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     Written by Eric Jewett, [email protected]
     Last Modified: Friday, December 14, 2007

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    (2)   BACKGROUND
    (3)   CONTROLS
    (4)   FAQ
    (5)   CHARACTERS
    (6)   LOCATIONS
    (7)   GAME BASICS
        A.   Character Creation
        B.   Introduction to RPGs
        C.   Conversations
        D.   The Mission Computer
        E.   Combat
        F.   Advancing Levels
        G.   The Galaxy Map
        H.   Equipment
        I.   Squad Management
        J.   Exploring Uncharted Worlds
        K.   Using the Mako
        A.   Primary Mission
        B.   Optional Assignments
        C.   Complete Codex
        A.   Weapons
        B.   Armor
        C.   Other Equipment
        D.   Upgrades
        A.   General Strategies
        B.   Sub-Boss Strategies
        C.   Boss Strategies
    (3)   SECRETS
        A.   Romances
        B.   Achievement Bonuses
        C.   Miscellaneous Secrets
        D.   Walkthrough Conclusion
    (2)   CONTACT ME
    (3)   REVISIONS



Mass Effect is the first in a planned trilogy of games created by BioWare, 
award winning developer of such RPGs as Knights of the Old Republic and 
Baldur's Gate.  It takes place in the year 2183, as humanity begins to take 
its first steps on the galactic stage, interacting with new alien races and 
settling uncharted worlds.  You play as Commander Shepard, a promising young 
officer in the Systems Alliance Navy who has just been assigned to the SSV 
Normandy--the most advanced starship humans have ever created.

Mass Effect was released as an Xbox 360 exclusive in North America on 
November 20, 2007.  The game is rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB for Blood, 
Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, and Violence.


In 2148 AD, humanity discovered a small cache of highly advanced alien 
technology buried deep beneath the surface of Mars.  The creators of this 
technology--known as the Protheans--went extinct nearly 50,000 years ago, 
leaving little evidence of their existence behind.  The discovery of this 
technology allowed humans to develop faster-than-light travel, allowing rapid 
expansion throughout the Solar System.

Within a year humanity discovered another piece of Prothean technology, a 
dormant mass relay that has been encased in ice near Pluto.  Once activated, 
this relay allowed instantaneous travel across thousands of light years to 
other mass relays in different parts of the galaxy.  Humanity immediately 
began using this technology to colonize far-off star systems.  

In 2157, humanity made first contact with an alien species known as the 
turians.  This resulted in a conflict known as the First Contact War, as the 
next several months saw skirmishes between the turians and Earth's Systems 
Alliance fleets.  This conflict eventually drew the attention of the Citadel 
Council, a governing body that maintained peace and stability throughout much 
of the galaxy.  They intervened in the conflict and brokered a peace 
agreement between humans and turians.

Humanity continued to expand, and in 2165 it was granted an embassy on the 
Citadel, the political and economic heart of the civilized galactic 

The year is now 2183, and the SSV Normandy--the most advanced starship ever 
created by the Alliance--is being put through its paces.  Aboard is Commander 
Shepard, a talented young officer who will soon embark on a galaxy-spanning 
adventure with the fate of the known universe hanging in the balance...



A Button              - Activate / Interact / Sprint or Mount (in combat)
B Button              - Holster Weapon
X Button              - Draw Weapon / Skip Dialogue
Y Button              - First Aid

Left Trigger          - Draw Weapon / Zoom
Right Trigger         - Draw Weapon / Fire Weapon

Left Bumper           - Draw Weapon / Hold to Select Weapon
Right Bumper          - Draw Weapon / Hold to Select Abilities

Left Analog Stick     - Move Character / Cursor / Back to Wall
Right Analog Stick    - Move Camera

Left Analog Button    - Toggle Crouch
Right Analog Button   - Increase Zoom

Start Button          - Main Menu
Back Button           - Throw Grenade


A Button              - Activate Jump Jets
B Button              - Exit Mako
X Button              - Return to Normandy
Y Button              - Repair

Left Trigger          - Turret View
Right Trigger         - Fire Machine Gun

Left Bumper           - none
Right Bumper          - Fire Cannon

Left Analog Stick     - Move Mako
Right Analog Stick    - Move Camera / Aim Weapons

Left Analog Button    - none
Right Analog Button   - Increase Zoom while in Turret View

Start Button          - Main Menu
Back Button           - Throw Grenade


Direction: Up         - Move
Direction: Down       - Take Cover
Direction: Left       - Rally
Direction: Right      - Target

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Commander Shepard is the main character in Mass Effect, and is directly 
controlled by the player.  Shepard's actions, whether generous or ruthless 
will decide the fate of the galaxy.
    Shepard's background and pre-service history are decided by the player.  
At the beginning of the game, Shepard is the Executive Officer on the SSV 
Normandy, a prototype Alliance Military vessel.


Ashley Williams
    Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams is a soldier with the Alliance garrison on 
Eden Prime.  She enlisted with the Marines straight out of high school, but 
despite an exemplary record has been repeatedly passed over for a fleet 
    Ashley is a Soldier, specializing in combat abilities.

Kaidan Alenko
    Lieutenant Alenko is a crewmember on the SSV Normandy.  He has some 
technical skill, but trained primarily in the use of biotics.  He is equipped 
with L2 biotic implants, but experiences minimal side effects.
    Kaidan is a Sentinel, specializing in tech and biotic abilities.

Liara T'Soni
    Dr. Liara T'Soni is an asari scientist who spends most of her time on 
archaeological digs.  She hopes to someday learn the truth about the Prothean 
    Liara is an Adept, specializing in biotic abilities.

Urdnot Wrex
    Urdnot Wrex is one of the galaxy's few remaining krogan battle masters, 
rare individuals who master advanced biotic and combat abilities.  He has 
spent much of his recent history as a bodyguard, hired mercenary, or bounty 
    Wrex is a Vanguard, specializing in combat and biotic abilities.

Garrus Vakarian
    Garrus Vakarian is a turian Citadel Security officer.  He is unhappy with 
his job because he feels it is too restrictive with regards to what he is 
allowed to do in order to apprehend known criminals.
    Garrus is an Infiltrator, specializing in combat and tech abilities.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya is a quarian machinist on a pilgrimage in search of 
something useful to bring back to her people.
    Tali is an Engineer, specializing in tech abilities.


Note: For planets you can land on, the location of collectable items and 
materials on the map is approximated by a number from 1 to 16 according to 
the grid below:

    | 1   2    3   4 |
    |                |   
    | 5   6    7   8 |   ^
    |                |   N
    | 9   10  11  12 |
    |                |
    | 13  14  15  16 |


Argos Rho Cluster

    Hydra System
        Metgos (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Distress Call")
            Level 2 Heat Hazard
            Survey: Turian Insignia (3)
                    Rare Earth (11)
                    Heavy Metal (13)
            Survey: Turian Insignia
            Survey: Gas Deposit

    Gorgon System (Unlock: "UNC: Depot Sigma-23")
        Unidentified Space Facility (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Depot Sigma-23")

    Phoenix System
            Survey: Rare Earth
        Carbonaceous Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Prothean Data Disc
        Tuntau (Land, Assignment: "Wrex: Family Armor")
            Survey: Asari Writings (4)
                    Heavy Metal (6)
                    Light Metal (9)
            Survey: Light Metal

Armstrong Nebula

    Gagarin System
            Survey: Asari Writings
        Rayingri (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Geth Incursions")
            Survey: Light Metal (3)
                    Rare Earth (9)
                    Rare Earth (11)
                    League Medallion (13)
            Survey: Light Metal

    Grissom System (Unlock: "UNC: Geth Incursions")
            Survey: League Medallion
            Survey: Light Metal
          Solcrum (Moon, Land, Assignment: "UNC: Geth Incursions")
            Survey: Rare Earth (2)
                    Rare Earth (7)
                    Asari Writings (14)
                    Light Metal (16)
        Rocky Asteroid
            Survey: Light Metal

    Hong System
        Casbin (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Geth Incursions")
            Survey: Heavy Metal (7)
                    Salarian ID Tag (10)
                    Rare Earth (11)
                    Rare Earth (11)
            Survey: Matriarch's Writings
            Survey: Light Metal

    Tereshkova System
        Carbonaceous Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: League Medallion
        Antibaar (Land, Assignment: "Geth Incursions")
            Survey: Light Metal (6)
                    Prothean Data Disc (5)
                    Heavy Metal (10)
                    Light Metal (15)
            Survey: Heavy Metal
            Survey: Heavy Metal

    Vamshi System
        Maji (Land, Assignment: "Geth Incursions")
            Survey: Light Metal (6)
                    Light Metal (11)
                    Rare Earth (14)
                    Turian Insignia (15)
            Survey: Turian Insignia

Artemis Tau Cluster

    Athens System
            Survey: Gas Deposit
            Survey: Gas Deposit
            Survey: Turian Insignia

    Knossos System
        Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Heavy Metal
        Therum (Land, Mission: Find Liara T'Soni)
            Survey: Gas Deposit

    Macedon System
        Sharjila (Land, Assignment: "Asari Diplomacy")
            Level 1 Pressure Hazard
            Survey: Rare Earth (5)
                    Asari Writings (5)
                    Rare Earth (13)
                    Light Metal (15)                    
            Survey: Asari Writings
        Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Light Metal
            Survey: Gas Deposit

    Sparta System (Unlock: "UNC: Missing Marines")
        Asteroid Cluster (Hidden)
            Survey: Prothean Data Disc
        Edolus (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Missing Marines")
            Survey: Salarian ID Tag (3)
                    Rare Earth (10)
                    Light Metal (11)
                    Rare Earth (14)
            Survey: Gas Deposit
            Survey: Rare Earth

Attican Beta Cluster

            Survey: Matriarch's Writings
        Eletania (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Lost Module")
            Level 1 Toxic Hazard
            Survey: Heavy Metal (6)
                    Heavy Metal (12)
            Survey: Heavy Metal

    Theseus System
        Feros (Land, Mission: "Feros: Geth Attack")
            Survey: Prothean Data Disc
            Survey: Light Metal

Exodus Cluster

    Utopia System
        Eden Prime (Mission: "Prologue: Find the Beacon")

Gemini Sigma Cluster

    Han System (Unlock: "UNC: Hostile Takeover")
            Survey: Asari Writings
        Mavigon (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Hostile Takeover")
            Level 2 Cold Hazard
            Survey: Light Metal (4)
                    Heavy Metal (7)
                    Salarian ID Tag (7) 

    Ming System
        MSV Worthington (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Lost Freighter")
            Survey: Light Metal
            Survey: League Medallion

Hades Gamma Cluster

    Antaeus System
            Survey: Gas Deposit
            Survey: Asari Writings
        Trebin (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Missing Survey Team")
            Survey: Rare Earth (4)
                    Rare Earth (10)
                    Turian Insignia (12)
            Survey: Rare Earth

    Cacus System (Unlock: 80% Paragon or Renegade)
            Survey: Heavy Metal
        Chohe (Land: Assignment: "UNC: Besieged Base")
            Survey: Rare Earth (6)
                    Asari Writings (7)
                    Heavy Metal (10)
            Survey: Rare Earth

    Dis System (Unlock: "UNC: Hostile Takeover")
            Survey: Light Metal 
        Klensal (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Hostile Takeover")
            Survey: Heavy Metal (6)
                    Light Metal (8)
                    League Medallion (11)
        Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Light Metal
            Survey: Turian Insignia

    Farinata System
        Rocky Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Light Metal
        MSV Ontario (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Hostage")
            Survey: Prothean Data Disc
            Survey: Rare Earth

    Plutus System (Unlock: 80% Paragon or Renegade)
            Survey: Rare Earth
            Survey: Rare Earth
        Nonuel (Land, Assignment: "UNC: The Negotiation"
            Survey: Light Metal (2)
                    Rare Earth (7)
                    League Medallion (10)
                    Asari Writings (10)

Hawking Eta Cluster

    Century System
          Presrop (Moon, Land, Assignment: "UNC: Major Kyle")
            Survey: Turian Insignia (6)
                    Heavy Metal (10)
                    Rare Earth (11)
        Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Heavy Metal
            Survey: Light Metal
            Survey: League Medallion

Horse Head Nebula

    Fortuna System (Unlock: "UNC: Hostile Takeover")
            Survey: Turian Insignia
            Survey: Rare Earth
        Amarathine (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Hostile Takeover")
            Survey: Heavy Metal (6)
                    Rare Earth (7)
                    Turian Insignia (10)
                    Rare Earth (11)

    Pax System
        Noveria (Land, Mission: "Noveria: Geth Interest")
            Survey: Asari Writings

    Strenuus System (Unlock: "UNC: Privateers")
            Survey: League Medallion
            Survey: Gas Deposit
        MSV Majesty (Hidden)
        Xawin (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Privateers")
            Level 1 Cold Hazard
            Survey: Heavy Metal (2)
                    Turian Insignia (6)
                    Light Metal (7)
                    Heavy Metal (16)

Kepler Verge

    Herschel System (Unlock: Assignment: "Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon")
        MSV Fedele (Hidden, Land, Assignment: Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon")
        Rocky Asteroid
            Survey: Heavy Metal

    Newton System
            Survey: Gas Deposits
            Survey: Asari Writings
        Ontarum (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Dead Scientists")
            Survey: Turian Insignia (7)
                    Heavy Metal (13)
                    Heavy Metal (15)

Local Cluster (Unlock: Level 20)

    Solar System
          Luna (Moon, Land, Assignment: "UNC: Rogue VI")

Maroon Sea Cluster (Unlock: Complete Feros)

    Caspian System
        MSV Cornucopia (Hidden, Land, "UNC: Derelict Freighter")
            Survey: Heavy Metal
            Survey: Heavy Metal
            Survey: Turian Insignia

    Matano System
        Chasca (Land, "UNC: Colony of the Dead")
            Survey: Rare Earth (3)
                    Heavy Metal (6)
                    Light Metal (11)
                    Prothean Data Disc (15)
        Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Heavy Metal
        Rocky Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Prothean Data Disc
            Survey: Light Metal

    Vostok System
        Nodacrux (Land, "UNC: ExoGeni Facility"
            Survey: Turian Insignia (4)
                    Heavy Metal (5)
                    Light Metal (10)
        Metallic Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Heavy Metal
            Survey: Asari Writings

Pangaea Expanse (Unlock: Complete Therum, Feros, Noveria, and Virmire)

    Refuge System
        Ilos (Land, Mission: "Race Against Time")

Sentry Omega Cluster (Unlock: Complete two of Therum, Feros, and Noveria)

    Hoc System
        Virmire (Land: Mission: "Virmire")

Styx Theta Cluster (Unlock: Complete Noveria)

    Acheron System
        Altahe (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Listening Post Theta")
            Survey: Rare Earth (5)
                    Heavy Metal (9)
                    Asari Writings (10)
        Carbonaceous Asteroid (Hidden)
            Survey: Turian Insignia
            Survey: Light Metal

    Erebus System
        Nepmos (Land: Assignment: "UNC: Listening Post Alpha")
            Survey: Rare Earth (4)
                    League Medallion (5)
                    Light Metal (10)
                    Heavy Metal (11)
            Survey: Heavy Metal
            Survey: Prothean Data Disc

Serpent Nebula

    Widow System
        Citadel Station

Voyager Cluster

    Amazon System
        Agebinium (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Espionage Probe")
            Survey: Light Metal (1)
                    Turian Insignia (3)
                    Light Metal (9)
                    Rare Earth (14)
            Survey: Rare Earth
            Survey: Turian Insignia
            Survey: Gas Deposit

    Columbia System (Unlock: "UNC: Hades' Dogs")
        Nepheron (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Hades' Dogs")
            Survey: Rare Earth (3)
                    Heavy Metal (8)
                    Salarian ID Tag (10)
                    Light Metal (16)
            Survey: Rare Earth
            Survey: League Medallion

    Yangtze System (Unlock: "UNC: Cerberus")
        Binthu (Land, Assignment: "UNC: Cerberus")
            Survey: Heavy Metal (6)
                    Rare Earth (11)
                    Prothean Data Disc (11)
            Survey: Light Metal
            Survey: Prothean Data Disc
            Survey: Rare Earth

Game Basics


    When you start a new game, you can begin with the default version of 
Commander Shepard, or you can create your own.  Creating your own allows you 
to customize your character in a number of ways, as detailed below.

    First, you select the gender of your character.  Shepard can be male of 
female.  Next you can give a first name to your character.  The default male 
name is "John," and the default female name is "Jane."  For the purposes of 
in-game dialogue and continuity, the last name cannot be changed.

    The next step when creating a character is to select your pre-service 
history.  This indicates your character's background before joining the 
Alliance Military.  This choice affects how characters view you in the game.  
Three choices are available:

        Spacer:        "Both of your parents were in the Alliance military.  
                       Your childhood was spent on ships and stations as they 
                       transferred from posting to posting, never staying in 
                       one location for more than a few years.  Following in 
                       your parent's footsteps, you enlisted at the age of 

        Colonist:      "You were born and raised on Mindoir, a small border 
                       colony in the Attican Traverse. When you were sixteen, 
                       slavers raided Mindoir, slaughtering your family and 
                       friends. You were saved by a passing Alliance patrol, 
                       and you enlisted with the military a few years later."

        Earthborn:     "As an Earthborn, you had a rough childhood in the 
                       slums of Earth, and have a gritty edge to your 

    Next you select your psychological profile, detailing what type of person 
you are and what will cause people to recognize you.

        Sole Survivor: "During your service, a mission you were on went 
                       horribly wrong. Trapped in an extreme survival 
                       situation, you had to overcome physical torments and 
                       psychological stresses that would have broken most 
                       people. You survived while all those around you fell, 
                       and now you alone are left to tell the tale."

        War Hero:      "Early in your military career you found yourself 
                       facing an overwhelming enemy force. You risked your 
                       own life to save your fellow soldiers and defeat the 
                       enemy despite the impossible odds.  Your bravery and 
                       heroism have earned you medals and recognition from 
                       the Alliance fleet."

        Ruthless:      "Throughout your military career, your have held fast 
                       to one basic rule: get the job done. You've been 
                       called cold, calculating, and brutal. Your reputation 
                       for ruthless efficiency makes your fellow soldiers 
                       wary of you. But when failure is not an option, the 
                       military always goes to you first."

    After creating a character profile, you must select your class from the 
six types available to you.

        Soldier:       "The Soldier is a tough warrior, able to deal with a 
                       range of combat situations.  The Soldier gets improved 
                       health, has the widest selection of weapons, and is 
                       eventually able to wear heavy armor.  Gameplay focus 
                       is on getting into the thick of the fight, picking the 
                       right weapon for tactical situations, and outlasting 
                       Starting Talents:   Assault Rifles
                                           Medium Armor

                       Unlockable Talents: Assault Training
                                           First Aid
                                           Heavy Armor
                                           Sniper Rifles

        Engineer:      "The Engineer is a tech specialist, able to quickly 
                       and easily manipulate the environment with specific 
                       talents.  Gameplay focus is on shaping the battlefield 
                       during combat, healing the party, and debuffing 
                       (disabling weapons and lowering shields)."

                       Starting Talents:   Decryption
                                           First Aid

                       Unlockable Talents: Hacking
                                           Light Armor

        Adept:         "The Adept is the ultimate Biotic, able to affect the 
                       physical world with the power of the mind.  They can 
                       use biotics to violently manipulate objects in the 
                       environment, including nearby enemy targets.  Gameplay 
                       focus is on disabling and debuffing enemies while 
                       dealing massive amounts of damage."

                       Starting Talents:   Barrier
                                           Light Armor

                       Unlockable Talents: Lift

        Infiltrator:   "The Infiltrator is a tech-savvy warrior, able to win 
                       battles by quickly disabling and killing enemies.  
                       These soldiers focus on unlocking alternate routes, 
                       gaining access to good equipment, and obtaining an 
                       advantageous position over enemies in combat."

                       Starting Talents:   Decryption
                                           Light Armor

                       Unlockable Talents: Damping
                                           First Aid
                                           Medium Armor
                                           Sniper Rifles

        Vanguard:      "The Vanguard is a powerful combatant, able to combine 
                       the offensive powers of the Adept and the Soldier.  
                       They have access to various weapons and armor, as well 
                       as biotics.  Gameplay focus is on taking down enemies 
                       with quick and brutal force.

                       Starting Talents:   Assault Training

                       Unlockable Talents: Barrier
                                           Light Armor
                                           Medium Armor

        Sentinel:      "The Sentinel is the most flexible class, able to 
                       combine tech and biotics to manipulate the 
                       environment, disable and track enemies, or defend the 
                       party.  Gameplay focus is on protecting the party 
                       using kinetic barriers and healing it with advanced 
                       medical training."

                       Starting Talents:   Barrier
                                           First Aid

                       Unlockable Talents: Decryption

    Finally you are ready to customize your character's appearance.  You can 
choose to use the default versions of Commander Shepard, or you can adjust 
any aspect of your character's face to your liking.  Use the sliders in each 
section to adjust a range of facial details.

    When you are finished, select "Finalize" to begin the game.


    Mass Effect is an Action Role-Playing Video Game (or RPG), meaning you 
assume the role of a fictional character and control his or her actions in a 
way that affects the game and other characters.  As your progress through the 
game you will earn "Experience Points" (or XP) for your actions.  You gain 
these points by exploring, talking to characters, completing quests, and 
defeating enemies in combat.  The accumulation of these points allows your 
character to "Level Up," thereby increasing certain characteristics such as 
health.  In Mass Effect your experience points are converted into talent 
points after each level up, which go into upgrading and improving your 
character's ability with certain skills.

    Many of these components are explained in more detail later.


    A large portion of Mass Effect involves conversations with other 
characters.  This is done through the "Conversation Wheel" that appears at 
the bottom of the screen whenever your character has the opportunity to say 
something.  All dialogue in the game is fully voiced, including that of 
Commander Shepard.  Rather than choosing the exact words your character will 
say however, Mass Effect shows you several options on the wheel corresponding 
to general feelings, questions, or emotions.

    To select a dialogue choice, hold the left analog stick in the direction 
of the choice you wish to select and press the A button.  You can also press 
the X button instead, which will begin your character's line immediately, 
stepping on the lines of any character who is speaking at the time.  X is 
also used to skip dialogue if you wish to do so.

    The wheel itself is divided into six quadrants.  Choices on the wheel's 
left side usually give you more information about a given topic, while 
choices on the right tend to bring the conversation closer to its conclusion.  
Additionally, the top of the wheel tends to correspond to the Paragon path, 
where your character makes cooperative and unselfish decisions.  The bottom 
of the wheel typically corresponds to the Renegade path, where your character 
makes decisions that are more selfish and impatient.  This is not always the 
case, but it is a good general guide to framing your responses during a 
conversation if you wish to play as a certain type of character.

    Sometimes you will see the option on the middle left to "Investigate."  
This brings up more choices for topics of conversation, and the orientation 
of these choices often does not correspond to the Paragon / Renegade paths 
described above.

    If you have spend talent points in the "Charm" or "Intimidate" talents, 
you will sometimes also have the option to persuade characters to achieve a 
nonviolent outcome or to give you additional money or information.  These 
choices appear in the upper and lower left quadrants as blue and red dialogue 
choices respectively.  If you lack sufficient skill in these areas, these 
talents will be grayed out, and you will not have the option of using them.


    By pressing the Start Button you can enter the Mission Computer menu.  
You access each part of the menu in a similar way to selecting dialogue 
choices during a conversation, by using the left analog stick to point to a 
direction on the display and pressing the A button to select it.

    The Mission Computer allows you access to game details for:

        Equipment: View and change your currently equipped weapons, armor, 
                   items, and upgrades.

        Options:   Change your settings for gameplay, graphics, sound, and 
                   other options.  Notably, you can change the gameplay 
                   difficulty, and toggle visual effects like film grain and 
                   motion blur.

        Map:       Shows a two dimensional overview of your current area.  It 
                   indicates the positions of your character as well as known 
                   points of interest, objectives, and other pieces of useful 
                   information.  You can use the left and right bumpers to 
                   zoom in and out for a better view as needed.

        Save:      Allows you to save your current progress through the game.  
                   You can not save in certain situations, such as during 
                   combat and while riding in elevators.

        Squad:     View and modify stats and abilities for you and your squad 

        Load:      Load previously saved games.

        Journal:   View your current missions and assignments.

        Codex:     A small encyclopedia of the Mass Effect universe.  As you 
                   play and gain new information the Codex will populate 
                   itself with new articles concerning the planets, 
                   civilizations, and technology you come across.


    The combat in Mass Effect resembles a first-person shooter, but is 
actually powered by a complex RPG rules set operating beneath the surface.  
You can draw your weapon by pressing the X button or either of the triggers, 
and can holster it by pressing the B button.

    Drawing your weapon enters combat mode, showing a reticule on-screen to 
indicate where your weapon is aimed.  It also displays the status of each 
squad member in the lower left corner of the screen.  The red bar indicates 
the health of each squad member, while the blue boxes indicate the status of 
each character's shields.  More boxes means more shield strength, and empty 
boxes means the shields are depleted.

    Radar is shown in the bottom right corner, and shows enemies as red dots.  
Certain types of enemies can jam your radar, hiding their locations from you.

    The right analog stick is used to aim the target reticule.  Holding the 
left trigger zooms in for more precise aiming, increasing your character's 
accuracy.  The reticule turns orange when it is placed over an enemy.  
Pulling the right trigger then fires your weapons at that enemy.  The chance 
of hitting an enemy and how much damage is dealt from your weapon are 
determined by your stats and equipment.  Your chance of hitting an enemy is 
reduced by holding the right trigger for a long period of time.  Sustained 
fire will also overheat your weapon, meaning you must wait for it to cool 
down before using it again.

    There are two combat wheels.  The first is the "Weapons Wheel" which is 
accessed by holding down the left bumper.  This allows you to select what 
weapon each member of your squad will use.  All squad members carry a pistol, 
shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle, but each will be far more effective 
with a certain weapon if they have trained in its use.

    The second wheel is the "Power Wheel," which is accessed by holding the 
right bumper.  This allows you to access the special abilities of all squad 
members and use them accordingly by aiming using the right analog stick.  A 
power can also be mapped to the right bumper by pressing the X button while 
using the wheel.


    As mentioned previously, you gain experience points as you progress 
through the game.  There is a single pool of experience for the entire squad, 
allowing all squad members to advance at a similar rate.  By accumulating 
enough XP you will level up, granting access to new talent points which you 
can spend at the Squad screen in the Mission Computer.

    At the Squad screen you can press the Y button to automatically 
distribute talent points to the selected character, or you can spend them 
manually but selecting the desired talent and pressing the A button.

    Players earn talent points for each new level as follows:

    Level    Shepard Points per Level    Squad Points per Level
      1-5                3                         2
     6-20                2                         2
    21-35                2                         1
    36-60                1                         1


     To travel around the galaxy using your advanced starship--the Normandy--
you must access the galaxy map, located prominently in the center of the 
command deck.

    The first level of the galaxy map is the Galaxy Level, which shows all 
available star clusters and nebulas you can visit.  By moving your cursor 
over a selected cluster you can see its name and view the path the Normandy 
would take to reach that part of the galaxy.  New clusters and systems become 
available as you learn more about the galaxy.

    After selecting a location with the A button, you zoom in to the Cluster 
Level, which shows all known star systems in that cluster.  To explore a star 
system you must travel there by highlighting the system and pressing the A 

    When you have arrived at a new system you will see the System Level, 
which shows all the planets and celestial objects orbiting the star you have 
traveled to.  All planets will have a blue ring showing their orbit.  Other 
objects may be hidden and will require you to move your cursor over them to 
discover their presence.  Many asteroid belts have interesting asteroids you 
can examine, and derelict starships and freighters can also be found in some 
systems.  A hidden object can usually be identified by a small twinkle of 
light that appears on occasion.  When you find a hidden object, press Y to 
scan it.

    By highlighting a planet, moon, or other object and pressing A, you will 
zoom in to the Planetary Level.  This shows you a view of the planet's 
surface along with a synopsis of important planetary features and 
information.  Many planets are inhospitable to human life, but some can be 
surveyed for raw materials and interesting artifacts.  Some can also be 
explored using the Mako.  Press A to survey or land on a planet when given 
the option.


    Collecting, using, and upgrading your equipment is important to your 
success and survival in Mass Effect.  The first pieces of useful equipment 
are your weapons.  Every squad member carries four basic weapon types, and 
Commander Shepard can also throw grenades which detonate automatically after 
ten seconds if not detonated by pressing the grenade button again.

        Pistols:        "Pistols are highly accurate, have little recoil, and 
                        are easy to use when moving.  They are effective at a 
                        variety of ranges, but inflict limited damage."

