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      MARRIAGE, cut scenes, spoilers: ROCK

1. About Marriage

2. THE GUY     3. ABOUT      4. HEART EVENTS 

5. RIVALS        6. Disclaimer/Legal Information

Warning, this guide is a spoiler on the seclected character. If you do not want to ruin the “fun” of the game do 
not read any farther than this paragraph.

If you need any information that is not seen or included or would like to add something to this guide just feel 
free to e-mail me at: [email protected] or IM if online.

1. *** Marriage ***

In this version of harvest moon just the same as all the other harvest moon versions you have to become 
married… This time to a guy (haha gay…), you are a girl in this newer version. If you do not get married or 
propose the game will end at chapter one and you get to have the fun of starting from bloody scratch again… 
yet there are two different ways of becoming married and reaching chapter 2.

1.2 Long boring way (lol) : You must get you love up to 4 hearts, which is there  top love for you. Once up to 4 
you can ask them to marry you with a BLUE FEATHER. You can see these hearts in the chars. Diary located 
somewhere where they live.
How: Give the char. Items they like everyday and talk to them constantly and never pick a smart ash answer 
when they talk to you or your relationship with them will decrease.

The lazy mans (girls) way: Some ppl rather just go along and do their farming and ect. And not wasting time 
by chasing after a guy for like 3 or 4 months in the game to get them up to 4 hearts. You may just ignore 
them the whole first chapter. Then at the end of the chapter one of the 3 man will turn up at ur door step and 
you will have the option of marring them or not, if not the game ends. If you do accept your stalkers answer…
you move on to the second chapter and have a child…

Spoiler- Its seems in the beginning of the game you father has died and you receive the farm…But entering 
the second chapter Tukara writes a letter to your father about how you are doing. Also some ppl may become 
confused if you have not realized that this. Then again it is still very very confusing… But do not lose sleep 
over it its just a lil weird this like everything else.

2. The Guy: Rock
This spoiler guide is about Rock and how about cut scenes…ect.


Likes: Mist moon flowers, toy flowers, old coins (only the brass ones from chapter 1)
Weird statues, light pickles, tomamelo salad (almost any hc)(home cooking), cow cheese, cow butter, and 
folder , maybe you are marring a cow. “haha”

Dislikes: Any thing with goats milk, ores, some flowers…Anything that’s not in the likes….

Lives: In the Inner Inn up stairs the right room. With his parents Ruby and Tim…
Living spoiler- Rock looks nothing like ruby and time…Whom are Asian…also a suspicion is that Ruby and 
Tims real child had died or moved away because they have a photo of them and another kid, who isn’t Rock. 
Also when your you go to pick rock up at the end of the chapter Tim says “ Take care of him, he was like a son 
to me”  so its pretty much clear that rock was adopted. But as dumb as Rock is.. He says, “What does 
that mean!?”

His job: Rock does not work…Wonder how he gets the money for all the drinks he has at the bar…

Your Rival: Lumina

Yet I believe Muffy should be because both Rock and Muffy are partiers and late nighters…

But Lumina is not a big deal…She hates Rock for the most part and always runs away from him. Also her age 
is weird she looks 10 to me… Not 18. But Rock only flirts with her because shes a girl younger then him…The 
again if any relation was there Rock would considered a pedophile if Lumina isn’t really 18 but they say she is.
And heck knows how old your char. Is. 

Schedule (what he does and when ect.)

-He wakes up at the crack of noon 12pm every day before married. Stays in his room until 1pm, then leaves 
for breakfast in the kitchen of the in for about 1 min or so. Then leaves the inn, which tends to be different 
everyday…then you can normally find him near the spring from 7 pm- 9pm, or down near the water at the 
same time. Then any where from 10 pm – 12 am in the bar. As soon as it hits 12 am he leaves back to the inn 
to go to bed.

-Best time to get his diary it 12 pm – 1pm.

