal-Vashoth. The fight will 
take you fairly high up on a path. Once the cutscene is over, walk all the way 
back down, and you'll fight another group. 

The path to the south is a dead end, and you cannot backtrack to the original 
area anymore. Look for the plot point.


Head down the mountainside. You'll run into some GHASTS, and almost immediately
be attacked by GUARDS following behind you. Fighting both groups at once is an 
ungodly mess. 

Cross the bridge and head downhill. There are an ALPHA WYVERN and a WYVERN 
fighting -- if you wait, they will continue to beat each other up and you can 
avoid conflict. Otherwise, take them both out for experience points.

Continue downward. You'll fight more GHASTS. As soon as you're done with them, 
"more of Prosper's stooges" will catch up with you.

If Fenris is in your party, you will find THE FOG WARRIOR'S GIFT on the right 
(south) side of the path, on an elevated path.

Keep walking. Stop to look at the VIEWPOINT. At the base of the hill, more of 
the GUARDS will attack, including an ORLESIAN COMMANDER with high HP. Loot an 

Proceed to the RUINS.


Choose any dialogue option during the cutscene.

This fight has several parts. At the start, LEOPOLD will be spitting venom at 
you; try to keep moving actively to avoid it. Mage Hawkes are particularly 
vulnerable while casting spells. Pick off the soldiers with any sort of 
area-of-effect abilities you might have. Use HASTE right away if you can.

Once DUKE PROSPER is down to half his health, LEOPOLD will move down to the 
field and begin attacking. If you completed the quest HARD TO STOMACH, he will 
act sickly, and stumble on occasion. For a time, the duke will stand on the 
ruins, but he will eventually ride on Leopold's back.

Waves of guards will show up whenever Leopold runs off the field. 

If Hawke is tagged with a green glowing... thing, Leopold will track him/her 
across the battlefield. The best thing to do is try to lure Leopold either to 
the edge of the cliff, or next to the ruins' walls. If Leopold charges at the 
cliffside or the stone wall, he'll be temporarily immobilized. 

Duke Prosper will also set timed-mine style traps that activate in a domino 
effect. Obviously, try to keep out of their way. Standing at the very edge of 
the field on any side (and holding still) puts you in a relatively safe spot 
when they detonate. They arrange in something of a W shape, so there tends to 
be a spot where the line buckles and there's some open space. Hug the outskirts
and get out of the way.

Finishing the DLC nets you the MARK OF THE ASSASSIN trophy, and another amulet,

>> Heart of the Many
   +4 strength
   +4 dexterity
   +4 magic




[ A.1 ] F.A.Q.

Q. How many pieces of bait do I need to lure a wyvern?
A. Just two. The NUG CALL is obtained through WYVERN DUNG in the EAST HUNTING 
GROUNDS. You can't miss it; it's along the main path. Another one that's easy 
to get is BLOOD, near the SKY CULT altar.

Q. Why can't I pick up the personal quest items in the Vault switch room?
A. Both Hawke and Tallis must be standing on the switches in front of both the 
treasure chests to be able to "click" on the items. It's sort of glitchy.

Q. Who's Bann Perrin, and why does he care about the chantry and knickers?
A. This bit is a reference to the Leliana's Song DLC. In it, you find a pair of
SUSPECT UNDERTHINGS belonging to Perrin, and have the option to nail them to 
the chanter's board as a prank.

Q. Why doesn't Merrill have an amulet?
A. Who knows?

Q. Can I keep Tallis as a party member?
A. No. At this time, she is only playable during the DLC.

Q. How do I romance Tallis?
A. As far as I can tell, you flirt with her at every opportunity, side with her
in the Retreat, treat her with kindness when she is revealed to be qunari, and 
never threaten her. It doesn't work if you're already in a romance -- Hawke's 
LI will butt in and keep you from kissing her at the end scene.


>> A NEW DAY            - For completing the intro.
   "Tallis joined the party."
>> CHASING THE GAME     - For killing an alpha wyvern.
   "Lured and killed an alpha wyvern near Chateau Haine."
>> BLACKJACK SUBTLE     - For sneaking through the castle.
   "Evaded vault security in Chateau Haine."
>> THE TAKE             - For solving the fire puzzles.
   "Disarmed the fire traps in Chateau Haine's vaults."
>> MARK OF THE ASSASSIN - For beating the game.
   "Defeated Duke Prosper, with or without Tallis."


In progress. Will be consolidated here.

[ A.4 ] ITEMS

In progress. Will be consolidated here.

[ A.5 ] QUESTS

In progress. Will be consolidated here.


Thank you to BioWare, for what has quickly become one of my favorite games in 
the whole world, and for their continued advocacy of social justice.

Thank you to the BioWare forums, which helped me solve the portrait puzzle when
I was completely stuck.

Thank you to GameFAQs, which has helped me for years when I've been stuck with 
other games.

Thank you to the Dragon Age Wiki, which is a fantastic, comprehensive database 
I consult every time I'm discussing the game online.

Thank you to my friends in this fandom, who are as passionate about the game as
I am, and inspire me to no end.

And finally, thank you to DevC++, the IDE I wrote this in. It has a handy line 
that marks the 79 character limit on the side of the editor. Couldn't've done 
the formatting without you, buddy.


I wrote this myself. Please don't pawn it off as your own. I typed up the codex
entries and item information manually; I did *not* copy/paste it from anywhere.

Typos are my own errors, unless otherwise marked as such -- anywhere you see  
the word "(sic)". 

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