                        Trainable by: Soldier

        Shotguns:       "Shotguns have a slow rate of fire and high recoil, 
                        but inflict massive damage to multiple targets when 
                        fired at close range."

                        Trainable by: Soldier

        Assault Rifles: "Assault rifles are the standard armament of most 
                        Soldiers, offering a good balance between firepower, 
                        range, and accuracy."

                        Trainable by: Soldier

        Sniper Rifles:  "Sniper rifles have long range, are highly accurate, 
                        and inflict significant damage.  They have a limited 
                        rate of fire, however, and are practically useless at 
                        close range.

                        Trainable by: Soldier

        Grenades:       "Disk-shaped Alliance grenades can glide long 
                        distances and also latch onto targets or flat 
                        surfaces to be remotely detonated.  Only you, as 
                        Commander Shepard, can use grenades."

    The next major component is armor, which protects the wearer from 
injury.  Each race uses a different set of armor because of their 
differences in physiology.  The one exception is the asari, who can wear 
human armor.

        Light Armor:    "Light armor offers a basic level or protection from 
                        enemy attacks and minimizes the movement penalties 
                        that affect weapon accuracy."

                        Wearable by:  Soldier

        Medium Armor:   "Medium armor offers an increased level of 
                        protection, but also increases the movement penalties 
                        that affect weapon accuracy."

                        Wearable by:  Soldier
                                      Vanguard (requires training)
                                      Infiltrator (requires training)

        Heavy Armor:    "Heavy armor offers the highest level of protection 
                        from enemy fire, but also has the highest movement 
                        penalties affecting weapon accuracy."

                        Wearable by:  Soldier (requires training)

    All weapons and armors can be upgrades to enhance their properties.  
Upgrades can increase damage, improve shields, and more.

    To upgrade equipment, access the Equipment screen through the Mission 
Computer.  Equip the item you wish to use and press the X button to view the 
Upgrade screen.  Use the directional pad to select the desired upgrade and 
press the A button to equip it.

    To modify tech and biotic abilities, special equipment is used:

        Bio-amps:       "Biotics can strengthen their power in specific 
                        disciplines by using amps (amplifiers). These 
                        specially designed devices often come in the form of 
                        small electronic attachments that are worn on a 
                        biotic's ear or the back of their head."

        Omni-tools:     "Omni-tools are multipurpose diagnostic and 
                        minifacturing tools used for a variety of battlefield 
                        tasks, such as hacking, decryption, or repair. They 
                        are equipped by Engineers, Sentinels, and 
                        Infiltrators to make use of their tech talents."

    New equipment can be acquired in a number of ways.  Every time you defeat 
an enemy you gain XP, money, and items.  These new items are placed in your 
inventory.  You can also purchase items from stores or take them from 
containers you find throughout the game.  Stores also allow you to buy 
upgrades in the form of increased grenade or medi-gel capacity.

    Medi-gel is a universal healing substance that restores the health of all 
squad members when used.  Press the Y button in combat to use Medi-gel on 
your squad.

    There is an inventory limit of 150 items so it is important to keep your 
inventory as empty as possible.  Any weapons, armors, or upgrades you or your 
squad aren't using can be sold for extra money or turned into omni-gel.  
Omni-gel is useful for opening locked containers and decrypting certain 
electronic devices.


    Selecting Squad from the Mission Computer menu gives a variety of 
information about your character and the other characters in your squad, 
including name, class, appearance, level, and use of talent points.

    Whenever you gain enough experience to gain a new level, all characters 
are granted talent points that can be spent to upgrade certain abilities or 
to unlock new ones.  Assigning points to a given talent lets you improve 
combat, tech, and biotic abilities, as well as unlock and improve special 
abilities for each talent.

    Commander Shepard also has Paragon and Renegade meters shown on this 
screen.  These meters track your choices made throughout the game.  Generous 
choices result in Paragon points, Ruthless choices result in Renegade points.  
Either path is acceptable, as you gain bonuses for filling either meter.

        Paragon:  The Paragon scale is colored blue and impacts the Charm 

                  05% Bonus: Opens two Charm slots
                             Gives one Charm point
                  25% Bonus: Opens two Charm slots
                             Gives one Charm point
                             10% bonus to First Aid cooldown
                  50% Bonus: 10% bonus to health
                  75% Bonus: Unlocks Xbox Achievement
                             Opens two Charm slots
                             Gives one Charm point
                             5% bonus to all talent cooldowns

        Renegade: The Renegade scale is colored red and impacts the 
                  Intimidate ability.

                  05% Bonus: Opens two Intimidate slots
                             Gives one Intimidate point
                  25% Bonus: Opens two Intimidate slots
                             Gives one Intimidate point
                             10% bonus to First Aid cooldown
                  50% Bonus: Regenerate +1 health per second
                  75% Bonus: Unlocks Xbox Achievement
                             Opens two Intimidate slots
                             Gives one Intimidate point
                             5% damage/duration bonus on all weapons/powers


    When you have control of the Normandy, you can use it to travel to many 
uncharted worlds with mysterious anomalies.  To discover the nature of these 
anomalies, you must explore these planets.

    When you land on a planet, you should first check your Map.  This often 
reveals the locations of many known points of interest.  Anomalies--marked 
with a question mark--usually indicate something interesting to explore.  
Furthermore, there are often several deposits of rare materials that can be 
surveyed on a planet's surface.

    When you are done exploring a planet, simply press the X button while in 
the Mako to return to the Normandy


    The SSV Normandy comes with the M35 Mako, an infantry fighting vehicle 
that can be used to cover long distances quickly and to provide cover and 
direct fire support.  You can use the A button to enter the Mako, and the B 
button to exit it.

    The Mako is equipped with a 155mm machine gun for dealing with infantry, 
as well as a cannon for destroying more heavily armored opposition.  It also 
comes with jump jets that can be activated using the A button, which allow 
the operator to deftly jump over incoming enemy rockets.

    If the Mako becomes damaged from enemy fire, press the Y button to repair 
it.  Doing so uses 15 omni-gel and requires the Mako to be stationary.



Please Note:  This guide does not always provide the fastest possible path 
through the game.  It is intended for those who want to enjoy the full 
experience that is Mass Effect, and includes many optional items that are not 
required to complete your adventure.

The Walkthrough is broken into three section.  The first is the Primary 
Mission Walkthrough, detailing the main story in which Shepard must save the 
galaxy.  This section includes some optional components, but these tasks will 
be designated as such and you may skip them at your discretion.

The next section is the Optional Assignments section, detailing every side 
mission in Mass Effect.  Assignments that deviate from the main path will be 
included in this section.

Finally, the last section consists of a brief listing of all possible Codex 
entries and how to achieve them.


Your adventure begins on the command deck of the SSV Normandy, the most 
advanced System Alliance starship ever created.  You are Commander Shepard, a 
promising officer in the Alliance Navy, who has been tasked with overseeing 
the ship as it is put through its paces...
   This section takes you through the primary mission.  There are many steps 
involved, some of which are optional.

SECTION 1: Prologue

1 - Head to the Briefing Room
You begin by heading to the front of the Normandy, where Joker has just 
finished a mass relay jump.  He relays his success to Nihlus Kryik who is 
overseeing the operation.  When Nihlus leaves, Joker remarks on his distrust 
for Spectres, at which point you have your first opportunity to speak.  
Captain Anderson comes on the comm and asks you to report to the briefing 
room.  Your dialog choices can net you Paragon or Renegade points.  Choices 
in the upper part of the dialogue wheel usually correspond with the Paragon 
alignment, while choices on the bottom of the wheel usually correspond to the 
Renegade alignment.

    + Paragon for agreeing with Joker
    + Renegade for chastising your crew
    New Mission: "Prologue: On the Normandy"

2 - Talk to Pressly (Optional)
On your way back towards the briefing room you can overhear Navigator Pressly 
having a conversation with Adams in Engineering.  Speaking with Pressly 
reveals his concerns about the mission.  He feels that Nihlus and Anderson 
are hiding something from the crew.

3 - Talk to Jenkins and Chakwas (Optional)
Outside of the briefing room, Corporal Jenkins is having a conversation with 
Dr. Chakwas.  You can use this opportunity to learn more about both 

    + Paragon for being supportive of Jenkins
    + Renegade for telling Jenkins the mission isn't about him

4 - The Real Mission
Enter the briefing room and speak with Nihlus.  He asks about Eden Prime, the 
destination for the mission.  Captain Anderson enters and reveals the true 
nature of the operation:  A Prothean beacon was unearthed on Eden Prime and 
you are being sent in to recover it.  Nihlus will also be using this 
opportunity to evaluate you as a possible candidate for the Spectres.  Before 
you reach Eden Prime however, Joker patches through a distress signal from 
the planet's surface, showing an attack by a massive spaceship of unknown 
design.  Needless to say, this complicates the mission, as you must now find 
and secure the beacon while helping any survivors you find.

SECTION 2: Eden Prime

1 - Touchdown on Eden Prime
When you arrive on the planet's surface you have Lt. Kaidan Alenko and Cpl. 
Richard Jenkins in your squad.  Each of you has only basic equipment.  There 
is an upgrade kit to the north and east.  Note that for Eden Prime the 
compass and map directions don't agree.  Directions listed here will follow 
the map directions.  You can use the gas bags for target practice before 
moving on.  Proceed west and follow the path over the hill.  You are attacked 
by a small group of geth recon drones and Jenkins is shot.  The recon drones 
have weak shields and weapons, but are immune to biotic attacks.  Check on 
Jenkins's body to confirm his fate.  Grab the nearby upgrade kit.  Proceed 
north up the hill and encounter more drones.  There is a medical kit near the 
top of the hill.

    + Paragon for promising Jenkins a proper burial
    + Renegade for downplaying Jenkins' death
    "Prologue: On the Normandy" -> "Prologue: Find the Beacon"

2 - Ashley Williams
As you descend the hill you witness a soldier being chased by more drones.  
She turns to see another human impaled on a large spike by two geth troopers, 
which you must now help her defeat.  Speak with the soldier about the attack.  
Ashley will now join your squad.  There is an upgrade kit and a crate nearby.  
At the bottom of the hill there are more troopers to defeat.  Geth troopers 
have the ability to erect shields to provide cover for themselves, but lack 
much other protection.  They are extremely vulnerable when their shields are 

    ++ Paragon for giving Ashley a warm welcome
    ++ Renegade for resisting Ashley's inclusion in the squad

3 - Investigate the Dig Site
When you reach the dig site it is apparent that the beacon has been moved.  
Ashley suggests that you should check at the nearby research camp, which will 
now be marked on your map.  There is a crate and an upgrade kit near the dig 
site.  Proceed up the hill to the north.

4 - The Camp
As you reach the top of the hill it becomes apparent that the giant spikes 
are designed to turn humans into synthetic zombie-like creatures called 
husks.  They have no ranged weapons, so they will charge at you instead.  
Keeping your distance allows you to destroy them easily.  There is an upgrade 
kit located behind the spikes.  There are two temporary structures at the 
camp.  The one on the left is unlocked and contains two crates.  The one on 
the right requires an easy decryption.  Two survivors, Dr. Warren and Dr. 
Manuel are hiding inside.  They can tell you about the attack, and that the 
beacon has been relocated to the spaceport.  If you ask about Manuel you have 
the option to shut him up for a while.  He foreshadows a lot if you let him 
stay conscious however.

    +  Paragon for being kind to the survivors
    ++ Renegade for striking Manuel


The decryption minigame can be performed to unlock certain containers or to 
recover certain valuables from downed spacecraft or satellites.  This 
involves pressing one of the face buttons (A, B, X, or Y) soon after it glows 
on-screen.  The number of buttons that must be pressed depends on the 
difficulty of the decryption and the skill your party has in decryption or 
electronics.  Some locks can also be opened by supplying the requisite amount 
of omni-gel.

5 - The Rogue Spectre
Head up the hill to the north.  Ahead at the spaceport, Nihlus turns a corner 
to see his friend Saren, a fellow Spectre.  Nihlus's surprise makes him let 
down his guard long enough for Saren to betray him.  Off in the distance you 
hear a single gunshot.  As you reach the crest of the hill, you see a massive 
spaceship taking off from the spaceport ahead.  It is larger than any ship 
you've ever seen, making its takeoff all the more remarkable.  You encounter 
more husks and geth troopers as you descend the hill.  There is a 
malfunctioning object if you bear northwest as you descend the hill.

6 - The Farmers (Optional)
A path to the east leads to another small temporary structure.  After 
unlocking the door, three farmers come out.  They talk about the ship, and 
they inform you of a smuggling operation that's been going on at the colony.  
The farmers have been holding weapons and supplies for a smuggler at the 
spaceport.  They offer you an extra pistol they've been holding for the 
smuggler.  Using Charm or Intimidate you can get an extra upgrade item in 
addition to the pistol.  You can also persuade them to reveal the identity of 
the smuggler: a man named Powell.  Inside the shed is a storage locker 
requiring an easy electronics decryption.

    ++ Paragon for using Charm on the survivors
    ++ Renegade for using Intimidate on the survivors

7 - Powell the Slothful
Ascending the steps to the spaceport reveals Nihlus' fate.  A noise from 
behind the nearby crates turns out to be Powell, the smuggler the farmers 
informed you about.  He tells you about Saren's betrayal of Nihlus.  When 
confronted about his smuggling operation he offers you some grenades.  Using 
Charm or Intimidate you can get an additional grenade upgrade.  There is a 
medical kit nearby, and an upgrade kit in the fires behind the crates.

    ++ Paragon for being forgiving towards Powell
    +  Renegade for Intimidating Powell

8 - Boarding the Train
Continue north.  You will need to board the train and fight your way to the 
other side to activate the controls.  The train itself is defended primarily 
by geth troopers, but there is also a geth destroyer to worry about.  
Destroyers will typically charge at you, so keep your distance and 
concentrate on destroying it before moving forward.  There is a medical kit 
halfway up the train.  Activate the train controls at the far end to proceed 
to the other side of the spaceport.  Meanwhile, Saren orders the geth to 
place explosives around the port to destroy the colony and cover up any 
evidence of their presence.

9 - Diffusing the Explosives
Your goal now is to defuse all the demolition charges before time runs out.  
The first charge is to your immediate left after exiting the train.  Simply 
press A to defuse an explosive while your squad is covering you.  Go up the 
ramp.  The other charges show up on your radar, so you should have no trouble 
locating them.  Cross the bridge and work your way north as you defuse the 
explosives.  You will need to worry about the geth troopers and geth shock 
troopers as you move up.  Shock troopers are more heavily armed and armored 
than their trooper counterparts.  They too can erect kinetic barriers, and 
they have an attack similar to the destroyers.  There is a crate to the far 
north on the west side of the bridge.

10 - Secure the Beacon
Proceed west through the opening.  Descend the ramp and finish off the last 
of the troopers and husks.  There are two storage lockers to the south, a 
technician kit to the north, and a crate near the beacon itself.  Once you've 
secured the beacon, you radio the Normandy to come pick it up.  If you are 
playing as a male, Ashley will inadvertently activate the beacon.  As a 
female, Kaidan will activate the beacon.  You are forced to intervene, and 
the beacon downloads a violent vision into your brain before catastrophically 

11 - On Approach to the Citadel
You wake up in the Normandy's medical bay.  Dr. Chakwas and Captain Anderson 
will explain the situation.  When you are finished, head upstairs to the 
command deck and tell Joker to bring the Normandy into dock on the Citadel.


Now is a good opportunity to explore and familiarize yourself with the SSV 
Normandy and her crew.  You begin on the quarters deck.  There is an aid 
station in the medical bay where you can replenish your supply of medi-gel.  
Outside is your locker, where supplies are frequently stored for you to pick 
up.  Sleeping pods are towards the bow, and the Captain's office is on the 
port side.

If you take the elevator down to the engineering level you can explore the 
engine room and the vehicle bay.  You can use the equipment lockers in the 
vehicle bay to stock your squad members with weapons and items.  You can also 
buy and sell your equipment with the Alliance Requisition Officer.

Section 3: The Citadel

1 - Arrival on the Presidium
You, Kaidan, and Ashley will arrive on the Citadel with Captain Anderson to 
meet with Ambassador Udina.  The ambassador is making a plea to the Citadel 
Council to have Saren disbarred from the Spectres for his attack on Eden 
Prime.  The next step is to head to the Citadel Tower and make a formal 
appeal at the hearing regarding Citadel Security's findings in the case 
against Saren.

    + Renegade for saying you don't care about the Council
    Mission Complete: "Prologue: Find the Beacon"
    New Mission: "Citadel: Expose Saren"


You have arrived in the Presidium, one of two major areas--along with the 
Wards--that you can visit while on the space station.  The Presidium is split 
down the middle by a large lake with a few bridges running across it.  On the 
north side, from west to east, is the entrance to the Citadel Tower, access 
to the Wards, and the Embassies where you begin.  On the south side are the 
Financial District and the Consort's Chambers.

The Avina Tourism Terminals can give you more information about the 
Presidium, and there are signs posted to assist in navigation.

2 - The Citadel Tower
Leave the embassies and proceed west towards the citadel tower.  Take the 
elevator up to the top of the tower where the Council Chambers are located.  
As you move south you will see an exchange between Garrus Vakarian--the 
turian C-Sec (Citadel Security) Officer in charge of the investigation into 
Saren--and Executor Pallin, the head of C-Sec.  Proceed south and speak with 
Captain Anderson to join the hearing, which is already in progress.

3 - Lack of Evidence
The Council decides that there is insufficient proof of Saren's connection to 
the geth or Eden Prime to disbar him from the Spectres.  In order to convince 
the council you will need to find conclusive proof of Saren's involvement in 
the attack.  You have two leads to work with.  The first is Garrus Vakarian, 
the C-Sec Officer you saw earlier.  He can be found through Harkin, a retired 
human C-Sec Officer.  The second possibility is to try to find information 
through the Shadow Broker, a galactic information dealer who may know about 
Saren's activities.  One of his contacts on the Citadel is Barla Von, a 
wealthy financial advisor in the Presidium's Financial District.

    + Paragon for the least confrontational responses
    New Mission: "Citadel: Garrus"
    New Mission: "Citadel: Shadow Broker"

3 - Talking to Barla Von (Optional)
If you follow the lead concerning the Shadow Broker, you can find Barla Von's 
office in the southwest corner of the Presidium.  He informs you that Saren 
has betrayed the Shadow Broker, who is now more than willing to assist you in 
taking Saren down.  He advises you to seek out a Krogan named Wrex who may be 
able to help you.  Wrex was last seen near the C-Sec offices.

    "Citadel: Shadow Broker" -> "Citadel: Wrex"


The next major area of the Citadel is the Wards, which are a level below the 
Presidium and can be accessed by elevator.  The Wards are home to clubs, 
gambling, markets, and some spectacular views of the Citadel's exterior and 
the Serpent Nebula.  There are two levels to the Wards, designated Upper and 
Lower.  There are markets on both levels to the west, with the popular clubs 
Flux and Chora's Den nearby.  A medical clinic resides on the upper level to 
the east. 
The Wards and the Presidium both grant access via elevator to the C-Sec 
Academy which in turn grants elevator access to the docking bay where the 
Normandy is located.

4 - Talking to Harkin (Optional)
If you follow the lead concerning Garrus, you can find Harkin at Chora's Den, 
a shady club near the back alleys in the Wards.  Outside you are ambushed by 
some turian assassins working for Saren.  You can find Harkin sitting at a 
table on the opposite side from the entrance.  He talks to you about Captain 
Anderson before telling you that Garrus was last seen snooping around the Med 
Clinic in the Wards.

5 - Shootout in the Med Clinic (Optional)
Continuing the search for Garrus, head to the Med Clinic, located to the east 
in the Upper Wards.  Inside you witness some thugs pressing the doctor for 
information.  They see you and a fight breaks out.  A well placed shot from 
Garrus ensures that the doctor is unharmed.  Once the fight is over, speak to 
Garrus or Dr. Chloe Michel to find out what to do next.  Dr. Michel informs 
you that a quarian had passed though her clinic carrying evidence of Saren's 
connection to the geth.  She wanted to barter the information in return for 
safety, so Dr. Michel put her in contact with Fist, the owner of Chora's Den 
and an employee of the Shadow Broker.  Unfortunately, Fist betrayed the 
Shadow Broker and is now believed to be holding the quarian hostage.  You 
need information from the quarian in order to implicate Saren.  The Med 
Clinic has an aid station you can use to replenish your medi-gel.

    + Paragon for chastising Garrus about the doctor's safety
    + Renegade for ignoring the doctor's safety
    Mission Complete: "Citadel: Garrus"

6 - Pick up Wrex (Optional)
Head to the C-Sec Academy--accessible through either the Presidium or the 
Wards--and head west.  Near the stairs to the C-Sec offices, Wrex is having a 
confrontation with some officers.  When their conversation is over you have 
the opportunity to offer Wrex a position on your squad.  Bear in mind that 
Wrex has been hired by the Shadow Broker to kill Fist, and he intends to 
fulfill his contract.  You are not required to invite Wrex to join your squad 
at any point if you already have Garrus in your squad.  If you picked up Wrex 
before going to get Garrus, he will tell you everything about the quarian, in 
which case you don't ever need to invite Garrus to join your squad.

    Mission Complete: "Citadel: Wrex"


You now have your first opportunity to select your squad.  You are only 
allowed two squad members with you at a time, so be sure to choose wisely.  
You can only change who is in your squad by returning to the Normandy or when 
a new character is added to your squad.

Consider what you want from your squad and what opposition you expect to face 
while using a given squad configuration.  For example, Kaidan and Garrus or 
Wrex provide a more balanced compliment to your squad, whereas Ashley and 
Garrus or Wrex maximize the combat abilities of your squad.

7 - Assault on Chora's Den
Take your squad back to Chora's Den.  When you arrive the place is sealed up 
because Fist knows you are coming.  There are a good number of thugs inside, 
so stick to cover by the doors and take out one enemy at a time.  The big 
concern here is the krogan bouncer on the opposite side of the room, as he 
has the ability to regenerate health.  Having Garrus or Kaidan can help 
because of the krogan's vulnerability to tech powers.  After you defeat all 
the guards proceed into the backroom for a confrontation with two warehouse 
workers.  You can kill them, or use your Charm or Intimidate skill to get 
them to leave peacefully.  There is a weapons locker beyond the workers on 
the left side of the room.

    + Paragon for sparing the warehouse workers using Charm
    + Renegade for sparing the warehouse workers using Intimidate

8 - Taking Care of Fist
In the final room you will encounter Fist himself.  Position yourself on the 
near corner and order your squad to take up position on the far corner.  You 
can place your back to the wall here and observe Fist on the other side of 
the room.  The primary threats to you are the two Defense Turrets in each 
corner.  Kaidan and Garrus are useful here because of their tech skills, 
though Wrex also evens the odds with his superior combat abilities.  
Concentrate on one turret at a time and don't stay outside of cover for too 
long.  Biotics don't work on the turrets, so save these powers for Fist 
himself.  When Fist is finally defeated he will tell you where you can find 
the quarian.  If Wrex is in your party he will kill Fist to fulfill his 
contract with the Shadow Broker.  Otherwise you have the option to kill him 
yourself.  There is a wall safe in the back corner of the room when you are 

    + Renegade if you kill Fist or condone Wrex's actions

9 - Rescue the Quarian
The quarian is about to be set up by Fist's men.  You have a limited time to 
reach her and get the information you need.  As you exit Fist's offices you 
are confronted by more thugs in the main lounge.  Deal with them quickly and 
proceed back towards the Wards.  Bear left when you exit and go through the 
back alleys to reach the quarian.  If you arrive in time you will have to 
fight a group of turian and salarian assassins to rescue the quarian.  The 
salarians have some tech powers you need to worry about, so stick to cover as 
much as possible.  You can now take her evidence against Saren to Ambassador 

10 - The Quarian's Evidence
Back at the ambassador's office, the quarian--known as Tali'Zorah nar Rayya--
presents her evidence.  She has a recording of Saren and an unknown woman 
incriminating themselves regarding the attack on Eden Prime.  Now that you 
have irrefutable evidence it is time to present your case to the Citadel 
Council.  Tali becomes a squad member and agrees to help you track down 

11 - The Council's Decision
Return to the Citadel Tower and present your evidence to the Council.  Faced 
with undeniable proof of Saren's involvement in the attacks on Eden Prime, 
the Council disbars Saren from the Spectres.  They also recognize the other 
voice from Tali's recording as that of Matriarch Benezia, an influential 
asari who is now a powerful ally for Saren.  Not wishing to send a fleet into 
the Attican Traverse and risk open war with the Terminus Systems, the Council 
elects to make you the first human Spectre, tasked with tracking down and 
stopping Saren at all costs.

    + Paragon for being polite
    + Renegade for being arrogant
    Spectre Training unlocked
    Bonus to Charm and Intimidate

12 - Speak to Anderson and Udina
Head to the docking bay by way of the C-Sec Academy and speak with Anderson 
or the ambassador.  They provide you with the locations of two possible leads 
on Saren's whereabouts:  Geth have recently attacked a human colony on Feros, 
and the geth are also believed to be interested in the human colony on 
Noveria.  It may also be worth tracking down Matriarch Benezia's daughter, 
Dr. Liara T'Soni, who is believed to be studying Prothean ruins somewhere in 
the Artemis Tau Cluster.  Now that you are a Spectre, you no longer answer to 
the Alliance Military, and you may tackle these leads in any way you see fit.

    + Paragon for being respectful
    + Renegade for being brash and headstrong
    New Mission: "Find Liara T'Soni"
    New Mission: "Feros: Geth Attack"
    New Mission: "Noveria: Geth Interest"

13 - Prepare to Depart
Enter the Normandy.  You now have the opportunity to make a speech to your 
crew informing them of the mission and your determination to complete it.

    ++ Paragon for emphasizing cooperation with alien species
    ++ Renegade for emphasizing human self-reliance


Now is a good opportunity to become acclimated to your ship and to identify 
where certain NPCs and squad members can be found. 
Ashley is in the vehicle bay near the crew lockers.  Kaidan is in the crew 
quarters near the captain's office.  Wrex is in the vehicle bay near the 
elevator and opposite the Requisition Officer.  Garrus is in the vehicle bay 
near the Mako.  Tali is in the engineering section.

14 - Normandy Inspection (Optional)
The first time you return to the Citadel after becoming a Spectre you will be 
greeted in the docking bay by Rear Admiral Mikhailovich, commander of the 
63rd Scout Flotilla.  He wishes to inspect your vessel.  You can refuse, but 
you can earn experience if you allow an inspection.

    + Paragon for defending the Normandy using Charm
    + Renegade for defending the Normandy using Intimidate
    + Renegade for refusing to allow an inspection

Section 4: Liara's Dig Site

1 - The Artemis Tau Cluster
Your first lead involves finding the daughter of Matriarch Benezia, who is 
believed to be somewhere in the Artemis Tau Cluster.  Head to the Galaxy Map 
and select the appropriate cluster, then zoom in to view the known systems in 
this cluster.  The system in question is the Knossos System.  Select this 
system and press the A button to travel there.  Move your cursor to the 
planet Therum and press the A button to zoom in.  Press the A button once 
more to land on the planet.

2 - To the Refinery
The path before you is fairly linear.  Take the Mako north and follow the 
path between the cliffs and the lava.  Follow the path around towards the 
south, at which point a geth dropship will deposit a pair of geth armatures 
in your path.  Keep your distance and use your jump jets to avoid their 
attacks.  There is a refinery to the east but the way is blocked by a large 
gate and three geth heavy turrets.  Take the detour around to the north, 
which is guarded by only one heavy turret.  This path leads to the heart of 
the refinery, which is guarded by regular geth troopers and shock troopers, 
but also by rocket troopers, which have weak personal defenses but a powerful 
ranged attack.  Your toughest opponent is a geth juggernaut, which is a more 
powerful version of the destroyer you faced on Eden Prime.  Stay in the Mako 
and keep your distance while avoiding enemy attacks.  In the various 
structures about the refinery you can find an upgrade kit, storage locker, 
and weapon locker.  The controls to lower the north gate are in the building 
to the northwest.

3 - Proceed in the Mako
Continue north, where you will encounter more armatures.  There are rocket 
troopers and a geth colossus guarding the entrance to the tunnel you must use 
to proceed.  Once again, keep your distance and zoom in with your turret to 
make dealing with these enemies easier.  There are a small group of rocket 
troopers on the other side of the tunnel as well.  Continue on until you 
reach another tunnel.  You will encounter some rocket troopers inside the 
tunnel this time, along with more geth troopers and rocket troopers at the 

4 - On Foot to the Dig Site
You will reach a point where the path narrows and you must leave the Mako and 
continue on foot.  Your radar is jammed from a nearby sniper.  Proceed east 
up the hill until you encounter geth troopers and rocket troopers.  Stay in 
cover and pick your shots to avoid the missiles from the rocket troopers.  
There are also shock troopers and a geth sniper waiting in the clearing up 
ahead, so be on your guard.

