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 The hardest part of the game to get the ultimate magnum the Handcannon 
It can be upgraded to infanite ammo and 99 attack power it kills bosses like 
they are made out of wet newspaper and is the best in the game its hard to pull 
off but it is worth it. My brother is a pro and it took him a long time to beat 
it so without any delays let us begin

The characters: Leon he is by far difficult person to play as especially since 
he has no exremely powerful gun. however he has his blacktail and a shotgun. 
his pistol takes two well placed shots to the legs or chest to kill the basic 
goon and his shotgun can be used for the boss of the level.
Ada: her sniper is useful and she has an alright chunk of ammo to start out. 
her sniper can go through several enemies at once and can ice most of the 
bosses with ease. her pistol can be used to kill small amounts of goons. her 
tmp can be used in short bursts to kill large groups of goons.
Krauser: the alltime easiest person to play as, he has his trusty bow that is 
slow in rate of fire but can kill goons eaisily. and with bosses and goons his 
arm will destroy them all as long as they are in front of them.
Hunk: difficult to play as because he has only a tmp, however when the goons 
are stunned he can snap their dirty little necks just make sure you have some 
room to breathe or youll be sorry.
Albert Wesker: basically ada but without the tmp, instead he has a killer 7, it 
is good against bosses and can kill goons easily. sniper has twice the capacity 
and is also good for goons and bosses. his pistol however can kill a few 
enemies but the silencer can just be thrown away seeing as it does not do any 
difference to the damage of the gun.

The Village: easiest part of the Mercs. and has one basic principal to beat it 
with the 60,000 goal. all you need to do is get as many time extensions as 
possible and to hunker down in the two story barn. It does not matter where you 
start in the map you just need a place that you can get large groups of enemies 
to come by. 

Leon: as i said leon is not too easy for any level but as long as you run 
around and collect the time in the alley behind the buildings,the one in the 
one story shed, one in the house across, the two story building, behind the 
tall tower near the church and the one in the two story barn with the ladder. 
once you have those you should have a pretty decent amount of time. each enemy 
you kill is worth 300 points and the row count depends on how many you have Ex. 
you kill 3 in a row you get 70 points as opposed to killing 20 in a row for 
1200 points. also if you get the special hourglass in a chest you get 30 
seconds of kills worth 1000 points so kill small groups of enemies with the 
blacktail and shoot large groups with the shotgun. get into the barn with the 
ladder, climb it and kick it down. then wait for a large enough group of 
enemies to show up. from where you are standing there should be a red barrel. 
shoot it. you will get at least 7 in a row depending on the crowd. also if it 
is really large get the time bonus next to you and then shoot the barrel to get 
more than 7000 points. getting groups of enemies and killing the lot of them is 
the key. for the bosses (bella sisters) shotgun shots to the leg and face will 
get them down easy, dont let them get too close or else you can say bye bye.
the cool thing is if you arent afraid of the bosses you get 5000 a piece for 
killing them.
Ada: sniping enemies with her keeps your kill count in the game. sniper can 
kill bellas without too much trouble and if you get bloodthirsty, when you get 
a group blow up the barrel and pepper their arses with the tmp in short bursts. 
pistol can go through enemies.
Krauser: for some reason krausers missions are easy as pie. shooting arrows 
through goons faces and when in groups using your arm. you should easily rack 
up 60000 points without any trouble.
Hunk: as most would say the tmp grenade combination works the best. also if you 
can stun the bella sisters you can break their puny little necks. 
Wesker: pretty much the same strategy as ada except use your killer 7 when in 
doubt to kill goons and bella sisters

Castle: one of the hardest maps in the games luckily you will develop a groove 
to playing it. There is no specific strategy for all the people except that 
when you start break the two barrels behind you when you start. go up the 
stairs but dont kill any goons. get the time and the items in the barrels. 
after go to the right when you see a door go up the stairs, get the time and 
items. Jump off the ledge and go through the door, up the stairs and destroy 
the barrels and get the green herb. there will be two goons with crossbows, 
kill them. in a small area there will be more time and a kill bonus use it on 
the goons that have been following you through the level as you were collecting 
the other time bonus. after  go up the stairs where you will see beer taps. get 
the herb and in a nook there will be a kill bonus chest and a item barrel. use 
it. People from the stairs will come and people from another door will come out.
once your time expires you should go through the door and there will be 
sheilded goons and behind another set of doors there will be another time. you 
should be on a balcony with crossbow goons and if you walk near two large doors 
there will be a cutscene where 3 goons come out. Kill all goons with scythes 
they will chop your head off if you dont. if you need supplies and more time 
(kill bonus as well) go into the room that the 3 goons came out of. however the 
levels boss the garrador will come out on a chopfest of his own. stay back or 
you will suffer for it. after keeping your combos high and using kill bonuses 
to the max you should get 60000 easy.
Military base: this is the best place because no enemy can kill you in one hit 
there are many time bonuses and sufficient ammo supplies. first off the caves 
can be your friend. enemies cannot corner you and you can destroy them. the 
boss is also a breeze stunning him is easy and if you constantly hit them you 
will kill them. the heighest part is also a good place to be since they cant 
gang up on you either and you can use another kill bonus there.
Waterworld: Pain in the arse, only because the boss so ill cut to it he can 
always kill you if you are not careful however he is clumsy chucking grenades 
at him is effective simply because he will step over them like an idiot. 
sniping him in the face isnt too shabby of an idea either and shotty to the leg 
works, same with the killer 7. most faq writers say that the hallway is a good 
place to start out with. they are right there should be a kill bonus on the 
other side of the hall and if you dont kill any goons their army can only build 
some goons carry the tnt, guess what, they can help a lot first off if they are 
chasing you and they dont throw it, all the other goons beside him die. think 
of them as explosive barrels on legs. 

all of these strategies got my handcannon and beleive me no matter how many 
times you die dont loose confidence i beat it in 3 afternoons. most people say 
you cant do this in one sitting, they are right. I hope this faq helped. if you 
still have questions e-mail me at [email protected]

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