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Type 1: Up close specialists

Bowser           Avoid, Then Throw
Donkey Kong      Run up to the oppnent,pick him or her up  with A and R or Z,Then 
Captian Falcon   use the Control Stick to throw the opponent into the air.Your
Ganondorf        opponent won't be able to attack you while in your grip. Be sure to
Ice Climbers     avoid any projectiles or long-range attacks as you approach.
Roy              Use Power Moves In a Crowd
                 The heavy-hitting characters should use their strongest moves and 
                 Smash attacks when there are many opponents crowed in an area. It
                 takes time to use the powerful attacks,especially if you charge them
                 up first,but in the confusion generated by many opponents battling
                 it out in a small area, it's unlikely that anyone will notice what 
                 you're doing until it's too late. This tactic would probably fail in
                 a one-on-on battle.

Type 2:The Balanced Bunch
Mario            Long-Range Attacks
Dr. Mario        Almost all Type 2 charecters have a long-range attack.Use the 
Luigi            long-range attack as your main line of offense,then watch your
Fox              opponent's reaction to determine what you should do next.
Kirby            Stay Alert
Link             Type 2 charecters are very well-rounded, but they are not as tough 
Young Link       as type 1 characters,so you need to worry about your defense a bit
Zelda/Shiek      more. Always prepare yourself,and keep close watch on what your
                 opponents are up to.

                 Use Basic Moves
                 A type-2's normal A-Button moves are important in battle.You can use
                 them to keep up a constant,rapid attack against your enemies, which 
                 may stifle their attacks. Some kicks are relatively long-range for a
                 normal attack and come in very handy against oncoming enemies.

Type 3:Motion Masters
Peach            Keep Moving,Be Sneaky
Samus            You should move your Type 3 charecters around a lot so that they're
Pikachu          always the optimal distance from their opponents. Keep a close eye 
Pichu            on your opponents,and when you can catch them off guard,launch a 
Mewtwo           sneak attack. Many of the Type 3 charecters' mid range and long 
                 range attacks take a while to use and leave the characters 
                 vulnerable for a short time,so use them wisely.

Type 4:The Pro Players
Yoshi            Jump Into The Fray, Blow Away
Ness             Yoshi Ness Jigglypuff and Mr Game & Watch all have maves that are 
Jigglpuff        powerful but difficult to pull off. Your best chance for using the
Mr. Game & Watch characters comes when there is lots of confusion on the battlefield.
                 You shoud pick a moment, launch an attack and take out an opponent
                 or two without anyone noticing your moves unil it is too late.

                Legal Stuff
                I'd like to thank Nintendo Power for writing the offical players 
                guide book and for comeing up with the strategies.

                Please bear with me for any typos.

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