5 - The Mining Camp
At the mining camp you are ambushed by a group of geth stalkers and a geth 
armature.  Take cover, keep your distance, and take care of the stalkers 
first.  Having squad members with tech abilities can help to deal with the 
regular geth enemies.  There is also some cover on a small hill to the east 
that is perfect for taking down the armature from a distance.  Spend as 
little time out of cover as possible, and don't get hit by a pulse blast from 
the armature as it will instantly kill you.  Once all the geth are defeated 
you may proceed inside the mine itself.

6 - Inside the Mine
Follow the ramps down into the mine.  You will encounter some shock troopers 
and snipers along the way.  Take the elevator down to the next level and 
follow the path.  As your approach the next elevator a group of geth assault 
drones appear from below.  Like the recon drones, they are immune to biotics 
but susceptible to tech powers.  Take the second elevator.  At the bottom, 
climb down the debris pile and approach the asari behind the blue barrier.

7 - Freeing Dr. T'Soni
Dr. T'Soni is trapped in a Prothean security device.  Before you can get her 
out however, you must find some way past the barrier.  Keep descending the 
ramps until you reach the bottom of the mine where you will find more shock 
troops and snipers.  At the far end there is a storage locker and a weapon 
locker.  Return to the mining laser and activate it using the correct 
sequence, A-X-B-Y.  This opens a hole you can proceed through.  Activate the 
elevator at the end of the tunnel and take it up to Liara's location so you 
can free her.

8 - Escaping the Mine
Now it seems the mining laser has caused some seismic activity and you need 
to leave quickly.  Take the elevator up to the top floor, where you will 
encounter the krogan Liara told you about.  You can't talk your way out of a 
fight, so you must defeat the krogan battlemaster along with his geth 
soldiers.  Don't let them surround you, as they will try to move around the 
sides of the room to attack your squad from all directions.  The krogan in 
particular will try to disable you with his biotics so he can charge and 
engage you from close range.  When they are defeated it is a simple matter of 
racing to the surface to avoid certain death.

9 - Back on the Normandy
When you return to your ship the crew sits around for a debriefing.  Liara 
will discuss her work as a scientist studying Prothean ruins, as well as your 
visions from the Prothean beacon.  When the meeting is over you can choose 
whether to discuss the mission with the Citadel Council.

    Mission Complete: "Find Liara T'Soni"

Section 5: Feros

1 - Zhu's Hope
Land at the docking bay on Feros, where you're greeted by David al Talaquani, 
who wants you to see Fai Dan, the leader of the colony.  First though you 
must fight off a geth attack.  Battle though the enemies and up the stairs to 
reach the Zhu's Hope colony.

2 - Geth in the Tower
You can find Fai Dan on the far side of the colony, but you don't get to 
speak to him for long.  More geth attack, and this time you need to follow 
them to the source and eliminate the threat they pose to the colonists.  When 
the initial wave is defeated, proceed up the stairs and continue bearing left 
until you reach the tower to the northwest.  This is where you will fight the 
bulk of the geth forces.  Be on the lookout for a destroyer who appears from 
the far end.  When all the geth are defeated, the overhead dropship leaves, 
making the colonists a little safer for now.

3 - Return to Fai Dan
Go back the way you came and return to the colony, where you can finally have 
a talk with Fai Dan.  He tells you that the geth are operating out of the 
nearby ExoGeni facility.  He also informs you of the various challenges 
facing the colonists, including a geth outpost in the tunnels, food and water 
shortages, and a lack of power.  He directs you to a different colonist who 
is assigned to each task.  You aren't required to complete any of these 
assignments, so you can find the details on how to complete them in the 
Optional Assignments section.

    + Paragon for offering your assistance to the colonists
    + Renegade for saying you only care about the geth

4 - Strange Behavior (Optional)
Head inside the nearby freighter and talk to Calanth and Hollis Blake.  The 
former is complaining of extreme headaches, but their cause is unknown.  
Talking to the other colonists reveals equally strange symptoms.  They all 
seem unusually focused on their assigned tasks, and pressing them for 
information seems to make them uncomfortable.  You can ask Fai Dan about this 
behavior, but he dismisses it as the traumatic effect of seeing friends and 
loved ones killed.

    + Paragon for being concerned for Calanth
    + Renegade for being concerned for yourself

5 - Skyway to Hell
Ascend the stairs once more, this time bearing right to take the nearby 
elevator.  This takes you up to the garage, where the Mako is conveniently 
parked.  A few geth are attacking the colonists in the garage, so take care 
of them and then jump in the Mako.  When you exit the garage a dropship 
swoops in and deposits a pair of armatures on the path ahead of you.  Take 
them out from a distance with the cannon, and then proceed.

6 - Weigh Station Refugees (Optional)
As you drive you begin picking up radio chatter, which is coming from the 
skyway weight station up ahead.  When you reach the station you have the 
option of getting out and checking on the refugees, though you can also 
continue driving up the nearby ramp and ignore the camp for now.  The two 
prominent figures at the camp are Juliane Baynham and Ethan Jeong, the former 
of which is looking for her daughter, Lizbeth.  Lizbeth, she believes, is 
still at the ExoGeni facility, though it is doubtful she is still alive given 
that the geth have overrun the complex.  You can also speak to Gavin Hossle, 
who needs you to recover some data for him.

7 - The ExoGeni Facility
Proceed along the skyway until you reach the ExoGeni main level where you 
must leave the Mako for now.  There are a handful of enemies to deal with in 
this area.  The path south is blocked by an energy field you will need to 
deactivate later.  The door to the north is locked, but leads to a small room 
with a malfunctioning object.  Take note that accessing the object alerts the 
nearby geth armature to your presence.  To proceed you must go southwest and 
drop down a small ledge to reach the basement.  You won't be able to return 
this way, so you'll need to deactivate that energy field to return to the 

8 - Lizbeth
Elizabeth Baynham can be found on this level as soon as you exit the first 
corridor.  She informs you that the geth are likely here for the Thorian, an 
indigenous plant-like lifeform.  She gives you her pass card, which allows 
you access to the facility.  Immediately after the conversation concludes you 
are beset by a swarm of varren.  Shotguns work well here, as the varren don't 
have much protection.  Proceed to the other side of the room and follow the 
path back up to the main level.

9 - The VI
At the top of the steps there is a krogan commander trying to obtain 
restricted information from a VI interface.  He becomes alerted to your 
presence and attacks.  You'll want to defeat him quickly before he can do any 
serious damage.  Once he is defeated you can access the VI, which identifies 
you as Lizbeth because you are carrying her pass card.  From the VI you can 
learn that the Thorian is a sentient being that produces spores which allow 
it to control the minds of other beings.  The Thorian was the focus of 
ExoGeni's research of Feros.  The Zhu's Hope colonists have been infected by 
the Thorian, which explains their strange behavior.  You can also learn that 
Lizbeth wasn't telling you the whole truth about her involvement with the 
Thorian research.

    "Feros: Geth Attack" -> "Feros: The Thorian"

10 - The Geth Church
Head east along the corridor.  The first room you come to shows that the 
power for the energy field is coming from a geth ship, which has anchored 
itself to the side of the facility.  To cut the power you will need to remove 
the ship by severing one of its claws.  There are a few geth shock troopers 
to fight, after which you can examine the strange glowing orb they seemed to 
be praying to.  Your squad will speculate as to its purpose.  Keep going 
until you reach the next room, which is on the opposite side of the first 
energy field you first saw when you entered the facility.  This is the field 
you will need to remove to get back to the Mako.  The path to the east leads 
up to the upper level of the facility, which has a small room guarded by a 
few krogan.  Inside there is a server node that supplies a codex entry, a 
secure storage locker and the console containing Gavin Hossle's data.

11 - Anchors Aweigh
The path to the west also leads to the upper level.  In the first room is an 
ExoGeni terminal that gives the assignment "Investigate Facility."  Proceed 
up the stairs to the platform.  A quick peek at the next room shows that it 
is heavily guarded.  Stick to the stairs and the platform to avoid being 
overwhelmed by the geth.  When all the enemies are defeated you can access 
the secure crate in the next room, along with a terminal which gives the 
assignment "Geth Activates," and a server which gives the assignment 
"Investigate Samples."  Most importantly, at the back of the room are the 
shuttle bay door controls.  Here you want to hit the sweet spot by setting 
the internal pressure to be between 31 and 34 pounds per square inch.  You 
can do this by activating a number of smaller controls which each provide a 
fixed amount of pressure.  One combination that works is 17 + 11 + 5 = 33 psi 
(228 kPa).  Activating the door controls with this level of pressure will 
cause the door to shear straight through the geth anchor, causing it to lose 
its grip on the building.  This severs the power, taking care of the problem 
with the energy shields.

12 - Back to the Weigh Station
Head back the way you came and proceed north towards the Mako though the now 
accessible corridor.  Lizbeth is waiting for you at the exit, at which point 
you may confront her about her involvement with the Thorian.  Get back in the 
Mako and head back to the weigh station to reunite Lizbeth with he mother.

    + Paragon for believing Lizbeth's story
    + Renegade for not believing Lizbeth's story

13 - The Situation with the Colonists
At the weigh station Lizbeth gets out and is reunited with her mother.  
Jeong, on the other hand, has gotten through to the ExoGeni headquarters, and 
apparently they want the entire colony purged to prevent the Thorian from 
spreading.  Using Charm or Intimidate you can talk Jeong out of it, otherwise 
you simply have to kill him.  As for the colonists, Juliana Baynham has an 
idea for stopping them without killing them.  She offers you a grenade 
upgrade which contains a nerve agent that should pacify the colonists safely.  
Whether or not to use it is left up to you.

    ++ Paragon for talking Jeong down using Charm
    ++ Renegade for talking Jeong down using Intimidate
    +  Paragon for agreeing to spare the colonists
    +  Renegade for refusing to spare the colonists

14 - The Creepers
Head back to the Mako and return to the colony, where you'll have your first 
encounter with a Thorian creeper.  These creatures aren't colonists, as they 
were created by the Thorian, so there is no penalty for killing them.  There 
are a large number of them in the garage, which should get you acclimated to 
fighting them.  They don't have any ranged weapons, but they will charge at 
you.  Be aware that they also spew a toxic substance when they get close 
enough, so keep your distance as much as possible.

15 - The Infected Colonists
At the entrance to the garage you have the option of ordering your squad to 
hold their fire on the colonists themselves.  Doing so means your allies will 
only attack the creepers, leaving you free to handle the colonists.  If you 
wish to save them, equip the Anti-Thorian Gas upgrade to your grenades and 
use them to attack the colonists.  There are sixteen colonists in all that 
you can save.  The first group you encounter is at the top of the elevator in 
the garage.  You can find more colonists on the landing as you descend the 
steps to Zhu's Hope.  There are more at the entrance to the colony itself, 
where you can also find a crate nearby that will replenish your grenade 
supply.  Save or kill the remaining colonists on the western walkway and near 
the crane controls to complete this objective.  When all the colonists and 
creepers are taken care of, activate the crane controls to open the way to 
the Thorian's lair.  Fai Dan shows up, telling you that the Thorian wants him 
to kill you.  However, he is able to fight off the Thorian just enough to end 
his own life before you have to fight him.

    + Paragon for each colonist saved
    + Renegade for each colonist killed

16 - The Thorian
Take the steps down into the Thorian's lair.  As you approach the Thorian 
itself, it spews out an asari clone which speaks to you on its behalf.  It 
seems that Saren came to Feros and formed an alliance with the Thorian.  He 
bartered the lives of the colonists for the ancient knowledge of the 
Protheans, but then betrayed the Thorian, sending the geth to destroy it and 
prevent you from receiving its secrets.

    + Paragon for demanding the release of the colonists
    + Renegade for saying you will destroy the Thorian

17 - Severing the Nodes
The asari clone attacks you.  Beware of her biotic abilities and kill her as 
quickly as possible.  To eliminate the Thorian you must sever each of the 
neural nodes holding it to the walls of the lair.  Your efforts will be 
hampered by legions of Thorian creepers, and the occasional asari clones that 
the Thorian will continue to spit out.  On the first level go north through 
the door and sever the first node by firing on it until it explodes.  
Usually, firing on a node will alert a number of dormant nearby creepers, so 
take care to eliminate as many enemies as possible before you try to take 
down each node.  Proceed up the steps to the next level where you can find 
another asari clone as well as a weapons locker before coming to the next 
neural node.  On the next level there is a node to the south, and another to 
the west as you proceed clockwise around the chamber.  Keep an eye out for 
the medical station on this level.  Head up to the next level and destroy the 
node to the northwest.  Finally, on the top level, head counterclockwise 
until you reach the final node on the south side of the lair.

TIP - Sonny Nilsson: "On Insane dificulty, those thorian creepers can really 
take a beating even with the best Spectre gear, but they die instantly if you 
push them off the edge on each floor.  Just melee them untill they drop off 
the edge.  It's even better with a Biotic character as then you can push out 
many at the same time.  The same goes for those annoying Asari Commandos, but 
if they have shields up you can't melee them to the ground.  This strategy 
makes the boss fight quite fast on Insane dificulty."

18 - The Cipher
Destroying the final node causes the Thorian to lose its grip and fall into 
the abyss below.  Additionally, an asari emerges from one of the Thorian's 
pods along the wall.  She identifies herself as Shiala, a former follower of 
Matriarch Benezia, who Saren had used to interface with the Thorian to learn 
about the Protheans.  She also informs you about Sovereign, Saren's flagship.  
She claims that being on the ship changes you in subtle ways, and causes you 
to obey Saren's will.  Finally, she offers you the Cipher, the same knowledge 
she gave to Saren, in the hopes that you can stop him.  Because she was once 
a servant of Saren and Benezia, you have the option of killing her.  She does 
not resist if you decide that will be her fate.  Otherwise she vows to help 
the colonists rebuild, as she wants to make amends for playing a role in many 
of their deaths.

    ++ Paragon for sparing Shiala
    ++ Renegade for killing Shiala

19 - Normandy Debrief
Back on the ship, your crew sits in the comm room to discuss the last 
mission.  Liara offers to join her mind with yours to try to make more sense 
of the visions you've had, but she can offer no new insight for now.  When 
the briefing is over you can talk to the Council if you choose.

    + Paragon for politely defending your actions on Feros
    + Renegade for aggressively defending your action on Feros
    Mission Complete: "Feros: The Thorian"


After you complete two of the primary plot worlds (Therum, Feros, or 
Noveria), you receive a message from the council advising you of a new lead 
into Saren's whereabouts.  They have lost contact with an infiltration 
regiment investigating Saren's activates on Virmire, and had received an 
unintelligible transmission from them on an emergency frequency.

As with the previous planets, you will have to complete each one, and the 
order is of little importance.

    + Renegade for saying you don't have time
    New Mission: "Virmire"
    New Mission: "Race Against Time"

SECTION 6: Noveria

1 - Confrontation in the Docking Bay
Head to Noveria and land at Port Hanshan.  Before you can leave the docking 
bay however, you are confronted by a group of armed guards led by Maeko 
Matsuo, who identifies herself as an employee of Elanus Risk Control Services 
(ERCS) and the head of security at Port Hanshan.  They try to confiscate your 
weapons, but a voice on the intercom interrupts, telling Captain Matsuo to 
stand down and let you pass.

    + Paragon for cooperating with Matsuo
    + Renegade for refusing to let them take your weapons

2 - Entering the Port
Continue through security.  Your weapons will set off an alarm, but it's 
nothing to worry about according to Gianna Parasini, the assistant to 
Administrator Anoleis.  She informs you that Matriarch Benezia passed through 
the port a few days ago on the way to the Peak 15 research facility.  In 
order to follower her you'll need to procure a garage pass, for which you 
should see the administrator.

    New Mission: "Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan"
    "Noveria: Geth Interest" -> "Noveria: Matriarch Benezia"

3 - Elanus Risk Control (Optional)
Head back to speak with Captain Matsuo for a chance to improve or degrade our 
relationship with the local security forces.  While you can win Matsuo over, 
her companions aren't so easy.

    + Paragon for accepting Matsuo's apology
    + Renegade for refusing to accept Matsuo's appology

4 - The Administrator
Anoleis' office is in the southeast corner of the port.  Head through the 
doors and speak to Miss Parasini, who will let you in to see the 
administrator.  Anoleis is a very impatient salarian, who will inform you 
that Saren is a major investor in Binary Helix, and that Benezia is here to 
address an issue at their research facility.  The only way he will provide 
you a pass however is if you inform him about Opold's request as part of the 
"Noveria: Smuggling" assignment.  Doing this provides you the quickest way 
out of the port but misses out on a fair amount of content and a hefty sum of 
Paragon or Renegade points.

5 - An Alternative (Optional)
Back outside Anoleis' office you can talk to Gianna again to learn that there 
are other ways of securing a garage pass.  She advises you to speak with 
Lorik Qui'in, who can be found at the nearby hotel.  Head to the northwest 
side of the port and take the elevator up to the hotel lobby.  Lorik Qui'in 
is at a table to the left side as you enter.  Qui'in tells you that Anoleis 
has closed his Synthetic Insights office because Qui'in has evidence of the 
administrator's corruption.  At this very moment, Anoleis' goons are 
ransacking the SI offices looking for the evidence.  Qui'in offers you a 
deal: recover his evidence against Anoleis from his office, and he will in 
turn provide you with the garage pass you need.

    New Mission: "Noveria: Lorik Qui'in"

6 - Retrieving the Evidence (Optional)
Agree to Qui'in's deal to receive his elevator pass, allowing you to enter 
the Synthetic Insights offices via the elevator in the southwest corner of 
the port.  Before you leave the hotel, you can head upstairs to the office in 
the southwest corner and access the terminal to get the assignment "Doctor at 
Risk."  More importantly, you can deactivate the Synthetic Insights security 
system from here by decrypting the security control unit.  When you reach the 
SI offices, you'll find ERCS guards ransacking the place just as Qui'in said 
they were.  It's possible to persuade the first group you encounter to leave 
peacefully, but the rest you will have to fight in order to get to the 
evidence, which is located in the top floor office.

    ++ Paragon for convincing the guards to leave using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing the guards to leave using Intimidate

7 - Kaira Stirling (Optional)
On your way out after retrieving the evidence you are stopped by a group of 
guards led by Kaira Stirling, one of the guards you first met when you 
entered the port.  There's no talking your way out of this fight.  Retreat to 
the office for more cover and clear firing lanes on the corridor.  Also watch 
out for Kaira's biotic abilities.  When all the guards are defeated, descend 
the elevator to leave the offices.

    + Paragon for insisting you acted in self defense
    + Renegade for refusing to defend your actions

8 - Gianna's Identity (Optional)
At the bottom of the elevator you encounter Gianna Parasini again, who asks 
that you meet her at the hotel before you talk to Lorik Qui'in about the 
evidence.  Head there and speak to her to learn that she's actually an 
undercover internal affairs agent investigating Anoleis.  It seems the 
executive board for Noveria is well aware of Anoleis' corruption, and has 
been trying to get enough evidence to take him down for months.  Now that you 
have the evidence, she wants you to convince Lorik to testify against 
Anoleis.  Combined with the evidence, Lorik's testimony should be enough that 
she can safely arrest him and bring him up on charges for his crimes.  She 
also promises to get you a garage pass if you help her out.

    New Mission: "Noveria: Peak 15"

9 - Convincing Qui'in (Optional)
If you are willing and able, use Charm or Intimidate to convince Lorik to 
testify against the administrator.  If you are unable to convince him or 
simply choose to hand the evidence over, he rewards you with the promised 
garage pass.

    +++ Paragon for convincing Lorik using Charm
    +++ Renegade for convincing Lorik using Intimidate
    +500 Credits for giving the evidence to Lorik
    +750 Credits for giving the evidence to Lorik using Charm or Intimidate 

10 - Dealing with Anoleis (Optional)
Finally, head back down to the administrator's office.  You now have the 
choice of informing Gianna of Lorik's cooperation, in which case she arrests 
the administrator and gives you the garage pass.  However, you can also 
double-cross Gianna and Lorik by telling the administrator what's going on.  
If you give him the evidence, he rewards you with the pass you need.  
Otherwise, he will call Gianna into his office.  The two fight, and Anoleis 
ends up dead.  You can then search his corpse for the pass you need.  The 
only person who needs the evidence in this case is Lorik, so go back and give 
it to him.

    ++  Paragon for helping Gianna arrest Anoleis
    +   Renegade for giving Anoleis the evidence
    +++ Renegade for telling anoleis about Gianna
    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan"
    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Lorik Qui'in"

11 - Accessing the Garage
Take your garage pass and access the garage in the southwest area of the 
port.  You won't get far however, as a group of geth led by a pair of 
destroyers ambush you before you can reach the Mako.  You can make this fight 
easier by decrypting the lock on the nearby crawler and turning its guns 
against the geth.  Once the fight is over, Matsuo shows up to investigate the 
commotion.  The geth were clearly snuck past security in the cargo crates, 
and she informs you that there could be dozens of geth on the road to Peak 

TIP - Sonny Nilsson: "Armors from Devlon Industries protect against most Lvl 
1 Hazards, so on Noveria you could use Explorer armor to negate the cold 
effect outside."

12 - Hit the Road
Grab the nearby upgrade kit and then hop in the Mako.  There is a level 1 
cold hazard on Noveria, so don't stray too far from the Mako on the paths 
ahead, but do keep an eye out for crates and kits along the way, especially 
near abandoned vehicles.  The path to Peak 15 is crawling with geth, 
particularly rocket troopers, along with some heavy turrets and armatures out 
in the open.  Be especially wary of the tunnels, which tend to act as choke 
points, making it harder to dodge incoming rockets.  Keep your distance from 
enemies and back off if things become too dangerous.

13 - Peak 15
When you reach the facility, hop out and head inside, where a number of geth 
are waiting for you.  The biggest danger is a geth juggernaut, who will 
charge you when you open the door.  Hang back to avoid being flanked by the 
enemies on the balcony to the left, and concentrate on taking down the 
juggernaut first.  When all the enemies are defeated, head up the ramp to the 
nearby security office, which has an upgrade kit and storage locker.  
Opposite the security office is the elevator up to the administration level.

14 - Cafeteria Surprise
Cautiously enter the cafeteria and take care of the geth guarding it.  Once 
they are gone, however, a swarm of rachni show up.  Previously thought to be 
extinct, it seems the Peak 15 researchers have found a way bring back the 
rachni, though it's clear the situation in the facility has gotten out of 
hand.  There are two type of rachni to worry about.  The workers are small, 
and their only attack it to rush at you and explode when they get close 
enough.  Soldiers, on the other hand, can spit acid from afar, but also have 
a deadly melee attack.  You would do well to avoid engaging the soldiers at 
close range, though shotguns are quite effective against the workers when 
they get close to you.  You'll also need to take extra care when in the 
facility, as the rachni will often spring out of vents in the floor to 
surprise you.  When all the rachni in this area are dead, take the elevator 
to the Mira Core.

15 - Restoring the VI
To get to the next area of the facility you need to take the tram, but first 
you have to restore a number of critical systems that have gone offline 
because the rachni have overrun the complex.  You first need to reactivate 
Peak 15's VI to assist you in the restoration of each system.  Head to the 
center of the round room ahead, and enter the elevator in the middle to 
descend into the core.  Here, to restore the VI you can either spend 100 
omni-gel, or solve the classic Tower of Hanoi puzzle that BioWare fans may 
remember from Knights of the Old Republic.  When you finish, the VI system is 
restored and you can now begin restoring the other systems.

    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Peak 15"
    New Mission: "Noveria: Reconnect Landlines"
    New Mission: "Noveria: Reactor Repair"


To restore the VI manually, you need to move each of the four blocks in the 
first column (labeled X) to another column (either Y or B), noting that only 
the top block in each column can be moved.  Press the button corresponding 
with the column you want to move a block from, and then the button 
corresponding to the column you want to move that block to in order to 
rearrange the puzzle pieces.

There are many ways to solve this puzzle, but here is a common solution:  
Begin by moving the top three blocks to the middle column.  This frees up the 
bottom block to be moved to the right column, where the top three blocks can 
then be stacked on top of it.  Follow these instructions to achieve this 

X -> Y
X -> B 
Y -> B 
X -> Y
B -> X
B -> Y
X -> Y
X -> B
Y -> B
Y -> X
B -> X
Y -> B
X -> Y
X -> B
Y -> B

16 - Reconnect the Landlines
Mira appears and informs you that a number of critical systems are offline 
and need to be fixed for you to proceed.  First up are the landlines on the 
roof, which need to be reconnected.  Head west and take the elevator to the 
roof, where you must fight off a horde of rachni.  When all the creatures are 
dead, simply repair the landlines and head back down to the Mira Core.

    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Reconnect Landlines"

17 - Reconnect the Fuel Lines
Go east, and then north along the corridor to the elevator that leads to the 
reactor.  Here you must face a number of geth.  Take the side passage on the 
left side, and follow it around to the ramp.  You'll want to clear out the 
top floor and balcony first to make getting to the fuel lines easier.  Though 
there are destroyers and stalkers on the lower walkways, there is a 
juggernaut in the balcony that can cause you problems.  Once all the geth are 
eliminated, follow the lower walkways around to the middle of the reactor and 
activate the fuel line controls.  When you're finished, head back to the Mira 

    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Reactor Repair"
    New Mission: "Noveria: Contamination"

18 - Taking the Tram
With the landlines and fuel lines fixed the way south is now open, taking you 
to the tram platform.  To get there you first need to clear out the 
decontamination chamber, which has some rachni soldiers trapped in it.  With 
a high enough electronics skill you can repair the decon system and torch the 
rachni remotely.  Otherwise, decrypt the lock or have Mira open the door for 
you and eliminate the rachni yourself.  The way is now clear to the station.  
Hop on the tram and take it to the Rift Station.

    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Contamination"

19 - Rift Station
Exit the tram and head north.  The northern door is locked, and the path to 
the east leads to a pair of elevators, only one of which you can use.  Take 
the elevator up to the main level and speak with Captain Ventralis, who's 
leading the defense against the rachni.  With sufficient Charm or Intimidate 
you can get him to reveal more about the station's defenses.  As soon as 
you're done talking a group of rachni soldiers attack the barricade.  Help 
fight them off, and then talk to Ventralis again.

    + Paragon for learning more about the defenses using Charm
    + Renegade for learning more about the defenses using Intimidate
    + Paragon for graciously defending the survivors from the attack
    New Mission: "Noveria: The Hot Labs"


Captain Ventralis wants you to go down to the Hot Labs, and while you can do 
so now, you can also save this task for later.  The primary objective is to 
reach Benezia, who is in the Secure Labs in the center of the lower level.  
To get there you have several choices: 
The first choice is to simply to blast your way through the security on the 
main level and then take the elevator down to the lower level.  To do this 
you'd have to breach the defenses they've set up to stop the rachni.  Doing 
so turns all the soldiers in the complex against you. 
The alternative is to sneak in through the ventilation room by way of the 
scientist barracks on the lower level.  To do this, you need to help make a 
cure for Dr. Cohen, as detailed below. 
Note that you can also reach Benezia by investigating the Hot Labs first.  
Doing so opens up both the security entrance, and the ventilation passage.

20 - The Direct Approach (Optional)
To get to Benezia as fast as possible, simply breach the security door on the 
north side of the mess hall on the main level.  The two nearby turrets will 
attack you, along with the host of guards beyond the door.  Though messy, 
this route is good for experience if you can manage it.

21 - The Indirect Approach (Optional)
Another alternative is to gain access to the maintenance tunnels.  On the 
main level, go down the winding stairs to the west to reach Dr. Cohen.  He 
needs your help making a cure for his fellow workers who have been exposed to 
a toxin the researchers were developing.  You can use Charm or Intimidate for 
more information on what's been going on at Peak 15.

    New Mission: "Noveria: Quarantine"

22 - Getting the Cure (Optional)
Go back to Captain Ventralis and get his permission to enter the quarantine 
lab.  You can find the lab on the lower level to the south guarded by an ERCS 
guard.  Go inside and make the cure by pressing the appropriate buttons so 
that the meter falls between the first indicator and the second.  When the 
cure is complete you are interrupted by Alestia Iallis, a servant of 
Matriarch Benezia who has decided this is the perfect time to kill you.  She 
has an asari commando and a couple geth troopers with her.  Take cover and 
try to avoid their biotics while taking them out as fast as possible.  When 
the battle is finished, return to Cohen and give him the cure, receiving the 
maintenance tunnel pass in return.  You can also use Charm or Intimidate to 
get some extra supplies from him.  Take the maintenance tunnel on the lower 
level to reach the secure labs.

