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By Daveizcool

Hey everyone, its-a-me, Daveizcool! so here i am, sitting in my room with 
nuthing to do. i decided to make a Yoshi how-to guide. Y am I writing this? 
because so many people think Yoshi is the weakest character in the history of 
smash. all of them say, "oh, Yoshi's bottom tier. hes so weak and useless!" 
I think most people say that cuz he has a really huge learning curve- hes one 
of the "weirdest" fighters and takes a lot of time to get used to! im sick and 
tired of hearing the same thing over and over. and btw, there is NO weakest 
character. it all depends on the player, incase you tourney tards didnt realize.
Yoshi requires a lot of skill to master, so maybe the people saying that quote 
up there have NO skill. and ya kno what I say to them? "TIERS R 4 QUEERS!" 
spread the word. anyone says tier around you, shout "TR4Q". so read my 
guide, then go to training mode with Yoshi and test him out. who knows, he may 
even become your main!

#1: Learn the basics (bsic)
#2: Yoshi's moves and how to use 'em (atks)
#3: My Theory on Yoshi's haters (hatr)
#4: Unique Yoshi Tips (tips)
#1: *bsic*
Yoshi is a very interesting character, and he takes a long time to master. he 
is a fast yet heavy character, he has the highest 2nd jump in the game, and in 
Brawl, he is given a "3rd jump" of some kind. You can use it many times in the 
air, and on the ground to hurt distant enemies. almost all his special moves 
use eggs, so learn the curves on those too. also, some ppl say that he has the 
longest left and right dodge in the game. Some people think its a downfall, but 
I think this can be usefull for dodging attacks like Meta Knights down smash. 
now I will explain his controlls.
#2: *atks*
A- Yoshi kicks his legs, a 2-hit combo. *KO: I doubt it

side A- Yoshi whips his tail to the side. you can angle it up or down, too! 
*KO: If youre lucky, in a Sudden Death

up A- Yoshi whips his tail skyward, knocking foes up. *KO: Rarely

down A- He slides his tail along the ground. *KO: Not yet

smash side- Yoshi hurls his big head to the side, sending foes flying sideways. 
*KO: Definately around 80% damage

smash up- he throws his head upward. this sends foes sky-high. *KO: Strongest 
Smash attack, you'd better believe it

smash down- Yoshi uses his tail to whip in front, then behind him. use it when 
foes surround you! *KO I'd say around 100% damage

Midair A- Yoshi kicks his leg foward. weak, but u may find a use for it, like 
setting up Combos. Also, it has a sweet spot, right when the attack starts. 
*KO: Use it at the right time, and youve got it.

Midair forward A- This is Yoshi's spike, meteor smash, whatever u want to call 
it. he swings his head forward. a solid hit can send foes soaring forward or 
straight down to their deaths! if not, it will send them straight forward. 
Either is good. *KO: YESH! YESH! This is delicious!

Midair down A- Rapid damage from this move, you kick your legs about 12 times. 
it also acts like a little spike of some sort, if your foe has enough damage. 
very useful :) A footstool jump back to the stage can prove this even more 
useful! *KO: If used at the right time.

Midair up- Yoshi whips his tail upwards. if your foe has high damage, knock 
them upward and use this. *KO: You'd better believe it!

Midair back A- Yoshi whips his tail behind him 4 times. hit foes midair that r 
behind u! a great combo move. *KO: LUCK if you do. Your best bet is a Sudden 

B- Yoshi eats an enemy, turns them into an egg, then poops them out.the best 
time to use this is when you get knocked off a cliff. move as close as possible 
to the stage, eat the closest enemy, then middle jump and egg throw youre way 
back. in some cases if your tongue connects, the enemy falls off the cliff 
inside the egg! *KO: If your standing close to the ledge, and your opponent has 
no idea how to get out.

up B- Yoshi hurls an egg upwards. hold down the B button, and its power is 
increase. tilt the control stick to choose where u wanna throw it. use it in 
the air, and Yoshi gets a little jump that stops him from soaring, and can 
bring you back to the stage. use it many times mid-air! *KO: Not really

side B- Rolling in a powerul egg at high speed, Yoshi can crash into anything. 
hit side B, and he'll go in the egg. tilt the controll stick the opposite way, 
and he will turn (obviously). He breaks out of the egg after about 8 secs or 
when you press B. and imo, this move is MUCH stronger than Sonic's side B, 
although it is slower, giving it more controll. Just dont roll off a cliff, or 
you're doomed! Also, THIS IS NOT A RECOVERY MOVE! DONT TRY IT! *KO: Sudden 
Death, this is your best bet of winning. your opponent would be dead before 
they even knew what hit 'em

down B- one of my favorite moves, Yoshi spins around mid-air then comes hurling 
down like a meteor. this sends foes upward, and when Yoshi lands, 2 little 
stars fall opposite directions of him (like Dedede's up B). use it on the 
ground, and he will jump in the air about 2 feet infront of him, then crash 
down. dont use this move by a cliff! *KO: Sudden Death is a yes

Up Taunt- Yoshi does a little dance, then shouts "Yoshi!"

Side Taunt- Yoshi spins in circles, chasing his tail. Proving that he can be 
dangerous sometimes and funny other times! this probably comes from Mario 
Strikers Charged- sometimes when he makes a goal, he spins around and chases 
his tail.

down taunt- an origional, Yoshi faces the screen and jumps up and down twice 
saying "Yosh! Yosh!" I think this taunts from Yoshi's Story (N64) when Yoshi 
finds something buried underground while sniffing around.