Diary Location: In his room in the Inner Inn, up stairs the right room, across from Nami’s. On the small table 
next to his dresser. 
(Have fun stalking him on rainy days, he does not presume regular schedule)

   -Once married he wakes up at 6am…Weird…
- Normally on farm…pretending to do work. Or sometimes with your son later in the day.

Heart Events, Cut scenes:

Scene One

Requirements: 1 Red heart
Active in the spring.

Walk to the front of the Inn around noonish. You will get a cut scene or Lumina and Rock on the path the Villa. 
Rock wants to “hang out” with Lumina, but Lumina runs way…Feeling like crap now because he wants to flirt 
as usual…You luck he looks around for a girl and spots you. Runs over and ask if you will “hang out” with him.

- Go home
- Are you hitting on me?

Even though both answers are a little meanish choose the second answer to stick around and do not damage 
any relationship.

Then Rock quickly says hes not trying to hit on you, he only wants a friend. Then he ask is you see him as the 
kind of guy that would “pick you up”

- Yes, goodbye (id chose this if the good bye was not there, cuz its true.
- What do you want?

Choose 2 again. He says there’s nothing good to do where you stand. So he tells you not to worry, even 
though you problem are… The he says that you should be friends. Also he can not do anything else with you 
really cuz he is as broke like a twig. Then the smarty remebers he wants to show you the Turtle Pond.

So smarty brings you to the pond to show you the turtle, which he thinks is dead (its bloody eyes are open 
what a…) then he falsely accuses Hugh of killing him. Saying he isn’t as cute and innocent as you think, saying 
the cute kids smile is evil enough…Whiles he’s busy babbling he turns around not looking at the turtle and 
keeps babbling. It runs away while he’s not looking and you follow the turtle to who knows where. Then he 
finally turns back around and the poor guy is left all alone…again.

Scene 2
< Super Rock vs. Crusher the ordinary average dog>
Requirements: 2 Red hearts
Active in the summer

Walk out of you home late after noon, 12-3pm or so. Puppy barks at Rock whom is asleep near your unfertile 
field. He tells puppy that the barking is annoying him. Puppy barks again and then Rock madly says “ Im 
getting up…”

He gets you and ignoligese you standing there. Then he has the audicity to ask what are you doing.

-What are YOU doing.

Choose 1, even though both answers aren’t too nice… He warns you that it’s a long story and he even adds a 
tile to it. Then ask if you want to hear “volume 1” of this tragic story.

-Um…No thanks

Choose 1…and hear the funny story.
It seems that Rock and your Dog met not long ago. Being the nice guy
walked to your farm to visit. He then wonders how much money
the farm would sell for. On his 'long rigorous journey' from the Inner Inn to your house
he wonders if you would be surprised by his visit. He assumes that you'll be
Shocked to find the guy you like at your door. Since hes come such a way
to visit you, hes expecting something like a nice meal or a gift. As if you don’t worship the guy enough as it 

Hes still wondering about these things, your Dog walks up to him as an intruder.
Rock says that your Dog is a very cute Dog and that he loves dogs. And would like to have one...but...doesn't 
have the money to buy one! So, of
course, he wonders how much your dog would sell for.

Puppy, the smart pup, understood what Smarty was talking about. Then puppy attacks Rock! After he was 
attacked, tells the dog that ‘people’ (it’s a dog…) who attack
him like that annoys him. He then announces that he and the Dog will have a

- Listen
- Don't Listen

Choose1, Rock continues.

Rock and your Dog raced around the farm three times, and each time he won. (Uhhu…sure you did…)
Then comment that your Dog seems to be in a bad mood, and then he

Scene 3
Active in fall.
To Work, Or Not To Work
Requirements: 3 Red Hearts

Leave you farm at 12 pm, and
You will find Rock zonked by the river. You walk over to him and will
Ask you if you would like to take an afternoon nap too.