    +++ Paragon for helping Dr. Cohen with the cure
    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Quarantine"
    New Mission: "Noveria: Rift Station"

23 - The Matriarch
Enter the secure labs to begin your confrontation with Benezia.  During the 
first part of the battle your best bet is to avoid her entirely.  To do this, 
follow the right path towards the west side of the lab.  Find some cover and 
fight off the asari commandos and geth snipers she calls in as 
reinforcements.  When you defeat the last of her guards she will be out of 
energy and you can confront her.  After a revealing conversation she loses 
control once more and you must fight her face to face.  This time the best 
strategy is to attack her head on with everything your squad has.  The faster 
you can eliminate her, the better, as you still have to worry about the asari 
commandos she brings in as reinforcements.  If you don't act quickly you can 
easily be overwhelmed.

    "Noveria: Matriarch Benezia" -> "Noveria: Death of a Matriarch"

24 - The Rachni Queen
Now that Benezia is dead, there's still the matter of the rachni queen that 
had been used to repopulate the rachni species.  Speaking through a dead 
asari, the queen tells you that because her children can not hear her they 
have gone mad.  They cannot be saved, and she asks that you destroy them.  
Now you must decide whether or not to destroy the queen and exterminate the 
rachni for good.

    +++ Paragon for sparing the life of the rachni queen
    +++ Renegade for exterminating the rachni queen
    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Rift Station"

25 - The Hot Labs (Optional)
You are now free to fulfill the queen's request and eliminate the rachni in 
the facility.  You can also ignore the request and simply leave via the tram 
car.  This will lead Noveria's executive board to bomb the Peak 15 site to 
contain the rachni threat.  Head down to the hot labs via the elevator from 
the lower level and speak with Yaroslev Tartakovsy.  He wants you to set off 
the neutron purge to cleanse the station of the rachni.  Before he can give 
you the code he is slain by a rachni.  Defeat the creature and then collect 
the code from Tartakovsy's body.  Head to the back of the lab and access 
Mira.  Give her the code to begin the countdown.  Immediately, rachni will 
begin bursting into the room.  They will keep coming and you can't fight them 
all.  Your best bet is simply to make a run for the elevator and escape 
before time runs out.

    Mission Complete: "Noveria: The Hot Labs"

26 - Return to the Normandy
Take the tram car to leave Noveria.  You have a brief meeting in the comm 
room with your crew, but Benezia's information on its own is useless without 
knowing where Saren is going.  You'll have to wait until you learn more.  
Once again you can talk to the Council if you wish.

    + Paragon for politely defending your actions on Noveria
    + Renegade for aggressively defending your actions on Noveria
    Mission Complete: "Noveria: Death of a Matriarch"

SECTION 7: Virmire

1 - Point Insertion
Wrap up any outstanding assignments and head to the Sentry Omega Cluster.  
Joker informs you that the Normandy can't get to the infiltration team 
because of an anti-air defense tower in the area.  You'll need to land in the 
Mako and take down the defenses.

2 - The First Gatehouse
The path to the AA tower is linear, but there are obstacles in your way.  
First there are a small group of drones, and then some foot soldiers along 
the path.  Eventually you will reach a gatehouse, though you don't need to 
open the gate to proceed.

3 - The AA Tower
Beyond the gatehouse is a geth colossus, which is just a more powerful 
version of the armature.  The path splits after this, but expect colossi and 
armatures in either direction.  Ahead is another gatehouse.  Destroy as many 
geth as possible before leaving the Mako to access the gate controls.  You 
also need to deactivate the AA tower so the Normandy can land up ahead.  
There is one final gatehouse beyond the tower, and then it's a straight shot 
to the camp.

4 - Captain Kirrahe
Reach the camp and speak to Captain Kirrahe, the leader of the infiltration 
team.  He tells you that he's been investigating a research base on Virmire 
belonging to Saren.  The bad news is that Saren is somehow using the base to 
breed an army of krogan.  It seems he's somehow found a cure for the 
genophage that had been used by the salarians to keep the krogan population 
down.  You need to stop Saren's plans at the source before he breeds an 
unstoppable army.

    "Virmire" -> "Virmire: Saren's Plan"

5 - Wrex and the Genophage (Optional)
If you didn't pick up Wrex in C-Sec back on the Citadel, then you should have 
no problem here.  If you did, then he's none too pleased that you plan on 
destroying the cure for his people.  More information on this assignment can 
be found in the next section.  Briefly, unless certain circumstances are met 
you must use Charm or Intimidate to diffuse the situation when talking to 
Wrex.  If you can't convince him then you or Ashley will have to kill him.

    +++ Paragon for calming Wrex down using Charm
    ++  Renegade for calming Wrex down using Intimidate
    +++ Renegade for killing Wrex
    +++ Renegade for ordering Ashley to kill Wrex
    +   Paragon for lamenting your decision to kill Wrex
    ++  Paragon for chastising Ashley for killing Wrex

6 - A Daring Plan
Kirrahe has been working on a plan to destroy the facility and put a stop to 
Saren's plans on Virmire.  He has rigged the drive core from his ship to act 
as a massive improvised explosive.  Unfortunately, the only way to get the 
bomb into the base is to fly it in using the Normandy.  That means someone 
has to infiltrate the base and take down the AA defenses guarding it.  
Kirrahe's plan is to use his men to feign an attack and distract the geth 
forces while you take a small team into the base and knock out the defenses.  
Unfortunately, Kirrahe is short on men and he needs someone from your squad 
to coordinate between the teams.  You can choose either Ashley and Kaidan to 
go with Kirrahe.  The consequences for this decision are minor, and your 
choice should be based on who you are more likely to bring with you when you 
assault the base.

    "Virmire: Saren's Plan" -> "Virmire: Assault"

7 - Shadow Team
There are a number of things you can do to assist Kirrahe's team, but these 
are part of an optional assignment and are included in the next section.  If 
you're not interested in helping the other teams, simply press forward to the 
geth base to the west.  There are no new enemies here, just a few drones, 
geth soldiers of various types, and a handful of krogan.

8 - Infiltrate the Base
At the west end of this area you have two paths to choose from.  The path to 
the south leads into the base through a backdoor onto the detainment level.  
The more direct route lies to the north, which leads directly to the 
warehouse and subsequent maintenance area.  Either path leads to a security 
panel.  One of your squad members will access the panel to let you inside.  
You also have the option of setting off an alarm on the far side of the base.  
This will redirect the geth defenders to make it easier for you, but will 
also mean tougher resistance for the salarians.  Once the doors are unlocked, 
the other path becomes closed to you.

    ++ Paragon for making it easier on Kirrahe's teams
    ++ Renegade for making it tougher on Kirrahe's teams

9 - Saren's Experiments
If you entered from the south, follow the path and take the stairs up to the 
storage room.  From here you can go up to the next floor to cell block B, 
where a group of salarians are being held prisoner.  You can release them but 
they turn on you as soon as the cells are opened.  Go back down the next set 
of stairs to reach the elevator to the labs.  If you entered from the north 
you need to clear out the warehouse of indoctrinated salarians.  From here 
you can head upstairs to cell block A to find another group of captive 
salarians.  Once again you can release them if you wish.  When you are done, 
head back downstairs to the elevator and take it to the labs.

10 - Genophage Research
In the lab you'll need to fight some krogan and asari scientists, as well as 
a number of husks.  Pick up the kits in this room, and access the medical 
station at the back before proceeding west out onto the catwalks.  Head into 
the security office, where you'll find Rana Thanoptis, an asari scientist 
who's been working for Saren.  She tells you about the indoctrination 
process, by which Sovereign--Saren's flagship--controls the minds of those 
who are exposed to it.  When you're done speaking you can choose whether or 
not to kill her for her involvement with Saren.  It likely doesn't matter 
since she probably won't be able to make it out of the blast radius in time.

     ++ Renegade for killing Rana

11 - Sovereign
Head up the elevator Rana unlocked for you.  In this room you find another 
beacon, like the one you found on Eden Prime.  Activate it to have another 
piece of the Prothean puzzle downloaded into your mind.  When you're done, 
head back up to the next level, where you encounter a holographic image for 
Saren's flagship.  Sovereign reveals its true nature: it is not merely a 
ship, it is an actual Reaper.  It explains that the Reapers have existed 
since the beginning of time, and will continue to eliminate advanced life in 
the galaxy every 50,000 years until the end of time.  Sovereign claims that 
the Reapers constructed the Mass Relays and the Citadel so that advanced 
lifeforms would develop along the paths that the Reapers desired.  When the 
conversation is over, the interface explodes and Joker chimes in.  He says 
that Sovereign is on its way.

12 - To the AA Tower
When you get back down in the elevator the path back to the facility is 
blocked but a new catwalk is open.  Proceed and take down the geth destroyer 
and the krogan ahead.  Follow the path around to the west.  In the distance 
you can see the AA tower you need to disable.  There are a few more geth and 
krogan in the area, along with some rocket drones.  Use the cover 
appropriately to take them out without taking damage.  When all the enemies 
are defeated you can head up the ramp and deactivate the AA tower.  This 
triggers two groups of reinforcements.  Geth soldiers come up the ramp behind 
you, while another group arrives in the nearby elevator.  Kirrahe's team will 
radio you and inform you that they're heading for the second AA tower.  
Taking down both will allow the Normandy to land.  Use the elevator to go up 
to the heart of the base.

13 - Bring in the Nuke
Finish off the geth in this area and open the large doors to access the 
landing site.  The Normandy arrives and Kirrahe's bomb is unloaded.  When all 
seems to be going well, the soldier you sent with the salarians radios in to 
tell you that they are pinned down on the AA tower and won't be able to make 
it to the landing site without assistance.  Pick a new squad (you can't 
choose Kaidan or Ashley) and open the other large doors to the west.  Take 
care of the enemies in this area and head to the elevator at the far side.

14 - An Impossible Choice
As soon as you arrive at the top of the tower the squad sees a geth ship fly 
past en route to the landing site.  Now both Kaidan and Ashley are under 
heavy fire from the geth and you only have time to rescue one of them.  When 
you've made your decision, say your last goodbyes and either head up to the 
AA tower or back down to the landing site.  At either location you've got a 
tough fight against some of the more powerful geth forces, including a geth 

    + Paragon for taking a sympathetic attitude
    + Renegade for declaring you've made the right choice

15 - Saren
When all the geth are beaten, Saren himself arrives.  There is a short 
exchange where he tries to justify his actions.  You can use Charm or 
Intimidate to try to sway him, but a fight is inevitable.  Make sure your 
weapons are set to fight organics and that your equipment is up to date. 
Unlike most fights where cover is important you'll likely want to stay mobile 
versus Saren.  Don't let any powers go unused in this fight and make good use 
of your squad as much as possible.  When Saren has taken enough damage he 
confronts you face to face.  The Normandy arrives and Saren retreats on his 
glider.  The crew escapes the planet just as the nuke detonates, destroying 
Saren's research facility for good.

    + Paragon for trying to sway Saren using Charm
    + Renegade for trying to sway Saren using Intimidate

16 - Back on the Normandy
There is a somber meeting in the comm room as the lucky member of your squad 
will lament your decision to choose them.  There is an opportunity for 
Paragon or Renegade points based on your responses.  When the meeting is over 
you have the option to speak with the Council about the mission.

    "Race Against Time" -> "Race Against Time: Sovereign"

17 - The Salarian Infiltration Team (Optional)
You can head down to the vehicle bay and speak with the remnants of Captain 
Kirrahe's forces.  You can also purchase equipment from Commander Rentola, 
but only if you assisted the salarians on Virmire.


When you have completed all four main plot worlds (Therum, Feros, Noveria, 
and Virmire), Liara will finally be able to make sense of your visions and 
put all the pieces together.  The Conduit is on Ilos, a planet in the 
Terminus Systems that is only accessible through the Mu Relay.

Accessing the Galaxy Map at this point triggers a message from Ambassador 
Udina.  Apparently the Council has decided to go after Saren after all, and 
is massing a fleet to head to Ilos.  You must hurry back to the Citadel to 
take part in the attack.

SECTION 8: Return to the Citadel

1 - "It's Just Politics"
When you return to the Citadel you're taken straight to the Council Chambers.  
It seems you've been deceived by the Council and the ambassador.  They have 
no intention of risking a war with the Terminus Systems on your word alone.  
Moreover the ambassador has grounded the Normandy to keep you from leaving 
the station.

    + Renegade for agressivly insisting that they take action

2 - Anderson's Plan
Back on the Normandy, Joker informs you that the Captain has asked to see 
you.  He's waiting in Flux.  Head to Doran's establishment and find Anderson 
at a table near the bar.  He believes that Saren is the real threat you say 
he is, and is willing to risk his career and his life to give you a chance to 
stop him.  He has two ideas for getting the Normandy off the station.  He can 
either raid Citadel control and try to override the lockdown, or head to the 
ambassador's office and hack into his computer to revoke the order keeping 
the Normandy on the Citadel.  The choice is yours, though if you ask him to 
choose he elects to go to the ambassador's office.  Keep in mind that if his 
plan succeeds you'll be a criminal, and won't be able to return to the 
Citadel.  When you are ready to leave, tell Anderson to go through with the 
plan and then head back to the Normandy.


If you have any business to clear up on the Citadel, now is the time.  Once 
you've escaped the station, you won't be welcomed back.

Additionally, once you're off the station you'll want to take care of any 
offworld assignments you haven't dealt with yet.  Once you head to Ilos there 
is no turning back.

3 - Fleeing the Citadel
One way or another, Anderson's plan is successful and you're able to escape 
the station.  The crew's behind you 100%.  Time to head to Ilos and stop 
Saren once and for all.


1 - Surface Tension
Your arrival on Ilos is just moments too late.  Saren has entered an 
underground facility in search of the Conduit, locking the doors behind him.  
Before you can proceed in the Mako you must navigate the planet's surface on 
foot and find the control to open the doors.

    New Mission: "Ilos: Find the Conduit"

2 - Armature Enemies
Due south in the ruins are a pair of geth armatures to contend with.  If you 
prefer to face them directly, be ready for a tough fight.  Take out all the 
nearby soldiers so you can concentrate exclusively on the armatures.  A 
combination of tech and biotic powers work well here.  If you can temporarily 
disable one armature using lift or stasis then you can concentrate on 
fighting the other one using your tech powers.  Alternatively, you can head 
west from the insertion point to reach a different part of the ruins.  Though 
this area is more heavily guarded, it also contains an armature control 
console that can be used to deactivate the armatures so you won't have to 
fight them.  When you're done, proceed south to the next area where more geth 
are waiting for you.  It should be nothing you can't handle by this point, so 
take the nearby elevator when all the geth are taken care of.

3 - Armature Allies
The elevator takes you to a large room.  As soon as you enter, a large 
contingent of geth will rush in from the opposite side.  Fortunately, you're 
not alone in this fight.  On either side of the room are a pair of armature 
repair stations.  With sufficient decryption skill you can activate each of 
these stations to summon an armature to fight on your side against the rest 
of the geth.  There is also some high ground just inside the entrance that 
you can use for a good vantage and some cover against the geth.

4 - Prothean Security
Head to the back of the room and up the ramps to the left or right.  These 
paths lead to a security panel you can use to open the doors and pursue 
Saren.  A message appears but it's difficult to determine what it is trying 
to tell you.  Head back down and take the north path to reach the elevator.  
This takes you back up to the surface where you can now enter the Mako and 
proceed through the open passageway.

5 - Vigil
Following the straight path leads you to an energy barrier.  When you get 
close enough, another barrier appears behind you.  Your squad speculates that 
this might be a trap from Saren.  Exit the Mako and take the nearby elevator.  
At the bottom is a VI interface known as Vigil, who explains that Ilos was 
the last refuge of the Protheans.  Here they placed themselves in stasis and 
hid from the Reapers until it was safe to reemerge.  However, there were too 
few left to sustain their population.  They spent their remaining years 
trying to find a way to defeat the Reapers should they ever return.  Because 
of the Protheans' efforts 50,000 years ago, the Reapers have been unable to 
return to the galaxy.  However, if Saren succeeds, Sovereign will be able to 
bring the other Reapers in from dark space and continue the cycle of 
extinction.  The key to the Reapers invasion plans is the Citadel, which is 
actually a large mass relay connecting to dark space.  Sovereign needs to 
activate the Citadel relay, but would be unable to attack the Citadel 
directly because it is too well defended.  Vigil explains that the Conduit is 
a backdoor onto the Citadel, which will allow Saren and his geth to penetrate 
the station's otherwise impregnable defenses and give Sovereign the control 
it needs to activate the relay.

    + Paragon for noble responses
    + Renegade for renegade responses
    Mission Complete: "Ilos: Find the Conduit"
    "Race Against Time: Sovereign" -> "Race Against Time: Conduit"

6 - The Conduit
Vigil gives you a copy of a special data file that must be uploaded into the 
Citadel's master control unit to give you control of the station.  This is 
your only chance to stop Saren and prevent the return of the Reapers.  Head 
back up to the Mako and hurry after Saren.  You need to navigate the trenches 
to reach the conduit, which are now heavily guarded by the geth.  Since you 
are in the Mako your primary concern is the large number of rocket troopers 
you will encounter.  If you're agile enough you can get past all these 
enemies without having to fight them.  At the end of the trenches you can see 
the Conduit, which is simply a small mass relay.  There's a limited time to 
reach the Conduit before the gate closes, so there's no time to waste 
fighting the nearby enemies. Head straight towards the gate to be sure you 
arrive before time runs out.  The Mako is captured by the relay and propelled 
across the galaxy to the Citadel... 

I recommend that you try to finish the rest of the game on your own.  There 
is not long to go, and I also don't want to ruin the ending for you.  If you 
really need help however, the rest of the walkthrough can be found in the 
Secrets section.  Good luck and congratulations on making it this far.


Assignment:   Citadel: Asari Consort
Given by:     Sha'ira in the Consort's Chambers
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: none

1 - Meet the Consort
In the southeast corner of the Presidium lies the Consort's Chambers.  Go 
inside and talk to the receptionist, Nelyna.  After your conversation, the 
Consort will ask to see you in her chambers.  Head upstairs and speak with 
Sha'ira.  She tells you that a former client has been spreading lies about 
her, and she hopes you can help convince him to stop.

2 - Speak with General Septimus
After getting the quest from Sha'ira head down to Chora's Den and find 
General Septimus at a table near the back.  Talk to him and convince him to 
stop spreading lies about Sha'ira.  It is possible to do this without using 
Charm or Intimidate, but you won't receive a Paragon or Renegade bonus.  He 
asks you to help him out by taking some information to an elcor named Xeltan 
at the embassy.  This is covered in "Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint".

    + Paragon for convincing Septimus using Charm

3 - Return to the Consort
Head back up to the Presidium and see the Consort.  She thanks you for your 
assistance in resolving the matter with Spetimus and offers you Prothean 
artifact as a reward if you also got Xeltan to withdraw his complaint.  If 
this isn't good enough for you, the Consort will also give you something 
"special" for your trouble.

    + Paragon for graciously accepting the Consort's reward
    + Renegade for demanding payment from the Consort

4 - The Consort's Gift (Optional)
Take your reward and head to the Prothean ruin on Eletania.  Here you can use 
the trinket the Consort gave you to unlock the floating sphere for an 
experience reward and some info on the Protheans.

Assignment:   Citadel: Doctor Michel
Given by:     Doctor Michel in the Med Clinic
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Take care of Fist

1 - Talk to Dr. Michel
Visiting Dr. Michel in the med clinic after you have helped her with Fist and 
the quarian results in a new quest.  It seems the doctor is being blackmailed 
by someone from her past.  She is supposed to deliver medical supplies to 
Morlan in the lower markets.  Note that you must speak with Dr. Michel 
following the shootout in the Clinic for this quest to be triggered.

    + Paragon for showing concern for the doctor

2 - Pay Morlan a Visit
You need to go see Morlan at his shop in the lower markets.  Talking to 
Morlan about the medical supplies causes the krogan blackmailer to show up.  
By using Charm or Intimidate you can convince him to stop blackmailing the 
doctor, in which case he tells you he's just the middleman for someone named 
Banes.  Otherwise you have to fight the krogan.  Morlan doesn't know who 
Banes is so you need to ask Dr. Michel.

    ++ Paragon for avoiding combat using Charm
    ++ Intimidate for avoiding combat using Intimidate

2 - Return to Dr. Michel
Asking Dr. Michel about Banes reveals that he was contracted by the Alliance 
to do research in the Traverse.  You should ask Captain Anderson about him.  
Talking with Dr. Michel concludes the assignment.

3 - More on Banes (Optional)
Talking to Anderson about Banes reveals that Banes was found dead aboard a 
derelict scout ship.  You should ask Rear Admiral Kahoku about him.  You can 
find the Admiral in the Citadel Tower.

Assignment:   Citadel: Family Matter
Given by:     The Petrovskys in the Financial District of the Presidium
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - Concern for the Unborn
In the southwest corner of the Presidium you can find two people arguing.  
Michael Petrovsy wants his sister-in-law to have gene therapy for her unborn 
child to help prevent a certain heart condition.  She's worried about the 
risks of such a procedure, and doesn't want to do anything that could harm 
the child.  You can't complete this assignment without persuading one of them 
to see the other's point of view.  Once you have convinced either Michael or 
Rebekah the assignment is complete.

    ++ Paragon for letting Rebekah choose using Charm
    ++ Renegade for letting Rebekah choose using Intimidate
    ++ Paragon for convincing Rebekah using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing Rebekah using Intimidate

Assignment:   Citadel: Homecoming
Given by:     Samesh Bhatia in the Embassy lobby
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Have evidence of Saren's connection to the geth

1 - Talk with the Diplomat
Near the embassy you can find Samesh Bhatia, who wants you to get his wife's 
body returned to him so she can be buried.  Head up to the embassy lounge and 
speak to Clerk Bosker.  You can use Charm or Intimidate to convince him to 
release the body, or go back downstairs and use Charm or Intimidate to 
convince Bhatia to let the Alliance keep the body.  Ashley served with Mrs. 
Bhatia, so having her in your party adds more dialogue to the scenes with 
Samesh.  Once one of the men is convinced the assignment is completed.

    ++ Paragon for convincing Bosker to release the body using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing Bosker to release the body using Intimidate
    ++ Paragon for convincing Samesh to drop the issue using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing Samesh to drop the issue using Intimidate

Assignment:   Citadel: I Remember Me
Given by:     Lieutenant Girard by radio message while on the Citadel
Locations:    Citadel
Requirements: Colonist, Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - Stop the Suicide
Lieutenant Girard contacts you about a fellow colonist who is threatening to 
kill herself in the docking bay.  Go there and get the sedative from Girard.  
When talking to Talitha, three steps forward will be close enough to give her 
the sedative.  Taking too many steps without gaining her trust however will 
result in her suicide.  Usually when you have the option to take a step back 
you should take it.  Talk with her by opening up each avenue under 
"Investigate."  Using Charm or Intimidate is not necessary.  When you are 
close enough you can give her the sedative and end the standoff.  Return to 
Girard when you are done to complete the assignment.

    ++ Paragon for handing Talitha the sedative
    ++ Renegade for forcefully administering the sedative

Assignment:   Citadel: Jahleed's Secret (Citadel: Jahleed's Fears)
Given by:     Jahleed near the offices in the C-Sec Academy
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Access to Wards

1 - Jahleed Needs Help
A volus named Jahleed in the C-Sec Academy offices seems to be in trouble. 
He claims that his former business partner is trying to murder him.  The 
person in question is a salarian named Chorban.  You need to head down to the 
lower markets in the Wards to see him.

1 - Talk to Chorban
Head to the lower markets and approach Chorban.  If you have never met 
Chorban before he will pull a gun and demands that you hand over the "data."  
A fight breaks out, after which Chorban will surrender.  Chorban tells you 
that he and Jahleed had been partners, and had stolen research data from 
their employer that they used to start scanning the keepers.  Jahleed was 
supposed to disseminate their initial findings, but it seems he has betrayed 
Chorban and is keeping the data for himself.  Chorban will now offer you the 
opportunity to scan the keepers for him.  You can also kill him for Renegade 
points.  If you have met Chorban before you can avoid the fight entirely.

    ++ Paragon for refusing to scan the keepers
    +  Renegade for agreeing to scan the keepers
    ++ Renegade for killing Chorban
    "Citadel: Jahleed's Fears" -> "Citadel: Jahleed's Secret"

2 - Back to Jahleed
Return to C-Sec and talk to Jahleed.  He reveals that he was hoping you would 
kill Chorban for him.  He too offers to let you scan the keepers.  You can 
choose whether or not to turn him in to the nearby C-Sec officer.  If you 
don't turn him in you can persuade him to mend his ways and take the data 
back to the people he stole it from.  You can only accept his bribe if you 
keep him out of jail without persuading him using Charm or Intimidate.  Once 
the matter is dealt with the assignment is complete.

    ++ Paragon for persuading Jahleed to mend his ways using Charm
    +  Renegade for persuading Jahleed to mend his ways using Intimidate

Assignment:   Citadel: Negotiator's Request
Given by:     Elias Keeler outside of Flux
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Citadel lockdown

1 - An Unusual Request
Outside of Flux you can find Elias Keeler, an Alliance Diplomat who needs you 
to get him a certain mental stimulant so he can be on top of his game for an 
upcoming meeting.  You can end the conversation on the spot by persuading him 
that he is an addict using Charm or Intimidate.  If not, you need to go buy 
him the drug.

    ++ Paragon for convincing Elias he has a problem using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing Elias he has a problem using Intimidate

2 - Drug Running
Head over to see Dr. Michel in the med clinic, where there are two new items 
available for purchase.  You can buy the stimulant Elias asked for, or a 
depressant, which should have the opposite effect.  Return to Elias and give 
him either drug to complete the assignment.

    ++ Renegade for giving Elias the depressant

Assignment:   Citadel: Old Friends
Given by:     Finch in the Lower Wards
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Earthborn, Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - Roots
Outside of Chora's Den is a shady-looking human named Finch.  He claims to be 
a member of your old gang back on Earth and he's hoping you'll help out the 
old crew by getting one of their own out of prison.  He needs you to convince 
the turian guard in Chora's Den to release the prisoner.

2 - The Guard
Head into Chora's Den and speak with the guard.  With sufficient Charm or 
Intimidate skill you can convince him to release the prisoner.  Doing so ends 
the assignment.

3 - Dirty Laundry
If you aren't able to persuade the guard, Finch shows up and threatens to 
destroy your reputation if you don't cooperate.  One again you have the 
chance to persuade using either Charm or Intimidate to get Finch to back off.  
If you don't persuade him then you either have to pay him a bribe or kill 
him.  Any outcome ends the assignment.

Assignment:   Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things
Given by:     Zabaleta in the Wards Access corridor
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Spacer, Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - The War Veteran
You can find Zabaleta in the wards access corridor.  He claims to have served 
with your parents on the Einstein many years ago.  He asks you to spare 
twenty credits.

    + Paragon for giving Zabaleta the money

2 - Call Home
Return to the Normandy and access the comm terminal in the briefing room to 
contact your mother, XO Shepard on the Kilmajaro.  She confirms his story and 
tells you about his emotional scars from being on Mindoir.  She wants you to 
get Zabaleta to go to the Veterans Affairs Office.

3 - Return to Zabaleta
You have a couple options for dealing with Zabaleta, who by this point has 
clearly been drinking.  With sufficient Charm or Intimidate skill you can 
convince him to go to the VAO like your mother requested.  Otherwise, you can 
give him twenty credits, choosing whether or not to specify its use.  You 
also have the option of refusing to help him.  Any choice ends the 

    ++ Paragon for convincing Zabaleta using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing Zabaleta using Intimidate
    +  Paragon for giving Zabaleta money for food
    +  Renegade for refusing to help Zabaleta

Assignment:   Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy
Given by:     Charles Saracino in the Upper Wards
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Citadel lockdown

1 - The Political Movement
In the center of the Wards is a demonstration by a group of Terra Firma Party 
members.  Their leader, Charles Saracino asks if you will support his pro-
human, anti-alien platform.  You can choose whether or not to endorse his 
candidacy.  The assignment concludes when the conversation is over.

    + Paragon for debating Saracino about his position
    + Renegade for endorsing Saracino's position

Assignment:   Citadel: Planting a Bug
Given by:     Emily Wong in the Citadel Tower
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: "Citadel: Reporter's Request," and one primary mission world

1 - Wong's Next Story
You can find Emily Wong again in the Citadel Tower.  This time she's hoping 
you'll help her with a story on dangerously overworked traffic control 
operators.  You can return to her without planting the bug and use Charm or 
Intimidate to convince her to drop the story.

    ++ Paragon for convincing Emily to drop the story using Charm
    ++ Renegade for lying to Emily and saying the bug didn't work.

