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This is simple,but is helpful

I)Faq Intro
1)Short story
2)Few Good Points
3)How to get Mr.Game and Watch
II)The basics
1)His moves
2)His Weak Points
3)His Strong points
III)Getting Started
1)Battle Plans
2)Battle Feilds
3)Mr.Game and Watch V. Characters
IV)Fun things to do with Mr. Game and Watch
1)Cat and Mouse
2)Freindly Beat Downs
3)Cartoon movies


1)Lets get down to it. Now You've probaly heard from most people that they dont 
like Mr.Game and Watch or His Battle Feild.Now he does stink if you dont know how 
to control him and dont have a sense of humor.Well in my faq I will teach you how 
to be a Mr.Game and Watch master.
2)ok heres some good points about Mr.Game and Watch that I will cover in the 
following faq.
1.He's good at being able to dodge attacks
2.He is perfect in his battle feild
3.His attacks are a mix of speed and power
4.He can attack and opponent in almost any direction
5.If you have a sense of humor then he is the character for you
3)Now if you want to ever start then you need to know how to do get him so that you 
can start right away.
there are 4 ways

First is a hard one but some may try it.
The first way you can is by playing 1000 vs mode matches very hard I've had the 
game since it was on the shelves and ive only played about 550 so unless you are 
willing to sacrifice about 2 days then  this isnt for you.

Now in the rest of them you need all other 24 characters

now to get him the regular way eigther do like i did and play classic mode with all 
24 you just have to clear it continues are do that just put 5 lives on the 
board and hit very easy,or beat adventure mode or target tet with all 24. All are 
easy but target test can be difficult.


II)The basics

1)His Moves
He has many colorful moves
b=chef-he cooks up some sausages that hurt foes and if a foe is close when he takes 
out the frying pan it burns them and sends them flying a few feet

b+up=fire-fire fighters appear and bounce him high into the sky

b+down=oil panic-he takes out a bucket which catches missles

b+side=judgment-he takes out a hammer that depending on the number will have a 
damage and effect change

a=bug spray-he takes out bug spray which has a flich style attack so repeat it if 
you are damaged and need a few seconds

a+up=scuba headbutt-he puts on a scuba helmit and head butts your opponent

a+down=wooden plank-he throws out a wooden plank and knock your opponet into the air

a+side=chair-he pulls out a chair and rams it forward

hold a+up=stronger scuba head butt-he powers up and hits harder

hold a+side=torch-he takes out a torch and sends you flying

running+a=dive=he dives into your opponent
2)weak points

he has two main weak points

he's light weight which can make him go flying easier,but it also helps him jump 
higher and run faster

he's weak upclose against strong physical opponents
3)strong points

he can evade attacks without trouble

he can flaten out to dodge thown items

he can catch blast attacks with oil panic and then use them against his opponent

III)Getting Started

1)Battle Plans

there are about three plans you can use that I find effective

Get them on the defensive by using your stronger attacks like torch,chef
(uplose),and judgement.Then when they dodge it by jumping to a platform above you 
use fire to rocket upwards and knock them down and repeat this plan over and over.

Use this when you get low on health. first evade attacks from physical opponents 
then when a blast opponets attacks you use oil panic and when you save up three 
catches rush them use dive to knock them down then bug spray to damage them enough 
for you to send them flying and use oil panic and your done

3.Cut Throat
This is a stealthy style of fight only for multi character battles wait for the 
computers to get into a fight and then when one goes flying rush the other one use 
judgement then find a high place near the one that was thrown first jump from it 
and hit a+down(i didnt mentoin the air attacks because part of being a master at 
Mr.Game and Watch is that you learn his attacks) which is he pulls out a gaint key 
and lands on them which is powerful then wait for one to kill the other and hit 
them with judgement again and your done.


Mr.Game and Watch is good on lardge battlefeilds with many obsticals and platforms 
i wouldnt recomend a plain one like final desination or yoshi's story, but one like 
icicle moutain,hyrule temple,RainbowCruise,or big blue.

He is best in his own one flatzone because he can evade best there and the falling 
items and oil can give him a slight advantage if use properly.

Ill tell you my style for flatzone its simple

when it first starts hope onto a platform and evade attacks by jumping around from 
platform to platform when the tools start falling use torch on you opponent and 
knock them into the falling tools then continue to knock them back in until they 
stop falling,when the oil man comes out get off of the plat forms and get on the 
opposite side of your opponent so they will run into the oil then you rush in as 
well and use judgement and then finish them off!
3)Mr.Game and Watch V. other players
These are some example match ups
Good match ups-
Mr.Game and Watch V. Donkey Kong-he can evade him easy
Mr.Game and Watch V. Ganondorf-he can attack him with strong attacks before he can
Mr.Game and Watch V. Browser-he can rush browser and use judgement easily
Mr.Game and Watch V. Zelda/Sheik-he can get flatten on the ground to dodge her fire
Mr.Game and Watch V. Fox/Falco he can catch their lazers with oil panic
bad match ups-
Mr.Game and Watch V. Mario/Dr.Mario-they're more acrobatic that him
Mr.Game and Watch V. Luigi- same as Mario but he has his rocket dive
Mr.Game and Watch V. Pikachu/Pichu-theyre shock and rocket dives are hard to evade
Mr.Game and Watch V. Kirby/Jigglypuff-they can float to him quickly
Mr.Game and Watch V. Marth/Roy-they can chase him and then use strong smash attacks
Other match ups-
Mr.Game and Watch V. Samus-they're like yin and yang they are opposite but are equal
Mr.Game and Watch V. MewTwo- mewtwo can tear through him like paper
Mr.Game and Watch V. Mr.Game and Watch- you'd think i'd say equal but this is a 
hard one because you have to rely on your own playing ability (i can take down a 
lvl 6 with trouble but i can do it)
IV)Fun things to do with Mr.Game and Watch

1)Cat and mouse
Have a freind practice with him and read this faq then you can play cat and mouse 
or as i call it fight tag you choose a move that counts as a tag then play it while 
one runs and the other beats him to a bloody pulp trying to slow him down so they 
can tag them its fun and is very good training.
2)Freindly beatdowns
Have a freind that has this game but doesnt have Mr.Game and Watch or his level? 
well beat allstar mode with Mr.Game and Watch then set the random chooser to only 
hit flatzone and there you go you know what to do he cant figure out the level its 
tons of fun.
3)Cartoon movies
set them all to Mr.Game and Watch and all characters as computers , put them as 
level nine , then turn off all the items and watch the oldschool fun.

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