- No…but…
- Hoho, not with you…

Choose 1 and you will get a sad look on his face, but gets his happy go lucky attitude back and say that's fine. 
He says that he likes taking afternoon naps like the one
He was just taking. It puts him in a good mood as well as makes him feel good

Then stands up and says that there may be good things about work.
You get money, which Rock is broke, and you get happy sometimes. You can even
buy things with the money instead…

He asks you if midday naps are fulfilling for you.

- You're a real piece of work.

Choose 1, Rock will be happy and glad to know that you feel the
same way he does. Then thinks that there aren't enough people like him and you in
the world these days. 

Rock thinks over what he told you, and thinks that he said
some smart things today. And peanut sized brainpower had surprised him.

- Yea...
- Moron.

Choose 1 will make Rock happier. He's glad that you heard him out.
Choose 2 ticks him off. He says a slow-witted comment and says heed never expected you to talk like that to 
He angrily walks away.

Scene 4

Requirements: 4 Red Hearts
Active in the Fall or Winter.

Enter the Inner Inn at night, around 7-8pm when ruby enters the inn after attending the fenced area in the 
back. Ruby and Tim are talking to each other. They welcome your char. when you enter. Ruby says she wants 
to talk to you about something. She hopes
its a good time to talk about it.

- What is it?
- Im a busy right now…

Choose 1. Ruby starts to explain. Shes noticed that you and Rock
have gotten close. She is not sure what you see in him. She wants to know why you like him. Ruby never 
thought that it was possible for Rock to get married or have a girl friend…

Rock enters. Ruby Tim and you stare at Rock, shocked. Rock wonders why they all store at him, and asks to 
leave again. He walks out.

- Follow Him
- Do not follow him

Choose 1. You will follow him. Rock will confess that he listened to parts of the conversation, but he wont 
realize is you and
Ruby was talking about him. He thought his parents are trying to get you
to marry Marlin. Then says Marlin is in love with Celia. He can't have her, he is trying to “put moves” on you. 
He asks if being with him would be better than being with Marlin

- It sure would.
- Not so fast, Mr. Ego…

Choose 1. Makes Rock very happy. Rock isnt ready for a huge commitment like marriage yet. But he does say 
that if
he DID marry you, it would be fun. Your Char. gets quite annoyed, and Rock
wonders if what was said was wrong. Then wonders if he should go somewhere else then walks off.

6. Rivals
Your rival is Lumina.
You get 2 cut scenes between Lumina and Rock.

Spoiler- 1 – 
< Toupee n’ bald? >
Active: Please submit information.
Hearts: Non, Friends with Lumina

Leave your farm early evening. You will see Rock annoying Lumina near the Inn. Lumina looks a lil annoyed. 
Rock is rambling about stuff. He asks Lumina in a serious way if he could tell her something. She looks 
annoyed again but says yes. He keeps rambling like he is mr. Big shot detective. The he finally blurts out that 
he think her butler wears a toupee because he is bald. The says he will shave his head to be bald for him. 
Lumina flips out and starts crying and spots you, runs over to you and ask you if he wears one and is bald.

- No, he doesn’t.
-  Nice carpet hu?

Choose 1. Lumina calms down and runs away again. Your char gives Rock the nastiest look, and he just 

Choose 2. She she will be surprised you had said that and keeps crying and runs away.

2. Spoiler- 
< My parents >
Hearts: None, friends with Lumina.
Active: Please submit information.

Leave your farm at sunset or so. You will see Lumina and Rock talking on the other side of the river. Lumina is 
crying and Rock is trying to be Mr. Nice guy and talks to her. Shortly she is thinking about who her parents are 
and where they are. SOMEHOW Rock convinces her to listen to him… (kinda forgot) then Lumina runs off and 
you see rock doezing off again…

6. Disclaimer

This guile may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or other distributed
publicly without written permission from i. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

Short n’ simple:
I did not make Harvest Moon: Another wonderful life, Im just writing a guild on it and giving information to 
help people.
If you want to use my guide on another website or even print it, you must ASK me before you take it and use 
My email again is:
[email protected] 

Version 1.0
Last updated: 8/28/05

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