2 - Planting the Bug (Optional)
Head to the C-Sec Academy and ascend the stairs to the control room.  In the 
corner near the keeper is an inconspicuous place to plant the bug.  Return to 
Emily when you are finished to receive your reward.

    + Paragon for helping her in order to save lives

Assignment:   Citadel: Presidium Prophet
Given by:     C-Sec Officer or Hanar near Wards Access on the Presidium
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Speak with the Citadel Council about Saren

1 - Resolve the Dispute
A Hanar evangelist is arguing with a C-Sec Officer on the Presidium near the 
elevator to the Wards access corridor.  You have the choice of persuading the 
Hanar to leave, persuading the C-Sec officer to drop the issue, or paying for 
the Hanar's permit to satisfy both parties.  Charm or Intimidate skills are 
necessary to convince either party.

    ++ Paragon for convincing the Hanar to leave using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing the Hanar to leave using Intimidate
    ++ Paragon for convince the Officer to leave using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convince the Officer to leave using Intimidate
    -150 Credits for buying the Hanar a permit

Assignment:   Citadel: Reporter's Request
Given by:     Emily Wong in the Upper Wards
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Access to the Wards

1 - Look for Information
You are solicited by Miss Wong as you walk through the Upper Wards.  She 
wants you to help her find information on organized crime and corruption on 
the Citadel.  You can find the information she wants on Fist's Optical 
Storage Disk, which you can find in his office after your confrontation with 

2 - Give Wong the Information
Once you have the evidence you can find Emily Wong where she was when you 
first received the Assignment.  She offers you credits as a reward for 
helping her.  Using Charm or Intimidate you can get her to increase the 
amount of money she gives you.  Keeping the disk for yourself gives you no 
    + Paragon for extorting extra credits using Charm
    + Renegade for extorting extra credits using Intimidate

Assignment:   Citadel: Rita's Sister and Chellick (Citadel: Rita's Sister)
Given by:     Rita in Flux bar
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Access to the Wards

1 - Talk to Jenna
Rita--a waitress at Flux--tells you that her sister has been working at 
Chora's Den as an informant for C-Sec.  She's worried about her sister and 
wants your help to get her to come back to Flux.  You can speak to Jenna at 
Chora's Den, but she has no intention of leaving.  On the way out you pass by 
a turian named Chellick who tells you to meet him at the C-Sec Academy.

2 - Chellick
Go to the offices on the upper floors of C-Sec Academy and speak with 
Detective Chellick.  You can use Charm or Intimidate right away to get him to 
release Jenna, but he will still want you to complete a task for him.  He 
asks you to go down to the markets and buy some illegal weapons modifications 
from a krogan named Jax.  He asks that you don't try to arrest Jax as it will 
undermine his operation.

    + Paragon for getting Chellick to release Jenna using Charm
    + Renegade for getting Chellick to release Jenna using Intimidate
    "Citadel: Rita's Sister" -> "Citadel: Rita's Sister and Chellick"

3 - Jax and the Mods (Optional)
If you agreed to do so, head down to the lower markets and speak to Jax.  You 
can try to arrest him, resulting in a firefight.  Otherwise, go through with 
the deal as planned.  Return and see Chellick to finish the assignment.

    ++ Paragon for following Chellick's orders
    ++ Renegade for killing Jax

Assignment:   Citadel: Scan the Keepers
Given by:     Chorban in the Citadel Tower
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Speak with Citadel Council about Saren

1 - Scan the Keepers
Shortly after your first meeting with the Council you can find Chorban 
inspecting a keeper in the Citadel Tower.  You can talk to him and agree to 
aid his search for information on the keepers by scanning each one you find.  
Every keeper you scan grants an experience and monetary reward.  There are 21 
keepers in total on the Citadel for you to find.  The assignment ends when 
you scan your last keeper.

    Keeper Locations:
        4 in the Citadel Tower
            Next to Chorban
            Far southwest corner
            Northwest corner behind a small wall
            In an alcove on the far east side
        8 on the Presidium
            Outside the tower near Avina Tourism Terminal II
            Near the entrance to the Wards
            In the Volus / Elcor office at the embassy
            In the diplomatic archives room at the embassy
            On the balcony outside the embassy lounge
            Near the Consort's Chambers
            Along the path between the Consort and the Emporium
            Hidden in an alcove at the back of the Emporium
        6 in the Wards
            In the Lower Wards near the C-Sec Academy elevator
            Near the med clinic
            In the upper market
            In the back alleys
            In the Wards access corridor
            At the back of the Flux casino
        2 in the C-Sec Academy
            In the requisitions office
            In the traffic control room
        1 in the Docking Bay
            At the far end of the platform

Assignment:   Citadel: Schells the Gambler
Given by:     Schells near the Flux entrance
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Complete assignment: "Citadel: Rita's Sister"

1 - Talk to Schells
Return to Flux after completing the assignment involving Rita and Jenna to 
see a salarian named Schells get thrown out of Flux.  Asking him about it 
reveals that he is working on developing a device that can be used to cheat 
at Quasar.  He asks you to help him by using the device to win some games for 

2 - Give the Device to Doran (Optional)
You can end the assignment right away by giving the device to Doran to put an 
end to Schells' cheating ways.  Doran will give you credits as a reward, 
hoping you'll use them in his casino.  Head back to Schells to tell him what 
you've done and complete the assignment.

3 - Scan the Machines (Optional)
You can use the device on any of the machines in the casino.  Doing so 
slightly improves your chances of winning.  Any time you get more money than 
you bet it is considered a win.  Win five times to collect enough data for 
Schells to use.  If you win seven times however, Doran will become suspicious 
and throw you out.  Return to Schells with your results to finish the 

4 - Hit the Dance Floor (Optional)
After you've completed the assignment you can return to Flux to find Doran 
strutting his stuff on the dance floor.  Approach him and press the A button 
to show him some moves of your own.

Assignment:   Citadel: Signal Tracking
Given by:     Suspicious Gambling Machine in the Flux casino
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Access to the Wards

1 - Track the Signal
Examining the suspicious gambling machine alerts you to a mysterious signal 
being relayed throughout the Citadel.  You need to find each relay in order 
to track the signal to its source.  The first relay is in the Wards access 
corridor.  The location of the signal should be located on your map.  
Investigating this source will lead you to the next one, located behind Barla 
Von in the Financial District.  The final relay directs you to a remote area 
behind the Emporium.

2 - The Source of the Signal
You come upon an ordinary-looking terminal that turns out to be a full 
artificial intelligence.  Distrustful of organics and sensing its imminent 
demise, it begins a self-destruct sequence to destroy you with it when it 
goes.  Activate the console to try to guess the abort sequence.  The correct 
combination is Y-X-Y-A-X-A-A.  Averting the self-destruct completes the 
assignment.  You also earn whatever credits the AI was unable to transfer 
away before you stopped the countdown.

Assignment:   Citadel: The Fan
Given by:     Conrad Verner near the markets in the Upper Wards
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Access to the Wards

1 - First Encounter
You can find Conrad Verner in the upper markets in the Wards.  He asks you 
for an autograph.  You can choose whether or not to give him one.

2 - Second Encounter
Complete at least one of the main plot missions and return to the Citadel.  
You can find Conrad in the same place.  This time he asks for a photograph of 
you to hang on his wall.  Once again you can accept or decline.

3 - Third Encounter
After completing at least two main plot missions return to the Citadel again 
to see Conrad once more.  This time he wants you to help him become a Spectre 
agent too.  You can use Charm or Intimidate to convince him more peacefully, 
or use the regular options to deny his request.  Once this conversation is 
over the assignment is complete.

    + Paragon for convincing Conrad using Charm
    + Renegade for convincing Conrad using Intimidate

Assignment:   Citadel: The Fourth Estate
Given by:     Khalisah Al-Jilani in the C-Sec Academy
Locations:    Citadel, Normandy
Requirements: Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - The Interview
In the C-Sec Academy, Khalisah bint Sinan Al-Jilani with Westerlund News asks 
you for an interview.  You can refuse from the beginning, or cut her off 
during the interview, with the option if hitting her for Renegade points.  
You can use Charm or Intimidate in your answers, and you also have the option 
of choosing whether or not to comment on the investigation into Saren.  Miss 
Al-Jilani tends to appreciate answers that emphasize human sovereignty and 
independence as opposed to cooperation with other races.  Your reward is 
based on how long the interview lasts and how well you field her questions.  
Charm and Intimidate answers make you look better.

    + Renegade for striking Al-Jilani.

2 - The Fallout
Back on the Normandy, Admiral Hackett will come on the radio to tell you what 
Al-Jilani's story was like and how it was viewed by Earth and the Council.

    ++ Paragon for conducting a smooth interview using Charm

Assignment:   Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint
Given by:     General Septimus in Chora's Den
Location:     Citadel
Requirements: Assignment: "Citadel: Asari Consort"

1 - Speak to Xeltan
After agreeing to help General Septimus, you can find Xeltan is in the 
Elcor/Volus office at the embassy.  Simply tell him that General Septimus is 
responsible for betraying his secrets.  Once this is complete you can tell 
the Consort of your success if you haven't already spoken to her about 
General Septimus. 
    + Paragon for comforting Xeltan about his secrets

Assignment:   Feros: Data Recovery
Given by:     Gavin Hossle in the refugee camp on Feros
Location:     Feros
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Data Hunt
Speak with Gavin Hossle at the refugee camp on the Prothean skyway to learn 
that he's in need of some data that's still at the ExoGeni facility.  Since 
you're going there anyway, he hopes you can recover it for him.

2 - At the Facility
While you're in the ExoGeni complex, head east past the room with the glowing 
orb and keep going until you find the stairs leading to the upper level.  
This part of the level is simply a straight corridor.  Gavin's console is at 
the end, guarded by a trio of krogan.  Once they're defeated you're free to 
recover his data from the console.  There's also a secure storage locker 
nearby, along with a server node you can access for a codex entry.  When you 
have the data, simply return to Gavin to complete the assignment.

Assignment:   Feros: Geth in the Tunnels
Given by:     Fai Dan in Zhu's Hope
Location:     Feros
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Fai Dan's Request
Speak to Fai Dan in Zhu's Hope to learn about the problems he and the other 
colonists face.  One major concern is the geth who are holed up the tunnels 
below the colony, likely guarding a transmitter to coordinate attacks.  
Destroying the transmitter would take a lot of the pressure off the 

2 - The Tunnels
Head up the nearby stairs and follow the path north until you reach the steps 
descending towards the tunnels.  Bear left until you reach the room on the 
astern side.  As you enter the doors there are two snipers at the far end of 
the hallway to worry about.  Beyond are a group of krogan warriors guarding 
the transmitter itself.  When it is safe to do so, fire on the transmitter 
until it is destroyed.  Don't forget the technician kit and upgrade kit 
nearby.  Head back and speak with Fai Dan to complete the assignment.

    ++ Paragon for helping Fai Dan with the transmitter

Assignment:   Feros: Power Cells
Given by:     May O'Connell in Zhu's Hope
Location:     Feros
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Power Up
May O'Connell is in charge of restoring power to the Zhu's Hope colony, which 
of course means she needs you to do it for her.  Head down to the tunnels and 
enter the western passage to access the collapsed highway section.  Fight off 
the varren if you haven't already done so and then examine the damaged 
vehicle nearby to pilfer its power cells from the fuel compartment.  Nearby 
you can also find a sludge canister and a malfunctioning object.  Return and 
give May the cells to complete the assignment.

    ++ Paragon for giving May the power cells

Assignment:   Feros: Varren Meat
Given by:     Davin Reynolds in Zhu's Hope
Location:     Feros
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - In Need of Food
Speak to Davin Reynolds in the freighter on Zhu's Hope to learn about the 
colonists' food shortage.  They need you to go down to the tunnels and deal 
with the alpha varren so they can safely hunt the rest.

2 - Going Hunting
In the tunnels, take the western path to the collapsed highway section.  Upon 
entering you must fight a group of varren.  They aren't very powerful, and 
should die easily, but after they are killed the alpha varren shows up.  The 
alpha is considerably tougher, so disable it if you can and try to keep your 
distance.  When all the varren are dead you can return to Davin Reynolds for 
your reward.

    ++ Paragon for killing the alpha varren for Davin
    +  Rengade for demanding payment from Davin

Assignment:   Feros: Water Restoration
Given by:     Macha Doyle in Zhu's Hope
Location:     Feros
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - The Water Shortage
Macha Doyle needs your help.  It seems the water supply to the Zhu's Hope 
colony has been cut off.  You need to venture down to the tunnels and open 
the valves to allow water to flow.

2 - The Valves
Your only obstacle to opening the valves are a series of three geth patrols 
you encounter in the side passages.  There are two valves to open in the 
southern passage, and one to open in the north passage.  The geth are holed 
up in each passage, but there are only a handful to worry about.  Once the 
water is flowing again you can return to Macha Doyle for your reward.

    ++ Paragon for restoring the Zhu's Hope water supply

Assignment:   Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon
Given by:     Garrus on the Normandy
Location:     Normandy, MSV Fedele
Requirements: Complete three of: Therum, Feros, Noveria, or Virmire

1 - The One That Got Away
Speaking with Garrus after completing your first three plot worlds results in 
a story from his C-Sec days.  He had been after a rogue geneticist who was 
performing unspeakable experiments on the poor residents of the Citadel.  The 
doctor managed to escape and Garrus was never able to bring him to justice.

2 - The Mad Scientist
Head to the Herschel System in the Kepler Verge and locate the doctor's ship, 
the MSV Fedele.  In the main hold you can find a number of the doctor's test 
subjects, confirming that you are on the right track.  At the front of the 
ship is Dr. Saleon himself.  He maintains his innocence, claiming that he is 
"Dr. Heart," but Garrus can confirm his identity.  Regardless, the doctor 
won't be taken alive and you will have to kill him.  Return to the Normandy 
after you've looted all the nearby containers.

Assignment:   Noveria: Espionage
Given by:     Mallene Calis in the Port Hanshan Hotel
Location:     Noveria
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Questionable Ethics
You are solicited by Mallene Calis, an Armali employee who's seeking 
corporate secrets from Rafael Vargas, the Binary Helix salesman on the other 
side of the room.  She wants you to pose as a potential client and distract 
him long enough for her to crack into his personal network and learn if 
Binary Helix has been infringing on the copyrights of her employer.  You can 
refuse the task outright for some Paragon points.

    ++ Paragon for telling Mallene that what she is doing is illegal

2 - Talking to Vargas
The goal here is just to keep the conversation going for as long as possible.  
The way to do this is by using Charm or Intimidate at every opportunity.  
There are four places to use Charm or Intimidate, though--depending on your 
responses--as little as two can be used to complete the task.  If not, you 
risk Vargas discovering that you're just wasting his time and ending the 
conversation.  When Mallene's device beeps, simply excuse yourself from the 
conversation and leave.  You also have the option to tell Vargas what's going 
on by informing him about Mallene.  In this case he will thank you and then 

3 - Return to Mellene
Go back and speak with Mellene and tell her what happened.  If you turned her 
in, you can lie and say that the device worked, or you can admit what you 
did.  Either way, the assignment is complete.

    +  Paragon for admitting you gave the device to Vargas
    ++ Renegade for lying and telling Mallene the device worked
    +  Paragon for using Charm on Mallene
    +  Renegade for using Intimidate on Mallene

Assignment:   Noveria: Smuggling
Given by:     Opold in the Port Hanshan Plaza
Location:     Noveria
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - The Hanar's Request
In the Port Hanshan plaza you can find a Hanar named Opold who has a request 
of you.  He needs you to use your Spectre status to sneak a package through 
customs for him.  Using Charm or Intimidate you can get him to tell you a bit 
more, but he's still reluctant to fill you in completely.  He assures you 
that the contents pose no threat to anyone in the port however.

2 - The Package
If you accepted the assignment, head back to the Normandy to collect the 
package.  You now have a few choices.  You can return the package to Opold 
for the promised payment, which ends the assignment.  You can also decide to 
keep the package for yourself, which adds an upgrade to your inventory.  
Going this route doesn't prevent you from using Opold as a store, but the 
hanar's buyer--a krogan names Inamorda--will be upset enough to ambush you in 
the docking bay.  You can also cut out the middleman and sell the package 
directly to Inamorda at the hotel for up to 750 credits.  Finally, you have 
the option of going directly to administrator Anoleis and informing him about 
the smuggling operation in exchange for a garage pass.

    +200 Credits and a Garage Pass for giving the package to Anoleis
    +500 Credits for giving the package to Inamorda
    + Paragon and +750 Credits for using Charm on Inamorda
    + Renegade and +750 Credits for using Intimidate on Inamorda
    +250 Credits for giving the package to Opold
    +500 Credits for using Charm or Intimidate on Opold

Assignment:   Tali and the Geth
Given by:     Data received from a terminal on Solcrum
Location:     Normandy, Solcrum
Requirements: Must have received data from the Geth Terminal

1 - Geth Data Files
You can find a geth terminal at the end of "UNC: Geth Incursions" that gives 
you a number of encrypted data files.  You have the option to give these 
files to Tali, who wants them for her pilgrimage.

    + Paragon for giving the files to Tali
    + Renegade for refusing to give the files to Tali

Assignment:   UNC: Asari Diplomacy (Investigate Mercenaries)
Given by:     Nassana in a radio transmission
Locations:    Citadel, Sharjila
Requirements: Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - Nassana's Request
After completing one primary mission planet you will receive a transmission 
from an asari diplomat requesting your assistance.  Return to the citadel and 
seek out Nassana in the embassy lounge.  She tells you that her sister has 
been kidnapped, and that she wants you to go rescue her.

2 - The Pirate Base
Head to the Macedon System in the Artemis Tau Cluster and land on Sharjila.  
At the base to the north you can find a number of towers with pirate snipers 
in them, as well as pirates on the ground.  There are more pirates and 
snipers (humans and krogan) inside the base itself, along with an asari 
biotic.  When everyone is dead head upstairs and check the desk on the second 
floor, which has information showing Nassana has deceived you.

3 - Return to the Citadel
Go back to the embassy lounge and confront Nassana.  She admits to lying to 
you, but offers a reward for helping her anyway.  With enough Charm or 
Intimidate skill you can get her to give you a license for the Armali 
Council, which makes the Prodigy Amp and Nexus Tool.  Finishing the 
conversation concludes the assignment.

Assignment:   UNC: Asari Writings
Given by:     Survey an Asari Matriarch's Writings
Location:     Uncharted Worlds
Requirements: Spectre status

Here are the locations of the Asari Writings:

        Junthor (Gagarin, Armstrong Nebula)
        Klencory (Newton, Kepler Verge)
        Matar (Hong, Armstrong Nebula)
        Paravin (Han, Gemini Sigma)
        Pataiton (Vostok, Maroon Sea)
        Ploba (Antaeus, Hades Gamma)
        Porolan (Macedon, Artemis Tau)
        Veles (Pax, Horse Head Nebula)
        Altahe (Archeron, Styx Theta)
        Chohe (Cacus, Hades Gamma)
        Nonuel (Plutus, Hades Gamma)
        Sharjila (Macedon, Artmeis Tau)
        Solcrum (Grissom, Armstrong Nebula)
        Tuntan (Phoenix, Argos Rho)

Assignment:   UNC: Besieged Base
Given by:     Radio message from Alliance Command
Location:     Chohe
Requirements: 80% Paragon, Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - A Sensitive Situation
When you've sufficiently proved your virtue by getting enough Paragon points, 
Admiral Hackett will send you a message about a group of biotic extremists 
who have taken over a research outpost and have taken the civilians hostage.  
The Alliance needs you to go in and stop the biotics while minimizing 
civilian casualties.

2 - Save the Civilians
Receiving this assignment opens up the Cacus System in the Hades Gamma 
Cluster.  From here, land on Chohe and make for the nearby science station.  
To complete the assignment you must kill all the biotics in the facility.  
The civilians don't make it easy because they tend to wander aimlessly, and 
are very susceptible to damage.  Your squad can actually be a liability here 
if you are trying to save the civilians, so consider keeping them back if 
you're having trouble.  When all the biotics are dead you can report back to 
Hackett for an appraisal of your ability to save the hostages.

Assignment:   UNC: Cerberus
Given by:     Rear Admiral Kahoku in the Citadel Tower
Location:     Citadel, Binthu
Requirements: Complete "UNC: Missing Marines"

1 - Kahoku Needs Help
When you return to the Citadel Tower after completing "UNC: Missing Marines," 
Kahoku informs you that a shady group known as Cerberus was responsible for 
the deaths of his men.  He needs you to head to the Voyager Cluster and 
eliminate their research outposts.  Go to the Yangtze system and land on 

2 - The Cerberus Facilities
The drop zone is in the middle of three Cerberus facilities.  You can tackle 
the facilities in any order.  Each is guarded by two heavy turrets on the 
exterior, and each has a large room with a square energy field in the center.  
Inside each energy field is a different set of test subjects, either Thorian 
or rachni that you can release by using the appropriate console.  Around the 
perimeter of the field are a handful of guards and technicians.

2 - Kahoku's Fate
When you clear out the final facility you discover Kahoku's body in the 
center of the main room.  Despite the nature of the creatures he was locked 
in with, the puncture marks on his body suggest a different cause of his 
death.  Once you learn the admiral's fate, the assignment is complete, and 
"UNC: Hades' Dogs" begins.

Assignment:   UNC: Colony of the Dead (Investigate Samples)
Given by:     Server node in the ExoGeni complex on Feros
Location:     Chasca
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - ExoGeni's Dirty Laundry
A server node on the upper level of the Feros ExoGeni facility informs you 
about a connection between ExoGeni and Cerberus.  You'll need to investigate 
the Matano System to learn more about this partnership.  Head to Chasca in 
the Maroon Sea Cluster and head towards any of the structures to the 
southwest.  When you notice the husks it becomes apparent what has happened 

    "Investigate Samples" -> "UNC: Colony of the Dead"

2 - The Fate of the Scientists
There are a couple civilian structures, but exploring these is optional.  All 
the buildings contain husks, but only the science facility has a terminal at 
the back to suggest where they came from.  It seems that someone from the 
Cerberus group passed through the colony a few days before the colonists 
became husks.  Once you learn this information the assignment is finished.

Assignment:   UNC: Dead Scientists (Doctor at Risk)
Given by:     Terminal on the upper floor of the Port Hanshan Hotel
Location:     Ontarom
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - A Doctor in Trouble
With enough Electronics skill you can hack the terminal in the upper floor of 
the Port Hanshan Hotel on Noveria.  Doing so reveals a message to a doctor in 
the Newton System who is apparently now in danger because his connection to a 
certain organization has come to light.

2 - Finding the Doctor
Head to the Kepler Verge and land on Ontarom.  Nestled in a valley to the 
southeast is an underground facility guarded by mercenaries.  Eliminate them, 
both outside and inside the complex, and head to the back room, where a 
soldier names Toombs is threatening to kill the scientist you came looking 
for.  If you have the Sole Survivor background Toombs will recognize you as a 
fellow marine from the mission on Akuze.  This adds some dialogue, but does 
not otherwise affect the conversation.  If you don't persuade him otherwise, 
Toombs kills the scientist and then turns the gun on himself.  Using Charm 
you can prevent their deaths, but with Intimidate you have the option of 
killing the doctor yourself.  When you're done, return to the Normandy to 
complete the assignment.

Assignment:   UNC: Depot Sigma-23
Given by:     Computer in Listening Post Theta
Location:     Unidentified Space Facility
Requirements: Complete Noveria

1 - The Rachni Express
Having finished "UNC: Listening Post Theta" you should have a good idea 
what's been going on.  Cargo ships that has been delivering rachni all over 
the galaxy, and you need to find their source in order to keep them from 
spreading.  Travel to the Gorgon System in the Argos Rho Cluster and land on 
the unidentified space facility.

2 - Stop the Shipments
The main hold has a few rachni in it, but it's not too much to handle.  The 
trick here is that the hold is filled with boxes that make navigation 
difficult.  Remember how you get through the hold to the far side, and you'll 
need to navigate your way back in a hurry.  On the far side of the facility 
are a number of containers, and a terminal where you can learn that--big 
surprise--Cerberus has been conducting experiments with the goal of creating 
a new biological weapon.  Arm the nearby demolition charge and run back the 
way you came to return to the Normandy and escape the explosion.  More rachni 
will appear in the hold but making it back to the ship is more important than 
dealing with them.  Once you've safely escaped the explosion the mission is 

Assignment:   UNC: Derelict Freighter
Given by:     The MSV Cornucopia in the Caspian System
Location:     MSV Cornucopia
Requirements: Complete Feros

1 - Board the Freighter
Out in the Caspian System of the Maroon Sea Cluster you can find a derelict 
freighter.  Board the ship to investigate and find a small army of husks on 
board.  It's obvious that the entire crew has been transformed.  When you've 
defeated them all, head to the cockpit and check the logs.  It seems the crew 
discovered an artifact that made them go crazy.  They flew straight into the 
Perseus Veil, where the geth no doubt found them and transformed them into 
husks.  The ship was then directed back into the Traverse for someone like 
you to find.  When you're done exploring the ship, head back to the Normandy.

Assignment:   UNC: Distress Call (Unusual Readings)
Given by:     Computer console in Ambassador Udina's office
Locations:    Metgos
Requirements: Citadel access

1 - When you first arrive on the Citadel, examine the ambassador's computer 
to receive an assignment about some unusual energy readings detected in the 
Argos Rho cluster.

2 - Investigate the System
Go to the Hydra System in the Argos Rho Cluster and examine Metgos.  You 
receive a distress signal from the planet's surface.

    "Unusual Readings" -> "UNC: Distress Call"

3 - Find the Distress Call
Land on Metgos and drive to the source of the signal, which turns out to be a 
geth ambush.  Avoid the mine placed underneath the distress beacon.  Keep 
moving and don't let the geth surround you.  When all the enemies have been 
defeated the assignment is over.

Assignment:   UNC: Espionage Probe (Investigate Shipments)
Given by:     Terminal in the freighter in Zhu's Hope
Location:     Agebinium
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Diverted Supplies
Head inside the freighter at the Zhu's hope colony and access the terminal 
using your electronics skill.  You will receive a message informing you of 
several supply shipments that have been diverted to the Voyager Cluster.

2 - The Missing Probe
Arriving at the Amazon System in the Voyager Cluster triggers a message from 
Alliance Command.  It seems they've lost a twenty-year-old nuclear bomb and 
they need you to recover it before the unthinkable happens.

    "Investigate Shipments" -> "UNC: Espionage Probe"

3 - Find the Bomb
Head down to Agebinium and make for the homing beacon.  The signal is coming 
from an underground mining complex, suggesting that the probe didn't crash on 
the planet.  Enter the mining tunnels and head to the back.  When you enter 
the last room there is a cave-in as the path behind you is blocked.  The 
holographic image of a pirate named Elanos Haliat appears and taunts you.  
You need to find another way out of the tunnels, but first you must disarm 
the bomb in front of you.  There are three hard points you must disable, each 
requiring either a long sequence of button presses or 100 omni-gel.  There is 
a ten second timer, but it does not count down while you are disabling each 

4 - Back to the Surface
Once the bomb is diffused, head back out and bear left to enter the adjacent 
tunnel.  This path leads you back out of the complex to a hidden entrance on 
a ridge overlooking Haliat's camp.  You can either try to snipe Haliat and 
his mercs from the top of the ridge, or head down the hill and hop in the 
nearby Mako before dealing with them.  When they are all dead, the assignment 
is complete.

Assignment:   UNC: ExoGeni Facility (Investigate Facility)
Given by:     Terminal in the ExoGeni complex on Feros
Location:     Nodacrux
Requirements: Complete Feros

1 - A Suspicious Message
On the upper level of the ExoGeni facility on Faros is a terminal that can be 
accessed for information on some suspicious ExoGeni activity in the Maroon 
Sea Cluster.  Head to the Vostok System and Land on Nodacrux, at which point 
Joker will inform you of a distress beacon on the planet's surface.

    "Investigate Facility" -> "UNC: ExoGeni Facility"

2 - The Overrun Facility
Approaching the science facility should give you a pretty good idea about why 
the distress signal was activated.  There are Thorian creepers surrounding 
the entrance, along with more on the inside.  At the back of the facility are 
a few survivors.  Speak to Dr. Ross to learn what happened at the facility, 
and then decide how to deal with the survivors.  She offers you a bribe to 
keep her activities a secret.  If you don't accept then you will have to 
fight her and the other scientists.

    ++ Paragon for trying to arrest Dr. Ross

Assignment:   UNC: Geth Incursions (Geth Activities)
Given by:     Hackett after entering Armstrong Nebula, ExoGeni terminal
Location:     Armstrong Nebula
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Turn Back the Geth Invasion
When you enter the Armstrong Nebula, Admiral Hackett informs you of geth 
activity in the region and asks that you eliminate the geth outposts in each 
system.  You can also receive this assignment by decrypting the geth terminal 
in the ExoGeni facility on Feros.

