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Yo! This is me, gfdhfd. Today you will meet the characters! The ones with this :), 
meens you can marry em.

Player: The heroine! The Star! The... Farm Worker? This girl can handle anything, 
except for seeing her poor animal die. You're da girl who saves them!

Rock:): The party animal is in da house. He likes cheese and butter, and old coins. 
You can marry him.

Tim: He owns the Inn with his wife. Rocks dad.

Ruby: Owns the inn with her husband. Rocks mom.

Galen: Old guy who lives with his wife.

Nina: Old lady who lives with Galen.

Romana: Lives with butler and grandauter.

Lumina: Lives with butler and grandma.

Sebastian: Lives with Romana and Lumina.

Vesta: Owns farm with Bro and helper.

Marlin:): Likes Crops. You can marry him.

Celia: Lives with Marlin and Vesta.

Gustafa:) : Likes flowers. You can marry him.

Nami: Lives in the inn.

Patrick: Makes Fireworks with Bro.

Kassey: Makes fireworks with bro.

Cody: Art dude.

Carter: Owns the dig.

Flora: carters assist.

Griffin: owns bar.

Muffy: helps at bar.

Grant: lives with wife and kids, moves in at chap. 2

Samantha: lives with hus and kid. moves in chap. 2

Kate: Lives with mom and dad at chap 2

If I missed someone tell me!

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