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Mastering Roy,
By Ute the Fabulous

Defense:If you use the right techniques, you won't even need to worry about Defense.

Roy is wonderful if you wanna rack up that high score on adventure mode, or even 
just kick enemy butt 
superbly!  Also, he's AWESOME if you wanna get REALLY high on the Home Run 
contest.  Here's the how-to on
the Home Run contest.
1.Use the UP+B Attack about once or twice to knock some damage onto the sandbag. 
OR, you can use UP+A
to have about same results.  You may also use the Smash (slightly charged) UP+A. 
2.Press and hold down B.  Just keep it down so that way Roy can fully charge.  
He'll fire on his own when he's
fully charged.  When he hits it, the sandbag will fly off the screen for a moment, 
and you should get a really 
high number over 400-500 if done correctly.  

Wanna rack up that high score?  Here's a few good tricks to really send 'em flyin 
1.Go to training mode to practice some combos I tell ya about below.  It's better 
to master them first is what I am saying.
2.Practice UP+B attacks and the charge B attack.  Those are important.  Smash UP+A 
(Any amount of charge) is really effective against aerial opponents such as Falco 
and Kirby.
3.Each stage and characters has it's own differences.  If you are going for Mr. 
Game & Watch as a playable character, I'd suggest staying on VERY EASY.
a.When you start out in mushroom Kingdom, just make your way through the course 
until you reach the Yoshi Team.  When you hit Yoshi Team, think UP+B. 3 Yoshis will 
come you, so when they come at you, smack 'em with the UP+B attack. VERY EFFECTIVE 
b.Now you come to Mario/Luigi and Peach.  Use the Smash UP+A very often!  It will 
juggle them up in the air, and pretty soon, they'll be flying up off stage.  If one 
of them gets out of your reach then no worrys my friend.  Just chase after them and 
use a regular UP+A attack.  They'll be in the air again, and you can use Smash UP+A 
again! Simple as that!
c.We now come to Congo Jungle!  The first fight is with the little DK's.  Use UP+B 
when both of them are right above you to send them SKY HIGH! This fight is too easy!
d.Big DK time!  The most effective attack is Smash UP+A.  Just like with 
Mario/Luigi and Peach, keep juggling him around, and if he is out of range, chase 
after him and go again.
e.We now come to the Underground Maze!  Choose a direction and head towards the 
stages.  If you find a sword, and you do NOT wanna fight Link, what you do is when 
you just enter the room, jump OVER the sword and use UP+B to support your jump.  
You should make it around fighting a Link!  NOTE:Does not work for the one area 
where you drop down/climb up to get to the next stage.  Does not work everytime.  
If you are about to fight one of the Links, use a blended combo of the UP+B attacks 
and the Smash UP+A attacks.  Works well if I might add!  Find your way to the 
triforce finish!
f.Welcome to the fight with that magic diva, ZELDA!  Start the battle by running to 
her and giving her a regular UP+A.  Then, UP+B, Smash UP+A, and Charge B will all 
be effective, but take it easy on the Charge B's, for they do not work about 55% of 
the time, leaving you vulnerable when you don't need to.  Also, try to work with 
Standard A attacks for close range damage % rack ups, that way, it'll make your 
powerful moves more 
effective.  NOTE:You can do this with all opponents, but it will just take up time 
for the previous ones. (It's good for beginners though.)
g.Next stop, Brinstar!  When fighting Samus, watch out for her quick evasiveness, 
and start out with a few simple A attacks.  Work your way up to more powerful 
attacks. Here is an example order: Standard A's, Aerial Standard A's, UP+B's, Smash 
UP+A's, and Blends of UP+B's and Smash UP+A's.  Juggle her around a bit and let her 
h.CODE RED!  Head up to the circle yellow platform at the top.  Mainly all I 
suggest is that you ALWAYS do double jumps so you can get ACROBAT, which is a bonus 
worth 3000 points.
i.Green Greens!  Kirby land as I call it!  We start out with one regular sized 
Kirby.  He's quick with items when he gets one, so beware of that.  If he doesn't 
get an item, work with Regular A's, then finish him with any powerful move.  
THOUSANDS OF KIRBYS! (Actually, fifteen) Use a lot of Smash A's (without charging) 
as they come raining down on ya!  Three KO'd at a time is pretty fast too!  Don't 
worry if you miss one or two or 3! Just make a comeback with some Reg. A's!  If you 
get both with 'Half Minute Man' then you face GIANT Kirby! Smack him up in the air 
with anything, then keep him up there with a Smash A.  The more you do it, the more 
powerful you can make it when you can charge more! ^.^ Do that until it's bye bye 
Gi Kirby!
j.Ah, Corneria!  First fight with Fox!  Start out with a dash and hit him with a 
Reg. A as you go! Do that in the other direction too to send him a little higher.  
Then dash underneath of him and use a charged (as much as possible) Smash A!  It'll 
send him flying!  Just like Gi Kirby, the more he gets up in the air, the longer 
you can charge!  Do that until he's done for!  If you face Fox next, then do the 
same procedure.  If you face Falco, 
then all you gotta do is just hit him once with a Reg. A, then use Smash A's. 
k.Pokemon Stadium!  12 pokemon of anykind! (Except Mewtwo) Use any powerful attack 
to destroy the team!
l.ZOOM! Whoa, F-Zero Grand Prix!  Use Roy's good speed to guide him around!  When 
you see the warning signal, jump to the nearest platform!  You know the rest!  To 
beat C. Falcon, get him up in the air somehow, and use Smash A until he's gone!
m.Onett and 3 Nesses!  Smack 'em up into the air and use Smash A as much as 
possible to send them flying!
n.Icicle Mountain!  Use double jumps and UP+B's to get to the Ice Climbers waiting 
for you at the top!  When they are under you, use your UP+B attack to send them off 
o.The Battlefield!  Use UP+B to send off the fighting wire frames about 3-4 at a 
p.Metal Mario, or Metal Bros., it don't matter, it just takes longer with the Metal 
Bros. No matter which one though, start out with a strong UP+B attack!  Send them 
sideways a bit by using Dash Left/Right+A attacks! When he's on a platform right 
above you, use slightly charged UP+A.  Keep doing that until he's defeated.
q.Final Destination!  The fight against Bowser!  Start out with any reg. A attack!  
Send him flying with a slightly charged B attack!  Keep doing that until you have 
beat Adventure mode!
FINAL NOTE:If all is done correctly, you should end up with over 1,000,000 points 
at the end!


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