2 - Gagarin System
Head to the Gagarin System and land on Rayingri.  Head south to the overrun 
research outpost, which is on top of a large plateau surrounded by husk 
spikes.  Inside there is a weapons locker and a storage locker in the first 
room.  The main room is filled with husks.  There are also husks in the back 
rooms that will pour out when you approach.  You can find three crates and 
two malfunctioning objects in the back rooms.  When you reenter the main room 
you will find that a squad of geth troopers, destroyers, and snipers have 
come in from behind you.  Take them out and head back outside.  As you exit 
the facility, more troopers, shock troopers, and snipers will come over the 
top of the hill surrounding you.  Hop in the Mako to make dealing with them 
easier.  Note that you can also get more experience points by defeating the 
enemies on foot.  When all the geth are dead you can move on to the next 

3 - Hong System
Land on Casbin in the Hong System and head northeast towards the geth 
outpost.  Follow the valley to the north and then east to avoid having to 
navigate the rocky hills surrounding the outpost.  Geth snipers will jam your 
radar when you get close, so check your map to be sure of your heading.  The 
outpost is surrounded by geth snipers and rocket troopers.  Keep your 
distance as much as possible and take them out one at a time.  Once they are 
defeated, a geth dropship will come in and begin depositing geth shock 
troopers in the center of the outpost.  It will continue providing 
reinforcements until you destroy it.  Once the dropship is destroyed, clear 
out the remaining geth and proceed to the next system.

4 - Tereshkova System
Head to Antibaar in the Tereshkova System and make for the geth outpost to 
the north.  Again, expect snipers to jam your radar so check your map to be 
sure you're going in the right direction.  The outpost is guarded by a geth 
colossus, along with more geth snipers and rocket troopers.  When the outpost 
is cleared out, reinforcements will begin arriving.  Expect to face rocket 
troopers, shock troopers, and a few geth primes.  Once all the enemies are 
defeated you are clear to move on to the next system.

5 - Vamshi System
The final known geth outpost in the nebula is on Maji in the Vamshi System.  
The outpost here is to the north on top of a large rocky hill.  Approach from 
the southeast, where you can find a path leading up the hill.  There are 
numerous geth heavy turrets built into the hill so be alert as you make your 
ascent.  The outpost itself is defended by rocket troopers and snipers.  
Reinforcements this time come in the form of a geth colossus.  When all the 
geth are killed your squad will remark that you still need to find the 
primary geth base for this sector.  Return to the Normandy.

6 - The Geth Base
You can find the geth base on Solcrum in the Grissom System.  After landing 
in the Mako, head east to find the main base.  As you come over the hill you 
can survey the base in the valley below.  There are two colossi and three 
rocket troopers guarding the entrance.  Your radar will be jammed once you 
make it inside.  In the main room you must fight a geth destroyer and 
numerous geth stalkers.  There is also a juggernaut on the second floor.  The 
mission is completed when all the geth are destroyed.  There is a secure 
crate and an upgrade kit in the back room, along with a terminal that can be 
accessed to begin the assignment "Tali and the Geth."

Assignment:   UNC: Hades' Dogs
Given by:     Admiral Kahoku's corpse on Binthu
Location:     Nepheron
Requirements: Complete "UNC: Cerberus"

1 - Eliminating Cerberus
Having found Kahoku's remains on Binthu at the end of "UNC: Cerberus," you 
must now eliminate the people responsible once and for all.  Travel to 
Nepheron, in the Columbia System by way of the Voyager Cluster.  Head to the 
underground facility and eliminate all the Cerberus commandos and snipers 

2 - The Shadow Broker
At the back of the facility is a terminal containing encrypted files on 
Cerberus.  Return to the Normandy and access the Galaxy Map to receive a 
message from a representative of the Shadow Broker, offering to pay you for 
the information you've just recovered on Cerberus.  You can choose whether or 
not to sell the information.  Any response ends the assignment. 
    + Paragon for refusing to betray the Alliance
    + Renegade for readily selling the information

Assignment:   UNC: Hostage
Given by:     Elevator newscaster during segment on biotic extremists
Location:     MSV Ontario
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Board the Freighter
While riding in an elevator on the Citadel you may learn that a Chairman 
Burns has been kidnapped by biotic extremists.  Head to the Farinata System 
in the Hades Gamma Cluster and search for the Ontario.  It is hidden so move 
your cursor around and look for a twinkle of light to indicate its location.  
Once you've found it select a squad and board the freighter.  You're facing 
all biotic enemies so adjust your equipment and tactics accordingly.  Once 
you're spotted by the biotics you'll have three minutes to reach the hostage 
before he is executed.  Head to the far side of the freighter when the main 
hold is clear of enemies.

2 - Negotiate with the Leader
Confront the terrorist leader.  If you can't persuade him to spare the 
hostage you will have to fight the extremists.  A high enough Charm or 
Intimidate score will allow you to avoid combat.  Either way completes the 

    ++ Paragon for diffusing the situation using Charm
    ++ Renegade for diffusing the situation using Intimidate

Assignment:   UNC: Hostile Takeover
Given by:     Helena Blake near the Emporium in the Financial District
Location:     Mavigon, Klensal, Amaranthine
Requirements: Spectre Status

1 - Taking the Assignment
Helena Blake solicits you outside the Emporium on the Citadel with a 
proposition.  She wants your help removing two fellow leaders of a galactic 
crime syndicate.  Since what she is asking you to do is illegal you receive 
Renegade points for agreeing to do as she asks.  If you refuse to do what she 
wants you will receive the mission anyway along with Paragon points.

    ++  Paragon for refusing to take the assignment
    +   Renegade for accepting the assignment

2 - Eliminate Crimelord #1
Travel to Mavigon, a planet in the Han System of the Gemini Sigma Cluster.  
The syndicate base is on a hill to the southeast with Heavy Turrets outside 
that you should try to eliminate from a distance.  When the external defenses 
are taken care of you are free to enter the building and kill everyone 
inside.  Expect to encounter human and krogan mercenaries in addition to the 
crime boss.

3 - Eliminate Crimelord #2
The second target is on Klensal in the Dis System of the Hades Gamma Cluster.  
Head south to the syndicate base which is guarded by mercenaries in towers 
surrounding the entrance.  Once again, enter the complex and eliminate 
everyone inside.  When both syndicate leaders are eliminated you need to go 
see Helena Blake.

3 - The Final Crimelord
Go to the Fortuna System in the Horse Head Nebula and land on Amaranthine.  
Travel south to Helena's base of operations.  You can find her just inside 
the entrance, guarded by more mercenaries.  Though still a leader of a 
criminal organization she vows to limit herself to gambling and smuggling 
operations.  With sufficient Charm or Intimidate you can convince her to mend 
her ways completely.  If you choose to try to arrest her however she refuses 
to go peacefully and you'll have to kill her along with her henchmen.  These 
mercenaries can be tougher than those faced previously so take care.  When 
all the mercs are dead the assignment is completed.

    ++ Paragon for convincing Helena to mend her ways using Charm
    ++ Renegade for convincing Helena to mend her ways using Intimidate

Assignment:   UNC: Listening Post Alpha
Given by:     Visit Erebus System or access Listening Post Theta comm
Location:     Nepmos
Requirements: Complete Noveria

1 - The Rachni Horde
After finishing Noveria, the Styx Theta Cluster becomes available.  Heading 
to the Erebus System triggers an urgent distress call from the planet Nepmos.  
Head down to the surface and proceed towards the source of the transmission.  
A group of Alliance Marines are pinned down by rachni, who swarm out of the 
ground on regular intervals.  Talking to Lt. Durand reveals the tough 
situation they are in.  She asks you to help in any way you can.  Head over 
to the damaged generator and hook up the Mako's power supply to reactivate 
the turrets.  Then move your squad to the opening between one set of 
barricades and place yourself in the other opening.  From here, the combined 
firepower should be enough to overwhelm any rachni that come your way.  Fight 
off a few more waves, then speak to the lieutenant again to learn that the 
Rachni are coming from an underground complex nearby.

2 - The Infested Mine
Disconnect the Mako from the generator and drive it west to the mine 
entrance.  Though it appears to be empty at first, groups of rachni will 
begin pouring out of the ground as you get farther into the mine.  Proceed 
cautiously and retreat when necessary.  The soldiers tend to appear in groups 
of three.  When the main cavern is clear, there are two side passages at the 
back to worry about.  Each passage contains a few more soldiers and an 
enormous rachni brood warrior.  Retreat back into the tunnels as necessary, 
and use your biotic powers to disable each rachni is you can.  When the mine 
is cleared out, the assignment is over and you can return to the Normandy.

Assignment:   UNC: Listening Post Theta
Given by:     Marines on Listening Post Alpha or visit Acheron System
Location:     Altahe
Requirements: Complete Noveria

1 - The Alliance Listening Post
Go to the Acheron System in the Styx Theta Cluster and land on Altahe.  
Approach the listening post to find some rachni holes outside.  Each hole 
will spew a few rachni soldiers as you get close.  Stay in the Mako to make 
quick work of them.  There are a handful of rachni in the base itself, but 
nothing you can't handle by this point.  Grab the containers at the back, and 
then access the terminal to learn that a shipment was received by the outpost 
a few days ago.  It's likely the rachni were delivered aboard this ship.  To 
learn more you'll need to investigate the supply depot in the Gorgon System 
to learn more.

Assignment:   UNC: Locate Signs of Battle
Given by:     Survey of a Medallion or ID Tag
Location:     Uncharted Worlds
Requirements: Spectre status

Coming Soon


Assignment:   UNC: Lost Freighter
Given by:     MSV Worthington in the Ming System
Location:     MSV Worthington
Requirements: Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - Investigate the Freighter
It seems no one is aboard the MSV Worthington, which is adrift in the Ming 
System of the Gemini Sigma Cluster.  The hold it filled with explosives, 
however, and these are set to detonate when you get too close.  Head to the 
southeast room and play the logs and hear someone named Julia say that she 
won't give up on Jacob.  To the northeast you can find the brain-dead Jacob, 
still on life support, as well as a log from Dr. Smith.  In the cockpit you 
can access the computer to hear the captain recount what transpired.  It 
seems Julia went crazy after Jacob was nearly killed.  After hearing the 
logs, Julia shows up and attacks you with her biotic powers.  She will also 
appear if you turn off Jacob's life support.  When Julia is dead you can go 
back to Jacob and turn off his life support (if you haven't already).

Assignment:   UNC: Lost Module
Given by:     Admiral Hackett via transmission in Attican Beta Cluster
Locations:    Eletania
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Find the Data Module
Admiral Hackett needs you to recover a data module from a downed probe before 
the geth can get to it.  Land on Eletania and head northeast to find the 
downed probe.  The data module is missing, however, as a space monkey has 
made off with it.  Four monkey colonies will appear on your map.  You are 
interested in the one to the north, which is next to a mining complex.  The 
monkey with the data module is at the very back of the mine in the 
westernmost room.  The geth show up when you try to leave the mine.  You will 
have to fight a full compliment of Geth Snipers, Shock Troopers, and a 
Destroyer.  When you are finished return to the Normandy to complete the 

    ++ Renegade for squishing a space monkey with the Mako

Assignment:   UNC: Major Kyle (Strange Transmission)
Given by:     Console in Executor Pallin's office
Location:     Presrop
Requirements: none

1 - Follow the Transmission
The console in C-Sec HQ directs you to the Century System in the Hawking Eta 
Cluster.  Your arrival will trigger a message from Alliance Command about a 
group of biotic cultists led by a former Alliance soldier.

    "Strange Transmission" -> "UNC: Major Kyle"

2 - Investigate the Compound
Land on Presrop and proceed southwest towards the compound.  To access the 
building with Major Kyle you must attempt to enter the large structure first.  
You speak on the intercom with a biotic cultist inside.  You can persuade 
them to let you see Major Kyle, or you can go inside and kill the cultists.  
At the far side of the building is a control panel to let you in to see Major 
Kyle.  Head outside and go to the other side of the complex to enter the 
round building.  If you persuaded your way in you can proceed to the back and 
talk to Kyle without incident.

    + Paragon for convincing the cultists using Charm
    + Renegade for convincing the cultists using Intimidate

3 - Major Kyle
If you have killed any cultists then you have no choice but to kill Kyle.  If 
not you can use Charm or Intimidate to persuade him to turn himself in 
peacefully.  If you accept his terms you can leave without a fight.  Return 
to the Normandy to inform Admiral Hackett about the mission.

    ++ Paragon for persuading Kyle using Charm
    ++ Renegade for persuading Kyle using Intimidate

Assignment:   UNC: Missing Marines
Given by:     Rear Admiral Kahoku in the Citadel Tower
Location:     Edolus
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Armiston Banes (Optional)
If you have completed the assignment "Doctor Michel" then you should know 
about Armiston Banes, an Alliance researcher.  Asking Kahoku about Banes 
reveals that he was found dead on a derelict scout ship by one of Kahoku's 
men.  Kahoku sent a recon team to the system where Banes was found to scout 
the region.  This team has gone missing and Kahoku needs your help to find 

2 - Find the Recon Team
Head to Edolus in the Sparta System to begin the search for the recon team.  
Take the Mako to the location of the distress beacon where you will be 
attacked by a thresher maw.  When fighting a thresher, be sure to keep moving 
to avoid its attacks.  Once it is defeated you can check on the bodies of 
Kahoku's men, who were doubtless lured to the Thresher nest by the distress 
beacon.  Return to Admiral Kahoku on the Citadel to give him the bad news.

Assignment:   UNC: Missing Survey Team
Given by:     Elevator newscaster during segment on ExoGeni
Location:     Trebin
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Find the Research Team
While riding an elevator in the Citadel you may learn about a survey team 
that has gone missing in the Hades Gamma Cluster.  Head to the Antaeus System 
and land on Trebin.  Head north to the research base, where investigation of 
one of the structures reveals that the team unearthed some kind of alien 
technology at the nearby excavation site.

2 - The Dig Site
Nearly every inch of the mining tunnels is crawling with husks.  Prepare your 
equipment for fighting synthetics and try to lure them into the narrow 
hallways to make the fight easier.  The assignment is complete when all the 
husks are defeated.

Assignment:   UNC: Privateers
Given by:     Garoth in the Citadel Tower, Port Hanshan terminal
Location:     Citadel, Xawin
Requirements: Spectre status

1 - Garoth's Request
Find Garoth in the Citadel Tower.  If asked, he informs you that his brother 
has gone missing in the Horse Head Nebula.

    + Paragon for offering to help
    + Renegade for refusing to help

2 - Find Garoth's Brother
Head to the Strenuus System and find the Majesty.  Scanning the vessel 
reveals an energy trail leading to the nearby planet.  Land on Xawin and make 
for the mercenary camp.  There are turrets and snipers defending the base.  
On the inside are a group of human and krogan mercenaries.  When all the 
enemies are dead, head up to the second floor to learn Captain Willem's fate.  
Head back to the Citadel and inform Garoth to end the assignment.

    + Paragon for comforting Garoth

Assignment:   UNC: Prothean Data Discs
Given by:     Survey of a Prothean Data Disc
Location:     Uncharted Worlds
Requirements: Spectre status

Coming Soon


Assignment:   UNC: Rogue VI
Given by:     Admiral Hackett
Location:     Luna
Requirements: Level 20

1 - To the Moon
Admiral Hackett informs you that the Alliance needs your help again.  It 
seems they've lost control of one of their training VIs on the Moon and they 
need you to go in and take it out.  Head to the Solar System in the Local 
Cluster and land on Luna.  Head to the Alliance training ground.  There are 
three buildings in this area, each guarded by a pair of heavy turrets.  You 
can tackle the facilities in any order, as they are all nearly identical. 
2 - Penetrate the Defenses
Each facility has around a dozen drones of different types (mostly advanced 
assault drones) which are very tough and have strong shielding.  Try to lure 
out a few at a time and deal with them in small groups so you don't get 
overwhelmed.  Don't be afraid to retreat if you have to.  Remember also that 
biotic powers are useless here.  Garrus and Tali are probably the best 
companions to have.  Make good use of all your tech powers to make dealing 
with the drones easier.  Save often to avoid having to repeat the whole 

3 - The VI Conduits
At the back of each facility are two rooms, each with four conduits you must 
destroy.  Attacking the conduits results in one additional complication for 
each facility.  In the first building the VI will release toxic gas into the 
room to try to poison you.  In the second, the VI will erect energy barriers 
over all the conduits, and across each door that you need to shoot to get 
past.  Finally, the VI calls in reinforcements in the final building when you 
start destroying the conduits.  When all 24 conduits are destroyed, a binary 
message appears saying "HELP".

4 - Specialization Class
You have now earned your choice of specialization class.  This new class will 
add available levels to your base class on the Squad screen based on your 
choice of specialization.  Your base class determines which specialization 
you have access to:

    Soldier:     Commando or Shock Trooper
    Engineer:    Medic or Operative
    Adept:       Bastion or Nemesis
    Infiltrator: Commando or Operative
    Vanguard:    Nemesis or Shock Trooper
    Sentinel:    Bastion or Medic

Each specialization class adds certain benefits, but you must add talent 
points into the specialization to achieve them

    Bastion:       + Biotic talent recharge              - all ranks
                   + Barrier                             - rank 9
                   Damage target in stasis               - rank 12

    Commando:      + Weapons damage                      - all ranks
                   + Immunity                            - rank 9
                   + Marksman                            - rank 12
                   + Assassination                       - rank 12

    Medic:         + First Aid recharge                  - all ranks
                   + Neural Shock                        - rank 9
                   Healing revives squad members         - rank 12

    Nemesis:       + Biotic talent damage                - all ranks
                   + Warp                                - rank 9
                   + Lift                                - rank 12

    Operative:     + Tech talent recharge                - all ranks
                   + Overload                            - rank 9
                   + Sabotage                            - rank 12

    Shock Trooper: + Health                              - all ranks
                   + Immunity (soldier)                  - rank 9
                   + Barrier (vanguard)                  - rank 9
                   + Adrenaline Burst                    - rank 12

Assignment:   UNC: The Negotiation
Given by:     Radio message from Alliance Command
Requirements: 80% Renegade, Complete Therum, Feros, or Noveria

Coming Soon


Assignment:   UNC: Turian Insignias
Given by:     Survey a Turian Insignia
Location:     Uncharted Worlds
Requirements: Spectre status

Coming Soon


Assignment:   UNC: Valuable Minerals
Given by:     Survey of a metal, rare element, or gas
Location:     Uncharted Worlds
Requirements: Spectre status

Coming Soon


Assignment:   Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe's Team
Given by:     Captain Kirrahe on Virmire
Location:     Virmire
Requirements: Complete two of: Therum, Feros, or Noveria

1 - Communications Tower
There are a number of ways you can make life easier on Kirrahe's teams while 
you're infiltrating Saren's base.  First, bear right and head north to the 
communications tower.  The tower is guarded by some light geth forces, but 
they have height and cover so proceed with caution.  Up on the balcony is a 
terminal you can use to disrupt the geth communications.

    + Paragon for disrupting geth communications

2 - Satellite Uplink Tower
Follow any path to the west to reach the satellite uplink tower.  Simply 
shoot the uplink before proceeding to destroy it.

    + Paragon for disrupting the satellite uplink

3 - Refueling Platform
Beyond the uplink tower, head north to reach the refueling platform.  Here 
you must destroy the geth drones.  There are large fuel tanks nearby that 
will explode when shot, so use these to help take down the drones.

    ++ Paragon for destroying the geth flyers

4 - Breaching Security
When you go to enter the base itself you must access a security terminal.  To 
help Kirrahe, don't redirect the forces in his direction.  If you've chosen 
to put the pressure on his men, Kirrahe will be killed.  Complete the Virmire 
mission to end the assignment.

    ++ Paragon for helping Kirrahe
    ++ Renegade for sending the guards towards the salarian teams

Assignment:   Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage
Given by:     Captain Kirrahe on Virmire
Location:     Virmire
Requirements: Allowed Wrex to join your squad

1 - Talk to Wrex
Speaking with Captain Kirrahe on Virmire will force a confrontation with 
Wrex.  If you never recruited Garrus and you have yet to visit Liara's dig 
site then the conversation has to end peacefully.  You can also end it 
peacefully if you've completed "Wrex: Family Armor" because he will trust 
you.  If not, then you need to use Charm or Intimidate to get Wrex to back 
down.  If you don't persuade him, Wrex is going to die one way or another.

    +++ Paragon for calming Wrex down using Charm
    ++  Renegade for calming Wrex down using Intimidate
    +++ Renegade for killing Wrex
    +++ Renegade for ordering Ashley to kill Wrex
    +   Paragon for lamenting your decision to kill Wrex
    ++  Paragon for chastising Ashley for killing Wrex

Assignment:   Wrex: Family Armor
Given by:     Wrex on the Normandy
Location:     Normandy, Tuntau
Requirements: Complete three of: Therum, Feros, Noveria, or Virmire

1 - Wrex's Armor
You need to talk to Wrex enough to get him to tell you about his father.  
There's apparently a suit of armor out there somewhere belonging to Wrex's 
family that he wants back.

2 - The Armor Collector
Head to the Phoenix System in the Argos Rho Cluster and land on Tuntau.  From 
here, head to the structure to the south.  The base is filled with mercs and 
pirates.  Clear it out and then head upstairs (Don't forget all the 
containers to be found on the first floor).  In the back room you can decrypt 
the wall safe to recover Wrex's armor.  Completing this assignment will also 
help you diffuse the Wrex situation on Virmire.


This is a guide to finding the information available to you through the 
Galactic Codex.  There is not necessarily only one way to receive a certain 
codex entry, but these are some of the circumstances in which an entry can be 

Primary Codex Entries:

Aliens: Council Races
    Asari - Talk to the Embassy Receptionist on the Presidium
    Salarians - Talk to Anderson after the Council hearing
    Turians - Start a new game
Aliens: Extinct Races
    Protheans - Talk to Anderson and Nihlus before Eden Prime
    Rachni - Talk to Avina Tourism Terminal III
Aliens: Non-Council Races
    Batarians - Talk to Anderson after becoming a Spectre
    Elcor - Talk to Calyn in the Volus/Elcor Embassy
    Geth - Talk to Ashley on Eden Prime
    Hanar - Talk to the Emporium Shopkeeper on the Presidium
    Keepers - Talk to Avina Tourism Terminal II
    Krogan - Learn about Wrex from Barla Von
    Quarians - Learn about the quarian from Dr. Michel or Wrex
    Volus - Talk to Din Korlack in the Volus/Elcor Embassy
Aliens: Non-Sapient Creatures
    Husks - Encounter Husks on Eden Prime
    Thresher Maws - Defeat the thresher on Edolus and inspect the marine
    Varren - Talk to Davin Reynolds about the food shortage on Feros
Citadel and Galactic Government
    Citadel - Talk to Captain Anderson after Eden Prime
    Citadel Council - Tank to Anderson and Udina on the Citadel
    Citadel Space - Approach the galaxy map on the Normandy
    Spectres - Talk to Jenkins and Chakwas before Eden Prime
Humanity and the Systems Alliance
    Earth - View Earth on the Galaxy Map
    First Contact War - Talk to Pressly before Eden Prime
    Systems Alliance - Start a new game
Planets and Locations
    Planet: Feros - Talk to Expat in the Upper Markets on the Citadel
    Planet: Ilos - Arrive on Ilos
    Planet: Noveria - Talk to Expat in the Upper Markets on the Citadel
    Planet: Virmire - Learn about Virmire from the Council
    Region: Terminus Systems - Talk to Anderson before Eden Prime
    Uncharted Wolds - Talk to Anderson before leaving the Citadel
Ships and Vehicles
    FTL Drive - Talk to Chief Engineer Adams
    Military Ship Classifications - Talk to Chief Engineer Adams
    Normandy - Talk to Chief Engineer Adams
    Sovereign - Talk to Matriarch Benezia
    Space Combat - Inspect the Gunnery Station on the Normandy
    Vehicles: M35 Mako - Inspect the Mako on the Normandy
    Biotics - Talk to Dr. Chakwas about Kaidan
    Computers: Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Find an AI on the Citadel
    Computers: Virtual Intelligence (VI) - Talk to Avina Terminal I
    Element Zero ("Eezo") - Examine the Normandy's Element Zero Core
    Mass Effect Fields - Examine Field Integrity Monitor on Normandy
    Mass Relays - Talk to Avina Tourism Terminal II
    Omni-tool - Talk to the Alliance Requisition Officer
Weapons, Armor and Equipment
    Body Armor - Investigate the dig site on Eden Prime
    Kinetic Barriers ("Shields") - Let Jenkins die on Eden Prime
    Mass Accelerator - Inspect the weapons from outside the Normandy
    Medi-gel - Use the aid station in the medical bay on the Normandy
    Small Arms - Examine the weapons locker in C-Sec Traffic Control

Secondary Codex Entries:

Aliens: Council Races
    Asari: Biology - Pursue a relationship with Liara
    Asari: Culture - Talk to Liara
    Asari: Government - Talk to Liara
    Asari: Military Doctrine - Talk to Shiala on Feros
    Asari: Religion - Talk to Liara
    Salarians: Biology - Talk to Kaidan
    Salarians: Government - Talk to Captain Kirrahe on Virmire
    Salarians: League of One - Find a salarian artifact
    Salarians: Military Doctrine - Talk to Captain Kirrahe on Virmire
    Salarians: Special Tasks Group - Learn about Virmire from the Council
    Turians: Biology - Talk to Garrus
    Turians: Culture - Talk to Garrus
    Turians: Government - Talk to Garrus after finding Dr. Saleon
    Turians: Military Doctrine - Talk to Garrus
    Turians: Religion - Talk to Garrus after finding Dr. Saleon
    Turians: The Unification War - Find a turian artifact
Aliens: Extinct Races
    Protheans: Beacon - Talk to Liara
    Protheans: Cipher - Talk to Liara about your visions
    Protheans: Data Discs - Find a Prothean artifact
    Protheans: Mars Ruins - View Mars on the Galaxy Map
Aliens: Non-Council Races
    Geth: Armatures - Fight a Geth Armature on Therum
    Geth: Hoppers - Encounter the "Hoppers" on Therum
    Krogan: Biology - Talk to Wrex
    Krogan: Culture - Talk to Wrex
    Krogan: Genophage - Talk to Wrex
    Krogan: Krogan Rebellions - Talk to Avina Tourism Terminal III
    Krogan: Military Doctrine - Talk to Wrex after finding his armor
    Quarians: Economy - Talk to Tali
    Quarians: Government - Talk to Tali
    Quarians: Law and Defense - Talk to Tali
    Quarians: Migrant Fleet - Talk to Tali
    Quarians: Pilgrimage - Ask Tali about her Pilgrimage
    Quarians: Religion - Talk to Tali
Citadel and Galactic Government
    Citadel Conventions - Examine diplomatic archives in the embassy
    Citadel Station: Citadel Security Services (C-Sec) - Talk to Pallin
    Citadel Station: Presidium Ring - Talk to Embassy Receptionist
    Citadel Station: Serpent Nebula - View nebula outside Med Clinic
    Citadel Station: Statistics - Talk to Anderson after Eden Prime
    Citadel Station: Wards - Talk to Barla Von on the Citadel
    Treaty of Farixen - Examine diplomatic archives in the embassy
Humanity and the Systems Alliance
    Genetic Engineering - Talk to Rafael Vargas on Noveria
    Human Diplomatic Relations - Talk to Pressly
    Systems Alliance: Geological Survey - Survey a metal, mineral, or gas
    Systems Alliance: Military Doctrine - Talk to Ashley
    Systems Alliance: Military Jargon - Examine NAVMANUAL on command deck
    Systems Alliance: Military Ranks - Check the manual on your desk
    Systems Alliance: N7 - Examine Shepard's locker on the Normandy
    Terra Firma Party - Talk to Charles Saracino on the Citadel
    Timeline - Start a new game
Personal History Summary
    Profile - Start a new game
Planets and Locations
    Stations: Gagarin Station - Talk to Kaidan about Jump Zero
Ships and Vehicles
    FTL Drive: Appearance - Examine the viewport near Joker
    FTL Drive: Drive Charge - Inspect the Normandy's Core Charge Status
    Space Combat: Combat Endurance - Inspect the ship's Heat Load Monitor
    Space Combat: Planetary Assaults - Talk to Ashley
    Starships: Carries - Use Intimidate with Mikhailovich or Al-Jilani
    Starships: Crew Considerations - Examine the Sleeping Pods
    Starships: Cruisers - Examine the Tracking Terminals in C-Sec Academy
    Starships: Dreadnought - Overhear a conversation in the Wards
    Starships: Fighters - Examine the Tracking Terminals in C-Sec Academy
    Starships: Frigates - Examine the Tracking Terminals in C-Sec Academy
    Starships: Heat Management - Inspect the ship's Heat Load Monitor
    Starships: Sensors - Talk to Pressly before Eden Prime
    Vehicles: Combat Drones - Inspect the Rogue VI on Luna
    Weapons: Ablative Armor - Inspect hull from outside Normandy
    Weapons: Disruptor Torpedoes - Check Peak 15's Gravitic Weapons Research
    Weapons: GARDIAN - Inspect the Normandy's Point Defense Systems
    Biotics: Biotic Amps - Talk to Dr. Chakwas about Kaidan
    Biotics: Life as a Biotic - Talk to Kaidan
    Biotics: Training - Talk to Kaidan about his training
    Communications - Examine the FTL Comm Link on the Normandy
    Communications: Administration - Access the Wards' Extranet Terminal
    Communications: Methodology - Inspect server node at ExoGeni on Feros
    Credits ("Creds") - Talk to the Emporium Shopkeeper on the Presidium
Weapons, Armor and Equipment
    Upgrades - Open an upgrade kit


Equipment and Abilities


Aldrin Labs:         "Aldrin Labs is a human manufacturer based on the 
                     Luna colony.  Providing basic, reliable equipment at 
                     an affordable cost has made them a primary supplier 
                     of armor, omni-tools and bio-amps to the Systems 
                     Alliance Military."