FINAL SMASH: Super Dragon- U know in Mario Strikers Charged, when he uses his 
Mega Strike and he gets a pair of little wings? well in Brawl, theyre 10 times 
bigger! learn to control your flying around, and your aim. if you just fly 
around, you can knock into ppl and you shoot out some fire automatically that 
cause rapid damage. or if you press (A) or (B), you can shoot out a ball of 
fire to launch foes. i think this last for about 20 secs. Cause as much chaos 
as you can!

#3: *hatr*
You might be reading this moveset, and you may be wodering "Wow, Yoshi sure is 
a weird character!" I must sadly agree. He doesnt have the same moveset as most 
of the popular characters. He doesnt have a sword, or bombs, or arrows or 
anything like that- he has what I like to call "The Head, The Egg and The Boot."
You may be wondering now "Well, why does he have so many haters if he has such 
a unique moveset?" That my friends, is because of his learning curve. Let me 
give you an example:

Meta Knight has strong moves, rapid-damaging moves and 4 recoveries. therefor, 
he is a very easy character to learn to play. Tier ranking: Top.
Yoshi, on the other hand has only 1 recovery that can totally backfire on you, 
two laggy smashes (side and up) and is very hard to controll. Tier Ranking: 
very low

What most people dont realise is that Yoshi has 4 amazing things: He has 
incredible speed, he has very strong moves, his jumping is incredible, and he 
is pretty heavy. Most heavy characters arent very fast, and their jumping is 
horrible. Yoshi is able to basically exceed at EVERYTHING.

Speed: Very good
Weight: pretty heavy
Jump: Phenominal (that means awesome)
Power: also fairly good

In conclusion, people think Yoshi is the worst character because they give him 
1 shot, fail badly, and never try again. what they need to realise is Practice 
Makes Perfect! but people nowadays have no patience XD
#4: *tips*
here are some really advanced yoshi moves that can either make you a better 
brawler, or just make u look flashy and skillful:

pivot grab: notice how when yoshi grabs, he has a lot of lag. well say goodbye 
to that! while running, hit the opposite side of the direction youre running 
and the grab button at the same time. he'll stick his tongue out really fast, 
then put it back in his mouth really fast! very helpful. although his normal 
grab has more range, this is much faster, and more useful against foes that are 
chasing you

faster ledge grab: when yoshi goes to a ledge in the middle of his 2nd jump, he 
wont grab the ledge right away- but when he stops his jump he will. this could 
leave u open for an attack while trying to reach 4 a ledge, so when youre close 
to the ledge, press down (B) and the direction of the ledge (if you arent 
already facing it). if youre close enough, u should grab it.
WARNING! Dont hold down while using this or you wont grab the ledge! suicide!

safe middle jump: this isnt very advanced, but its pretty helpful in tight 
situations. to avoid getting spiked while trying to reach the stage after being 
knocked off, press middle jump and shield at the same time. viola, you are now 
safe! although yoshi is almost invincible to almost any attack during his mid 
jump, you can never be too safe, right? also, yoshi looks like hes flying when 
he does this, lol

yoshi flipped mid jump: this is a simple yet flashy and helpful trick. when you 
jump, press jump in the opposite direction when using your mid-jump. yoshi will 
then flip around and face the other direction. usefull for using your spike 
sometimes, but be sure to reach the stage afterward!

throw eggs from the ledge: this move is useful to clear people away from the 
ledge when youre hanging on it. first while hanging, press down, then up to mid 
jump, and finally up b to throw an egg. u should grab onto the ledge right 
after. but dont use it more than 3 times, cuz Yoshi loses air-time with his up-
B until he touches ground. grabbing the ledge doesnt count.

attack after double jump: in melee when u use a double jump with yoshi and an 
attack right after, he stops jumping to attack. not anymore in brawl, yoshi 
keeps floating in the direction you jumped in! thats a handy tip for brawl 
first time players if u used yoshi in melee. BEWARE: Using Special Attacks mid-
air (B attacks) WILL STOP THE MID JUMP! Use them at the top of your jump

*The Dragonic Reverse: To tell the truth I have no idea how this works :/ Its 
really hard to do, but it can give you a lot of potential. if you knew what 
Wavedashing was in Melee (which I dont XD) then you will understand it 
COMPLETELY. go into training mode, put the time at 1/4 and zoom in on Yoshi. 
jump. notice his leg twitch? well you need to do an attack right on the twitch, 
so Yoshi makes the jumping jester but stops. with it, you can slide, use Mind 
Games, or attack. Its hard to explain, so go on YouTube and type in "Dragonic 
Reverse Tutorial" and click the first vid you see, by 1bigman40

Well I hope I convinced some of you to give Yoshi a shot. so plz after reading 
the end of this guide, go to your Wii, put in Brawl, and try the training mode 
with Yoshi. and if you become really good with him, u can thank me for finding 
a new member to your main list and give this guide a "+" and remember not to 
copy this. feel free to make one of these about some other character. so in 
conclusion, Yoshi is a great character who relies on the best pure skill to 
master. he takes a while to get used to though, so never give up! :D

EDIT: August 14th, 2008- Added Yoshi's Midair attacks and his taunts. I also 
described his dodging differences from other characters. ;)
EDIT: September 28th, 2008- guys im sorry. i made a huge mistake. so i deleted 
the entire "lesson to u people on wi-fi" paragraph and changed it to "unique 
yoshi tips". also, i edited a few of the controls after messing around with em 
for a while
...i still hate ike though, and sonic's no better :P
EDIT: April 18th, 2009- deleted the "How I use Yoshi" section (it was useless 
anyway lol) and replaced it with "My Theory on Yoshi Haters" or whatever I 
named it, too lazy to check lol. Also added in KO-ability for all his moves
Guys stop picking on Yoshi, go beat up Pit or something XD

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