                         Available:    Level 1
                         License:      100 Credits
                                       C-Sec Requisition Officer

Ariake Technologies: "An Earth-based electronics concern, Ariake Tech is 
                     best known for their high-grade Omni-tools.  Recently 
                     they have branched out to develop a line of high-grade 
                     armor with an enhanced ablative weave to provide extra 

                         Available:    Level 18
                         License:      6,250 Credits
                                       C-Sec Requisition Officer, Rentola

Armali Council:      "The Armali Council is an affiliation of asari 
                     manufacturing guilds recognized for maintaining 
                     consistent standards of excellence.  Armali makes 
                     high-grade Omni-tools, and their bio-amps are widely 
                     recognized as the finest money can buy, though these 
                     are only available to a select list of clients."

                         Available:    Level 18
                         License:      6,250 Credits

Armax Arsenal:       "The main suppler of elite turian military units, 
                     Armax Arsenal weapons and armor are high-quality, 
                     high-priced, and very difficult to acquire for most 
                     non-turians.  They also make a basic-grade Omni-tool 
                     that is available to the general public.

                         Available:    Level 36
                         License:      30,000 Credits

Devlon Industries:   "Devlon Industries is best known for producing basic 
                     armor models that can withstand a variety of 
                     environmental extremes such as cold, heat, or toxic 
                     exposure.  They also market a complete line of 
                     military-grade weapons.

                         Available:    Level 18
                         License:      6,250 Credits

Elanus Risk Control: "Elanus began as a privately owned turian security 
                     firm.  It has expanded into an interstellar 
                     conglomerate after opening itself up to foreign 
                     investment.  Their affordable, yet reliable body 
                     armor, weapons and Omni-tools are popular with 
                     security personnel and mercenaries." 

                         Available:    Level 1
                         License:      100 Credits
                                       Morlan, Rentola

Elkoss Combine:      "A volus manufacturer based in the Terminus Systems, 
                     the Elkoss Combine produces less expensive versions 
                     of items carried by high-end manufacturers.  
                     Functional, yet affordable armor, weapons and Omni-
                     tools are all available from the Elkoss Combine."

                         Available:    Level 1
                         License:      100 Credits
                                       Delin, Expat, Opold

Geth Armory:         "Few details are known about the manufacture of 
                     geth equipment, though their weapons and armor are 
                     of the highest quality.  Geth Armory equipment is 
                     not compatible with existing mods and neither the 
                     Pulse Rifle nor the armors have any Upgrade Slots."

                         Available:    Level 36
                         License:      30,000 Credits

Hahne-Kedar:         "Reliable and efficient, Earth-based Hahne-Kedar has 
                     become a major supplier to the Systems Alliance 
                     Military.  Their weapons are considered stock quality 
                     at best, though their armor lines are generally 
                     recognized as above-average.

                         Available:    Level 1
                         License:      N/A
                                       Normandy Requisition Officer

Haliat Armory:       "One of the smaller turian weapons manufacturers, 
                     Haliat Armory was given permission by the Hierarchy 
                     to sell excess units on the galactic market.  Rather 
                     than trying to compete with high-end manufacturers, 
                     Haliat specializes in a line of basic-level weapons."

                         Available:    Level 18
                         License:      6,250 Credits

Kassa Fabrication:   "A human-controlled private company, Kassa Fabrication 
                     is known to make the finest body armor in the galaxy.  
                     When it comes to personal protection suits, no expense 
                     is spared--as is reflected in the exorbitant cost of 
                     their products.  Recently, Kassa has also begun to 
                     manufacture Omni-tools, though it will be some time  
                     until the quality is brought up to the high standards 
                     of their armor lines."

                         Available:    Level 36
                         License:      30,000 Credits
                                       C-Sec Requisition Officer, Petozi

Rosenkov Materials:  "A human corporation, Rosenkov Materials has forged 
                     a reputation as one of the premier armor manufacturers 
                     in Citadel Space."

                         Available:    Level 18
                         License:      6,250 Credits

Serrice Council:     "An asari consortium, the Serrice Council is the 
                     creator of the most powerful bio-amp on the market.  
                     Not just concerned with profit, they typically make 
                     customers undergo a rigorous screening process before 
                     being approved to purchase their product.  Serrice 
                     Council amps are incredibly rare--and highly prized--
                     items on the galactic market."

                         Available:    Level 36
                         License:      30,000 Credits
                                       Delin, Rentola

Sirta Foundation:    "A biomedical firm, Sirta made its fortune 
                     eliminating several genetic diseases endemic to 
                     human populations.  The foundation is renowned for 
                     its humanitarian efforts, and refuses to produce 
                     weapons or similar 'offensive' products.  They do, 
                     however, offer basic protective or utilitarian items 
                     ranging from armor to Omni-tools to Bio-amps."

                         Available:    Level 1
                         License:      100 Credits
                                       Delin, Petozi, Rentola

Spectre Gear:        "Master Spectre gear consists of prototype technology 
                     not yet available through other manufacturers."

                         Available:    N/A
                         License:      N/A


Assault Rifles

Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Tsunami           -    -    -    216  228  240  252  264  276  288
SBO                     -    -    -    46   48   50   54   57   60   64
ACC                     -    -    -    24   26   28   30   32   34   36

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Crossfire         -    -    -    -    -    -    273  286  299
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    65   69   74
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    53   55   56

Devlon Industries       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Raptor            -    -    -         209  220  231  242  253
SBO                     -    -    -         51   54        61   65
ACC                     -    -    -         33   34   36   38   40

Elanus Risk Control     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Banshee           135  144  153  162  171  180  189  198  207  216
SBO                     36   38   39   41   42   44   46   48   51   54
ACC                     1    1    1    1    1    4    6    9    12   15

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Avenger           150  160  170  180  190  200  210  220  230  240
SBO                     35   36   37   39   41   42   44   46   48   51
ACC                     1    1    1    1    1    1    1    1    1    1

Geth Armory             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Pulse Rifle       -    -    -    -    -    -    280  294  308  322
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -         31        36
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -         80        81

Hahne-Kedar             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Lancer            120  128  136  144  152  160  168  176  184  192
SBO                     38   39   41   42   44   46   49   51   54   57
ACC                     1    2    5    7    10   12   15   17   20   23

Haliat Armory           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Thunder           -    -    -    234  247  260  273  286  299  312
SBO                     -    -    -    44   46   49   51   54   57   60
ACC                     -    -    -    16   19   21   24   26   28   30

Kassa Fabrication       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Breaker           -    -    -    -    -    -    294  308
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    61   65
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    49   51

Rosenkov Materials      I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Kovalyov          -    -    -    -    -    -    315  330  345  360
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    57   61   65   
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    45   46   48   

Spectre - Master Gear   I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   HMWAR             -    -    -    -    -    -    376  -    -    384
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    63   -    -    77
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    75   -    -    77


Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Katana            -    -    -    197  211  226  240       269  283
SBO                     -    -    -    4.2  4.3  4.5  4.6       5    5.3
ACC                     -    -    -    70   70   71   72        74   75

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Avalanche         -    -    -    -    -    -    260  276  291  307
SHD                     -    -    -    -    -    -    6.1  6.5  6.9  7.5
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -    81   82   82   83

Devlon Industries       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Firestorm         -    -    -    180  194  207  220  233  246  260
SBO                     -    -    -    4.5  4.6  4.8  5    5.3
ACC                     -    -    -    72   73   74   75   75

Elanus Risk Control     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Hurricane         115  126  137  148  158  169  180  191  202  212
SBO                     3.3  3.3  3.4  3.5  3.6  3.6  3.7  3.8  3.9  4
ACC                     56   57   58   59   60   62   63   64   65   66

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Scimitar          128  140  152  164  176  188  200  212  224  236
SBO                     3.1  3.2  3.2  3.3  3.4  3.4  3.5  3.6  3.7  
ACC                     48   49   51   52   53   55   56   57   58   

Hanhe-Kedar             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Storm             102  112  122  131  141  150  160  170  179  189
SBO                     3.4  3.5  3.6  3.7  3.8  3.9  4    4.1  4.2  4.4
ACC                     60   61   62   63   64   65   66   67   68   69

Haliat Armory           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Tornado           -    -    -    213  229  244  260  276  291  307
SBO                     -    -    -    3.9  4    4.1  4.3  4.4  4.6  4.8
ACC                     -    -    -    67   68   69   69   70   71   72

Kassa Foundation        I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Armageddon        -    -    -    -    -    -    280  297  314  330
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -              6.1  6.6
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -              81   81

Rosenjov Materials      I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Sokolov           -    -    -    -    -    -    300  318  336  354
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    5    5.3  5.5  
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    78   79   79   

Spectre - Master Gear   I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   HMWSG             -    -    -    -    -    -    320  -    -    378
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    5.8  -    -    7
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    90   -    -    91


Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Raikou            -    -    -    163  173  182  192  202  211  221
SBO                     -    -    -    18   19   20   21   22   23   
ACC                     -    -    -    63   64   65   66   66   67   

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Brawler           -    -    -    -    -    -         218
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -         26
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -         77

Devlon Industries       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Stinger           -    132  -    150  158  167  176  185  194  202
SBO                     -    17   -    19   20   21        23        26
ACC                     -    65   -    66   67   68        69        71

Elanus Risk Control     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Striker           101  108  115  122  130  137  144  151  158  166
SBO                     14   14   15   16   16   17   18   18   19   
ACC                     47   48   49   51   52   53   54   55   56   

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Edge              112  120  128  136  144  152  160  168  176  184
SBO                     13   14   14   15   16   16   17        18   19
ACC                     38   39   40   42   43   44   45        48   49

Hahne-Kedar             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Kessler           90   109  102  109  115  122  128  134  141  147 
SBO                     14   15   16   16   17   18   18   19   20   22
ACC                     52   53   54   55   56   57   58   59   60   61

Haliat Armory           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Stiletto          -    -    -    177  187  198  208  218  229  239
SBO                     -    -    -    17   18   19   19   21   22   23
ACC                     -    -    -    60   60   61   62   63   64   65

Kassa Fabrication       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Razer             -    -    -    -    -    -    224  235  246  258
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    23   25   26   
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    75   75   76   

Rosenkov Materials      I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Karpov            -    -    -    -    -    -    240  252  264  276
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    22   23   25   
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    73   73   74   75

Spectre - Master Gear   I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   HMWP              -    -    -    -    -    -    256  -    -    294
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    24   -    -    29
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    87   -    -    88

Sniper Rifles

Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Naginata          -    -    -    166  180  194  209  223  238  252
SBO                     -    -    -    1.5  1.5  1.5  1.5       1.6  1.6
ACC                     -    -    -    55   56   57   58   59   60   61

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Punisher          -    -    -    -    -    -    226  242  257  273
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    1.8  1.9  2    2
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    72   72   73   74

Devlon Industries       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Striker           -    -    -    152  165  178  191  205  218  231
SBO                     -    -    -         1.6  1.6  1.6  1.7  1.7  1.8
ACC                     -    -    -         60   60   61   62   63   64

Elanus Risk Control     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Hammer            92   103  113  124  135  146  157  167  178  189
SBO                     1.2  1.2  1.3  1.3  1.3  1.3  1.3  1.3  1.3
ACC                     35   37   38   39   41   42   43   45   46

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Reaper            102  114  126  138  150  162  174  186  198  210
SBO                     1.2  1.2  1.2  1.2  1.2  1.2  1.3  1.3  1.3
ACC                     24   25   27   28   30   31   33   34   36

Hahne-Kedar             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Avenger           82   91   101  110  120  130  139  149  158  168
SBO                     1.3  1.3  1.3  1.3  1.3  1.4  1.4  1.4  1.4  
ACC                     41        44   45   46   47   48   50   51   

Haliat Armory           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Equalizer         -    -    -    179  195  211  226  242  257  273
SBO                     -    -    -    1.4  1.4  1.4  1.5  1.5  1.5  
ACC                     -    -    -    50   51   52   54   55   56   

Kassa Fabrication       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Harpoon           -    -    -    -    -    -    244  260  277
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    1.7  1.8  1.8
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    69   70   70

Rosenkov Materials      I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   Volkov            -    -    -    -    -    -    261  279  297  315
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    1.6  1.7  1.7  1.8
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    66   67   68   69

Spectre - Master Gear   I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMG   HMWSR             -    -    -    -    -    -    278  -    -    336
SBO                     -    -    -    -    -    -    1.8  -    -    2
ACC                     -    -    -    -    -    -    85   -    -    86


Light Armor

Aldrin Labs             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Agent             5    7    9    11   13   15   17   19   21   23
SHD   T                 49   63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175
TBP                     12   14   16   19   21   23   25   27   30
DMP   Hydra             5    7    9    11   13   15   17   19   21   23
SHD   H                 49   63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175
TBP                     12   14   16   19   21   23   25   27   30
DMP   Onyx              5    7    9    11   13   15   17   19   21   23
SHD   H,T,Q             49   63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175
TBP                     12   14   16   19   21   23   25   27   30

Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Mercenary         -    -    -    18   20   22   24   26   28   30
SHD   H,T               -    -    -    169  195  221  247  273  299  325
TBP                     -    -    -              23   25   27   30

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Predator L        -    -    -    -    -    -    -    26
SHD   T                 -    -    -    -    -    -    -    378
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -    -    47

Devlon Industries       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Explorer          5    7    9    11   13   15   17   19   21   23
SHD   H,T,Q             56   72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200
TBP                     4         9    11             18   21   23   26
DMP   Liberator         5    7    9    11   13   15   17   19   21   23
SHD   H                 56   72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200
TBP                     4         9    11             18   21   23   26
DMP   Survivor          5    7    9    11   13   15   17   19   21   23
SHD   H,Q               56   72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200
TBP                     4         9    11             18   21   23   26
DMP   Thermal           5    7    9    11   13   15   17   19   21   23
SHD   T                 56   72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200
TBP                     4         9    11             18   21   23   26

Elanus Risk Control     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Duelist           2    4    6    8    10   12   14   16   18   20
SHD   T                 70   90   110  130  150  170  190  210  230  250
TBP                     0    0    1                   12   14
DMP   Guardian          2    4    6    8    10   12   14   16   18   20
SHD   H,T               70   90   110  130  150  170  190  210  230  250
TBP                     0    0    1                   12   14

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Assassin          12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30
SHD   H                 49   63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175
TBP                     0    0    1    4         9    12        17
DMP   Gladiator         12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30
SHD   H                 49   63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175
TBP                     0    0    1    4         9    12        17

Hahne-Kedar             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Mantis            12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30
SHD   H,T               84   108  132  156  180  204  228  252  276  300
TBP                     20   22   24   26   28   30   32   34   36   38
DMP   Scorpion          12   -    -    18   20   22   24   26   28   30
SHD   H,T               84   -    -    156  180  204  228  252  276  300
TBP                     20   -    -    26   28   30   32   34   36   38
DMP   Silverback        12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30
SHD   H                 84   108  132  156  180  204  228  252  276  300
TBP                     20   22   24   26   28   30   32   34   36   38
DMP   Ursa              -    -    -    18   20   22   24   26   28   30
SHD   H,T               -    -    -    156  180  204  228  252  276  300
TBP                     -    -    -    26   28   30   32   34   36   38

Kassa Fabrication       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Colossus          -    -    -    -    -    -    61   63   65   67   
SHD   T,Q               -    -    -    -    -    -    285  315  345  375
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -    32   34   36   38

Rosenkov Materials      I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Titan             -    -    -    34             39
SHD   H                 -    -    -    130  150  170  190  210  230  250
TBP                     -    -    -    26   28   30   32   34   36   38

Serrice Council         I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Phantom           -    -    -    -    -    -         41
SHD   T                 -    -    -    -    -    -         294
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -         60

Sirta Foundation        I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Phoenix           2    4    6    8    10   12   14   16   18   20
SHD   H,T,Q             49   63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175
TBP                     20   22   24   26   28   30   32   34   36   38

Medium Armor

Aldrin Labs             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Agent             17   19   21   23   25   27   29   31   33   35
SHD   T                 63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175  189
TBP                     1    3    5    8    10   12   14        19   21
DMP   Hydra             17   19   21   23   25   27   29   31   33   35
SHD   H                 63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175  189
TBP                     1    3    5    8    10   12   14        19   21
DMP   Onyx              17   19   21   23   25   27   29   31   33   35
SHD   H,T               63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175  189
TBP                     1    3    5    8    10   12   14        19   21

Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Mercenary         24   -    -    30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H,T,K             117  -    -    195  221  247  273  299  325  351
TBP                     1    -    -    8    10   12   14   16   19

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Predator M        -    -    -    -    -    -    -    38   -    42
SHD   T                 -    -    -    -    -    -    -    414  -    486
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -    -    39   -    42

Devlon Industries       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Explorer          17   19   21   23   25   27   29   31   33   35
SHD   T,K               72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200  216
TBP                     0    0    0    0    2    4    6    9    11   14
DMP   Liberator         17   19   21   23   25   27   29   31   33   35
SHD   H,T,Q             72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200  216
TBP                     0    0    0    0    2    4    6    9    11   14
DMP   Survivor          17   19   21   23   25   27   29   31   33   35
SHD   T                 72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200  216
TBP                     0    0    0    0    2    4    6    9    11   14
DMP   Thermal           17   19   21   23   25   27   29   31   33   35
SHD   T                 72   88   104  120  136  152  168  184  200  216
TBP                     0    0    0    0    2    4    6    9    11   14

Elanus Risk Control     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Duelist           14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30   32
SHD   H                 90   110  130  150  170  190  210  230  250  270
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    4    6
DMP   Guardian          14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30   32
SHD   H,T               90   110  130  150  170  190  210  230  250  270
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    4    6

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Assassin          24   26   28   30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H                 63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175  189
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    4    6
DMP   Gladiator         24   26   28   30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H,T               63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175  189
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    4    6

Hahne-Kedar             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Mantis            24   26   28   30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H,T               108  132  156  180  204  228  252  276  300  324
TBP                     10   12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28
DMP   Predator          -    -    -    30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H,T,K             -    -    -    180  204  228  252  276  300  324
TBP                     -    -    -    16   18   20   22   24   26   28
DMP   Scorpion          -    -    -    30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H                 -    -    -    180  204  228  252  276  300  324
TBP                     -    -    -    16   18   20   22   24   26   28
DMP   Silverback        24   26   28   30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H,T               108  132  156  180  204  228  252  276  300  324
TBP                     10   12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28
DMP   Ursa              -    -    -    30   32   34   36   38   40   42
SHD   H,K               -    -    -    180  204  228  252  276  300  324
TBP                     -    -    -    16   18   20   22   24   26   28

Kassa Fabrication       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Colossus          -    -    -    -    -    -    68   69   
SHD   T,K               -    -    -    -    -    -    315  345
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -    22   24

Rosenkov Materials      I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Titan             -    -    -    44   46   47        50        54
SHD   H,T,K             -    -    -    150  170  190  210  230  250  270
TBP                     -    -    -    16   18   20   22   24   26   28

Sirta Foundation        I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Phoenix           14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28   30   32
SHD   H,K,T             63   77   91   105  119  133  147  161  175  189
TBP                     10   12   14   16   18   20   22   24   26   28

Heavy Armor

Aldrin Labs             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Hydra             33   35   37   39   41   43   45   47   49   51
SHD   H                 84   98   112  126  140  154  168  182  196  210
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0                   8
DMP   Onyx              33   35   37   39   41   43   45   47   49   51
SHD   H,K               84   98   112  126  140  154  168  182  196  210
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0                   8

Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Mercenary         -    -    -    46   48   50   52   54   56   58
SHD   H,K               -    -    -    234  260  286  312  338  364  390
TBP                     -    -    -    0    0    1         5         10

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Predator H        -    -    -    -    -    -    -         56
SHD   H,K               -    -    -    -    -    -    -         504
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -    -         33

Devlon Industries       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Explorer          33   35   37   39   41   43   45   47   49   51
SHD   H,K               96   112  128  144  160  176  192  208  224  240
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    2
DMP   Liberator         33   35   37   39   41   43   45   47   49   51
SHD   K                 96   112  128  144  160  176  192  208  224  240
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    2
DMP   Survivor          33   35   37   39   41   43   45   47   49   51
SHD   H,K               96   112  128  144  160  176  192  208  224  240
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    2

Elanus Risk Control     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Duelist           30   32   34   36   38   40   42   44   46   48
SHD   H                 120  140  160  180  200  220  240  260  280  300
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
DMP   Guardian          30   32   34   36   38   40   42   44   46   48
SHD   H,K               120  140  160  180  200  220  240  260  280  300
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
DMP   Warlord           -    -    -    36   38   40   42   44   46   48
SHD   K                 -    -    -    180  200  220  240  260  280  300
TBP                     -    -    -    0    0    0    0    0    0    0

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Assassin          40   42   44   46   48   50   52   54   56   58
SHD   H                 84   98   112  126  140  154  168  182  196  210
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
DMP   Gladiator         40   42   44   46   48   50   52   54   56   58
SHD   K                 84   98   112  126  140  154  168  182  196  210
TBP                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0

Geth Armory             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Battle Master     -    -    -    -    -    -                   75
SHD                     -    -    -    -    -    -                   420
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -                   51

Hahne-Kedar             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Mantis            40   42   44   46   48   50   52   54   56   58
SHD   H,K               144  168  192  216  240  264  288  312  336 360
TBP                     0    2    4    6    8    10   12   14   16   18
DMP   Predator          -    -    -    46   48   50   52   54   56   58
SHD   H                 -    -    -    216  240  264  288  312  336 360
TBP                     -    -    -    6    8    10   12   14   16   18
DMP   Scorpion          -    -    -    46   48   50   52   54   56   58
SHD   H,K               -    -    -    216  240  264  288  312  336 360
TBP                     -    -    -    6    8    10   12   14   16   18
DMP   Ursa              -    -    -    46   48   50   52   54   56   58
SHD   K                 -    -    -    216  240  264  288  312  336 360
TBP                     -    -    -    6    8    10   12   14   16   18

Kassa Fabrication       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Colossus          -    -    -    -    -    -         77        79
SHD   H,K               -    -    -    -    -    -         390       450
TBP                     -    -    -    -    -    -         14        18

Rosenkov Materials      I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Titan             -    -    -    57
SHD   H                 -    -    -    180
TBP                     -    -    -    6

Sirta Foundation        I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DMP   Phoenix           30   32   34   36   38   40   42   44   46   48
SHD   H,K               84   98   112  126  140  154  168  182  196  210
TBP                     0    2    4    6    8    10   12   14   16   18



Aldrin Labs             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DUR   Solaris Amp       5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5
PWR                     10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10
CLD                     5    7    8    10   12   13   15   17   18   20

Armali Council          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DUR   Prodigy           25   25   25   25   25   25   25   25   25   25
PWR                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
CLD                     25   27   28   30   32   33   35   37   38   40

Armax Arsenal           I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DUR   Gemini Amp        0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
PWR                     5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5
CLD                     15   17   18   20   22   23   25   27   28   30

Kassa Fabrication       I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DUR   Polaris           35   35   35   35   35   35   35   35   35   35
PWR                     10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10
CLD                     15   17   18   20   22   23   25   27   28   30

Serrice Council         I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DUR   Savant            -    -    -    -    -    35   35   35   35   35
PWR                     -    -    -    -    -    40   40   40   40   40
CLD                     -    -    -    -    -    33   35   37   38   40

Sirta Foundation        I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
DUR   Unity Amp         15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15
PWR                     5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5
CLD                     0    2    3    5    7    8    10   12   13   15


Aldrin Labs             I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
SHD   Bluewire Tool     5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5
TEC                     0    2    4    7    9    11   13   16   18   20
MED                     5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5

Ariake Technologies     I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
SHD   Logic Arrest Tool -    -    -    25   25   25   25   25   25   25
TEC                     -    -    -    7    9    11   13   16   18   20
MED                     -    -    -    25   25   25   25   25   25   25

Armali Council          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
SHD   Nexus Tool        15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15
TEC                     30   32   34   37   39   41   43   46   48   50
MED                     5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5

Elkoss Combine          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
SHD   Cipher Tool       15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15   15
TEC                     0    0    0    2    4    6    8    11   13   15
MED                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0

Serrice Council         I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
SHD   Savant            -    -    -    -    -    35   35   35   35   35
TEC                     -    -    -    -    -    43   45   48   50   52
MED                     -    -    -    -    -    25   25   25   25   25

Sirta Foundation        I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
SHD   Chameleon Tool    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
TEC                     10   12   14   17   19   21   23   26   28   30
MED                     0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0


Grenade Upgrades

Upgrade      Capacity        Cost
Level I     6 Grenades        200
Level II    7 Grenades      3,125
Level III   8 Grenades     12,500
Level IV    9 Grenades     56,000
Level V    10 Grenades    110,000

Cryo Explosive          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
    Max Accuracy        -20% -23% -26% -29% -32% -35% -38% -41% -44% -47%

Fusion Explosive        I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
    Toxic Damage        +20% +25% +35% +45% +50% +55% +60% +65% +70% +75%
    Damage/sec          5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14
    Duration (s)        5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5

High Explosive          I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
    Damage              +10% +13% +16% +19% +22% +25% +28% +31% +34% +37%
    Radius (cm)         +50  +60  +70  +80  +90  +100 +110 +120 +130 +140
    Weapons Force       +10% +13% +16% +19% +22% +25% +28% +31% +34% +37%

Incendiary Explosive    I    II   III  IV   V    VI   VII  VIII IX   X
    Damage/sec          15   19   23   27   31   35   39   43   47   51
    Duration            5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5    5

Medi-Gel Upgrades

Upgrade      Capacity        Cost
Level I     6 Medi-gel        200
Level II    7 Medi-gel      3,125
Level III   8 Medi-gel     12,500
Level IV    9 Medi-gel     56,000
Level V    10 Medi-gel    110,000

Armor Upgrades

Armor Plating           I      II     III
    Damage Protection   +5%    +7%    +9%

First Aid Interface     I      II     III
    Health Regen/sec    +1     +1.5%  +2.0%

Hardened Weave          I      II     III
    Hardening           +10%   +11%   +12%

Motorized Joints        I      II     III
    Smash Damage        +10%   +15%   +20%

Shield Battery          I      II     III
    Shields             +40    +45    +50

Shield Regenerator      I      II     III
    Shield Regen Rate   +15%   +18%   +21%

Shock Absorbers         I      II     III
    Physics Threshold   +10%   +15%   +20%

Stimulant Pack          I      II     III
    Cooldown Rate       +5%    +7%    +9%

Toxic Seals             I      II     III
    Toxic Resistance    +30%   +40%   +50%

Ablative Coating        IV     V      VI     VII
    Damage Protection   +10%   +12%   +14%   +16%

Energized Weave         IV     V      VI     VII
    Shield Regen Rate   +20%   +24%   +28%   +32%
    Hardening           +15%   +20%   +25%   +30%

Exoskeleton             IV     V      VI     VII
    Smash Damage        +25%   +30%   +35%   +40%
    Physics Threshold   +30%   +40%   +50%   +60%

Kinetic Buffer          IV     V      VI     VII
    Talent Regen Rate   +10%   +12%   +14%   +16%
    Mobile Accuracy     +10%   +12%   +14%   +16%
    Shields             +10    +12    +14    +16

Medical Interface       IV     V      VI     VII
    Health Regen/sec    +2.3%  +2.6%  +2.9%  +3.2%
    Toxic Resistance    +30%   +40%   +50%   +60%

Shield Modulator        IV     V      VI     VII
    Shields             +90    +100   +110   +120

Combat Exoskeleton      VIII   IX     X
    Smash Damage        +25%   +30%   +35%
    Physics Threshold   +50%   +70%   +90%
    Hardening           +25%   +30%   +35%

Energized Plating       VIII   IX     X
    Damage Protection   +15%   +19%   +23%

Kinetic Exoskeleton     VIII   IX     X
    Shield Regen Rate   +25%   +30%   +35%
    Mobile Accuracy     +20%   +23%   +26%
    Shields             +40    +45    +50

Medical Exoskeleton     VIII   IX     X
    Health Regen/sec    +3.5%  +4.0%  +4.5%
    Toxic Resistance    +50%   +65%   +80%
    Talent Regen Rate   +15%   +19%   +23%
Shield Interface        VIII   IX     X
    Shields             +120   +140   +160

Ammunition Upgrades

Anti-Personnel Rounds   I      II     III
    Dmg. vs Organics    +15%   +20%   +25%

Armor Piercing Rounds   I      II     III
    Dmg. vs Synthetics  +15%   +20%   +25%

Chemical Rounds         I      II     III
    Toxic Damage        +30%   +35%   +40%
    Damage/sec          5      6      7
    Duration            5      5      5

Hammerhead Rounds       I      II     III
    Weapons Force       +20%   +25%   +30%

Phasic Rounds           I      II     III
    Shield Bypass       +20%   +25%   +30%
    Damage              -30%   -30%   -30%

Radioactive Rounds      I      II     III
    Target Cooldowns    -15%   -18%   -21%

Cryo Rounds             IV     V      VI     VII
    Target Accuracy     -20%   -25%   -30%   -35%
    Shield Bypass       +10%   +14%   +18%   +22%

Incendiary Rounds       IV     V      VI     VII
    Damage/sec          10     12     14     16
    Duration            5      5      5      5
    Target Accuracy     -10%   -12%   -14%   -16% 

Polonium Rounds         IV     V      VI     VII
    Toxic Damage        +40%   +45%   +50%   +55%
    Damage/sec          5      6      7      8
    Duration            5      5      5      5

Proton Rounds           IV     V      VI     VII
    Shield Bypass       +40%   +45%   +50%   +55%
    Damage              -20%   -20%   -20%   -20%

Shredder Rounds         IV     V      VI     VII
    Dmg. vs Organics    +25%   +30%   +35%   +40%

Tungsten Rounds         IV     V      VI     VII
    Dmg. vs Synthetics  +25%   +30%   +35%   +40%

High Explosive Rounds   VIII   IX     X
    Blast Radius (m)    +4     +4.1   +4.2
    Weapons Force       +500%  +500%  +500%
    Heat Generation     +500%  +500%  +500%
    Damage              +20%   +24%   +28%

Inferno Rounds          VIII   IX     X
    Damage/sec          15     18     21
    Duration            5      5      5
    Target Accuracy     -20%   -24%   -28%

Sledgehammer Rounds     VIII   IX     X
    Weapons Force       +40%   +45%   +50%
    Toxic Damage        +40%   +50%   +60%
    Heat Damping        -20%   -20%   -20%

Snowblind Rounds        VIII   IX     X
    Damage              +20%   +24%   +28%
    Rate of Fire        -40%   -40%   -40%
    Target Accuracy     -20%   -24%   -28%

Weapon Upgrades

Combat Sensor           I      II     III
    Detection Level     1      2      3

Heat Sink               I      II     III
    Heat Absorption     +10%   +12%   +14%

High-Caliber Barrel     I      II     III
    Damage              +10%   +12%   +14%
    Rate of Fire        -20%   -20%   -20%
    Heat Absorption     -20%   -20%   -20%

Improved Sighting       I      II     III
    Max Accuracy        +5%    +7%    +9%

Recoil Damper           I      II     III
    Kickback Damping    +10%   +12%   +14%

Combat Scanner          IV     V      VI     VII
    Detection Level     4      5      6      7

Kinetic Stabilizer      IV     V      VI     VII
    Stability           +15%   +18%   +21%   +24%

Rail Extension          IV     V      VI     VII
    Damage              +20%   +23%   +26%   +29%
    Heat Absorption     -20%   -20%   -20%   -20%

Combat Optics           VIII   IX     X
    Detection Level     8      9      10
    Max Stability       +15%   +18%   +21%

Frictionless Materials  VIII   IX     X
    Heat Absorption     +20%   +24%   +28%
    Damage              +5%    +6%    +7%

Kinetic Coil            VIII   IX     X
    Stability           +20%   +24%   +28%
    Damage              +5%    +6%    +7%

Scram Rail              VIII   IX     X
    Damage              +20%   +23%   +26%
    Heat Absorption     -10%   -10%   -10%

Combat Strategies


1. Know your class
Each class in Mass Effect is different, and each has strengths and weaknesses 
to accompany those differences.  Soldiers are the best at using weapons, and 
have the best armor to keep themselves alive, but fall short in terms of 
other powers.  Engineers do well against synthetics like the geth and have 
the useful decryption and electronics abilities, but aren't the best when it 
comes to combat.  Adepts are best at disabling opponents with their biotic 
powers, but don't do as well using conventional weapons.

If you are a soldier, you are more than capable of handling most enemies that 
come your way, making it the easiest class to play.  The biggest downside to 
playing as a soldier is the lack of other abilities, so consider bringing 
along tech and biotic characters for balance.

One of the big advantages to playing as an engineer is in the non-combat 
abilities like Decryption and Electronics, which can allow you to access new 
assignments or hidden information.  They aren't helpless in combat, however, 
and have the ability to disrupt enemy shields, abilities, and weapons.

Adepts are among the weakest classes when it comes to direct combat.  To 
offset this, you may want to upgrade your talents in as broad a spectrum as 
possible.  The more abilities you have available, the more likely you'll have 
one when you need it.

2. Balance
Though it would seem to make sense that the more combat users you have in 
your squad the more formidable you would be, balance in your squad selection 
can go a long way--if you know how to best utilize the abilities of your 

If you need to face a geth armature on foot for example, heavy weapons fire 
will certainly do the trick, but you will always have to worry about the 
armature's weapons--which can easily eliminate you or any of your teammates 
in a single strike.  If you have a biotic user with you however, you can use 
abilities like Lift to disable the beast's weapons temporarily.  Likewise, 
with a tech user you can disable its shields or overheat the weapons of any 
support troops

There are also non-combat bonuses, like being able to hack into more 
difficult storage devices when playing as a soldier.

3. Know your enemy
The strengths and weaknesses of your enemy are important to know.  Tech 
powers that eliminate shields and overheat weapons won't be much use against 
the rachni, but can be a life saver against the geth.  If you aren't sure 
what you're waling in to, a balanced squad is the way to go.  But if you do 
know what you're going to face on a given planet, consider brining along a 
character suited to dealing with that specific enemy type.

4. Using cover
Pressing your back against a wall is the safest thing you can do in combat.  
It provides you protection, and allows you the ability to only fire when it 
is safe to do so.  However, there are some disadvantages, and it's important 
to be aware of them.

Not all enemies have ranged weapons, and even some of those who do will 
charge at you anyway.  More than a few times will you see krogan and geth 
destroyers running full speed up a hallway to try to engage you at close 
range.  In these cases the best bet is to backpedal away, as staying in cover 
severely limits your mobility and opens you up to melee attacks.

You also want to stay mobile when you're facing a large number of enemies.  
Sometimes big groups will try to surround you, in which case staying in one 
place isn't a good idea.  Your cover won't help you if it's not between you 
and your enemy.

There's also an additional concern when facing biotics, as they can lift 
light cover and take away your hiding place.  In these cases, try to find 
immobile cover like corners or heavy objects.

5. Using your squad
This is certain to vary depending on your class, but a few general ideas 
apply when it comes to using your squad in combat.

First, you should always know what abilities each of your squad members has 
and how best to use them.  Depending on your settings, your squad may use all 
their abilities on their own, which can usually take the pressure off of 
inexperienced players to make those kinds of tactical decisions.  As you go 
along however, it's a good idea to get familiar with using all the abilities 
available to your squad.  The more experience you have using abilities, the 
more natural they become, meaning in a pinch you'll know exactly what to do.

More subtle is the ability for you to use your squad for fire and maneuver 
tactics.  Sending your squad out front to take up a position near the enemy 
(but still in cover) is a good general rule at the start of most fights.  
Enemies tend to focus their attention on whoever is closest to them, so 
having your squad protected but also drawing fire from the enemy frees you to 
flank and finish them.  This is also a good technique for infiltrators and 
soldiers that are focused on sniper-rifle combat.  Sending your squad up 
ahead can draw enemies out into the open, where you can deal with them from a 

6. Improving your odds
On the higher difficulty levels some of the more aggressive tactics break 
down.  It becomes less of a good idea to run out into open areas, or to fight 
enemies in places where they can surround you.  To make up for this, you can 
revert to the classic RPG tactic of scouting ahead to locate a few enemies, 
then retreating to a safe place where you can easily destroy them when they 
follow you.  This is especially effective in narrow corridors where you can 
funnel enemies into a tight field of fire.

7. Make good use of your equipment
Throughout Mass Effect you're going to collect an absurd amount of loot in 
the form of weapons, armor, and upgrades (especially upgrades).  Make sure 
you're outfitting yourself and your team with the best possible equipment at 
all times to keep your competitive edge.

Remember that armors and weapons vary significantly by manufacturer, so the 
sophistication level of the equipment doesn't tell the whole story.  Be sure 
to look at the stats of each item before you equip it to make sure you're 
trading up.

A very important and often overlooked component of Mass Effect is the ability 
to upgrade your weapons.  You're likely to find more upgrades than anything 
else, and you should put them to good use.  Though armor and weapon upgrades 
can provide general advantages to your gear, the ammunition upgrades can make 
a big difference depending on who (or what) you're fighting.  You can swap 
these out at any time, so be sure to keep a few different types of ammunition 
on hand.  As the situation dictates, you'll be able to deal extra damage to 
organics, or bypass shields, for example.

Unused items go to waste and take up valuable space in your inventory.  Any 
equipment and upgrades you aren't using should be sold or turned into omni-
gel.  The latter is good for a variety of decryption and electronics 
purposes, but selling items can allow you to buy new and better equipment.

Some weapons and armor can only be found by purchasing them, so be sure to 
pick up any licenses you come across to increase the range of items your 
requisition officer can carry.

8. Miscellaneous tips
Explosives are your friend.  There are a number of them placed in each area, 
and it's a shame to let them go to waste.  If an enemy is nearby, shoot the 
explosive to deal massive damage.

Save often.  It's never fun to have to start a planet over because you didn't 
reach a checkpoint.  Save after every major battle to be safe if you don't 
know what you're walking in to.  Along the same vein, don't be afraid to 
retreat and regroup if you have to.

TIP - Sonny Nilsson: "Everything can be killed on foot, and by using the Mako 
you cut the exp by 3 times, so everything is worth more exp on foot."


1. Armatures
Fighting armatures and colossi in the Mako is considerably different from 
fighting them on foot.  In the Mako simply keep your distance enough to avoid 
their attacks by using the jump jets while you whittle down their defenses 
with the machine gun and cannon.  On foot you'll want to take cover, as a 
single blast can be lethal.  Using your squad as a distraction is also a good 
idea, as the armatures tend to focus on the threat that is closest to them.  
This will allow you to attack them without worrying about being hit.  Biotics 
to disable armatures and tech powers to lower shields are also very useful.

2. Asari Commandos
The biggest concern when facing the asari commandos is their biotic 
abilities.  In a group they are particularly deadly because they can disable 
you and take you out while you don't have a chance to fight back.  Moreover 
they can lift light objects to take away your cover.  They also have the 
defensive barrier power.  Upgrades that bypass shields are a good idea, since 
biotic and tech powers aren't particularly effective.

3. Geth Heavy Soldiers
The destroyer, juggernaut, and prime are some of the most dangerous geth 
enemies you can face on foot.  Unlike the armatures which tend to stay in one 
place, these soldiers will often charge directly at you, firing heavy weapons 
and rockets in your direction.  Keep your distance and don't stay behind 
cover if they're going to reach you before you can kill them.  Like most 
geth, they are susceptible to biotic powers, so use these to disable them 
before they can do too much damage.

4. Krogan
Saren's heavily armed krogan troops can be formidable opponents.  Keep your 
distance as some will tend to charge to engage you from close range.  They 
also have the ability to regenerate health, and have a resistance to most 
powers.  The best way to deal with them is heavy and concentrated firepower.  
Have your squad target the nearest krogan and deal with it before any other 

5. Rachni Brood Warriors
Only encountered on one mission in the uncharted worlds, these fearsome 
rachni are a great deal larger than the soldiers and even more deadly.  Like 
all rachni, equipping upgrades that increase your resistance to toxins should 
help, but it's most important to keep your distance and avoid melee stacks.  
When dealing with rachni, using biotic powers can also help to disable 
enemies and keep them from attacking you.


1. Fist
The weakest of the bosses, Fist can be challenging because of the turrets 
guarding him, and the nature of the combat space.  Though there is cover in 
Fist's office, it's difficult to get your squad in a good (and safe) position 
to deal with him.  You can go straight for Fist if you want, or play it safe 
and try to disable his turrets first.  The turrets are susceptible to tech 
powers, as is Fist himself, though biotics work just as well on the latter.  
If you added Wrex to your squad for this fight he can make it easier on you, 
since he can take considerable damage.

2. Matriarch Benezia
There are two portions to this fight.  The first simply involves her 
summoning asari commandos and geth to help her, while the second requires you 
to fight her directly.  The biggest challenge when facing Benezia head-on is 
that you are in such close proximity to her at the start, and taking cover is 
pointless because she is a biotic, and she has more biotic commandos coming 
in to flank you.  Being a biotic, she can't easily be harmed by biotics of 
your own, and--since she has no weapon--some tech powers are useless.  Your 
best bet is to concentrate as much direct fire on her as possible from all 
your squad members.  If you can take her out before she or her commandos can 
use their biotics on you, you're likely to have a much easier time.

3. Saren
Saren has no weaknesses.  Using some tech powers won't hurt, but biotics have 
no effect whatsoever.  It's best to stay in cover as much as possible, use 
your squad to try and draw his fire, and gradually whittle him down.  Use 
ammunition that does extra damage to organics to help you out.

4. Saren Reborn
The monster Saren is turned into by Sovereign is a different beast in many 
ways.  He is now a synthetic, so you'll need to adjust your upgrades 
accordingly.  He also has the addition of a number of tech abilities, so he 
will try to overheat your weapons and take down your shields.  Because he is 
so fast you will need help from your squad to have any chance of hitting him.  
It's also worth a try to use any biotic or tech powers you have, since these 
can be done while paused at the power wheel.  Any way you can disable or 
damage his abilities will make this fight that much easier.

TIP - Sonny Nilsson: "Biotics are very effective on him...Lift is what you 
want to use, easiest by far was when I had Liara and Wrex with me.  Also keep 
a constant fire on him so he won't regen his shields."

5. Thresher Maws
The only way to defeat a thresher is in the Mako.  If you're lucky, it's 
possible to find a spot where it won't go back underground, but won't be able 
to hit you either.  This can be a tough feat at times though, and because its 
attacks are so deadly it's often better just to keep moving.  To improve your 
accuracy, zoom in with the turret and slow down or stop when firing the 
cannon.  To have any chance you will need to avoid its attacks at all costs.

TIP - Sonny Nilsson: "These can be defeted on foot, and I actually recomend 
doing so.  Keep the distance to around where the skill target starts to 
appear, then just side step and shoot.  This usually also keeps them from 
going down into the ground.  With the Immunity skill they cannot kill you, 
but if they land a 'melee' hit you die instantly." 



Coming Soon


Medal of Honor                  - 100 -  Finish Mass Effect
                                      -> Unlock Hardcore and levels 51-60

Medal of Heroism                -  25 -  Finish Feros

Distinguished Service Medal     -  25 -  Finish Eden Prime

Council Legion of Merit         -  25 -  Finish Virmire

Honorarium of Corporate Service -  25 -  Complete Noveria.

Long Service Medal              -  25 -  Finish Mass Effect twice
                                      -> +5% weapon damage

Distinguished Combat Medal      -  25 -  Finish Mass Effect on Hardcore
                                      -> Unlock Insanity and gamer picture

Medal of Valor                  -  50 -  Finish Mass Effect on Insanity
                                      -> Unlock gamer picture

Pistol Expert                   -  10 -  150 Pistol Kills
                                      -> +25% Marksmanship duration

Shotgun Expert                  -  15 -  150 Shotgun Kills
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Shotguns

Assault Rifle Expert            -  15 -  150 Assault Rifle Kills
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Assault Rifles

Sniper Expert                   -  15 -  150 Sniper Rifle Kills
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Sniper Rifles

Lift Mastery                    -  15 -  Use Lift 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Lift

Throw Mastery                   -  15 -  Use Throw 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Throw

Warp Mastery                    -  15 -  Use Warp 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Warp

Singularity Mastery             -  15 -  Use Singularity 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Singularity

Barrier Mastery                 -  15 -  Use Barrier 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Barrier

Stasis Mastery                  -  15 -  Use Stasis 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Stasis

Damping Specialist              -  15 -  Use Damping Field 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Damping Field

AI Hacking Specialist           -  15 -  Hack 75 synthetic enemies
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Hacking

Overload Specialist             -  15 -  Use Shield Overload 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Electronics

Sabotage Specialist             -  15 -  Use Sabotage 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Decryption

First Aid Specialist            -  15 -  Use medi-gel 150 times
                                      -  Bonus Talent: First Aid

Neural Shock Specialist         -  15 -  Use Neural Shock 75 times
                                      -> Bonus Talent: Medicine

Scholar                         -  25 -  Find all primary Alien codex entries

Completionist                   -  25 -  Finish majority of all quests
                                      -> +5% experience rewards

Tactician                       -  25 -  Total shield damage > health damage
                                      -> +10% shields

Medal of Exploration            -  50 -  Land on an uncharted world

Rich                            -  25 -  Earn 1,000,000 Credits
                                      -> Unlock Spectre gear

Dog of War                      -  25 -  150 organic kills
                                      -> +10% health

Geth Hunter                     -  25 -  250 synthetic kills
                                      -> +10% shields

Soldier Ally                    -  20 -  Finish majority of game with Ashley
                                      -> +10% damage protection

Sentinel Ally                   -  20 -  Finish majority of game with Kaidan
                                      -> -10% Lift and Throw cooldown

Krogan Ally                     -  20 -  Finish majority of game with Wrex
                                      -> +10% health regeneration per minute

Quarian Ally                    -  20 -  Finish majority of game with Tali
                                      -> -10% Sabotage and Hacking cooldown

Turian Ally                     -  20 -  Finish majority of game with Garrus
                                      -> -10% Damping and Overload cooldown

Asari Ally                      -  20 -  Finish majority of game with Liara
                                      -> -10% Stasis and Barrier cooldown

Power Gamer                     -  20 -  Get to level 50
                                      -> +10% experience rewards

Extreme Power Gamer             -  50 -  Get to level 60
                                      -> +5% experience rewards

Renegade                        -  15 -  75% Renegade

Paragon                         -  15 -  75% Paragon

Paramour                        -  10 -  Complete a romantic subplot

Spectre Inductee                -  15 -  Become a Spectre

Search and Rescue               -  10 -  Rescue Liara

Charismatic                     -  10 -  Save Wrex/cause Saren's suicide


Coming Soon


SECTION 10: Break the Cycle

1 - Backdoor
The Mako arrives on the Presidium with a bang, taking out a group of geth in 
the process.  Pull yourself from the wreckage and make for the nearby 
elevator.  There are some husks nearby to contend with, but no other enemies 
in sight.  Hop in the elevator to ascend the Citadel Tower.

    "Race Against Time: Conduit" -> "Race Against Time: Final Battle"

2 - "Suit Up, We're Going Outside!"
By this time, Saren has access to the station's controls, and Sovereign in 
coming in to being in the Reapers.  To make matters worse, the transportation 
system has been shut down.  The only way to reach the top of the tower now is 
to scale the outside on foot.  Head forward along the maintenance shaft.  You 
don't have long to go before you're ambushed by a group of geth troopers.  
Beyond you've got destroyer and krogan to worry about.  Ascend the ramp to 
the left to enter the next area.

3 - The Dropship
To orient yourself, just look for Sovereign off in the distance and head in 
that direction.  Eventually you reach an open area where a dropship comes in 
and begins deploying geth soldiers in front of you.  You don't have the 
firepower to deal with it on your own.  Fortunately, there are three defense 
turrets in the immediate area that can deal with the dropship for you.  Two 
of the turrets can be turned on simply by activating them, but the third 
requires a decryption.  The more turrets you activate the faster the dropship 
will be taken care of.  When the turrets are firing on the ship, simply find 
a trench to hole up in and fire at the geth that get dispensed onto the 
battlefield.  When the geth ship takes sufficient damage it will retreat and 
you can proceed.

4 - The Geth Turrets
In the next area are several geth heavy turrets to worry about in addition to 
the large number of soldiers.  There are shields around the turrets, but they 
are exposed enough that you can still hit them.  If you don't want to fight 
the turrets you can dip into the side passage to the east to avoid them.  The 
passage is guarded by a large number of powerful krogan however, so it's a 
pick your poison situation.  Beyond this area is a hatch you can use to 
reenter the tower.

5 - The Tower 
Back at the top of the elevator you must now fight your way through the 
remaining geth defenders to reach Saren.  Compared to what you've just been 
through, these remaining soldiers shouldn't prove much of a challenge.  Head 
up the steps at the far side to interrupt Saren before he can do any more 

6 - Stopping Saren
Like last time, Saren is on his glider, and he takes the time to speak with 
you before your encounter.  This time however, you have the chance to put a 
stop to the fight before it begins.  It's not easy, but with enough Charm or 
Intimidate skill you can force Saren to give up on Sovereign and end his own 
life.  If not, you'll have to fight him once more.  This fight is much like 
the one on Virmire, so remember to stay mobile and use every power at your 
disposal to take him down.  Despite Sovereign's upgrades, he is still an 
organic, so adjust your upgrades accordingly.

    +++ Paragon for avoiding the fight with Saren using Charm
    +++ Renegade for avoiding the fight with Saren using Intimidate

7 - The Council's Fate
When Saren is defeated, head over to the control panel and use Vigil's files 
to regain control of the Citadel.  You open up a comm link to Joker, who is 
standing by at the Arcturus Relay with an Alliance Fleet ready to come to 
your aid when you give the signal.  The timing of their attack is critical.  
Until the Citadel's arms are opened the Alliance fleet won't be able to 
attack Sovereign.  In the meantime, the Destiny Ascension--the Citadel's 
flagship--is under heavy fire from the geth fleet.  You can bring in the 
Alliance fleet now to save the Council at the cost of many human lives, or 
you can hold them back until they can attack Sovereign directly.  The choice 
is yours.

    +++ Paragon for ordering the Alliance to save the Council
    +++ Renegade for ordering the Alliance to hold back
    ++  Paragon and Renegade for the "neutral" choice

8 - Dark Energy
Bad news.  Saren's dead, but his synthetic components aren't.  Sovereign is 
controlling Saren's remains in one last attempt to stop you.  Make sure your 
weapons upgrades are set to damage synthetics and that you are using the best 
equipment available.  Saren is much more mobile than before, so you will need 
to keep on your toes to avoid being flanked.  Don't bother taking cover, move 
about and do your best to avoid his attacks.  The safest thing you can do is 
disable him using biotics.  As long as he is immobilized he won't be able to 
harm you and you don't have to worry about him zipping around the room.  When 
Saren is finally beaten your victory over Sovereign is assured.  Sit back, 
relax, and enjoy the ending sequence.




I wish to thank...

-> Casey Hudson, Preston Watamaniuk, Drew Karpyshyn, Derek Watts, David 
   Falkner, Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and the talented team at BioWare for 
   their dedication and commitment to creating the best story-driven games in 
   the world.
-> Evil Chris Priestly for putting up with the BioWare Community.
-> The Mass Effect Wikia ( for providing a 
   community for knowledge--and providing me with some planetary information.


-> Samuel Williams for pointing out some errors in the Paragon / Renegade 
-> Videogameman5 for some info on the Pule Rifle stats.
-> David Link for pointing out a mistake in the Asari Consort assignment.
-> Sonny Nilsson for boss strategies and the Explorer armor tip.
-> Jonathan DeVries (C. Darksun) for pointing out a mistake in the Paragon 
   and Renegade points for the Asari Consort assignment.
-> stompy101 (BioWare forums) for confirming an alternate way to complete the 
   Wrex and the Genophage assignment.
-> Brent (bstocking) for information on the Doctor at Risk assignment.
-> The Mass Effect instruction manual for basic information
-> Prima's Mass Effect Guide (borrowed from a friend) for upgrade info, as 
   well as missing codex and planetary information.

Contact Me

One of the difficulties in writing a walkthrough for an RPG lies in its 
depth.  To learn everything requires multiple playthroughs with different 
characters making different choices.  Because my process for seeing 
everything is likely imperfect there is a very good chance I will miss 
something.  That's why I need YOUR help to make this guide the best it can 

Should you happen to find any mistakes, errors, or omissions in this guide--
or if you simply wish to submit something new--please email me at 
[email protected] and let me know about it.  Also please be sure to 
include your name so I can credit you.


v0.10 - 11/26/2007 - Started Writing.  Added table of contents and began 
                     writing Section I.
                     -> 1,374 words

v0.11 - 11/27/2007 - Completed the Game Basics part of Section I.  Began 
                     writing the walkthrough for Eden Prime.
                     -> 5,365 words

v0.20 - 11/28/2007 - Finished the Eden Prime and Citadel (I) walkthroughs.  
                     Added locations and codex entries.
                     -> 9,176 words

v0.21 - 11/29/2007 - Added codex entries.  Began side quest entries.  Minor 
                     formatting changes and adjustments.
                     -> 11,398 words

v0.30 - 11/30/2007 - Wrote minimal squad bios.  Expanded locations section.  
                     Minimal work on Equipment section.  Major side quest 
                     entries, location entries, and codex entries.  Finished 
                     Liara's Dig Site Walkthrough.
                     -> 15,464 words

v0.40 - 12/01/2007 - Major additions to Manufacturers section, and to 
                     Weapons, Armor, Equipment, and Upgrades.  Added to 
                     Locations section.  Completed Achievements section.  
                     Edited Assignments section.
                     -> 21,357 words

v0.50 - 12/02/2007 - Minor info added to various sections.
                     -> 22,539 words

v0.51 - 12/03/2007 - Proofread most sections.  Optional Assignments info 
                     -> 24,878 words

v0.52 - 12/04/2007 - Minor additions and changes to the Optional Assignments 
                     -> 25,287 words

v0.61 - 12/05/2007 - Finished the Feros and Noveria walkthroughs.  Added 
                     optional assignments and locations information.
                     -> 30,384 words

v0.62 - 12/06/2007 - Optional Assignments information added.
                     -> 32,795 words

v0.70 - 12/07/2007 - Finished the main story walkthrough.
                     -> 36,699 words

v0.71 - 12/07/2007 - Fixed some formatting issues.  Added optional assignment 
                     -> 36,736 words

v0.72 - 12/08/2007 - Added combat strategies.
                     -> 39,461 words

v0.73 - 12/08/2007 - Edited codex entries, added equipment stats, fixed some 
                     Paragon/Renegade information.  Fixed the early Citadel 
                     missions with Wrex and Garrus.  Spell checked.
                     -> 41,028 words

v0.80 - 12/08/2007 - Finished most non-collection assignments.
                     -> 42,918 words

v0.81 - 12/09/2007 - Added planetary information.  Miscellaneous edits.  
                     Added some codex entries.  Some Renegade points added.  
                     Equipment updates.
                     -> 43,460 words

v0.82 - 12/10/2007 - Added some codex entries.  Added to main missions and 
                     optional assignments.  Subtracted some missing equipment 
                     -> 43,207 words

v0.90 - 12/11/2007 - Added some mission information, and some Renegade 
                     points.  Fixed some codex and equipment issues.
                     -> 43,250 words

v0.91 - 12/11/2007 - Miscellaneous info.  Added equipment entries, and 
                     strategy tips.
                     -> 43,594 words

v0.92 - 12/12/2007 - Equipment updates and edits.  Miscellaneous edits and 
                     -> 43,866 words

v0.93 - 12/13/2007 - Added equipment info.  Minor fixes to optional 
                     assignments.  Miscellaneous error fixes.
                     -> 44,108 words

v0.94 - 12/14/2007 - Added equipment updates and fixes.
                     -> 44,430 words

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